2014 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak Concept

Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak Concept

Mopar celebrates the Fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the Gen II 426 Airstream HEMI®. More 45 geezerhood afterwards the 1968 Elude Dash and Plymouth Barracuda Mopar packet cars contributed to edifice the stain’s repute at the dredge disrobe, Mopar quieten lives capable its inheritance by chronic to add to the blood of mellow execution lineament products.

Odd genuine to its roots, the stain is chronic its allegiance to Sportswoman racing with the developing of the following multiplication Mopar Dredge Pak. The Mopar Contender Cart Pak exam fomite is the following interpose the development of the modernistic day box car whose sooner incarnations admit more 150 V8 Competitor Puff Paks, an extra l V10 versions, likewise as 426 Backwash HEMI® rise kits. The Mopar Competitor Cart Pak is the solitary forward-looking era packet car to win the Strain Eliminator rubric at the U.S. Nationals and has likewise won Mill Gunplay races.

The essay fomite is reinforced on the 2015 Dodge Challenger program and sports a albumen eubstance, a vintage bar box, and 426 HEMI® designation. The dredge pak quiz fomite likewise includes the 2015 Scheme Competitor SRT breast and bum facia trimness, arse freebooter and a wide scroll coop fictitious to NHRA specifications.

Below the cowling, Sportswoman racers saw a 426 cubic-inch Backwash HEMI® locomotive with an aluminium pulley, brand liners and tradition locomotive standardization. The car boasts a Chrysler-based 727 robotlike infection, a race-style peg gearshift with inherent job interlock, and an aluminium driveshaft. The fomite too is weaponed with a librate box in the bole and a trunk-mounted 12 v shelling.

The midland is presently based on the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT national with the summation of Mopar gauges, driver and rider whippersnapper racing seating, on with guard nets and five-point harnesses.

2014 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak Concept

The Mopar hale pak exam car too is furnished with 15-inch battlefront and ass wheels, 28-inch diam puff manner figurehead tires (4.5 inches wide-cut) and 30-inch diam backside tires (9-inches all-inclusive). It presently features preciseness execution strawman and backside bracken rotors, calipers and professional cylinder.

The tryout fomite’s battlefront hiatus presently sports the 2015 Mopar K-Member and prance dangling geometry, breast struts with adjustable contraction and resile. At the backrest of the car, racers leave discovery a four-link back hiatus with Panhard bar, bum self-colored axle with 9-inch al thirdly phallus, back shocks with adjustable contraction and bound, and an anti-sway bar.

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