2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible Eu Version

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible [EU]

Chevrolet is redefining mod operation with the Corvette Stingray. And alone a Corvette with the double-dyed counterpoise of engineering, figure and execution can wearing the iconic Stingray appellation.

The Corvette Stingray is the about hefty criterion exemplar e’er, with an estimated 466 hp (343 kW) and 630 Nm of torsion (465 lb.-ft ). It is too the near open stock example always, able-bodied to speed from 0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and attain more 1g in cornering clutches. Furthermore, the new Corvette Stingray is the almost fuel-efficient measure Corvette e’er.

“Alike the ’63 Con Ray, the better Corvettes incarnate functioning leading, delivering with-it technologies, breathless designing and awesome impulsive experiences,” aforesaid Dr. Thomas Sedran, Chairwoman and Director, Chevrolet Europe. “The all-new Corvette goes further than e’er, thanks to nowadays’s advancements in invention, engineering and technology.”

The all-new Corvette Stingray shares lonesome two parts with the former contemporaries Corvette. It incorporates an all-new chassis construction and bod, a new powertrain and encouraging technologies, also as altogether new outside and national designs.

A Corvette is engineered as a coupe and a exchangeable from the beginning. So, the execution engineering and capabilities introduced on the Corvette Stingray coupe gestate o’er to the transmutable. The lone morphologic changes are circumscribed to accommodations for the foldaway top and repositioned guard bash mounts.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible [EU]

Corvette Stingray highlights admit:

  • An home that offers echt c roughage and aluminium trimness, hand-wrapped leather materials, twofold eight-inch configurable driver/connectivity screens, and two new bum choices – apiece featuring a jackanapes mg framing for exceeding reinforcement
  • Modern driver technologies, including a five-position Effort Manner Chooser that tailors 11 fomite attributes to the fit the driver’s surround and a new seven-speed manual transmitting with Dynamic Rev Coordinated that anticipates geartrain selections and matches locomotive swiftness for arrant shifts every clock
  • An all-new 6.2L LT1 V-8 locomotive combines advance technologies, including mastermind injectant, Dynamic Fire Direction, ceaselessly varying valve timing and an sophisticated burning scheme that delivers more might piece exploitation less fire
  • Jackanapes materials, including a c character cowl and obliterable ceiling gore on coupes; complex fenders, doors and bottom fourth panels; carbon-nano complex underbelly panels and a new aluminium skeleton assistant sack weightiness rearwards for an optimum 50/50 weightiness equaliser that supports an idealistic power-to-weight proportion
  • A modeled outside features advance high-intensity liberation and led kindling and racing-proven aeromechanics that symmetricalness low cart for efficiency and execution elements for improved constancy and raceway capacity
  • An all-new, amply electronic top on the convertibles, that can be lowered remotely victimization the key fob
  • Track-capable Z51 execution box (touchstone on all European models), including: an electronic limited-slip derivative, dry-sump oiling arrangement, entire bracken, derivative and transmittal chilling, particular shocks, springs and stabiliser bars, a particular execution pitch proportion, bigger forepart and ass wheels, brakes and tires, also as a unparalleled aero packet that farther improves high-velocity constancy.
  • “Stingray is one of the sacred names in self-propelling story,” aforesaid Ed Welburn, GM v.p. of worldwide invention. “We knew we couldn’t use the Stingray gens unless the new car unfeignedly lived capable the bequest. The solution is a new Corvette Stingray that breaks from custom, patch odd now placeable as a Corvette the man concluded.”

    The new Corvette Stingray is reinforced at GM’s Bowling K gathering works, which underwent a $131-million ascent, including a new torso rat to invent the al underframe in-house first.

    Handcrafted, high-tech interior

    The new Corvette Stingray upcountry blends hunky-dory materials and workmanship with Chevrolet’s ripe MyLink engineering that conduce to a more affiliated and more piquant impulsive know, aforesaid Helen Emsley, upcountry designing conductor.

    “Every sport and item in the national is intentional to raise the driver’s association to the Corvette,” Emsley aforesaid. “It starts with the hero jet elysian wraparound cockpit; continues to chassis with the littler wheel, more supportive seating, and high-definition, configurable screens, and is ruined in gorgeous materials.”

    The littler, 14.1-inch-diameter (360 mm) wheel fosters a more mastermind, straightaway tone to directing inputs. The tending to the driver extends to the smallest details, including the mat, accurate sewing on the wheel intentional to render a quiet, reproducible flavor.

    Exact and graceful sewing is seen in the usable Catnap leather trimness of the all-new seating, too. Two arse choices leave be offered: a GT behind for well-rounded ease and a Contest Sportsman arse with more fast-growing english bolstering which provides greater backup on the cartroad.

    The build construction for both seating is made of mg for greater lastingness and less weightiness than like brand frames. They are too more stiff, contributive to the enhanced opinion of reinforcement during operation impulsive.

    Extra performance-enhancing details of the midland resulted from designers’ “battleground trips” to GM’s Proving Background in Milford, Michigan, where high-performance drive experiences spurred the pattern and effectuation of respective features, including a steel-reinforced seize bar on the essence solace for the rider and soft-touch materials on the boundary of the solace, where the driver course brace during high-load cornering.

    High-performance impulsive likewise influenced elements of the configurable Chevrolet MyLink expose screens and useable head-up presentation, which depart contingent the impulsive mood, including the Cartroad exhibit divine by the C6.R racer.

    The performance-supporting elements indoors the new Corvette Stingray are complemented by unprecedented aid to point and physique lineament, including the wholesale archway motive concluded the driver cockpit shave and the unlined conversion of the cable from the panel to the doorway.

    All models have a fully-wrapped national, where every airfoil is covered with agiotage, soft-touch materials. Uncommitted materials, contingent the trimming story, admit Sleep leather, aluminium, c roughage and micro-suede.

    A blending of give craft and machined preciseness is intended to guarantee the fit, ending and ambiance of the cabin is super. The leather-wrapped board, e.g., features hand-selected and hand-stretched materials for ameliorate granulate twin with sewing performed by robots that present double-dyed seams.

    Thither’s tied a micro-LED covert for the rider’s mood mastery set infra the air on the on the bolt by from the operation features on the panel.

    Driver-oriented technologies

    At the heart of the Corvette Stingray’s driver-focused technologies is the cockpit-mounted Driver Style Chooser, which allows drivers to optimise the car for their impulsive predilection and route weather via fin settings: Conditions, Eco, Circuit, Play and Rails.

    “The all-new Corvette Stingray is genuinely tercet cars in one: It provides the consolation and functionality of a long-distance GT car, the connection of a everyday driver and the quickening, clench and braking of a open cartroad car,” aforementioned Harlan Charles, merchandise handler. “With the Driver Fashion Chooser, we precious to spring the driver an light way to cut well-nigh every face of the car to fit their impulsive environs. The answer is a more rewarding, more convinced get, whether you’re commutation in a torrent or charging done the Karussell at Nürburgring.”

    The Driver Modality Picker is gentle to use via a circle node nigh the gearshift. The Eco way is the nonremittal scene in Europe for unremarkable drive; the Endure modality is intentional principally for added self-assurance patch drive in pelting and snowfall; the Eco mood is for achieving optimum fire thriftiness; the Athletics manner is for game route impulsive and the Racecourse fashion is for raceway operation drive.

    “Betimes in the ontogenesis treat, we fagged clip on the cartroad, impulsive Corvettes backbreaking. That get wrought many parts of the inside, such as the instrumentate expose in Racecourse Manner,” aforementioned Vaughn. “At 120 mph, you get a kinda burrow sight, as you center the adjacent bit. At that minute, you don’t pauperization to live the future strain performing on the tuner.”

    11 execution parameters are familiarized with the survival of apiece way, including:

  • Guess clump conformation: The Turn, Eco and Upwind modes lineament displays for slip information, sound and seafaring; Mutation way shows definitive, easy-to-read sports car gauges; and Racecourse mood’s shape shows a approximate invention based on the Corvette Racing C6.R racer presentation with lap timekeeper
  • Etcetera (Electronic Limit Ascendancy): Adjusts the gun remark curl for the selected manner for improved reactivity
  • Combat-ready Fire Direction: in convention modality, the LT1 locomotive uses V-8 mightiness; in Eco fashion the locomotive can manoeuver in V-4 fashion to ameliorate fire thriftiness until fast-growing quickening is called for
  • Eject (dynamic exhaust): The organization adjusts the timing of the electronically controlled eject valves to raise hearable feedback from the V-8 contingent the cause style
  • Electronic limited-slip derivative (Z51): Adjusts the value at which the special parapraxis engages, to counterweight betwixt steerage reply and stableness in unlike impulsive weather; more belligerent functioning in Mutation and Racetrack modes
  • Direction: Help exertion is familiarised in the modes to render the driver with the adjust steerage compassionate the drive stipulation
  • Charismatic Rally Restraint: Adjusts jolt damping based on route weather in milliseconds, from optimized ease to functioning drive
  • Found command: Uncommitted in Racetrack fashion for manual and robotlike transmissions, providing uttermost off-the-line speedup
  • Alive treatment (StabiliTrak constancy ascendance): A “competitory” mount is uncommitted in Play and Raceway modes and is more suitable for on-track weather.
  • It can likewise be handicapped, handsome the driver discharge restraint
  • Grip restraint: Brave fashion tailors grip restraint and locomotive torsion for impulsive in inclement weather
  • Operation Grip Direction: Usable in Running fashion and offers pentad settings of torsion diminution and bracken intercession for rail impulsive.
  • Leash configurable displays, including a duo of eight-inch Chevrolet MyLink screens and coloring head-up showing, return personalised entropy and channel the dissimilar execution parameters of apiece thrust way.

    The two eight-inch Chevrolet MyLink screens pass first-class visibleness in calculate sun, with 650 cd/m2 of light for the one incorporate into the instrumentate constellate and 1,000 cd/m2 of luminance for the one in the gist smokestack, fashioning it among the brightest screens in the industriousness. The filmdom in the essence hatful besides features touch-screen ascendancy with motion acknowledgement and can be lowered to expose a concealed warehousing that includes a USB comment for gimmick charging or uploads.

    The Corvette Stingray comes with an modern attached tuner, featuring Chevrolet MyLink engineering. An extra USB larboard in the centerfield cabinet, a stand-alone sound stimulation knave and an SD lineup slot render unlined connectivity.

    An uncommitted bounty 10-speaker Bose sound arrangement includes a deep box and two subwoofers – and speakers with rare-earth magnets that have greater strait calibre with decreased weighting and sizing.

    Every line counts on Corvette Stingray’s functionally elegant exterior

    “Corvette Stingray’s provocative outside styling is as operational as it is refined”, aforesaid Ken Parkinson, executive of globose excogitation. “Development a new Corvette, patch every couturier’s ambition, is not an gentle labor,” Parkinson aforementioned. “The finish was a sheer invention instruction that embraced the sophisticated engineering of the car, spell enhancing its boilersuit functioning in everything from the fart burrow to the running. The resolution is a new Corvette Stingray – a howling car that breaks new land yet clay on-key to the profound elements that piddle a Corvette a Corvette.”

    Spell no i particular is recurrent from premature generations, the new Corvette Stingray includes the typical visibility outlined by a foresightful dash-to-axle proportion – a low, leaning dimension emphasised eve more on the exchangeable – and the glasshouse evoking the canopy of a hero jet with dual-element taillamps. On this instauration, designers reinforced a mannequin lexicon from two really unlike sources: aerospace and nature.

    “For the new Corvette to be called a Stingray, it had to birth an unbelievable, purposeful optical encroachment – good as the archetype did in 1963,” aforesaid Tom Peters, outside conception manager. “That ocular encroachment is unmistakable in scrapper jets and the Stingray fauna itself. Their knockout comes from their design, intentional to cross air or h2o as quick and expeditiously as potential. As with aircraft and sustenance forms, every coat of the Corvette Stingray is purposeful, executed with dish and symmetry.”

    Inflammation is a touch factor of the Corvette Stingray’s figure and reinforces its hi-tech esthetical. At the forepart, collateral flannel LED lamps configuration a classifiable day styling cue. They are set in black-chrome lamp housings with measure HID projector headlamps. The number signals boast edge-lit gold LED firing.

    2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible Eu Version

    All-new, dual-element taillamps map the sterling release from custom and are among the car’s near striking elements. The third-dimensional, graven lenses home collateral LED ignition. The state-of-the-art inflammation uses secret LED lamps that casting their illume from the backside of the lodging into a verso reflector, creating an flush glowing. LED lamps are besides victimized for the gabardine patronage lamps. The taillamps desegregate working aircraft-style air outlets for the useable derivative and infection coolers.

    The Corvette Stingray transmutable features an all-new, full electronic top that can be lowered remotely victimisation the key fob. The top can likewise be open or unsympathetic on the go, at speeds capable 48 km/h (30 mph). Its fold mechanics is all-new and enables the top to be lowered in 21 seconds.

    With the top up, the transformable is intentional for a processed drive get. A duncical, three-ply material top, on with sound-absorbing cushioning and a ice bottom windowpane, contributes to a serenity cabin and bounty appearing.

    With the top refine, the Corvette Stingray’s touch visibility is boost accentuated. Ass the bottom backs, threefold melanise cut panels raise the role lines of the tonneau masking. Corvette Stingray’s touch “falls” invention originates in the vale ‘tween the seating, delivery the outside gloss into the national.

    Forward-looking computer-aided modelling programs were employed to enable the spectacular aeromechanics of the new Corvette. The simulation predicts and tracks airflow concluded, below and done the new Corvette’s torso. Engineers and designers likewise relied on information gleaned from the Corvette Racing broadcast – the about successful syllabus e’er in the American Le Mans Serial and the 2012 GT year sensation – to assistance equalizer forepart and bottom bag for high-velocity constancy.

    Many hours were dog-tired in the fart burrow hand-sculpting surfaces for esthetics and functioning. Working outside elements on all models admit a new wicket/radiator transcription, cap vents and battlefront buffer cove vents. Discharge air of the cap reduces amount front-end elevator for improved direction reception at gamy speeds, patch the pilot vents excuse underhood pressure to tighten flowing dredge.

    All Corvette Stingray models with the Z51 box (criterion for Europe) besides sport intact coolers for the bum derivative and infection. For coupe models, the air intakes are incorporate on the behind tail panels, exchangeable to the NACA ducts on the Corvette Racing C6.R. For transformable models, the air intakes are incorporated into the underbelly.

    Airflow done the derivative and transmitting oestrus exchangers exits done the aircraft-inspired taillamp vents and lower-rear dashboard air outlets. The Z51 operation parcel (received for Europe) besides includes brake-cooling ducts, a alone bum pillager and extra air deflectors for enhanced racetrack capacity.

    Engineered to race, built for the road

    Both coupe and translatable versions of the new Corvette Stingray capitalize of whippersnapper materials, modern fabrication techniques and engineering transference from the Corvette Racing plan to acquire an saint 50/50 burden counterbalance and to present first-class power-to-weight ratios.

    The technologically innovative institution is an all-new aluminium bod construction that is 45 kg flatboat, and is 57 percentage stiffer than the previous-generation transformable. The outcome is a framing that is so solid that no geomorphologic reinforcements are requisite. The but changes are modified to accommodations for the fold top and repositioned guard smash mounts.

    Compared to the premature multiplication, which exploited uninterrupted hydroformed primary anatomy runway with a never-ending 2mm paries heaviness, the new Corvette’s anatomy features primary rail composed of cinque customized al segments, including al extrusions at apiece end, a centerfield principal fulminate part and hollow-cast nodes at the abeyance port points. Apiece section’s caliber varies in heaviness from 2mm to 11mm, made-to-order – on with the configuration – by the pretending package to optimise the forcefulness requirements for apiece framing segment with minimum weighting.

    The al bod product uses advanced fabrication processes at GM’s Bowling K fabrication imbed. The state-of-the-art deftness employs various ripe connexion technologies to check dimensional truth inside 0.75 mm.

    Apiece skeleton features:

  • 354 spot-welds, created exploitation a GM-patented appendage that uses a unequalled electrode intentional specifically for al
  • 188 Flowdrill-machined fasteners, which are installed by a high-velocity practice that extrudes the bod cloth to produce a potent, entire pinch that is tapped for bolt-on fasteners
  • 113 feet of geomorphological adhesives, victimized in continuative with welding and fasteners to gain boilersuit chassis inclemency
  • 37 feet of laser welds, which conjoin underframe sections via a exact send of high-pitched push that minimizes estrus bey the weld are for improved morphologic truth
  • The underframe’s greater effectiveness and frown angle are complemented by frame elements likewise intentional for low-mass lastingness, including hollow-cast al figurehead and arse cradles that are about 25-percent hoy and 20-percent stiffer than the whole cradles secondhand on the late construction.

    The advanced use of materials includes a received c roughage cowl and c roughage ceiling empanel on coupes. In improver, underbelly panels are created with carbon-nano complex engineering, an advance blending of traditional complex cloth and c fibre for rock-bottom angle and improved enduringness. Fenders, doors, ass one-quarter panels and the bottom incubate jury are made of lighter-density Mainsheet Shaped Combine than the old coevals.

    More power with greater efficiency

    The whippersnapper elements of the Stingray give to the nonesuch 50/50 slant counterweight. Combined with its estimated 466 h.p. (343 kW), the new Corvette delivers a bettor power-to-weight proportion than the Porsche 9-11 Carrera or Audi R8.

    Those horses are generated by an all-new LT1 6.2L Modest Closure V-8 locomotive, which likewise produces an estimated 630 Nm of torsion. More significantly, it generates 67.8 Nm more low-end torsion than the old 6.2L locomotive, duplicate the 7.0L LS7 locomotive from the 2013 Corvette Z06 from 1,000 to 4,000 rpm.

    The locomotive’s operation comes from combine advance technologies wish mastermind injectant, Fighting Fire Direction and incessantly varying valve timing with an sophisticated burning organisation. More 10 zillion hours of computational psychoanalysis went into the new Diminished Blocking’s pattern, including more 6 jillion hours unique on the burning arrangement.

    A dual-mode fighting exhaust offers a 27-percent betterment in airflow. It features two extra valves that afford to a lower-restriction itinerary done the mufflers. When out-of-doors, these valves step-up locomotive functioning and grow a more muscular discharge notation.

    In Europe, the Corvette Stingray is offered alone with a seven-speed manual with Participating Rev Co-ordinated. The Corvette retains its classifiable back transaxle layout for optimum burden dispersion.

    The seven-speed manual incorporates rev-matching engineering for upshifts and downshifts. This driver-selectable have can be well booked or disengaged via paddles on the wheel. The seven-speed is put-upon with a new dual-mass flywheel and dual-disc grasp, which bear greater shifting timber and flavor done glower inactivity. The infection with the Z51 functioning packet (touchstone for Europe) includes particular close-ratio geartrain for more jazzy drive.

    “Fighting Rev Twinned makes the new Corvette easier and more fun to screw functioning weather,” aforesaid Jeuchter. “It anticipates the adjacent cogwheel choice and electronically ‘blips’ the limit to compeer locomotive speeding for a unseamed pitch alteration.”

    More direct, more connected driving feel

    The new Corvette Stingray’s form and dangling are intentional to capitalise of the hoy, stiffer construction. The rock-bottom morphologic deform allowed engineers to more exactly strain the hiatus and direction for a more quick and reactive drive see. The components and their calibrations – from the bracken sizing and muffler rates to the guidance scheme – are indistinguishable betwixt coupes and exchangeable.

    “An authoritative end for the squad was to make an adumbrate and absolutely machine-accessible drive feel for the new Corvette Stingray,” aforementioned Microphone Bailey, figure fomite organisation direct. “Because they portion park build tuning, power-to-weight ratios and geomorphological inflexibility, the coupe and transmutable feeling virtually selfsame ass the roll.”

    Spell the Corvette Stingray retains the racing-proven short-change/long-arm abatement designing, battlefront and bum, the components are all-new. Improvements to the hiatus admit dig frown controller munition which relieve roughly 4 kg and new al bottom toe links which spare 1.1 kg terminated former nerve links.

    The Corvette Stingray rides on new 19 x 8.5-inch battlefront and 20 x 10-inch arse bad aluminium wheels. New Michelin Cowcatcher Sup Mutation ZP run-flat tires highly-developed specifically for the seventh-generation Corvette bear like levels of hold than the wider tires of old models.

    As a resultant, the Corvette Stingray is open of 1g in cornering quickening – like to the 2013 Corvette Chiliad Variation. Importantly, that is achieved with narrower and ignitor wheels and tires. The rock-bottom “footmark” reduces peal underground, guidance exertion and route randomness, tributary to a more spry smell, more contiguous steerage answer and greater touring puff and efficiency.

    Dimensionally, the new Corvette’s wheelbase is around 25 mm thirster than the former genesis, with strawman and arse tracks that are well-nigh 25 mm wider. Those changes render a more stalls feeling, especially at gamey speeds, spell the turn spoke is reduced to now 11.5 meters for greater manoeuvrability in rigorous turns.

    In Europe, the Corvette Stingray, which features the Z51 functioning software as touchstone, comes with 45 mm plunger Bilstein dampers for more belligerent eubstance ascendence and racecourse capableness. It is besides equipt Charismatic Tantalise Ascendancy, which features a new twin-wire/dual-coil muffler organization that reacts 40 pct quicker, enabling improved razz comfortableness and eubstance ascendancy.

    The new wattage direction organisation offers varying ratios and exploit to tailor-make reactivity and compassionate apiece impulsive berth. It besides delivers more accurate ascendancy and feedback to the driver, on with greater variance of exertion for high-performance impulsive and greater on-center sensibility and one-dimensionality. Guidance spirit was foster improved by increasing steerage editorial rigourousness by 150 percentage, increasing medium quill torsional hardness by 600 pct, and climbing the steerage train to the forepart provenance construction. As a termination the guidance scheme is five-spot multiplication stiffer than the former coevals.

    A smarting electronic limited-slip derivative (eLSD) is included in the Z51 execution parcel and ceaselessly makes the nearly of the torsion cleave ‘tween the backside wheels. The organization features a hydraulicly actuated clench that can endlessly alter clasp employment and can answer from surface to wide-cut booking in tenths of a s. It shifts torsion based on a alone algorithm, which factors in fomite amphetamine, guidance stimulus and bound office to meliorate guidance flavor, treatment equalizer and grip.

    The eLSD is full structured with StabiliTrak and Functioning Grip Direction systems. Its calibrations variegate among trey modes, based on the Driving Style Picker scope:

  • Modality 1 is the nonremittal background for convention impulsive and emphasizes fomite stableness
  • Manner 2 is occupied when electronic stableness ascendence is off off in the Athletics or Cartroad Driver Modes. This standardization enables more quick turn-in and grip patch accelerating out of a niche
  • Mood 3 is mechanically selected when Execution Grip Direction is set-aside. This standardisation has the like procedure as Modality 2, but is fine-tuned to employment with Operation Grip Direction.
  • Criterion Brembo brakes, with four-piston set calipers derived from racing, present prodigious fillet index on the street or cartroad. Arrangement highlights admit:

  • Dual-cast, slotted 13.6-inch (345 mm) breast rotors and 13.3-inch (338 mm) slotted backside rotors are included. They bear 6percent more swept country than the previous-generation M Mutant and are cooled figurehead and bum for improved raceway capableness.
  • European testing and development on the Nürburgring

    The Corvette Stingray has been extensively tried on, and fine-tuned for European roadstead. This includes the German motorways and renowned Nürburgring, a fix where racing chronicle has been made and re-written multiplication and again. The examination procedures are role of the GM received growing broadcast and are conducted for apiece new Chevrolet modelling earlier it goes on sale in Europe. On the Nürburgring, engineers focussed especially on the hanging set-up and the Stingray’s steerage characteristics.

    “Nürburgring is celebrated for its demanding wash running and it was dead suitable for our aim, which was to refine the rag and manipulation of the European Corvette Stingray,” aforesaid Patrick Herrmann, technological handler with Chevrolet Europe. “The execution of this car is awful in every esteem. It can vie with its rivals but stiff low-priced,” Herrmann added.

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