2014 Bmw 4 Series Coupe

BMW 4-Series Coupe

The establish of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe marks the arriver of the quaternary contemporaries of BMW’s sporting agio mid-size Coupe. The BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept, which far-famed its man premier at the NAIAS 2013 in Detroit, previewed the evolutionary growth of BMW’s innovation terminology. And now this progress is enshrined in the series-production modelling. The BMW 4-Series Coupe represents the prototype of esthetic charm and sporting kinetics in the agiotage section and reinforces the accompany’s claims to leading in the external mart. Its stylistic features convey the assure of a knock-down bearing on the route, stand-out active power and invincible drive delight. So, the new BMW 4-Series Coupe represents a nonesuch of balanced proportions and the concluding chapter in a account of developing. The “4” in its rubric headlines this new era for the Coupe and emphasises not sole its stand-alone designing, but besides its eve sharpy sportsmanlike kinetics, increased exclusivity and crystalise expert specialisation from the BMW 3-Series stove. Simultaneously, BMW is victimisation the new language to latch onto the ok custom naturalized by the gravid BMW 6-Series and BMW 8-Series Coupes.

2014 BMW 4-Series Coupe

Athletic elegance, impeccable proportions

The dynamical proportions of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe disagree importantly from those of the extroverted BMW 3-Series Coupe. Although alone 26 millimetres birth been added to the car’s duration (4,638 mm), a 50-millimetre yearner wheelbase (2,810 mm) and a roofline that now runs 16 millimetres lour than ahead (1,362 mm) polish a peculiarly pictorial highlight on the dynamically stretched coupe lineation. These dimensions trust with the BMW 4-Series Coupe’s BMW-typical short-circuit overhangs, foresightful cowl, setoff rider compartment and streamlined roofline to grow a silhouette boast immaculate optic counterweight. The gymnastic appearing of the BMW 4-Series Coupe is rounded off by the 43-millimetre growth in the Coupe’s breadth (1,825 millimetres). First, the bottom bike arches grade the car’s broadest spot – a unclutter argument of dynamical purport. The attendant 45-millimetre-wider figurehead rails (1,545 mm) and wide 80 millimetres of supererogatory breadth at the bum axle (1,593 mm) call – earlier so practically as a roll is sour – advance improvements in the already peak card-playing characteristics for which BMW is far-famed.

Attention-getting forepart with conspicuously dissipated contours. Touch BMW front-end conception features, such as the double-kidney grillwork and similitude flyer headlights, discover the BMW 4-Series Coupe as a BMW without the pauperization for a indorsement glint. So, it is undeniably lancinate to flash its end folk ties with the BMW 3-Series. Still, the BMW 4-Series Coupe displays a more card-playing attack to its ferment, underlining its dynamical convictions. The car’s head-turning forepart is a demo of accurate contours and miscellaneous surfaces. The attention-getting full-LED pair headlights (optional), with their hexangular conception, team with the slenderly forward-slanting BMW kidney grill to manikin a one stylistic whole and fortify the gymnastic comportment of the BMW 4-Series Coupe on the route. Infra the headlamp demarcation, the BMW 4-Series Coupe features a big air inlet in the movement forestage. Its exceedingly width-accentuating excogitation creates the picture of a flashy tripartite snag. On the far remaining and right edges of the air intakes are the extra, aerodynamically motivated belittled upright apertures for the Air Curtains. These vents amend the airflow round the exterior of the breast wheels and leash to a diminution in fire intake at higher speeds.

Flowing lines shape the elegantly sporty silhouette

Strongly tight surfaces and exact, wholesale lines set the gymnastic precis of the BMW 4-Series Coupe. The lightly slanting roofline – a assay-mark coupe trait – creates a tranquil passage into the ass, stretches the car’s boilersuit show and elegantly accentuates the clean visibility of the flanks. Added to which, the shoal, homogenous incline windowpane vivid with frameless meth and the touch slimline BMW Hofmeister curl at the tracking abut of the C-pillar engender a active ocular tensity. Beneath the windows, the duplicate upset occupation – made up of two quality lines working aboard apiece over-the-counter – conversant from the BMW 3-Series teams up with the prominent doorway sill pipeline to tone the consistency’s active cuneus. The pocket-sized, shrinkage phantom downstairs the upset occupation supra the bum rack accentuates the flared behind annex, emphasising the car’s dynamical voltage and authentication BMW rear-wheel crusade.

2014 Bmw 4 Series Coupe

Set scarce rearward of the BMW 4-Series Coupe’s movement wheels are Air Breathers intentional to thin cart approximately the bicycle arches. Unitedly, the Air Breathers and Air Curtains underscore the dissipated role of the car’s pattern and offer palpable attest of the innovational sleek solutions devised by BMW as role of its BMW EfficientDynamics growth scheme.

Prominently flared wheel arches offer a clear window into even greater sporting ability

The clean quality of the BMW 4-Series Coupe extends into the potent designing of the backside. The outstanding horizontal lines and generally stretched stern lights positioned at the outer edges of the ass hooking duplicate aid to the mesomorphic bicycle arches and all-inclusive rail. The precipitously angled bottom windowpane has a threatening consequence on the car’s empennage and gives the trunk as a unit an eve more brawny aspect. It too shows off the car’s liberal shoulders with substantial uncloudedness. The L-shaped back lights of the BMW 4-Series Coupe portmanteau harmoniously into the car’s boilersuit invention. They keep the course of the upset demarcation from the flanks, creating a unseamed contact to the buns.

Exclusivity and dynamic intent dominate the interior

The inside of the BMW 4-Series Coupe blends betting spirit and exclusivity to fashionable burden. In the breast of the cabin, an feeler known as layering – i.e. the ingenious utilization of quad done the structuring of lines and surfaces into layers – provides a born canvass for the stylemark BMW driver centering, but is heedful not to bar the battlefront rider from the execute. All the controls fundamental to drive are staged ergonomically some the driver and springiness him or her optimal accession to all functions. Robotic knock feeders, a Sports wheel, crystal-clear broadsheet instruments in blacken venire looking and the separate, flatscreen iDrive reminder emphasize the gumption of running elegance. The iDrive Signature Restrainer – inside soft ambit on the center solace – and the optionally fore-and-aft sliding/foldable armrest betwixt the forepart seating add the coating touches to the cabin’s exceeding serviceableness and ease.

The active horizontal lines of the board prolong into the optional two-tone threshold and face gore clipping, swathe round the driver and breast rider in an unplowed slam and loaning the home an winsomely dynamical smell. The interplay of surfaces and lines in the car’s slope sections too provides an efficacious vitrine for the typically farseeing coupe doors and, done the protraction of the dialect striptease, creates a optical joining ‘tween the forepart and behind of the upcountry. In the bum compartment strongly contoured seating bestow boost stress to the dissipated certification of the BMW 4-Series Coupe. Sunken caput restraints and all-embracing, incessantly moulded incline supports commit the behind judiciary the appearing of two ramify seating.

In the interests of maximizing the car’s unevenness, the back of the BMW 4-Series Coupe’s ass backside workbench can be folded consume, as an choice, in a 40:20:40 rip and altered highly efficaciously to case the requirements of the spot impending. Foldaway pile the gist section unique creates a big through-loading adeptness, which can lodge various pairs of skis or snowboards patch stillness allowing spa for quartet mass aboard. (A suited BMW ski and snowboard bag is usable from the BMW Accessories compass.) Boot can besides be open remotely victimisation the optional Fresh Unfastener as office of the Solace Accession have. Hither, a myopic motion of the groundwork nether the inwardness of the backside bumper is all it takes to lift the tailboard.

Individual equipment variants

High-toned fabric combinations, sole colors and single equipment variants jactitation invincible tone of craft delimitate the agio atmosphere aboard the new BMW 4-Series Coupe. Besides as the introductory cut storey, whose real and gloss construct accentuates the more graeco-roman incline of the car’s quality, customers get a quality of deuce-ace otc equipment combinations and an M Fun box with which to add person stylistic touches to the car’s outside and home. The Mutant Demarcation, Mod Job and Lavishness Occupation substantiate unlike takes on the car’s role, adapting the designing and coloration connive for the kidney lattice and air intakes, outside mirror caps, Air Breathers and face windowpane graphical, passementerie strips in the forepart and arse forestage, threshold sill strips, example badges on the movement position panels, and scope of rack rims to set the car obscure outwardly from the introductory clipping grade.

Sport Line

The Sportsman Contrast adds supernumerary profoundness to the active repertory of the BMW 4-Series Coupe with a extract of attention-getting outside consistency features in high-gloss nigrify. Added to which, the criterion high-gloss melanize B-pillars and melanize wrap-around windowpane airstrip loan the car’s card-playing part level greater poke. Nine-spot strikingly moulded high-gloss blackness kidney grill slats in a chrome-coloured beleaguer add the forepart a especially jazzy and alerting face. The ternary melanise air intakes in the strawman forestage and the also gleam melanize Air Breathers, lag, tie the eye to the car’s streamlined features. 18-inch or 19-inch (optional) light-alloy wheels – contingent the simulation – in twin-spoke designing allow an supererogatory acid of betting theater. From the behind, the BMW 4-Series Coupe with Fun Occupation can be identified by the inkiness reduce disrobe grade with the back proscenium and the lightlessness discharge tailpipe embellishers. Inner the car, the counterpoint ‘tween melanize and red accents, such as the red trimness rings in the ingroup of the instrumentate dials and red counterpoint sewing on the sports wheel, provides the essential sporty elan. An optional protracted equipment version including coral red leather sports seating, red threshold board reduce and a red lour part for the panel can be specified only for the BMW 4-Series to contract its clean ambiance to another new layer.

Luxury Line

Circumspect high-gloss chromium-plate touches loan the outside of the BMW 4-Series Coupe a specially refined and scoop collection. 11 intricate kidney wicket slats with chrome-coloured fronts and lusterlessness nigrify sides, two high-gloss two-baser bridges in the battlefront proscenium’s outer air intakes and chrome-coloured Air Breathers all whirl posh touches. The glimmer chromium-plate windowpane fence is another ocular spotlight, spell especial 18-inch or (optionally) 19-inch light-alloy wheels in multi-spoke pattern accentuate the profligacy of the Opulence Demarcation. The BMW 4-Series Coupe Luxuriousness Demarcation can be accepted from the back by a fashionable, high-gloss chromium-plate disrobe in the bum proscenium and the chromium-plate discharge tailpipe embellishers. The midland besides stands out with several chromium-plate elements, such as the besiege for the sound and air conditioning organization. High-gloss woo strips, leather seating with classifiable sewing and a option of two upholstery variants in quatern classically graceful colors foreground the exclusivity of the Luxuriousness Pipeline. Only useable as an selection for the BMW 4-Series, Ash Cereal anthracite ticket romance shave surfaces and a Bead Glossary Chromium-plate alloy inlay round the Sumptuosity Occupation features.

Modern Line

High-quality matted chromium-plate outside trimming elements delimitate the contemporaneous aesthetical of the Mod Contrast, spell the BMW kidney wicket with 11 slats in flat chromium-plate, the satinated aluminum Air Breathers, the surrounds for the outer air intakes and the trimming airstrip in the backside proscenium extend the stem. The measure windowpane circumvent in satinated al draws aid to the windowpane artwork and blends in seamlessly with the trimness elements at the presence and back. 18-inch or (optionally) 19-inch turbine-style light-alloy wheels bestow a smart weight to the outside invention, spell the light-coloured fascia conjugated with a wheel in darkness huitre (both too usable in nigrify) make a rattling limited notion of infinite. Leather upholstery or cloth-leather combinations in huitre or blacken, and a prime of quatern reduce surfaces with emphasis strips in Drop Semblance Chromium-plate, control an likable interplay betwixt materials.

M Sport package

Customers cutting to effulgence a peculiarly hopeful highlight on the stand-out active qualities of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe leave discovery the M Mutation box a enticing suggestion. Too as an sleek software, including legion personify components (forepart proscenium with gravid air aspiration, bottom bumper with diffusor, position skirts), and BMW Case-by-case High-gloss Apparition Demarcation trimness, the single optional outside rouge tint Estoril Dark metal ensures an signally sportsmanlike appearing and invincible route mien – an impression underpinned by 18- or (optionally) 19-inch light-alloy wheels in assay-mark M pattern. Within the car, features such as M threshold sill finishers, an M leather wheel and an M driver’s footstool form the showy yet graceful atmosphere. The driver and movement rider can descend into the Hexagon/Alcantara sports seating with M steaming and majestic dark line sewing offered alone as parting of the M Mutation box. Proficient features of this parcel admit M Play abatement and the optional M Play brakes in contrastive amytal rouge cultivation.

Driving dynamics: Sporty handling properties underpin an involving driving experience

The knifelike kinetics and sovereign manipulation of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe are prevalent themes in its piquant drive know. To fulfill evening the nearly demanding expectations of a clean coupe, the BMW figure engineers bear pulled out all the chicago, allowing the showy two-door car to commit full-of-the-moon harness to its talents at any amphetamine and below a form of weather. This mandatory another beat of improvements to the recognized qualities of its harbinger in price of preciseness, agility and nimbleness, encourage sharpening the car’s visibility as a saturated impulsive automobile. The new BMW 4-Series Coupe is thus one of the sportiest series-produced models in the BMW line-up, scene new dynamical standards in its section.

Hallmark BMW set-up makes the difference

The new BMW 4-Series Coupe benefits from BMW’s wonted coming of ripping steerage and crusade forces ‘tween the battlefront and bum axle, which creates the paragon program for active impulsive characteristics, telling guiding constancy and nimble treatment. It besides has 50:50 burden dispersion, which also sets it isolated from its rivals. When you add to the mix its exceedingly low core of sobriety, tailor-made bod set-up and thinking jackanapes expression construct, the termination is an exceptionally active boilersuit parcel which testament level satiate the appetence of customers with a warmth for jazzy impulsive.

Significantly lower centre of gravity

The new BMW 4-Series Coupe has an level clearer betting abbreviated than the outgoing BMW 3-Series Coupe and displays an contiguous route comportment to mate. This is pile in no pocket-size office to the thirster, 2,810-millimetre wheelbase (+ 50 mm) and wider racetrack – 1,545 millimetres at the breast and 1,594 millimetres at the bottom (+ 45/+ 80 mm). As criterion, the BMW 4-Series Coupe likewise sits 10 millimetres nearer to the asphalt than the up-to-the-minute BMW 3-Series Saloon. This helps to institute the car’s core of sombreness refine beneath 500 millimetres, i.e. importantly lour than its harbinger’s. As these figures establish, new BMW 4-Series Coupe drivers can face onward to an enticing software of assured roadholding, quick treatment and enhanced preciseness and feedback. Withal, these active qualities do not occur at the be of comforter, positive the sporty two-door’s position as a car equipt to fill the wide-ranging challenges of daily use.

A rigorous focus on sports performance

The bod structure of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe is based thereon of the modish BMW 3-Series Saloon, although its springs and damping, axle kinematics and elastokinematics sustain all been bespoken exactly to the enormously piquant fiber of the new Coupe. So, the build engineers bear managed to shuffle promote improvements to the lightness and truth offered by the flesh, thanks to qualifying and fine-tuning of variables such as the cant tilt, the rails and the roster core. Death but not least, extra consistency strengthening elements in the movement department of the car service to encourage heighten steerage preciseness and feedback.

Double-joint tie bar front axle with anti-roll bar

The movement axle of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe combines uttermost rigor with minimal weighting. Aluminum torsion struts, wishbones and pivot bearings fetch a hearty step-down in unsprung multitude. Concurrently, the absence of torsion lead allowed the engineers to optimize the kinematics of the double-joint axle in favor of lightsomeness and heartiness. Adjusting the post of the command blazonry in the pivot bearings from their organization on the modish BMW 3-Series Saloon gives the car a 19-millimetre depress bowl kernel, which has a incontrovertible gist on drive kinetics. An extra prance ‘tween the figurehead axle subframe and consistence sill creates a stiffer boilersuit association ‘tween the battlefront wheels and the car’s independent construction, so the thwartwise forces generated on entrance into corners are transferred to the car more straight. The BMW 4-Series Coupe hence responds far more immediately to the driver’s steerage commands and displays more clean characteristics and greater lightsomeness boilersuit. And that substance it duds its way done corners with sovereign simpleness and fifty-fifty greater preciseness.

Five-link rear axle enhances the car’s engaging character

The back axle of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe plays a vital character in boosting the car’s active power. But that does not imply comforter has been ignored. This twist is based on the proved five-link conception, and its elastokinematics let been tuned especially for this sports coupe. In summation, extra-wide mounts and supports on the pedal carriers for racetrack and bank, slenderly repositioned pin points, ultra-stiff mastery blazon and axle subframes, and the use of thrusting blazon to tie the hiatus with the trunk all allow an fantabulous ground for an highly sportsmanlike and dynamically prodigious boilersuit set-up. The outcome is accurate and assured rack localisation, and consequently unvanquishable directing stableness in any drive office. Cagey streamlined features roughly the bum axle besides do their bit for impulsive kinetics.

Servotronic as standard, variable sports steering optional

A banner boast of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe is Wattage Steerage, discharge with the Servotronic use providing speed-sensitive might help. The arrangement’s clear outlined map results in cardsharper direction feeling and feedback. Preciseness, truth and calculate responses are hence among the guidance attributes that assist delimit the Coupe’s sportsmanlike role, piece torsion lead is blazing solitary by its absence. The new BMW 4-Series Coupe can be equipt with varying sports guidance as an alternative. This uses unlike guidance ratios contingent the total of operate applied. Lonesome a belittled number of steerage endeavor is needful for manoeuvring, e.g., patch invincible trailing and straightline stableness at eminent speeds are guaranteed. Thither are too benefits for the car’s manipulation attributes, e.g. when lightning-quick evasive manoeuvres are needful.

Powerful braking system with lightweight construction

In guardianship with its dynamical functioning capacity, the new BMW 4-Series Coupe comes furnished with sinewy swing-calliper or fixed-calliper brakes and prominent, inner-vented bracken discs. The callipers on the strawman axle are made from al. Also as self-praise low unsprung multitude, the brakes too surpass with their owing passion leeway, fantabulous wet braking execution, easiness of use and fantabulous spirit. A bracken pad wearing index and the Bracken Drying use are banner on all models.

Intelligent lightweight construction concept and aerodynamic fine-tuning

The new BMW 4-Series Coupe’s healthy jackanapes twist conception makes a important part to the car’s active qualities. The use of high- and ultra-high-strength multi-phase steels and bespoke blanks maximises the personify’s lastingness, without drive up the weighting. Components which are primal to inflexibility are made from micro-alloyed steels. The consistency’s forepart is 60 per penny more inflexible than that of the forthcoming BMW 3-Series Coupe then has benefits bey lightsomeness and direction preciseness unique. Nigh imposingly, the new BMW 4-Series Coupe tips the scales at capable 45 kg less than its harbinger, contingent the locomotive and equipment specified, disdain having big importantly in price of dimensions.

The new BMW 4-Series Coupe highlights its flowing qualities with a Cd (pull coefficient) of 0.28. Optimization measures carried out at the forepart forestage and the back of the car bear earned the runabout a elevator coefficient to mates the betting figures of the stream BMW M3 Coupe. Another factor here is the design of the underbody: the aerodynamically optimised structure incorporates smooth panels extending to the sides, under the engine compartment shield and around the front section of the exhaust tunnel. Together, they seal the underbody to an unprecedented degree.

Air Curtains and Air Breathers

The aerodynamic fine-tuning process takes in every area of the body. For example, the now familiar BMW Air Curtains in the front apron generate a veil of air which reduces turbulence – and therefore drag – around the front wheels. The aerodynamically designed wheel arches and the air deflectors in front of them contribute to the dynamic qualities of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe. The new Air Breathers positioned rearwards of the front wheel arches divert some of the air flowing through the wheel arches, thereby reducing air resistance. They work particularly effectively in combination with the Air Curtains.

M Sport suspension, adaptive suspension and M Sport brakes

The M Sport suspension included as part of the M Sport package can also be ordered separately. It works with a firmer spring/damper set-up and stiffer anti-roll bars, and its kinematics/elastokinematics have also been tweaked to suit the new BMW 4-Series Coupe. M Sport suspension also includes 18-inch or (optionally) 19-inch M light-alloy wheels. Alternatively, customers may prefer to specify lowered, adaptive suspension – with its focused sporting set-up and electronically controlled dampers – which adjusts the damper mapping to the road surface and driving situation at hand. The driver can also use the Driving Experience Control switch to vary the basic suspension settings between the more comfortable and the sportier ends of the scale, according to personal preference. For performance-minded customers, BMW offers the M Sport brakes. The team of aluminium fixed callipers (four-piston at the front, two-piston at the rear) and generously sized discs combine extremely low weight with very short stopping distances.

Driving Experience Control switch with ECO PRO mode: extra-sporty or economic driving modes at the touch of a button

The new BMW 4-Series Coupe also offers drivers the ability to give the overall character of the car a sportier or more comfortable edge, depending on the driving situation or their personal preferences. Using the Driving Experience Control switch with ECO PRO mode on the centre console, drivers can select their desired mode – ECO PRO, COMFORT, SPORT or SPORT+ (in conjunction with the Sport Line or M Sport package). Each of these predefined set-ups activates different settings for the relevant powertrain and suspension components.

In SPORT mode, for example, throttle response is even faster and the steering becomes noticeably more direct. If the automatic gearbox is fitted, the gearshift points are also altered to provide a significantly sportier drive. Depending on the car’s specification, different settings can be selected for the powertrain and chassis components. In SPORT+ mode, the Dynamic Stability Control thresholds are raised and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) is activated. The electronic limited-slip function for the rear differential can then provide extra-sporty acceleration out of corners or sharp bends.

Powertrain: Powerful engines maximise dynamic performance

2014 Bmw 4 Series Coupe

Owning a coupe reflects a driver’s passion for elegant lines, sports performance and high-class dynamics. And the state-of-the-art powertrain technology under the skin of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe ensures it delivers an engaging driving experience that satisfies even the most demanding expectations.

Longitudinally front-mounted, in-line engines sending their power to the rear wheels see BMW putting its faith in a proven and time-honoured drive concept that delivers unbeatable driving pleasure. All the engines available for the new BMW 4-Series Coupe use BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, which combines sporty performance characteristics with exceptional efficiency. Added to which, all the engines meet the EU6 exhaust gas standard. Available from launch are a six-cylinder in-line petrol engine for the BMW 435i Coupe, a four-cylinder petrol unit for the BMW 428i Coupe and a four-cylinder diesel for the BMW 420d Coupe. These state-of-the-art engines not only imbue the BMW 4-Series Coupe with outstanding acceleration and elasticity, they also join forces with the car’s intelligent lightweight construction concept to lay on further improvements in driving dynamics and lower fuel consumption.

Power is transferred from engine to road via a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, although all engine variants can also link up with an eight-speed Sports automatic as an option. Both gearboxes work in tandem with the fuel-consumption-reducing Auto Start Stop function. The BMW xDrive intelligent, all-wheel-drive system can be ordered as an option from launch for the two petrol-engine variants.

Elite athlete: six-cylinder in-line engine for the BMW 435i Coupe

2014 Bmw 4 Series Coupe

The new BMW 435i Coupe gives full value to performance-minded drivers thanks to a straight-six petrol engine that impresses with instantaneous power delivery, the thirst for revs you would expect from BMW, outstanding refinement and exceptional efficiency. Equipped with High Precision Direct Injection and Valvetronic fully variable valve control, the 3.0-litre engine with aluminium crankcase develops maximum output of 225 kW/306 hp between 5,800 and 6,000 rpm. Peak torque of 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) is generated as low down as 1,200 rpm and remains on tap up to 5,000 rpm. The promise of pure dynamics contained within those figures is made true out on the road.

The sporting performance characteristics of the potent six-cylinder power unit allow it to accelerate the new BMW 435i Coupe from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 5.4 seconds (a mere 4.9 seconds with xDrive) on the way to an electronically limited 250 km/h (155 mph) top speed. The six-cylinder unit belies its impressive performance with extremely low fuel consumption and emissions figures. Average fuel consumption is between 7.9 and 8.1 litres per 100 kilometres (35.8 – 34.9 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions range from 185 to 189 grams per kilometre (EU test cycle, depending on the tyre format specified). And the new BMW 435i Coupe is even more economical when fitted with the optional eight-speed Sports automatic gearbox. Here, the flagship 4-Series Coupe achieves combined fuel consumption of just 7.3 – 7.4 litres per 100 kilometres (38.7 – 38.2 mpg imp), while CO2 emissions are pinned to between 169 and 172 grams per kilometre.

Low in weight, high on performance: the four-cylinder engine for the BMW 428i Coupe

Spirited power delivery, impressive torque, high maximum revs and low weight are the key qualities of the 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which fits in seamlessly with the dynamic concept of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe. Here again, BMW’s technology package – including High Precision Direct Injection, twin-scroll turbocharging, Double-Vanos variable camshaft control and Valvetronic fully variable valve control – lays on impressive performance potential combined with low fuel consumption and emissions.

The cutting-edge, four-cylinder petrol engine generates maximum output of 180 kW/245 hp at 5,000 – 6,500 rpm and peak torque of 350 Nm (258 lb-ft), which the driver can access between 1,250 and 4,800 rpm. The new BMW 428i Coupe harnesses these sporty performance attributes to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.9 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). The engine translates each dab of the accelerator into forward propulsion instantaneously and conjures up compelling power delivery from the moment it spins above idle all the way into the upper regions of its engine speed range along an almost linear curve. The average fuel consumption of the BMW 428i Coupe in the EU test cycle stands at just 6.6 – 6.7 litres per 100 kilometres (42.8 – 42.2 mpg imp), and CO2 emissions of 154 – 156 grams per kilometre (depending on the tyre format specified) are similarly low. The optional eight-speed Sports automatic gearbox also opens up further potential for fuel savings in the BMW 428i Coupe; combined fuel consumption of between 6.3 and 6.4 litres per 100 kilometres (44.8 – 44.1 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions of 147 – 149 grams per 100 kilometres represent a compelling proposition.

Powerful and efficient: the four-cylinder diesel engine in the BMW 420d Coupe

It is a number of years now since BMW first proved that diesel engines can make an extremely attractive choice of power source for coupes as well. Today, this is a widely recognised truth and diesel engines in no way conflict with the sporting aspirations of this breed of car. The new BMW 420d Coupe sees the latest-generation four-cylinder diesel engine put forward another compelling case with its imposing torque, exceptional refinement and outstanding efficiency – achieved without impinging on the car’s involving driving experience. This state-of-the-art diesel unit with composite aluminium crankcase sets a variety of benchmarks. The latest-generation common rail direct injection technology, turbocharger with variable turbine geometry and precise solenoid valve injectors ensure instantaneous throttle response and impressive punch, combined with extremely low fuel consumption and emissions.

With maximum output of 135 kW/184 hp at 4,000 rpm and peak torque reaching 380 Nm (280 lb-ft) between 1,750 and 2,750 rpm, the new BMW 420d Coupe displays an extremely dynamic turn of pace. The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) is dealt with in just 7.5 seconds and the agile diesel can accelerate up to 240 km/h (149 mph) if required. Average fuel consumption of 4.7 – 4.8 litres per 100 kilometres (60.1 – 58.9 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions between 124 and 126 grams per kilometre (EU test cycle, depending on the tyre format specified) complete the profile of the new BMW 420d Coupe as a powerful and efficient athlete equipped with one of the cleanest and most economical diesel engines in its class.

Six-speed manual gearbox as standard

Easy gear changes, precise shift travel and optimum gear spacing are the stand-out features of the sporty six-speed manual gearbox for the new BMW 4-Series Coupe. For drivers with sporting tendencies, the interface where the power from the engine is relayed to the drivetrain is key to maximising the car’s dynamic performance. The manual gearbox uses its high shift quality to open the door to powerful sprints and rapid, short bursts of speed, and also plays its part in helping to reduce fuel consumption.

Eight-speed Sports automatic available as an option

Its extra gears, extraordinarily rapid gear changes and outstanding shift comfort make the wonderfully capable, eight-speed automatic gearbox the perfect fit for the dynamic overall concept of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe. With only small increases in rpm between gear changes, the ideal gear is on hand in virtually any situation out on the road. Added to which, a host of innovative technical features and exceptionally high internal efficiency ensure that powerful acceleration and assured, short bursts of speed are possible with no additional fuel consumption over the manual gearbox. Last but not least, the eight-speed automatic’s intelligent control technology enables extremely fast shift and reaction times and direct downshift capability. Customers with a passion for sporty driving are therefore also extremely well catered for, especially as they can also flick through the gears using paddles on the steering wheel. Drivers can choose between normal and sport modes using the Driving Experience Control switch.

2014 Bmw 4 Series Coupe

BMW xDrive: intelligent all-wheel drive available as an option

As an alternative to classical rear-wheel drive, the BMW 435i Coupe and BMW 428i Coupe can also be specified with BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive. As well as sharing all the traditional virtues of all-wheel-drive systems – such as superior traction, unbeatable safety and the optimum transfer of engine power to the road – BMW xDrive also reduces the oversteer or understeer you would normally expect through corners. In the process, it enhances agility and precision, e.g. when turning into corners or when accelerating strongly out of them. The all-wheel-drive system even compensates for abrupt load alterations with effortless ease, allowing it to raise the dynamic qualities of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe to another level.

Available from autumn 2013: the BMW 420i Coupe, BMW 430d Coupe and BMW 435d Coupe, plus two BMW xDrive options

In the latter part of 2013 BMW will add another petrol variant and two powerful sports diesels to the new 4-Series Coupe line-up. The BMW 420i Coupe will develop 135 kW/184 hp and can be combined with BMW xDrive, if desired. The intelligent all-wheel-drive system will also be available from the autumn for the BMW 420d Coupe. Vast reserves of torque and unbeatable efficiency are the signature features of the two six-cylinder diesel engines, bringing an extra dose of dynamic verve to the BMW 4-Series Coupe. The BMW 430d Coupe will produce 190 kW/258 hp and maximum torque of 560 Nm (413 lb-ft). And topping the range will be the BMW 435d Coupe (exclusively available with xDrive). With maximum output reaching 230 kW/313 hp and peak torque of 630 Nm (465 lb-ft), it is poised to set the pace in the world of sporty diesel engines.

BMW EfficientDynamics: Higher performance, lower fuel consumption

The engaging driving pleasure available on board the new BMW 4-Series Coupe is a product of outstanding economy as well as impressive dynamics. This is down to the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy, the results of which are incorporated into virtually every area of the sporty two-door model. In addition to petrol and diesel engines with optimised fuel economy, the new BMW 4-Series Coupe’s highly efficient transmissions, intelligent lightweight design, optimised aerodynamics and further efficiency-promoting measures secure its status as a winner not only in terms of sporty and dynamic qualities, but also with regard to its enviable fuel consumption and emissions figures.

State-of-the-art petrol and diesel engines forge a perfect alliance of power and efficiency

The petrol engines available for the BMW 4-Series Coupe stand out with their exceptional power, free-revving character and refinement, combined with peerless efficiency. To this end, the engines feature a range of innovative technical solutions, brought together into a complete package of technology. They include BMW TwinPower Turbo technology with twin-scroll turbocharging, High Precision Direct Injection, Double-Vanos variable camshaft control and Valvetronic fully variable valve control. In addition, these low-friction engines feature a lightweight, all-aluminium crankcase.

The BMW TwinPower Turbo diesel units also represent the very latest in BMW engine technology. The current line-up of diesels features latest-generation, common rail direct injection, turbocharging and an all-aluminium construction to deliver high torque, smooth running and unsurpassed efficiency. In addition, the diesel engines come equipped with advanced BMW BluePerformance technology, combining a diesel particulate filter and oxidation catalytic converter with a NOX storage catalyst to ensure the diesel engines already meet the future EU6 emissions standard today.

Optimised power transfer also offers potential for fuel savings: the six-speed manual gearbox and eight-speed Sports automatic

Both the six-speed manual gearbox and eight-speed Sports automatic stand out with their optimised efficiency, compact construction and reduced weight. In the case of the eight-speed automatic, minimised torque converter slip, high internal efficiency, low friction losses and intelligent transmission control create substantial potential for fuel savings. New BMW 4-Series Coupes fitted with the automatic gearbox option therefore offer identical or even lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Auto Start Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration, ECO PRO mode, coasting mode and Proactive Driving Assistant

As standard, the new BMW 4-Series Coupe comes with the Auto Start Stop function, which can also team up with the eight-speed automatic gearbox. Another standard feature is Brake Energy Regeneration, which ensures that – as far as possible – power for the vehicle’s electrical system is generated during braking and coasting. ECO PRO mode plays a particularly effective role in helping the BMW 4-Series Coupe driver to maintain an efficient and economical driving style. As well as tweaking the accelerator’s responses and the engine management system, ECO PRO mode also reaps the rewards of intelligent energy and climate management. The system gives the driver tips and ideas – tailored to the driving situation at hand – on how to reduce fuel consumption even further through adjustments to his or her responses at the wheel. In conjunction with the optional automatic transmission, a coasting mode is now also available for the first time. In ECO PRO mode, this function decouples the powertrain as soon as the driver backs off the accelerator at speeds between 50 and 160 km/h (approx. 30 – 100 mph), allowing the car to glide along with no engine braking effect and burning minimal fuel. The BMW 4-Series Coupe boasts a further innovation in the form of the Proactive Driving Assistant. Likewise in the interests of reducing fuel consumption, this function advises the driver of the ideal moment to ease off the accelerator when approaching corners and speed-restricted zones as well as towns and roundabouts.

On-demand operation of ancillary units saves energy

The new BMW 4-Series Coupe’s ancillary components also play a role in the car’s intelligent energy management. Examples include the on-demand coolant pump, the map-controlled oil pump and the Electric Power Steering system, which only consumes electricity when steering assistance is actually required. The special air conditioning compressor works on the same principle. As soon as the driver switches the air conditioning off, the belt drive to the compressor is disconnected to minimise power drain.

Intelligent lightweight design further reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

The use of lightweight materials makes a significant contribution to efficiency and agility, and helps to give BMW cars their impressive dynamic capability. Indeed, intelligent lightweight design can be found in every area of the development process and its reach extends to every component. As well as the use of plastics and cutting-edge composite materials, the increased deployment of aluminium components in the engine and chassis construction has also reduced the weight of the corresponding assemblies. The results are impressive: although the new BMW 4-Series Coupe has grown in terms of dimensions, it is between 20 and 45 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.

BMW ConnectedDrive: Wide range of mobility services and new driver assistance systems enhance safety and comfort

BMW ConnectedDrive provides renewed evidence of its technical leadership and underscores the innovative character of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe with new functions and an unmatched combination of standard and optional driver assistance systems and mobility services. The intelligent link-up between passengers, their vehicle and the outside world ensures unbeatable levels of on-board comfort, infotainment and safety.

Navigation System Professional: Touch Controller takes over the reins

The new generation of the Navigation System Professional impresses with its new design and optimised operating system. It has a significantly greater breadth of functionality and a high-resolution, contrast-rich colour display. The familiar menu navigation has been retained, although extra functions have been added. The graphics of the previous user interface have been completely overhauled and the navigation system’s maps given 3D elements. The central Control Display is operated in the familiar way using the ergonomically perfectly positioned iDrive Touch Controller in the centre console, which now has an integral new, touch-sensitive surface and proximity sensor technology for even easier use. Users can now use their finger to write characters into every text input panel on the touchpad can and switch between handwriting and the conventional rotate-and-press method at any time. Plus, the ring cursor in the Navigation System Professional’s interactive map can also be moved around using the touchpad. This makes selecting a POI, for example, an intuitive and efficient process.

The smart way to avoid congestion: Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

Available as an option, the RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information) system uses the mobile phone network and a SIM card built into the vehicle for ultra-fast transmission of very detailed data. The real time information, which is taken into account when calculating routes and possible diversions, is relayed to the vehicle with unrivalled reliability and precision. RTTI covers motorways and dual carriageways, as well as country roads and main and side roads in urban areas. Data is additionally obtained from local authority traffic management systems to provide precise information on traffic density. Coloured road markings on the map view visualise the current traffic flow states. The information is refreshed minute by minute and the updates cover a constantly expanding road network taking in many European countries.

High-res projection in colour: the Head-Up Display

One of the highlights of the new BMW 4-Series Coupe is the latest-generation full-colour Head-Up Display, which projects key information onto the windscreen in sharp resolution to appear directly in the driver’s field of view. Depending on the vehicle specification, not only is the current speed displayed, but speed limits and overtaking restrictions are also flashed up for the driver’s benefit, along with navigation instructions and various warning messages. The variety of driver assistance systems available for the new BMW 4-Series Coupe brings the amount of information that can be shown in the Head-Up Display to a whole new level. The intensity of the projections adapts automatically to the light conditions and therefore follows the illumination of the cockpit dials. The precise positioning of the projections on the windscreen can also be adjusted easily using the iDrive Controller.

Driving Assistant Plus warns the driver of a possible collision with pedestrian

A camera fitted to the rear-view mirror scans the scene in front of the vehicle and uses image processing to detect any people or vehicles within its field of vision. When it recognises a looming risk of collision with the vehicle in front, the system produces an acute audible warning and a visual signal appears in the instrument cluster or the optional Head-Up Display (if specified) to alert the driver that he or she is drawing too close. Should a collision be unavoidable, automatic moderate hazard braking is actuated. And if, during urban journeys in sufficient light conditions, the system detects a potential collision with a pedestrian, it warns the driver in good time and, if necessary, triggers automatic hazard braking. In both cases – in addition to the warnings – the vehicle’s brakes are automatically primed for emergency braking and the activation thresholds of the Brake Assist system are lowered. As part of the Driving Assistant Plus option, the Lane Departure Warning system is optionally available.

A system of many talents: Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function

The latest development stage of the familiar Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function (ACC Stop&Go) uses a front-mounted camera on the rear-view mirror in addition to the full-range radar sensors to provide an enhanced interpretation of the traffic situation ahead. When driving in slow-moving traffic or traffic jams, the driver is able to safely move along with the flow of traffic and let the vehicle’s automatic systems handle the tasks of stopping, pulling away again and approaching junctions where there are already vehicles waiting ahead. Combining radar and video data in this way improves detection of other vehicles and cuts the system’s reaction time. If a vehicle ahead brakes very sharply in free-flowing traffic, requiring the driver to take action, he or she is prompted to do so by a two-stage warning. Active Cruise Control with automatic distance control is now available at speeds between 30 km/h and 210 km/h (19 mph and 130 mph). The intelligent cruise control function remains active at speeds above 210 km/h (130 mph).

In conjunction with the Navigation System Professional and Navigation System Business, Speed Limit Info helps to keep the driver informed of the speed limit for the current stretch of road. The front-mounted camera ensures that additional signs or temporary restrictions – at roadworks, for example – are taken into account. Information on speed limits or overtaking restrictions then appears in the instrument cluster or Head-Up Display.

Using sensors and camera monitoring: Lane Change and Lane Departure Warning systems

Among the convenience and safety-enhancing assistance systems on offer are Lane Change Warning and Lane Departure Warning, with the latter only available as part of the Driving Assistant Plus option. These systems employ radar sensors and camera monitoring to alert drivers to potential collision risks when changing lane or if they veer out of lane unintentionally, and also issue a warning when driving too close to the vehicle ahead.

2014 Bmw 4 Series Coupe

LED headlights with glare-free High Beam Assistant

The BMW 4-Series Coupe is available with the option of full-LED headlights (xenon as standard), which provide a further safety boost when driving at night. The bright white light they emit illuminates the road ahead with an exceptional intensity. Together with the glare-free High Beam Assistant, Adaptive Headlights with cornering lights and variable headlight distribution, they set the benchmark. With high beam activated, the headlights are partially masked as and when required in order to eliminate the danger of dazzling vehicles as they approach. However, the High Beam Assistant can also adapt to the traffic situation by switching to low beam on one or both sides.

Superb overview not just when parking: Surround View, Side View, Top View and BMW Parking Assistant

In addition to the rear view camera and Park Distance Control, customers are also able to opt for the Surround View function with Side View and Top View, which provides a bird’s-eye view of the BMW 4-Series Coupe and the area around it, enabling the driver to carry out precise manoeuvres in tight spaces. If the car is moving at under 20 km/h (12 mph), the Side View function can additionally be activated to allow the driver to keep an eye on cross-traffic.

Convenience is further enhanced by the BMW Parking Assistant system, which is able to manoeuvre the car into parking spaces parallel to the direction of travel. All the driver has to do is operate the accelerator and brake pedal while the BMW Parking Assistant takes care of the steering.

Active Protection monitors the driver’s behaviour at the wheel

The Active Protection safety package is now even more extensive thanks to the addition of the Attentiveness Assistant. The system’s electronics analyse driving behaviour on the basis of various onboard signals. If the system detects an increased frequency in the telltale signs of fatigue build-up, the Control Display prompts the driver to take a break by displaying a coffee cup symbol.

The Active Protection safety package with extended protection measures and the Emergency Call function with automatic vehicle location help passengers to mitigate the consequences of an accident, should the worst come to the worst. Active Protection is activated shortly after the journey begins, ready to pull the driver and front passenger belts tight and close the side windows and sunroof if the car enters a critical pre-crash scenario. If the system detects an impending collision and senses that a crash is unavoidable, the car will be decelerated automatically and held at a standstill with its brakes locked. This significantly reduces the likelihood of – or entirely forestalls – a second collision.

Pure infotainment: further services from BMW ConnectedDrive

High-performance interface technology provides top-of-the-range infotainment capability that enables the driver and passengers to make extensive use of external mobile phones and music players. Users are furthermore able to access selected products from BMW Online. The latest-generation Navigation System Professional features a full speech recognition function and optimised voice control system to complete the portfolio of office functions offered by ConnectedDrive. The dictation function uses the full speech recognition system to enable drivers, for the first time, to dictate text freely and compose short text-based messages simply by saying what they wish to write. Internet-based services, as well as calendar entries and text-based messages, can still be viewed in the Control Display of the iDrive operating system and read out via the Text to Speech function. In addition, passengers can access their personal music library on their smartphone or music player. The BMW Connected app allows in-car use of AUPEO!, web radio and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, while the My BMW Remote app can be used to lock and unlock the vehicle, for example, or to remotely operate an auxiliary heating system. Finally, information and office services, along with travel and leisure planners using the Google Maps and Panoramio services, further increase levels of individual convenience aboard the new BMW 4-Series Coupe.

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