2014 Fiat 595 Abarth 50Th Anniversary

Fiat 595 Abarth 50th Anniversary

September 1963. Turin Drive Display. Abarth presented the 595.

September 2013. Frankfurt Drive Read. Abarth presents the 595 ‘Fiftieth Anniversary’, the nearly herculean Abarth 595 always.

A history of records that is revived today in an exclusive limited edition of 299 units

In the Sixties the 595 proven an prompt succeeder thanks to its over-the-top execution, strange for such a pocket-sized car, and became the make’s ‘ikon’. A chronicle of records unkept, victories and passionate mass who deliver bolstered the caption of a car that represents the gist of the mark, explicit in 4 values: ‘sizing’ (it is the smallest supercar), ‘form’ (Abarth is the 595 and the 595 is Abarth: all the Abarths in the corporate vision are tweed with a red banding, alike the 595), ‘velocity’ (it is a racer boast record-breaking functioning) and ‘feel’ (it is not vintage, but kinda contemporaneous story).

The presentment of the Exceptional Variant too becomes an chance to lionise the stigma. The 595 ‘Fiftieth Anniversary’ is the car that opens up a new era for the Abarth sword. Abaft 1949, the twelvemonth it was founded, and 2007, the class it was reanimated, the biennial point of 2013-2014 presents itself as a critical stair for the Abarth make that just with this car again demonstrates its undischarged power to anticipate the next without betraying its yesteryear. So new horizons are orifice up for the Abarth stain that from the identical rootage showed itself to its populace as a steel capable to regenerate itself invariably, accepting and overcoming challenges much considered unsufferable.

2014 Fiat 595 Abarth 50th Anniversary

The commemorating car volition be produced in but 299 scoop units. The delivery, a innovative reinterpretation of the master; the gloss; the historic Abarth logos; and the pilot “Order Abarth 595” artwork, all hand-crafted by the topper customisation artists at Officine Abarth in Turin, dedicate the car individuation and part to routine it into a “coeval ikon”.

2014 Fiat 595 Abarth 50Th Anniversary

Exhilarating performance

Exclusivity that starts from operation, guaranteed by the have of the technicians byzantine.

The 180 HP 1.4 T-Jet locomotive – combined with the “Abarth Competizione” gearbox – micturate the Abarth 595 ‘Fiftieth Anniversary’ the nigh hefty 595 always produced.

Execution is likewise guaranteed by functioning tyres mounted on 17” debase wheels with 695 Magnesio Gray-headed invention embellished by an belligerent red lining. The apparatus and braking scheme bear likewise been promote reinforced: Brembo 305 mm natation bracken discs that can be demolished with frozen four-piston calliper and especial jounce absorbers that guaranty functioning in tally guard. And naturally thither is a “Disc Monza” varying back-pressure “treble modality” beat, intentional to ameliorate locomotive execution and have an inspiring audio concluded 3,000 rpm. Operation is a land of intellect.

2014 Fiat 595 Abarth 50Th Anniversary

Specific exteriors: a tribute to the historical 595

The stylus of the exteriors uses the diachronic features of the 595 without betraying its archetype intent.

The diachronic logos on the car are a testimonial to the pilot and are made with the exclusivity and aid to particular distinctive of Officine Abarth. The mat three-layer gabardine paintwork, a present-day reinterpretation of the 1963 modelling, and the artwork are ensured by the traditional handcrafting machining and finish processes.

The new Abarth adopts Xe headlights with swaybacked and drive igniter functions for improved twinkle emanation and splendid operation altogether conditions weather. These devices render threefold the candlepower and length of stock halogen lamp headlights. The sun ceiling completes the testimonial to the archetype car.

Attention to detail and sportiness for its interiors

The interiors are barely as individualized and shew the care to particular and the dissipated fashion of the scoop 595 Fiftieth Anniversary. The red leather sports seating with whiten inserts and red sewing, combined with the fascia, are a innovative re-interpretation of those of the pilot car.

2014 Fiat 595 Abarth 50Th Anniversary

The diachronic logotype adorns both the nigrify leather wheel with red inserts and viewfinder and the bitch shell, bighearted the car a dateless modernness.

Specific communication plan for digital, TV and social channels

Jubilation of the 595’s anniversary is supported by a serial of commercial-grade activities crosswise the Abarth ambit and by an passing digital communicating contrive which revolves roughly the new commercial-grade: the heart of the Abarth stigma saturated in 5.95 seconds done an reminiscent and larger-than-life dense move.

As common, in the inwardness of everything is the car – the right-down maven of the telecasting – and its operation. That is because according to Abarth, “Operation is a country of head”.

2014 Fiat 595 Abarth 50Th Anniversary

The communicating too goes done the channels more accustomed for the sword with the constitution of the commencement digital “rebound” (where leastwise practical 595 Abarth cars bequeath be tangled) and the nearly legion anniversary always, likewise notable with a fun App for iPhone, iPad, Humanoid and Facebook done which Abarth fans can “turn” their favorite tunes subbing the melodic notes with the herculean sounds of the engines of the Abarth cars. Unfeigned fans testament be ineffective to say no to performing “Well-chosen Birthday” to lionize the Fiftieth anniversary of the 595. Thither testament likewise be events celebrating the significant anniversary.

Dedicated extension merchandising and accessories line

2014 Fiat 595 Abarth 50Th Anniversary

In conformity with the custom of Abarth Particular Editions, the already across-the-board equipment of the Abarth 595 ‘Fiftieth Anniversary’ is hypertrophied with an denotation marketing and accessories cable intentional to heighten the get of the blade both aboard and away the car, as set by the DNA of the Abarth blade. It is not about cars, but is a existent doctrine of animation. Conjointly former significant partners in their denotation sectors, Abarth has highly-developed particular products, shortly in the manufacture point, such as the vigil with the scoop BRM steel, shades made in quislingism with Italian Main, a symbolisation of Italian dash and with-it engineering, leather briefcases that are the termination of the craft of the Tramontano shop of Naples, the BBR models and a bike that leave be made with a cooperator of excellency.

All products are manufactured in express editions to reward the conception of exclusivity and craft at the gist of this task.

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