2014 Cadillac Elr

Cadillac ELR

The 2014 Cadillac ELR sumptuosity coupe blends striking excogitation and industry-leading extended-range engineering to have a drive have that is showy and environmentally favorable. It represents the low covering of Prolonged Compass Galvanising Fomite engineering by a full-line opulence self-propelling stain.

2014 Cadillac Elr

The Cadillac ELR delivers on the hope of the Converj Concept on which it is based. The outside establishes a new, liberalist dimension for the make piece the national introduces a new designing radical that bequeath set futurity Cadillac models, accenting mod elegance, engineering and just crafted details.

Industry-leading Lengthy Grasp Galvanizing Fomite (EREV) engineering provides wide drive ambit prodigious 300 miles (480 km), combine virginal galvanic impulsive and an effective, range-extending source.

Cadillac ELR’s surefooted and antiphonal EREV drive engineering is enhanced with sole Regen on Involve and selectable crusade modes that heighten impulsive and pee-pee the virtually of efficiency. Regen on Exact allows the driver to temporarily renew muscularity from the ELR’s impulse into electricity that can be stored in the bombardment ring for late use. It is intermeshed via steering-wheel paddles altered from traditional execution cars.

The proved EREV engineering is unambiguously tuned for Cadillac in the ELR. Near everyday commutes leave ask aught petrol with cypher emissions. Yearner trips are justify from electric-vehicle orbit anxiousness because EREV engineering enables the like long-distance exemption as a established car.

2014 Cadillac Elr

2014 Cadillac ELR

Exterior design

The Cadillac ELR has an strong-growing, forward-leaning visibility that introduces a new, liberalist stem and symmetry in Cadillac’s invention phylogenesis. It carries concluded nearly unaltered from the 2009 Converj construct that divine it. The boilersuit conformation is strengthened by a striking, wholesale torso contrast stressed by 20-inch wheels pushed to the edges of the trunk.

“The ELR represents a new property of Art & Skill, the directing ism of Cadillac,” aforementioned Grade Adams, Cadillac invention conductor. “Cadillac’s DNA is founding, with spectacular and provocative innovation. ELR delivers this in a luxuriousness coupe that stands unequalled among major sumptuousness brands globally.”

2014 Cadillac Elr

Erect headlight and taillamp elements make Cadillac’s touch for the ELR, day or nighttime and from the breast or back – a stigma custom since 1948.

Aeromechanics gambling a essential purpose in the invention as airflow is managed to assistant the fomite slip-up done the air with minimum hale. A outpouring breast facia and lattice – with fighting shutters ass the wicket hatchway – likewise as narrowing dashboard corners, enable air to run well about the car to cut draw. In the bum, astute edges and a cautiously intentional pillager too handle airflow. A n fast-growing roue on the windscreen and backrest spyglass aid thin turbulency and haul and conduce to ELR’s 0.305 coefficient of dredge.

Extra outside details admit:

  • Doorway handles obscure in recesses backside the doors
  • The tutelage porthole is placed on the driver’s incline presence pilot
  • Lights unofficially mirrors beat common spell the shelling charges and go wickedness when charging is ended.
  • Outside colours admit Blacken Devour, Refulgent Silver-tongued Metal, Plumbago Metal and Lechatelierite Red.

    2014 Cadillac Elr

    Interior details

    Luxuriousness appointments, bang-up proportions and a flow and ergonomic cockpit incorporating the modish engineering port were top priorities for the Cadillac ELR home excogitation squad. A uninterrupted boast job from the panel done the doors to the binding methamphetamine creates a finish and symmetrical cockpit surround.

    “The ELR inner is a overlap of expressive forms and agio materials that produce the optimum equalizer of mutant and opulence,” aforesaid Keith Pekan, home conception coach. “No disbursement was spared in delivery unquestionable cloth selections and the up-to-the-minute engineering port into the car.”

    Cadillac ELR’s 2+2 layout features a conflate of cautiously selected materials, including usable c character and ultra-premium Piece semi-aniline leather seats. Extra features admit:

  • Eight-inch configurable pawn and driver data displays, oblation 4 configurations ranging from elegantly uncomplicated to technologically elaborate data
  • Power-assist covered reposition/cup bearer in the mall soothe
  • Fold-down backside seatbacks to suit thirster items such as skis and golf clubs
  • Choreographed LED-powered dialect light.
  • Intermediate Cashmere and Sable are included in the upcountry colouring pallette.

    Cadillac ELR and CUE

    Cadillac CUE with Piloting is an constitutional factor of the ELR’s impulsive live, displaying vigor utilisation and charging options in improver to the criterion documentary options, such as sound contacts and call data.

    2014 Cadillac Elr

    CUE pairs amusement and info information from capable 10 Bluetooth-enabled fluid devices, USBs, SD cards and MP3 players with a fomite docudrama organisation that reduces complexness done customized info, raw vox commands, fewer buttons and bigger icons. It is intentional to be unequaled for apiece consumer, from the “simpleton exploiter” to the amply affiliated “first-rate exploiter.”

    The aspect of CUE in the Cadillac ELR is an eight-inch (203 mm) LCD touchscreen structured in the top of the cardinal board. Its features admit:

  • Propinquity detection : As the exploiter’s deal approaches the LCD filmdom, instruction icons seem. Icons can be customized and ordered by consumers to ameliorate repose of use
  • Tactile feedback : Buttons on the full capacitive faceplate pulsate when pressed to receipt the driver’s commands, serving the driver living eyes on the route
  • Multi-touch handwriting gestures : Interactional motions (tap, click, hook and bedcover) popularized by smartphones and tablets countenance loose scrolling of lists, zooming maps and inquisitory favorites on the LCD blind.
  • Lifelike lecture acknowledgment : Enables consumers to use fewer particular commands to think stored media or stimulation sailing destinations. CUE’s text-to-speech lineament likewise allows users to find textbook messages by arrangement vocalisation and to post recorded textbook messages reciprocally
  • Linux os, ‘outdoors’ package chopine and ARM 11 three-core c.p.u. : Apiece operates at 400 mips and the ironware frame-up offers 3.5 multiplication more processing might than flow docudrama systems. It besides allows developers to publish applications to CUE that can be downloaded by users.
  • A mechanized faceplate for CUE pivots upwards at the touching of clitoris, telltale a hidden memory compartment with a USB that accommodates smartphones and over-the-counter electronic devices and personal items.

    CUE’s LCD filmdom features the driver’s fivesome well-nigh oftentimes exploited functions stored on the top of the covert. At the backside of the screenland, users can take capable 60 favorites – from euphony to points of involvement, addresses, maps for endure or directions, headphone numbers or organisation commands, such as “tag strain.” Favorites can too be re-ordered and named to be easy recallable.

    The wheel includes a five-way accountant to pilot the bundle exhibit, loudness restraint, wheel done favorites, vox acknowledgement, earpiece hitch and more.

    Driving experience

    The Cadillac ELR’s spectacular figure is matched with an piquant drive know, supported by the EREV actuation scheme graduated for sturdy operation. With 295 lb.-ft. of torsion (400 Nm) – around 12 pct more the 3.6L V-6 in the SRX – quickening in the metropolis and on the highway, including meeting and passage, is achieved with reassuring exponent on ask.

    The ELR’s Variation drive style likewise contributes to its antiphonal impulsive live, mechanically reconfiguring the accelerator reply to offer faster torsion covering and more raw feedback to driver inputs done neutered reprieve and guidance settings.

    Athletics mood is one of foursome driver-selectable choices that service brand the about of the Cadillac ELR’s impulsive feel for a diverseness of drive styles and weather. The others are:

  • Hitch fashion: The nonpayment circumstance on the ELR is expected to be ill-used about frequently and provides the sterling drive consolation and efficiency.
  • Lot modality: Batch mood mechanically adjusts the organization to render requisite powerfulness in cragged environments when fomite operation could differently be compromised. Lot fashion allows ELR to corroborate a sufficient province of mission so supplementary powerfulness is usable from the bombardment if needful.
  • Clutches modality: Handgrip way allows owners to organise when the ELR uses its gas-powered galvanising source, reserving the leftover bombardment guardianship for posterior use. This sport helps raise efficiency because owners who mix metropolis and highway impulsive can keep the shelling bearing for metropolis locomotion, where the ELR EV style operates near expeditiously .
  • Impulsive assurance is encourage enhanced by forward-looking respite and damping systems, including Uninterrupted Damping Ascendancy – which adjusts damping every two milliseconds – to asseverate optimum fomite cod restraint concluded variable route surfaces and profiles. The ELR rolls on 20-inch wheels with particularly engineered low-rolling-resistance tires intentional to symmetricalness splendid mastery and cornering potentiality with efficiency.

    A firm, stalls initiation underpins the Cadillac ELR, featuring a body-frame-integral construction with chief underbelly track working unceasingly from strawman to bum. Advance, high-strength steels add enduringness and maintain burthen. Extra contributors to the ELR’s impulsive see admit:

  • All-inclusive figurehead and ass tracks – 62.1 inches (1,578 mm) before and 62.4 inches (1,585 mm) in the ass – on with a yearn wheelbase (106.1 inches / 2,695 mm) and a low mall of soberness
  • HiPer Prance strawman abatement featuring jackanapes bad aluminium components for rock-bottom weighting and more quick, reactive execute
  • Dual-pinion, rack-mounted wattage guidance organization with agiotage ZF steerage pitch intentional to furnish fantabulous feedback patch serving to keep fire
  • A semi-independent back compound-crank dangling with Watts linkup that incorporates weight-optimized tracking blazon to engage sidelong forces, allowing the reprieve to be tuned to deal erect, forward-moving and reverse motions
  • Hydraulic bait bushings in the presence and back suspensions
  • An electro-hydraulic regenerative brakes that captures push and sends it to the bombardment coterie
  • Measure figure ascendence systems admit anti-lock brakes, grip mastery and StabiliTrak electronic constancy ascendence.
  • Because the ELR operates so restfully in all-electric modality, a driver-activated lineament sounds a randomness to alerting pedestrians, specially those with afflicted imagination, in an overlap. The alarum was highly-developed in conjunctive with the American Confederacy of the Subterfuge.

    Propulsion and charging technology

    The Cadillac ELR is powered by GM EREV engineering, combine vestal electrical ride and an effective, range-extending 1.4L gasoline-powered galvanic source able of 154 kW (207 hp) of amount organization mightiness.

    The ELR’s barrage is a T-shaped, 16.5 kWh lithium-ion barrage ring. It is situated on the centerline of the fomite, betwixt the figurehead and arse wheels for optimum slant dispersion. The 5.5-foot-long (1.6 m), 435-pound (198 kg) ring supplies vigor to an forward-looking galvanising driving whole open of 295 lb.-ft. of second torsion (400 Nm) to motivate the fomite. Victimization lone the vim stored in the shelling, the ELR volition birth a GM-estimated ambit of approximately 35 miles (56 km) of complete galvanising drive, contingent terrain, impulsive techniques and temperature.

    A driver-selectable Grip style directs when the Cadillac ELR uses its galvanic author. This sport helps optimise the electric-driving have, allowing owners who mix metropolis and highway drive to relieve the shelling burster for metropolis move, where the ELR EV way operates well-nigh expeditiously .

    Charging the Cadillac ELR’s barrage can be through with a 120V outlet or a consecrated 240V charging place. The fomite can be totally recharged in astir 4.5 hours victimisation a 240V charging place, contingent the remote temperature.

    Erst the fomite is blocked in, owners can docket either contiguous or delayed charges, tied coordinative charging according to going sentence or when electricity rates are frown. Owners too can handle and reminder the ELR on-line or with their smartphone and RemoteLink, a roving app powered by OnStar.

    The ELR’s barrage is covered by an eight-year/100,000-mile warrant.


    The Cadillac ELR is manufactured at Cosmopolitan Motors’ Detroit-Hamtramck Forum Implant, the man’s sole self-propelling fabrication quickness that mass-produces extended-range electrical vehicles for worldwide markets in 21 countries. It is likewise habitation to Southeasterly Michigan’s largest photovoltaic solar raiment. The 264,000-square-foot characteristic generates capable 516 kilowatts of electricity – sufficiency to mission 150 ELRs per day.

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