2014 Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet unveiled the all-new 2014 Silverado 1500 life-sized getaway. New from hoodlum to incumbrance, Harry Silverado is engineered to be the strongest, smartest, and about able Silverado e’er.

The new Silverado builds on Chevrolet’s 95 age of motortruck inheritance, spell nurture the bar for lifesize pickups. Among the many updates for 2014 are a new triple of muscular, effective EcoTec3 engines; a stronger, quieter, more prosperous cab; revised direction, respite and brakes; clever solutions for managing shipment in the bed and genuine motortruck capableness for towing and trucking.

“Our customers trust on their trucks to play the daily challenges of earning a life, functional a concern and fetching tending of their families,” aforementioned Scar Reuss, chairman, GM Northwards America. “Chevrolet is attached to gift motortruck customers the most-refined, best-engineered pickups in the mart.”

The 2014 Silverado leave turn role of Chevrolet’s three-truck portfolio, intentional to let customers choose the rightfield motortruck for their necessarily. It joins the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500 HD pickups, the ultimate tools for towing and truckage, which were new for the 2011 modelling yr. Chevrolet is too underdeveloped an all-new Colorado midsize getaway, which volition go proved motortruck capacity in a space- and fuel-efficient box.

Every contingent of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 was intentional and engineered to fulfil the stern requirements of life-sized motortruck customers and to fortify Chevrolet’s repute for edifice the nigh honest, longest-lasting lifesize trucks – trucks with the last boilersuit toll of possession.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado

“Don’t let the exercise boots gull you. Motortruck customers are among the almost discreet and demanding in the concern,” aforesaid Jeff Luke, administrator headman direct for life-size and midsize trucks.

“The designers and engineers who created the new Silverado contribution this mania for trucks. They sustain reinforced this motortruck – and time-tested it to the extremes – to spring customers the redress tools for the hooligan jobs, and they deliver created heaps of solutions to the challenges motortruck customers skirmish every day.”

For 2014, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is intentional and engineered to bear the capableness – without compromise – that customers suffer pertain gestate from Chevrolet pickups.

Chevrolet Silverado’s outside conception blends hard Chevvy motortruck inheritance with a polished, forward-looking artistic. The new conception is more brawny, more running and more sleek. A twin-port grill, full-width bumper and double ability bonce hoodlum produce a substantial mien, which is carried done in graven soundbox sides and buffer flares.

The new Silverado pattern is around practically more equitable looks, notwithstanding. The new front is engineered to meliorate waterproofing for more effective chilling, patch the ceiling and tailboard looter were wrought in the flatus burrow to smoothen airflow ended the motortruck for decreased haul. New inlaid doors, which fit into recesses in the bodyside, tighten farting stochasticity for a quieter cab.

Below the cowling, the 2014 Silverado 1500 features a phratry of 3 all-new EcoTec3 engines, a V-6 and two V-8s, engineered specifically for use in lifesize trucks. All 3 engines integrated calculate fire injectant, cylinder inactivation and incessantly varying valve timing, a compounding of ripe technologies not plant in early competitors’ trucks. All iii shift seamlessly to four-cylinder process to amend efficiency during twinkle lading impulsive and all tercet are engineered offer more might, more torsion and wagerer efficiency than the premature versions.

The locomotive sept includes a new 4.3L V-6 that testament deliver sizable torsion to powerfulness a bunch cab cartridge and tow a material dawdler, too as a new 5.3L V-8 intentional for more might, more torsion and ameliorate efficiency than the stream variation, which is presently the V-8 fire saving leader. A new 6.2L V-8 is engineered to be the about subject locomotive in any light-duty cartridge.

SAE certifiable hp and torsion ratings and EPA fire thriftiness estimates for the new Chevrolet Silverado bequeath be concluding and useable root other following yr.

The all-new interiors of the 2014 Silverado 1500 muse the like center configuration and purpose. The vertical panel, six-gauge pawn bundle and multiple repositing options are made-to-order specifically to the necessarily of motortruck customers. Controls are usable, logically situated and sluttish to manoeuvre with ferment gloves on. Ass doors on bunch cabs are bigger, for easier incoming and loss, and back doors on elongated cab models are now hinged at the movement for easier entree, particularly in crocked floater.

The new Chevrolet MyLink provides easy-to-use connectivity for the job locate or the category holiday, with rude vocalisation acknowledgement and sufficiency ports and powerfulness outlets to accompaniment multiple devices.

The new motortruck cab is stronger, with near two-thirds of the construction made from high-strength nerve for a surefooted smell and improved condom. Likewise, the master runway and key hybridization members of the updated chassis are high-strength sword with major elements hydroformed for rock-bottom deal and improved durability.

New shear-style soundbox mounts strain out both up-and-down and side-to-side motility for a quieter, more well-situated drive. Extended- and crew-cab models bear a tierce set of hydraulic torso mounts to boost sequester the cabs. Combined with legion otc acoustical and NVH (stochasticity oscillation and severeness) enhancements, the intended resultant is a firm, graceful tone with no release in traditional motortruck capableness.

The getaway box besides benefits from this center providing Chevrolet Silverado customers with the rectify tools for the job. The box is made from roll-formed blade for increased force and rock-bottom batch, compared with the stamped beds put-upon by major competitors, and it features a compass of fresh solutions for quotidian liveliness.

Silverado’s CornerStep bumper, combined with handholds reinforced into the new box track protectors, makes it easier to admission the box. The bed is likewise useable with new speed tie-down maulers, under-rail led ignition, and an EZ Rhytidectomy and Depress tailboard.

First, Silverado 1500 bunch cabs leave be useable with a yearner 6’6″ substructure box, in increase to the premature 5’8″ box, enabling customers to gestate more load spell silence beingness able-bodied to green in many garages.

The frame of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado includes a figure of customer-focused updates. A revised forepart and bum reprieve and wider wheels furnish a more easy tantalise and more sure-footed manipulation. Wattage direction improves guidance flavor and reduces fire usance. New four-wheel-disc brakes with Duralife &sell; rotors ameliorate bracken look and carry rotor aliveness.

Silverado leave be usable with segment-exclusive guard features such as Forwards Hit Alarum, Lane Going Admonition with an Fighting Prophylactic Backside, and Forepart and Ass Common Aid. StabiliTrak with Laggard Carry Ascendence and Mound First Help are banner on all Silverados.

“We get made pregnant upgrades in the key areas of the new Chevrolet Silverado, and improved about every particular of the motortruck,” aforesaid Luke. “We remember both Chevrolet loyalists and private-enterprise shoppers are departure to discovery much to lovemaking approximately the new Silverado, source with the real beginning clip they sit buns the rack.”

Engineered and validated for demanding customers

Motortruck customers are among the almost apprehensive and demanding in the byplay. They cognise trucks privileged out – many suffer owned trucks for decades. They study their trucks arduous, nether weather that would cushion many car owners. They bear bully tasks to do, and they anticipate their trucks to do them, without charge. And they await their trucks to digest – the modal age of a lifesize cartridge is now more 10.4 days.

The squad that intentional the new Silverado went to extremes to figure a new motortruck that would outstrip the demands of these customers.

E.g., GM’s new lifesize trucks testament undergo more 6 trillion miles of strength examination in the torturing chambers at the Milford Proving Land, o’er the comeuppance and mountains of Nevada and crossways the icy flats of Kapuskasing, Ontario. That’s eq to 240 trips round the world. In add-on, the trucks bequeath gather more 7 zillion real-world miles during concluding examination, delivery sum quiz miles to more 13 billion.

The increased superpower, torsion and efficiency of the new EcoTec3 locomotive kinfolk resulted from an unprecedented stratum of reckoner psychoanalysis, including broad computational stream kinetics, to optimise the burn of air and fire in the cylinders. More 10 zillion of hours of computational psychoanalysis went into the locomotive curriculum. More 6 billion hours – astir 685 days’ deserving – of psychoanalysis went into the advance burning organisation unique.

Evening the bedrock, wish the new inlaid doors, were time-tested to the utmost, with the doors undergoing near 150 motortruck lives’ deserving of examination.

The 2014 Silverado 1500 bunch cab testament scratch output in the s fourth of 2013, with early cab styles next ulterior in the class.

A modern interpretation of iconic Chevrolet design

For the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, designers sought-after to smash the idealistic correspondence betwixt Chevrolet’s rich inheritance in life-size pickups and a more forward-looking, polished esthetic. They besides sought-after to devote the new Silverado a more spectacular front, with a heightened posture and more morphological, powerful canvas alloy, patch too up aeromechanics to micturate the new Silverado quieter and more effective.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado

“Creating the new Silverado piece maintaining its inheritance was a gainsay, but I am surefooted that we smitten the compensate counterpoise,” aforesaid Kevin O’Donnell, coach for the Chevrolet Silverado outside conception. “The 2104 Silverado bequeath decidedly jump, in footing of both appearing and improved streamlined operation.”

The greco-roman two-port Chevrolet motortruck lattice, restyled headlamps and one-piece bumper wrapping from wing to cowcatcher, gift the motortruck a wider, stronger posture. The grill of the new Silverado is intentional to take the upright rectify total of air, and the strawman is cautiously plastered to render effective chilling with minimum sleek draw.

A mod rendering of Chevrolet vertically full-bosomed headlamps includes projector air lamps on LTZ models. A new goon with match ability domes not just enhances ocular comportment, but it guides air terminated the windscreen wipers for rock-bottom twist racket.

The more fast-growing conception continues fine-tune the torso, with graven trunk sides and salient wing flares. Usable bike comfortably liners allow a more ruined feeling. Wheels compass from 17 to 20 inches in diam and all are a half-inch wider than earlier, for rock-bottom fatigue deform and enhanced cornering and guidance. Twenty-two-inch wheels testament be usable as Chevrolet accessories.

Peculiar attending was paying to airflow terminated the motortruck, to better efficiency and concentrate lead racket. Virtually notability are the inlaid doors, which fit into trunk sides kinda than swathe complete the ceiling. When combined with new triplet threshold seals, the inlaid doors tighten flatus dissonance and turbulency, portion tranquility the cab.

Otc sleek details admit new cab-to-box seals, shields on the anatomy to tranquil under-vehicle airflow, and deflectors to scout air approximately the backside tires. Both the cap and the top of the tailboard were exactly wrought to assist deal airflow concluded the backrest of the cartridge.

Likewise for 2014, backside doors on gang cab models are bigger. The B-pillars were touched onwards, the bum ass redesigned and the breast seatbacks made dilutant, adding some two inches to back legroom and increasing the simpleness of incoming and loss without adding distance to the fomite. On extensive cab Silverados, the backside doors now hinge at the strawman, from the B-pillar, for easier entree in park and over-the-counter cockeyed floater.

Three all-new EcoTec3 engines

The nerve of any motortruck is below its bonnet and the 2014 Hassle Silverado 1500 offers leash new EcoTec3 engines highly-developed specifically for the demands of motortruck obligation cycles. All lineament a triplet of state-of-the-art technologies – calculate injectant, cylinder inactivation and unceasingly varying valve timing – that optimise powerfulness, torsion and efficiency crosswise a liberal scope of operational weather.

The new trinity of engines is intentional to mate the inevitably of motortruck customers, and to allow more h.p., more torsion and ameliorate fire thriftiness than premature Silverado engines.

All iii engines lineament an advance burning organization for more expeditiously turn fire into oeuvre and all deuce-ace are intentional to seamlessly replacement to four-cylinder manner to meliorate efficiency during light-load impulsive.

“We conceive these engines are the nearly technologically modern engines always offered in light-duty pickups, and they are specifically intentional for the way customers use trucks in the actual humankind,” aforementioned Jordan Lee, Minor Blocking chieftain mastermind and syllabus coach.

“EcoTec3 engines pass engineering no otc motortruck shaper can equal, and we crack it in every one of our engines, for every one of our customers,” aforesaid Lee. “It is not an duplicate toll boast. You get our trump and near ripe engineering careless of clipping grade.”

To furnish the dependableness and low be of possession that motortruck customers estimate, all 3 engines sport a work-tested, race-proven viewgraph valve conception that is lighter and concordat, and has inherently low clash for improved fire efficiency. All leash have al blocks and heads for depress angle. (For more details, see the resultant EcoTec3 Engines freeing.)

The new locomotive folk includes:

  • A new stock 4.3L V-6. Its enceinte supplanting delivers the torsion to superpower a crowd cab and pulling a substantive drone, yet it can seamlessly chemise into four-cylinder modality below twinkle lots for improved efficiency.
  • A new 5.3L V-8. It is engineered to offer more hp, more torsion and ameliorate fire saving that the flow 5.3L V-8, fashioning it an first-class quality for mainstream customers.
  • A new 6.2L V-8. It is engineered to be the about subject locomotive in any light-duty getaway. Alike the former two engines in the sept, it can seamlessly alternate to four-cylinder mood below igniter cargo weather for improved efficiency in day-after-day impulsive.
  • The 2014 Silverado 1500 is engineered to encourage meliorate efficiency by enabling the engines to control in four-cylinder fashion more of the metre. E.g., transmittal and expel mounts air out palpitation that can happen when the engines are in four-cylinder modality, and an dynamic exhaust mulct tunes backpressure and the discharge banknote for sander, quieter procedure. Models with the 6.2L V-8 characteristic alive stochasticity cancellation to encourage tranquility the cabin during four-cylinder fashion.

    All 3 engines sport a six-speed reflexive contagion with gearing ratios and chemise schedules optimized for functioning and efficiency. The transmissions have Machine Class Braking, which downshifts on downgrades to helper slenderize bracken wearable. Due to the added torsion of the new V-8 engines, new 9.5- or 9.76-inch behind axles are victimised.

    “Not alone did we oeuvre to meliorate the hp, torsion and EPA fire saving estimates of all ternary EcoTec3 engines, but we worked arduous to meliorate real-world efficiency besides, specially when towing and truckage,” aforementioned Lee. “We feel forward-moving to journalists and former thirdly parties having the chance to essay our trucks tete-a-tete with the contention in actual humans weather.”

    More comfortable, more functional interior

    With crowd cabs now accountancy for more two-thirds of light-duty sales industry-wide, pickups are progressively comely multi-purpose tools, ill-used to run a byplay or realize a livelihood during the day and transporting friends and sept during the clock off. To reconcile those necessarily Chevrolet Silverado designers sought-after to craftiness an internal that was quieter, roomier, more well-off and more operable, without devising it aspect wish the national of a car or crosswalk.

    2014 Chevrolet Silverado

    The solvent: an all new home that sets a benchmarks for lifesize trucks.

    “Changes to the outside of the 2014 Silverado can be described as evolutionary, but the updates to the home are striking,” aforesaid Helen Emsley, Silverado innovation conductor. “The punctilious tending to contingent and the stairs we took to ascertain optimum driver and rider comforter and widget, are reflected in the fact that the new interiors rated off the charts in client clinics.”

    The erect board with its six-gauge instrumentate clustering is bespoke specifically to the necessarily of motortruck customers, and nigh models likewise admit a 4.2-inch coloration Driver Data Centerfield displaying fomite and docudrama information.

    Controls were set with the use of range curves, and crucial controls were berth nighest to the driver and sorted functionally. Knobs, buttons and interfaces are heavy, easy-to-read and sluttish to control, eventide with gloves on.

    E.g., Chevrolet Silverado maintained the traditional editorial sceneshifter, with tap-up/tap-down and tow-haul functions merged into the prize, because it clears infinite in the soothe and is soft to lock, fifty-fifty with large exercise gloves. Likewise, the usable unified preview bracken ascendence is mounted gamy and to the unexpended of the wheel, where the driver can more course ambit for it.

    The solution is a bare, swell intentional board – one in safekeeping with the slipway customers use their lifesize trucks.

    Silverado’s uncommitted MyLink docudrama organization is intentional to be easy-to-use, extremely customizable and able of linking capable 10 devices. It features tongue vocalism credit that allows customers to position calls, accede destinations, surf media, swordplay euphony and mastery otc functions just by impressive the fomite what to do. Thither are no key phrases to think and no indigence to consider a screenland.

    MyLink too can be operated via big, understandably tagged knobs, done incorporate wheel controls, or done the touchscreen on models with the eight-inch screenland.

    The organisation besides can storehouse capable 60 favorites including tuner stations (AM/FM/XM), contacts, destinations, euphony and former media – a commodious lineament for minor businesses or owners who locomotion oft.

    All models besides bear all-encompassing inner repositing, bespoken to the way customers use their trucks. Multiple USB ports, on with 12-volt and110-volt superpower outlets, assistance unite multiple devices.

    2014 Chevrolet Silverado

    A new high-wear bottom textile that is more undestroyable and easier to pick is useable and the presence seating sustain more long-wearing dual-density fizz for improved solace and thirster animation.

    The destination, in apiece vitrine, was to make a layer of ease and contrivance normally associated with upscale cars, but bespoke to the way customers use really use their trucks.

    Strengthened cabs and frames

    Motortruck customers let the highest expectations when it comes to enduringness and capableness – they motive to cognise that one of the nigh significant tools in their toolbox is loss to resist the day-after-day penalisation of their employment and their combat-ready lifestyles. And they bear their trucks to end – the medium motortruck on the route is now more 10.4 days old.

    To check that the new Silverado is capable the dispute, key elements of the updated skeleton, including the primary track and major hybridisation members, are made from high-strength sword and hydroforming is victimized to better durability and dilute batch of the movement of the anatomy.

    The cab structures are all new, and incorporated high-pitched enduringness sword in the A-pillars, B-pillars, ceiling runway and cradle panels. Ultra-high-strength brand is exploited in areas of the cradle panels and underbelly in expectation of new shallow-offset clangoring tests. Altogether, almost two-thirds of the cab construction is made from high-strength steels, for a quieter drive, a more positive flavour and enhanced execution on new, tougher administration and diligence clangoring tests.

    The mounts that insulate the cab from skeleton bear a major hob on both dissonance and palpitation in the rider compartment. All Silverado models now let shear-style mounts, which sequestrate both up-and-down and side-to-side movements, and extended- and crew-cab models suffer extra hydraulic mounts to supply promote isolation. The outcome is a motortruck that feels often quieter, more processed and more solidness than former models.

    The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 too features a roll-formed nerve getaway box, which is light, stronger and more lasting than traditional stamped blade boxes ill-used by major competitors.

    The use of high-strength steels and former barge materials such as al hoods, locomotive blocks and hiatus helped set-back the deal of new features such as stronger cabs, wider wheels, a bigger bombardment and bigger backside axles for V-8 Silverados. The 2014 Silverado continues to be ignitor than corresponding models from a key contender.

    More confident ride, handling and braking

    2014 Chevrolet Silverado

    The abatement, steerage and brakes of the 2014 Silverado 1500 let been extensively updated to for a quieter, more graceful cod and positive manipulation and braking.

    The coil-over-shock breast abatement features aluminium speed and glower command blazon on many models that are both barge and stiffer than former components, on with movement springs are capable 30 percentage stiffer than those on flow models, for more positive treatment.

    The ass hiatus continues to use two-stage multi-leaf springs, for an optimum symmetricalness betwixt a quiet cod and loading carrying potentiality. The leaping bushings suffer been revised for an improved rally, and both breast and bottom shocks sport a twin-tube conception with new valving to ameliorate damping at low speeds, for a sander, more controlled bait. Z71 models use monotube Rancho shocks for enhanced off-road potentiality.

    The 2014 Silverado 1500 features new all-electric variable-assist superpower direction, which improves boilersuit fomite manipulation and reduces guidance endeavor at low speeds. Because thither is no engine-driven ticker, wattage direction likewise reduces fire uptake and eliminates the alimony associated with hydraulic ability direction.

    Four-wheeled platter brakes with Duralife &deal; rotors are measure. The rotors characteristic a enured and reinforced aerofoil that resists rust, potentially double the sprightliness of the rotors and up fomite appearing. The bracken cycle smell has been improved besides.

    Chevrolet Silverado too features Car Degree Braking, which uses the locomotive and transmittal controls to slacken the fomite on a foresighted downgrade, serving defend fomite speeding and reduction the pauperism for the driver to use the brakes.

    Smarter pickup box

    For 2014, Silverado level makes the cartridge box smarter. A CornerStep bumper and constitutional mitt clutches pockets in the new bed railing protectors survive easier to escalate into the bed and admittance items.

    The tailboard features an national tortuosity bar that reduces the travail to lift and glower the tailboard, piece a roundabout muffler allows for a controlled and more gradual heavy movement when porta the tailboard. A lockup characteristic, two-tier lading and a box lamp are banner. Usable features admit amphetamine tie-down maulers that arrive easier to guarantee lading, and LED lamps nether the bed rail that survive easier to see items in the bed.

    The getaway box is uncommitted in tercet lengths – 5’8″, 6’6″and 8′. Bunch cab models add the 6’6″ box as a new selection in gain to the 5’8″ box. Elongated cab models accompany 6’6″ boxes and veritable cab models are uncommitted with 6’6″ or 8′ boxes. Customers who tow testament apprise the four- and seven-pin prevue connection set in the behind bumper.

    Z71 for off-road capability

    For owners whose employment or diversion takes them off route, Z71 returns as a unparalleled modelling, uncommitted in LT and LTZ reduce. For 2014, Z71 includes monotube Rancho shocks, breast tow maulers, a transferee vitrine slew shell and unequaled 18- or 20-inch all-terrain tires. The Z71 box likewise includes Mound Extraction Command. Booked by the driver victimisation a release on the panel, it uses the anti-lock braking organization to enable a shine and controlled ancestry in grating terrain.

    Z71 too includes alone 18-inch wheels (optional on LT, measure on LTZ) and unparalleled inner reduce, including fleecy alloy sill plates, a proficient destination on upcountry clipping pieces and Z71 art on the pawn clump.

    Stock on Z71, and usable on otc Silverados, is a GM-exclusive reflex lockup arse derivative, which reacts in milliseconds in low-traction situations to ameliorate guard and self-assurance on wet, snow-clad or turbid surfaces.

    Advanced safety features

    As mentioned supra, the 2014 Silverado 1500 has an all-new cab, with some two-thirds of the construction reinforced from high-pitched forcefulness steels. It helps protect occupants in the outcome of a clank and enhances execution on new, tougher administration and industriousness smash tests.

    2014 Chevrolet Silverado

    Chevrolet Silverado continues to pass a comp retinue of touchstone safe technologies, including StabiliTrak electronic stableness ascendence with Laggard Persuade Restraint and Mound First Serve, nous mantle incline airbags with rollover tribute and OnStar.

    New for 2014, Chevrolet Silverado bequeath offering various segment-leading features. Lane Loss Monitory alerts the driver if the fomite starts to gallery into another lane, via an hearable exemplary or the uncommitted Prophylactic Alarum Arse. Too uncommitted is Forward-moving Hit Alive, which monitors the blank before of the fomite via a camera, and warns the thrust if he or she is acquiring too around the fomite leading.

    Over-the-counter useable prophylactic features admit presence and behind parkland serve, a back sight camera mounted in the tailboard and finder mirrors that pass easier for drivers to see objects in the blinds floater.

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