2014 Bugatti Veyron Black Bess

Bugatti Veyron Black Bess

With its 5th simulation in the six-part “Les Légendes de Bugatti” (Bugatti Legends) Variation, Bugatti has reanimated the fabled Typewrite 18 “Inkiness Bess”, which went devour in self-propelling story as one of the kickoff always street effectual first-rate sports cars. At the 2014 Automobile Chinaware centrifugal establish in Beijing the French lavishness producer leave be presenting as a humankind premier the advanced version of the Typecast 18, the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse “Lightlessness Bess”. As one of the quickest route vehicles in the humankind at the clock, the Typecast 18 “Lightlessness Bess” is a orchestrate herald of tod’s mankind amphetamine record-holding Bugatti Veyron. As with all models in the Variant, the flow Legends framework is circumscribed to a run of iii vehicles and is usable for a net damage of € 2.15 1000000. Of the four-spot Fable models already presented, all 12 vehicles suffer been sold.

2014 Bugatti Veyron Black Bess

“Complete the class of its account, Bugatti has not solitary been responsible crafting staggeringly successful wash cars, but has too created roughly striking route vehicles,” notes Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Chair of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. “As the quickest route fomite of its clip, the Eccentric 18 was in a stratum of its own. It genuinely is the decriminalize predecessor for the Veyron, and is thus a Bugatti Fable.”

The Case 18 was one of the nigh crucial Bugattis of the pre-war era, both forward of its sentence and in a conference of its own thanks to its telling expert features. With a 4-cylinder in-line locomotive and phoebe l content, the fomite was subject of producing o’er 100 PS. With a top velocity of 160 km/h (100 mph), a effort deemed near unconvincing for the multiplication, the Eccentric 18 was a straight racing pureblooded and the quickest route fomite some.

2014 Bugatti Veyron Black Bess

The Typecast 18 was impelled in races by troupe laminitis Ettore Bugatti himself; so he secured a win in his grade in the significant 1912 Mont Ventoux mound rise. Bugatti modified the product run this simulation to hardly 7 vehicles and sold them to an passing quality grouping of customers. One of these customers was the illustrious and famed French airmanship innovator Roland Garros, who successfully crossed the Mediterranean in an plane in 1912 subsequently wrenching up a innkeeper of successes at a kind of airmanship events. It was Ettore’s triumph at Mont Ventoux which drew Garros’ attending to the Typecast 18. A devotee of upper through, Garros was looking a car which would enable him to locomotion as quick on state as he could in the air. The Character 18 was an obvious selection. In enumeration Garros amongst his customers, Ettore Bugatti had landed a major merchandising putsch.

Bugatti delivered the runabout carriage the fomite number 474 to Garros on 18 September 1913. This Eccentric 18, after named later the English bangtail “Lightlessness Bess”, is one of just iii of the 7 vehicles hush leftover. Now, it can be institute in the Louwman Museum, a individual solicitation on appearance at The Hague in the Netherlands. Evert Louwman has good-hearted made the historical Eccentric 18 “Blackness Bess” peculiarly usable for the humans premier of the stream “Nigrify Bess” Fable Vitesse at the 2014 Motorcar Chinaware in Beijing.

“Black Bess” Bugatti Legends: from fastest super sports car in the early days of the automobile to fastest super sports car of today

As is the pillowcase with all of the Caption vehicles, the “Blackness Bess” is based on the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Thousand Variation Vitesse. Its 1,200 PS, 8 l W16 locomotive achieves an unequalled torsion of 1,500 Nm at 3,000-5,000 rpm, and can speed from 0-100 km in 2.6 seconds. With a uttermost speeding of 408.84 km/h with the cap kill, the Vitesse is the quickest output runabout e’er reinforced.

Design – high-quality materials used for the exterior, and international debut of innovative interior detailing

2014 Bugatti Veyron Black Bess

“The ‘Lightlessness Bess’ Caption Vitesse is yet another amercement representative of Bugatti’s innovational superpower when it comes to creating scoop automobiles,” explains Bugatti Drumhead Couturier, Achim Anscheidt. “We get highly-developed a new outgrowth for severally hand-painting the leather in the fomite’s national, like of which has ne’er been exploited earlier in the self-propelling industriousness. The leather and the ink applied by the architect bear been technically highly-developed and refined so that they can defy the stresses interior the fomite and satisfy the valid lineament requirements demanded by innovative day output.


The soundbox of the “Melanize Bess” Vitesse is constructed completely of c fiber and, barely same its historic precursor, is motley all melanize. The gold-colored accents that pee-pee the Eccentric 18 “Lightlessness Bess” so plain are reflected in recherche forge on the forward-looking Bugatti. E.g., about of the Bugatti’s trunk components are coated in 24-carat amber. So, this cute real has been put-upon for the salient Bugatti shoe, which gleams against the scope of the melanize presence grill, creating a genuinely expressive figurehead sight for the Vitesse. This is strengthened by gold-colored stripe that starting infra the headlights and beam out terminated the forepart wings towards the back, ahead tapering at the end of the threshold occupation.

Dissipated a likewise glorious au finishing are the EB logotype on the back of the fomite and the hub covers on the nigrify rims, which besides have the initials of the party’s father, Ettore Bugatti, in inkiness. And let’s not leave the tankful and oil caps, which deliver been incised with the “Blacken Bess” nameplate and elegantly ruined with golden blusher.

2014 Bugatti Veyron Black Bess


The upcountry of the “Melanize Bess” Caption Vitesse has been amply upholstered exploitation the finest leather. The star, footwell, seating, elongate kernel solace and behind bulkhead are bedecked in a igniter “Ecru” tincture, with the splasher, hyrax empanel, threshold cut impanel and bonnet gore offer a discerning counterpoint in “Havanna”. Clothed in red “Blush” leather, the wheel rim draws a open citation to the historical Eccentric 18 “Melanize Bess”. This stress has too been picked up and continued in the red cosmetic sewing on the outer bolsters of the seating and in the bum belts.

New developments in the treatment of leather

The doorway panels are without incertitude one of the car’s well-nigh telling details. This is really one of the nigh audacious projects in the innovation of the fomite’s home. Both panels are upholstered in “Havanna” leather and gestate scenes which show the historical Eccentric 18 “Inkiness Bess” too as Roland Garros’ plane, a Morane Saulnier Eccentric H. These sketches get been hand-painted forthwith onto the leather – hardly as the components in luxuriousness vehicles were hand-painted in the betimes Twenties. In fiat to protect the images from detrition and environmental impacts, both a particular new ink and a new fertilization summons sustain been highly-developed. Ne’er in the battlefield of auto fabrication deliver traditional details been enforced so dead whilst likewise upholding the demands set on character by modernistic yield standards. This reconfirms Bugatti’s enduringness in founding. And it is conjugated with a firm center individuation, as none of the six doorway panels in the ternary Caption vehicles is indistinguishable.

2014 Bugatti Veyron Black Bess

The demands set by Bugatti on manipulation svelte materials and on uttermost fidelity to the archetype vehicles can too be seen in the use of high-quality rosewood for the picker jimmy and the kernel cabinet venire in the fomite’s internal. Gilt can too be ground interior the fomite itself, such as the EB logotype on the concealment of the arse warehousing compartment, which is besides ruined in ecru leather and hand-painted with a motive exhibit the historical fomite.

Naturally, distinctive Caption features get likewise been included in the fomite, videlicet the ecru, leather-clad inclose in the gist comfort prolongation which bears the “Les Légendes de Bugatti” nameplate, the easing of the dance elephant (the symbolization for the Legends Version which has been tasteful with a gilded coating for this manakin), and the doorway sills mien the epitome of the Character 18 “Lightlessness Bess”.

2014 Bugatti Veyron Black Bess

Technical description of the Type 18 ‘Black Bess’

The Bugatti Character 18 was manufactured from 1912 to 1914. At its nerve was an telling 5 l, 4-cylinder in-line locomotive with 100 mm eager and 160 mm shot, a crankshaft mounted on leash bearings and an viewgraph camshaft. New for Bugatti: this conception was fitted with a string driving. It sported trey valves per cylinder; two modest inlet valves and a gravid release valve. The passing whippersnapper and diminished gearbox offered quatern ahead gears and a reverse. The 2.45 m wheelbase and 1.25 m racetrack breadth ensured the 100 PS fomite’s prodigious maneuverability, peculiarly when cornering.

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