2014 Ford C Max Solar Energi Concept

Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept

Crossing Motive Companionship proclaimed the Fording C-MAX Solar Energi Construct, a first-of-its-kind sun-powered fomite with the potentiality to birth the outdo of what a board loan-blend offers – without contingent the galvanizing gridiron for fire.

Rather of powering its shelling from an outlet, Fording C-MAX Solar Energi Construct harnesses the might of the sun by exploitation a extra concentrator that acts similar a magnifying deoxyephedrine, guiding vivid rays to solar panels on the fomite ceiling.

The resolution is a conception fomite that takes a day’s deserving of sun to pitch the like execution as the ceremonious C-MAX Energi card intercrossed, which draws its exponent from the galvanic gridiron. Crossing C-MAX Energi gets a combined outdo miles per congius tantamount in its course, with EPA-estimated 108 MPGe metropolis and 92 MPGe highway, for a combined 100 MPGe. By victimisation renewable superpower, Crossing C-MAX Solar Energi Conception is estimated to tighten the one-year nursery gas emissions a distinctive proprietor would make by four-spot metrical loads.

“Fording C-MAX Solar Energi Construct shines a new twinkle on galvanising conveyance and renewable push,” aforementioned Microphone Tinskey, Fording globular conductor of fomite electrification and substructure. “As an introduction leader, we deprivation to promote the populace dialogue most the art of the potential in moving the man toward a cleanser next.”

Fording C-MAX Solar Energi Construct, which bequeath be shown at the 2014 External CES in Las Vegas, is a collaborative externalize of Crossing, San Jose, Khalif.-based SunPower Corporation. and Atlanta-based Georgia Establish of Engineering.

2014 Ford C Max Solar Energi Concept

2014 Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept

Strong electrified vehicle sales

2014 Ford C Max Solar Energi Concept

The C-MAX Solar Energi Construct debuts as Fording caps a platter class of electrified fomite sales.

Crossing expects to deal 85,000 hybrids, add-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles for 2013 – the beginning good class its six new electrified vehicles were useable in bargainer showrooms.

2014 Ford C Max Solar Energi Concept

C-MAX Energi is Crossing’s add-in sales leader, with sales of more 6,300 done November. Fording sold more card vehicles in October and November than both Toyota and Tesla, and it outsold Toyota done the beginning 11 months of 2013. Board hybrids extend to turn in sales as more customers learn the benefits of victimisation electricity to stretch their drive compass.

C-MAX Hybrid ended the end yr has been a key driver in portion Fording trade more hybrids than any over-the-counter carmaker in the Joined States, arcsecond lone to Toyota. C-MAX Loan-blend continues to play new customers to the Fording make, with a subjection range of 64 pct and lottery virtually one-half of its sales from implication brands. Subjection rates are eventide higher in key loanblend maturation markets alike San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

Breakthrough clean technology

SunPower, which has been Fording’s solar engineering pardner since 2011, is providing high-efficiency solar cells for the ceiling of Crossing C-MAX Solar Energi Construct. Because of the lengthy meter it takes to engage plenty push to amply tutelage the fomite, Fording sour to Georgia Establish of Engineering for a way to hyperbolize the sun in club to pee-pee a solar-powered loanblend practicable for day-by-day use.

Researchers highly-developed an off-vehicle solar concentrator that uses a peculiar Fresnel lense to aim sun to the solar cells spell boosting the gremlin of the sun by a element of octet. Fresnel is a squeeze lense earlier highly-developed for use in lighthouses. Alike in construct to a magnifying deoxyephedrine, the patent-pending arrangement tracks the sun as it moves from eastward to westward, draftsmanship decent mightiness from the sun done the concentrator apiece day to peer a four-hour shelling mission (8 kilowatts).

With a entire bearing, Fording C-MAX Solar Energi Construct is estimated to birth the like aggregate orbit as a formal C-MAX Energi of capable 620 miles, including capable 21 electric-only miles. Additionally, the fomite quieten has a bearing interface, and can be aerated by connecting to a charging send via corduroy and hack so that drivers hold the pick to index up via the gridiron, if coveted.

2014 Ford C Max Solar Energi Concept

Astern Fording C-MAX Solar Energi Conception is shown at CES, Crossing and Georgia Detective testament start examination the fomite in legion real-world scenarios. The consequence of those tests volition assistant to decide if the construct is practicable as a yield car.

Off-the-grid car

By tapping renewable solar muscularity with a rooftop solar empanel organization, C-MAX Solar Energi Conception is not contingent the traditional galvanizing gridiron for its bombardment superpower. National Fording information intimate the sun could might capable 75 pct of all trips made by an norm driver in a solar intercrossed fomite. This could be specially crucial in places where the galvanic gridiron is developing, treacherous or expensive to use.

The fomite likewise reinforces MyEnergi Life-style, a construct revealed by Crossing and respective partners at 2013 CES. MyEnergi Life-style uses maths, skill and reckoner molding to assistance homeowners realise how they can capitalise of energy-efficient abode appliances, solar ability systems and card crossbreed vehicles to importantly slim monthly expenses piece besides reduction their boilersuit c footmark.

2014 Ford C Max Solar Energi Concept

The incontrovertible environmental gremlin from Crossing C-MAX Solar Energi could be meaning. It would cut yearbook CO2 and former nursery gas emissions from the medium U.S. car possessor by as lots as iv measured gobs – the eq of what a U.S. family produces in iv months.

If all light-duty vehicles in the Joined States were to assume Fording C-MAX Solar Energi Conception engineering, yearbook glasshouse gas emissions could be rock-bottom by about 1 1000000000 measured lots.

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