2014 Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect

The all-new Fording Passage Join offers van operators class-leading fire saving, cargo carrying power and enduringness. Deliveries of the new modelling are scheduled to beginning at the end of 2013.

Thither are Ambiente, Tendency and Express clipping serial, with the pop Tendency modelling offer treble rider backside, load-through bulkhead and air conditioning as touchstone.

Passage Link is function of the all-new four-strong Passage reach, aboard the Passage Usance and the approaching Transportation Messenger and 2-tonne Passage models to be launched in 2014.

“Crossing has interpreted the ruggedness and reliability of the flow Theodolite Associate, made considerable improvements to the fire efficiency, added fresh new loadspace features, and delivered a active new panache,” aforementioned Shaft Samardzich, v.p. Ware Growth, Crossing of Europe. “The all-new Theodolite Unite sets new standards for compress vans and provides the consummate mate for a all-encompassing scope of businesses.”

Highly-developed below the One Crossing planetary production scheme at Crossing’s commercial-grade fomite growing essence in Europe collectively the technology squad of Fording Otosan in Dud, the all-new Theodolite Unite is produced at Crossing’s state-of-the-art mill in Valencia, Spain purchasable in Europe, Northerly America and early ecumenical markets.

Uncommitted in Van, Double-Cab-in-Van and Kombi bodystyles, the Transportation Unite offers a broad and hard-nosed loading ar with summate volumes of 2.9 m3 and 3.6 m3 with a wax bulkhead, or 3.7 m3 and 4.4 m3 including the breast loadspace domain. Utmost payloads of capable 1,000 kg compeer the outflank in year anatomy.

2014 Ford Transit Connect

The total powertrain line-up includes the highly-efficient 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel with a prize of 75, 95 and 115 PS, the 100 PS 1.0-litre EcoBoost gasolene locomotive, and the 150 PS 1.6-litre EcoBoost locomotive with a six-speed machinelike contagion.

Different many rivals which are time-tested ilk rider cars, the all-new Passage Unite has been subjected to Crossing’s ultra-stringent commercial-grade fomite examination and enduringness standards, screening the tantamount of 5 gazillion km (3 jillion miles) in backbreaking examination, including leastways 400,000 km (250,000 miles) in rowdy real-world dart weather with Passage Link users.

The all-new manakin too builds on the Passage Unite’s report for undischarged surety: the improved outside lockup organisation now offers two channels for enhanced protection and can be amply configured to the client’s inevitably, patch anti-tamper shielding of the doorway engage latches prevents wipeout of the locks by boring or chiselling.

2014 Ford Transit Connect

The new modelling offers a fashionable and roomy cockpit with car-like figure and workmanship, hurt storeroom solutions, and the up-to-the-minute Crossing driver help features and inside technologies. The Transportation Link is the beginning in its stratum to fling Alive Metropolis Block, intentional to assistant motorists annul low hurrying collisions with stationary or slower moving dealings before; the new van too offers Fording Synchronise with Exigency Aid, a have for which Fording already standard a EuroNCAP Sophisticated Advantage with the Transportation Impost.

All-New Ford Transit Connect Offers Smart Cargo Solutions for Class-Leading Every-Day Load Carrying

2014 Ford Transit Connect

Crossing’s all-new Theodolite Colligate offers class-leading load-carrying power to pee-pee workplace easier for plumbers, electricians and early trades.

The new Passage Link enables businesses to freight and conveyance embarrassing and bulky items with a load-through hatching in the bulkhead, fold-up movement rider ass and – via the widest porta in the course on the longsighted wheelbase modelling (L2) – the unparalleled power to loading a Europallet done the sliding english doorway.

A especial visibility at the top of the wide blade bulkhead besides offers the unique-in-class power to oblige 2.4 m x 1.2 m (8 ft x 4 ft) sheets in the L2 van; patch the Kombi L2 offers bottom seating which sheepcote into a flatcar shipment chopine.

“We watched tradespeople shipment and unloading vehicles to brand certainly we got the pattern of the all-new Theodolite Associate good compensate,” aforementioned Stephen Lesh, Transportation Join headman plan orchestrate, Fording of Europe. “This van is set for anything. It can drag all way of tools and materials – and transportation a oeuvre bunch in guard and comforter.”

2014 Ford Transit Connect

Fording engineers highly-developed the forward-looking load-through organisation to control the Transportation Unite could safely shipping longsighted items such as pipes or rolls of floor capable 3.4 metres (L2) and capable 3.0 metres in the brusk wheelbase (L1) interpretation. This tortuous the growing of a hinged approach impanel in the bulkhead and a especial “faithful and diving” mechanics for the outer rider ass; creating a patelliform visibility in the open of the rider bottom cover; and design the panel adieu items could slideway underneath.

The all-new Passage Relate besides offers customers farther impudent features including:

  • Conciliatory three-fold rider behind which enables two passengers to go with the driver. The outer rider backside folds upwardly to let big boxes on the cab level, or mat to suit thirster items done the bulkhead
  • Ultra-bright LED light for the lading distance, enabling it to role as a functional region
  • Criterion bodyside mending points at shank and berm stature in the freight compartment, which reserve extra tie-down loops, wrenching or model to be fitted more easy
  • Operational nomadic billet features in the cab including Fording Synchronise connectivity and generous storeroom place; the intimate three-fold rider buns folds matt as workings spa, or flips capable unwrap a stowing box
  • Various bum seats in Kombi and Double-Cab-in-Van models, with a transferable interlock bulkhead; L2 models fling class-unique fold-flat seats for the sec and tertiary rows to make a matted freight program.
  • The all-new Passage Unite van offers totality lading volumes of 2.9 m3 (L1) and 3.6 m3 (L2) with total bulkhead fitted, or 3.7 m3 (L1) and 4.4 m3 (L2) without bulkhead including the strawman loadspace expanse, both mensural according to SAE; the van has a uttermost lading of capable 1,000 kg, twinned the class-best chassis.

    All-New Ford Transit Connect Offers Best-in-Class Fuel Efficiency, Delivers 34% Improvement Versus Its Predecessor

    Crossing has proclaimed the all-new Crossing Theodolite Unite leave pass best-in-class fire efficiency, with the Transportation Join ECOnetic modelling delivering 4.0 l/100 km (70.6 mpg) and CO2 emissions of 105 g/km – a 34 per centime advance versus its predecessor.

    2014 Ford Transit Connect

    Powered by Ford’s 1.6-litre 95 PS Duratorq TDCi diesel, the Transit Connect ECOnetic offers businesses across Europe the opportunity to achieve dramatic reductions in their operating costs, with class-leading fuel economy resulting in fuel bills as much as €1,750 lower than key class rivals over a typical four-year ownership period.

    The all-new Transit Connect is also the first Ford van to offer customers the highly fuel-efficient 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine, twice winner of the International Engine of the Year, delivering class-leading petrol economy of 5.6 l/100 km (50.4 mpg) and CO2 emissions of 129 g/km.

    2014 Ford Transit Connect

    The exceptionally low fuel bills are supported by further improvements in routine servicing and maintenance costs, to ensure that the new Transit Connect delivers significant savings in overall cost of ownership.

    “Van operators are always looking to economise, and the all-new Transit Connect takes a huge step forward in cutting costs where they get hit the hardest – at the fuel pumps,” said Stephen Lesh, Transit Connect chief program engineer, Ford of Europe. “With class-leading performance from both diesel and petrol powertrains, we’re confident that the all-new Transit Connect van will be welcomed by small businesses and larger fleets alike.”

    The Transit Connect ECOnetic has been carefully optimised to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption, featuring a comprehensive range of Ford’s latest ultra-low CO2 technologies, including Auto-Start-Stop, Active Grille Shutter and Smart Regenerative Charging.

    Other measures to further improve efficiency include optimised gearing with a 4.0 per cent longer final drive ratio and the fitment of a fixed 100 km/h (62 mph) speed limiter (with other fixed and switchable speed limiters available as options).

    Ford’s fuel-saving technologies are widely available across the all-new Transit Connect van range, with a special fuel economy package – featuring Auto-Start-Stop, Active Grille Shutter and Smart Regenerative Charging – fitted as standard to 1.0-litre EcoBoost models and available as an option with the 75 PS and 95 PS variants of the 1.6-litre Duratorq diesel. All models also feature Ford’s improved-efficiency Electric Power Assisted Steering, plus a gearshift indicator and Ford EcoMode driver information system.

    The stylish all-new Transit Connect has been engineered to set new standards for load-carrying ability, cost of ownership and dependability within its class.

    Available in short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase versions, Transit Connect offers a spacious and practical load area with total volumes of 3.0 m3 and 3.7 m3 (SAE – with full bulkhead fitted) and a maximum payload of up to 1000 kg. Ford will offer Van, Double-Cab-in-Van and Kombi derivatives. Deliveries of the all-new Transit Connect van are scheduled to start towards the end of 2013.

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