2014 Ford Fiesta St

Ford Fiesta ST

Diminished cars preserve to be a hot section in Northwards America and with the new Crossing Feast ST, introduced at the 2012 Los Angeles Motorcar Read, Crossing is expected to let the hottest incubate about.

2014 Ford Fiesta St

Fording Feast ST, a execution framework offset launched in Europe back in 2005, is yet another validation detail from Fording that diminished cars are anything but irksome. In add-on to a preciseness sport-tuned dangling and an improved braking arrangement, Crossing Fete ST packs a puncher nether the bonnet.

A new high-output form of the award-winning 1.6-liter EcoBoost® four-cylinder locomotive propels Crossing Feast ST with an estimated 197 hp and 214 lb.-ft. of torsion. In comparing, Miniskirt Cooper S makes do with 181 h.p. and 177 lb.-ft., patch Chevrolet Transonic RS produces upright 138 hp and 148 lb.-ft.

2014 Ford Fiesta St

Dissimilar the contention, Fording Fete ST doesn’t but feeling same a operation car; it’s got the sand to dorsum it up.

“This is a rewarding car to rev,” says Crisscross Roberts, Feast standardisation supervisor. “With 177 lb.- ft. of torsion useable from hardly 1,600 rpm and 214 lb.-ft. by 3,500 rpm, Crossing Feast ST gives the execution and flavor of an locomotive doubly its sizing. Thither’s no wait at all for the superpower to hardly advertize you backrest in your buns.”

2014 Ford Fiesta St

Crossing Feast ST may be innate with racing DNA, but buyers won’t birth to invite that operation at the heart. Uncommitted solely as a five-door hatchback in N America and with a six-speed manual transmitting, Fording Feast ST is sticking to reach capable 34 mpg.

2014 Ford Fiesta ST

This compress execution auto sports a unequaled wicket and mentum mollycoddler with new arse diffusor and facia extensions. Vivid atilt dual-exhaust pipes and high-mount pillager on with unequaled 17-inch wheels concluded the optical software: Crossing Fete ST looks ilk it’s made for the track. The car is outset of its nameplate to incur the Liquified Orangeness tri-coat metal key.

Crossing Fete ST steerage is more organise and antiphonal than the stand framework. A unparalleled respite with limited movement knuckle makes for a faster boilersuit direction proportion of 13.6:1.

The back axle gets increased bowl rigourousness to better constancy done fasting corners, piece the Crossing Fete ST eubstance sits 15 millimeters nigher to the earth than the stand example.

2014 Ford Fiesta St

Increased mechanical clutch provided by the hanging improvements is foster enhanced with electronic Torsion Vectoring Ascendancy to slim understeer during gruelling cornering maneuvers. Three-mode electronic stableness ascendance – criterion, athletics or off – enables the ST driver to choose the quantity of electronic aid based on stream weather. Boilersuit, Crossing Feast ST provides enthusiastic drivers with the nonpareil mix of execution treatment and rally puff.

Crossing Fete ST testament too vocalize beneficial on the out-of-doors route. It features the mechanical variant of the vocalize symposer get-go ill-used on the Focus ST, which went on sale in Northward America in 2012, to cater an enhanced soundtrack for drivers out tackling the surface route. It is unequalled for Fete therein first the locomotive phone is forthwith fed into the rider cabin to punctuate feedback lineament and reply.

2014 Ford Fiesta St

Fording Feast ST is the solution of the combined efforts of Squad RS in Europe and SVT in the Joined States.

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