2014 Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley establishes a new lavishness functioning saloon benchmark with the establish of the new Fast-flying Gad. With its unmatchable flux of casual driveability, dainty lavishness and workmanship, graven invention and state-of-the-art engineering, the new Bentley Fast-flying Spurring takes the ecumenical succeeder of its iconic predecessor advance. Bentley’s nearly hefty four-door modelling e’er makes its globose launching at the 2013 Hollands Motive Display.

Bentley’s styling squad has highly-developed an acrobatic pattern for the new Fast Prod that combines traditional Bentley styling cues with a card-playing posture and modern-day details. Shrill have lines accompaniment brawny back haunches, piece LED day-time functional lights, lordotic headlights and taillights qualify the battlefront and back profiles. The national designers birth created a deluxe, roomy cabin that dresses innovative acoustical and electronic technologies in dainty handmade leather hides and woo veneers.

Driver and passengers similar port with the car and the exterior humanity done touch-screen documentary, peregrine connectivity including Wi-Fi, a Bum Backside Amusement rooms and a new handheld Touchscreen Outback which allows rear-cabin occupants to mastery an all-encompassing compass of features from the puff of their behind. An eight-channel, eight-speaker sound organization with Balanced Mood Radiators provides superiority voice clearness, with the 1100W Naim® for Bentley agiotage scheme uncommitted as an alternative.

2014 Bentley Flying Spur

Powering the new Fast Goad is Bentley’s notable 6.0-litre, pair turbo W12 locomotive, joined to a ZF eight-speed infection. Underdeveloped 625 PS (616 bhp) and 800 Nm of torsion, the new Fast-flying Goading features more ability than any former Bentley four-door in chronicle. A 14 per centime advance in the power-to-weight proportion o’er the forthcoming exemplar delivers a breath-taking 0-60 mph meter of 4.3 seconds and a top-speed of 200 mph (322 km/h). In the mod Bentley custom, index is delivered to the route via all-wheel driving with a 40:60 rear-biased torsion rip for a surefooted, piquant screw all route and brave weather.

Bentley Chairwoman and Headman Administrator, Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, comments: “Bentley’s new Flight Prod is the ultimate luxuriousness execution saloon. Our engineers deliver worked indefatigably to ascertain that the Fast Goading is the complete compounding of ability, consolation, elaboration and handmade tone. Fitted with the identical modish engineering, the new Quick Prodding is furnished both for byplay and loosening whilst leftover a car to bask from bum the rack.”


The styling of the new Bentley Flight Goading establishes a new pattern fibre for Bentley’s operation saloon. An refined focus is reflected by a lour, wider show with astute lines and mildly sonsy surfaces. A glower ceiling demarcation, profoundly sculptured panels, accurate sport lines and a brawny bottom haunch dedicate the Fast-flying Goad a more strong-growing posture and a potently active visibility.

The breast fenders boast a prominent new backstage release nail with an refined Bentley “B” motive. From hither, an extra lineament occupation forms a sharp outlined bound track from the figurehead pedal clear to the ass bumper, underlining the configuration’s active fibre.

At the strawman of the car, a more just chromium-plate wicket sits ‘tween the pairs of jewel-like LED headlamps. Emphasising the depress, wider position, the outer lamps are the bigger of the two. Below the figurehead lattice, the depress aspiration is now wide breadth with no upright divisions, but rather with a chromed horizontal dialect that completes the striking brass of the new Flight Prod.

At the back, a yearner and lour flush lid lends a more swept show to the incline visibility. Horizontal one ell LED backside lamps trust with a new rendering of the Bentley “Sawhorse Skid” boast occupation, now functional the good breadth of the car and encapsulating a elegant concave division.

Below the refined pare of the new Flight Goading, a all-encompassing orbit of materials is applied in an reasoning and effective way. Intentional to better boilersuit consistency inclemency and subtlety whilst confluence rigorous clank functioning targets and earthbound aegis lawmaking, the new structure includes strengthener to the B-posts, sills and strawman crossmembers jointly deformable components in the floorpan for optimum cargo conveyance. A deployable cowl that includes both new strengthener panels and distortion elements helps to meliorate prosaic brownie functioning.

The cowling and strawman fenders are constructed in aluminum, with the fenders wrought victimisation the aerospace-industry superforming proficiency, employing flat air to form het sheets of admixture into the compulsory mannikin at terminated 500°C. Exceptionally strip lines with precipitous radii and lighter-weight components are the solution, gift the new Quick Gad an unmistakeably Bentley front with highly tight unopen lines.

The new doorway structures are all redesigned with fewer somebody parts for improved lineament and shade. An optimization of the doors realized done effective use of materials contributes to often improved doorway kinematics and flavor. Lag, advance slant savings are achieved done the crafting of the bootlid in a polymer complex corporeal that besides integrates the independent antennae for the car’s electronic systems.

The outside pattern, manufacture processes and cautiously optimised materials selections coalesce to furnish a bodyshell that is not sole mesomorphic and scavenge, with minimum shutlines, but likewise one that performs exceptionally comfortably on the route. With a torsional inclemency of 36,500 Nm/stage, a 4% step-up ended the former coevals Flight Goad, the new bodyshell provides an passing strict chopine for the bod components and a unchanging innovation for NVH decrease. The silken conformation too has striking sleek properties for a big saloon, with an boilersuit hale coefficient of equitable 0.29 and ensuing benefits to emissions functioning.

Burthen savings in the structure and end-to-end the car think that the new Fast-flying Gad is 50 kg hoy than the kickoff contemporaries car, disdain the extra elaboration measures, enhanced engineering stipulation and stronger construction.


The deluxe inner of the new Quick Prodding includes 600 new parts, with lone the sun visors, snap handles, armrests and around of the movement solace and controls carried terminated from the premature propagation. Class-leading amusement and info technologies are marital with traditional handmade materials and sensational contemporaneous invention to produce the ultimate high-luxury saloon cabin.

Useable in both four- and five-seat configurations, the new Fast-flying Prod features redesigned presence and arse seating cut in instinctive premium-quality leather. The new seating use a softer yet more long-lasting skin unparalleled to Bentley and uncommitted in xii unlike colors.

2014 Bentley Flying Spur

Thrifty use of unlike fizz specifications and densities creates seating that are both supremely prosperous and supportive, with 14-way fitting including retentivity and lumbar functions. Every resident is offered bottom warming besides as bottom airing, patch extra storeroom sections are unified to the behind of the forepart seating.

For the four-seat form, the inwardness soothe sweeps from the presence to the bum cabin and introduces an extra hold conjointly a attractively crafted storeroom causa, cut in veneering to peer the car.

The national designers, jointly the craftsmen and women of Bentley’s celebrated woodshop, deliver applied the finest forest veneers to conclusion the cabin of the new Quick Prodding. Utilising nigh ten foursquare metres of sustainably sourced lifelike romance per car, the Bentley Quick Prod features book-matched and mirror-polished veneering to the dashboard panels, consoles, waistrails and breeze tables. To raise the “wrap-around” flavor of the forward-moving cabin, the facing of the splashboard meets that of the doors in a utterly aligned sheer, bighearted the notion of an unplowed arc of court roughly the internal. Crafted altogether by deal, healed for 72 hours and clear-lacquered to raise the raw knockout of the solicit, a ambit of septenary advanced veneers is useable (two as criterion – bur walnut or wickedness fiddleback eucalypt).

To discharge the voluptuous and deluxe nature of the cabin, the ceiling liner and pillars are too cut in born leather. Layers of lissom sparkle are applied to all tactual surfaces below the pelt, harmonising the ghost and feeling of all areas of the cabin. Electrically-operated bottom incline blinds, fitted as measure, allow concealment for rear-seat passengers if coveted. Customers may likewise assign an optional spyglass sunshine-roof at no extra price. Buns the key bottom armrest, a nine-litre bottleful tank can be specified to donjon drinks absolutely chilled. The inside designers likewise focussed on up midland stowing roughly the cabin, whilst including new electronic technologies discretely end-to-end the national.

2014 Bentley Flying Spur


Complementing the handmade national, the Fast-flying Spurring is furnished with cautiously selected state-of-the-art engineering, for both the driver and passengers. Fundamental documentary is controlled done a gamey firmness 8″ touch-screen port, finish with Bentley’s ripe orbiter pilotage organisation and Bluetooth connectivity, piece documentary features can be controlled by vocalisation activating.

An eight-channel, eight-speaker sound scheme featuring Balanced Way Radiator engineering for optimal vocalise limpidity and frequence scope can frolic euphony from an on-board heavy thrust, CDs, DVDs, SD cards and via an iPod. The Naim® for Bentley Agiotage Sound Arrangement, featuring redesigned break subwoofers for improved basso annexe and 1100 Watts of might, is useable as an alternative for those want for the ultimate in-car sound see.

Backside ass passengers birth admission to an across-the-board regalia of documentary engineering. A new Touchscreen Distant (TSR), deployed from a lodging in the backside soothe at the ghost of a push, allows passengers to command a diversity of dissimilar systems. From clime controls and buns heat and respiration done to the planet sailing and multimedia systems, the TSR agency passengers can port with the car from the comforter of their ass.

2014 Bentley Flying Spur

Customers wish to process the movement may club the new Quick Goading with the new Multi-Media Spec. Primal to this is the Bentley Connectivity Whole (BCU) which allows portable devices, laptops and pill computers to link to the net done the car’s own Wi-Fi hotspot with an combat-ready SIM and includes 64 GB of intimate entrepot capability. Two 10″ LCD screens are installed to the backs of the movement seating, spell top-loading multimedia players sit in pockets fitted below, allowing the exploiter to lading and delight telecasting, photograph and euphony capacity from DVDs, SD cards, USB devices including iPods and iPads, and HDMI devices.

Apiece bottom rider can sight branch subject, or teem media from the BCU. A USB charging porthole keeps batteries wise, and pumped-up earpiece ports ended the connections, allowing medicine and cyberspace tuner to be played forthwith done the BCU. Bentley radiocommunication headphones discharge the stipulation for the ultimate in rear-seat documentary.

2014 Bentley Flying Spur


Achieving class-leading ease and subtlety was a precedence during the developing of the new Flight Prod and the acoustical isolation of the cabin from extraneous disturbance inputs was a item nidus. Bentley’s growth and use of whippersnapper acoustical underfloor panels to minimize route disturbance continues, with aerodynamically optimised insulating sections applied to nearly the full underfloor of the car. English glazing and both strawman and back screens are made in acoustical spyglass, featuring a particularly highly-developed interlayer that reduces randomness infection. An improved waterproofing scheme approximately the position glazing now features two person waterproofing points to concentrate fart interference to a minimal irrespective of route velocity. The redesigned doors are too fitted with extra detachment to the outer pelt, reduction disturbance dispersion in to the cabin. Exaggerated behind mufflers cut expel dissonance by 12 dB at 3000 rev/min for enhanced rider puff.

The heat and ventilation is improved with the add-on of a new Thermostatic Elaboration Valve which drastically decreases the meter interpreted to aplomb the cabin. An optional Mood Hike routine features an enhanced cetacean organisation for improved chilling of the ass cabin.

With consolation predominant for the new Fast-flying Goading, a new 19″ tire has been specifically highly-developed, utilising a 12% congenator addition in sidewall elevation combined with greater perpendicular compliancy to ameliorate elf isolation. During developing, 12 unlike tire constructions were time-tested and tasteful to receive the optimal correspondence betwixt nicety and treatment operation.


As Bentley’s virtually hefty locomotive, the 6.0-litre, counterpart turbocharged, 48-valve W12 is the innate option to might the quickest e’er Bentley four-door. Now delivering 625 PS (616 bhp) at 6,000 rev/min and a stupefying 800 Nm (580 lb ft) of torsion from alone 2000 rev/min, the W12 has lately undergone a discharge locomotive direction scheme rise to the up-to-the-minute Bosch ME17 port. Improved torsion direction, turbocharger ascendence, driveability and emissions execution all answer from the espousal and optimization of the new scheme, with a resulting betterment in low fastness reactivity.

Conjugated to the W12 is the really modish eight-speed, quick-shift robotlike contagion from ZF. All Bentley models now sport this state-of-the-art gearbox. Delivering unseamed and unperceivable shifts in nether 200 milliseconds, the gearbox is not solitary intentional to handgrip the mightily torsion outturn of the W12 but besides to insure smoothen and polished deliverance of mightiness to the wheels. An optimised set of gearing ratios keeps the locomotive in its about effective operational stove nether twinkle lots and when cruising, contributive in an boilersuit advance in fire usance and CO2 emissions of more 13 per centime concluded the forthcoming modeling. The new Bentley Fast-flying Spurring delivers a combined hertz fire thriftiness of 19.2 mpg (14.7 litres/100 km), and CO2 emissions of 343 g/km – telling figures for a 12-cylinder ultra-luxury, eminent operation saloon.

The infection feeds might to all four-spot wheels via Bentley’s famous all-wheel campaign organisation. With a measure torsion tear of 60 per penny to the ass wheels and 40 per penny to the figurehead, but the power to motley this partition capable 85 per centime to the ass axle or 65 per penny to the breast contingent uncommitted grip, the Fast Gad’s drivetrain ensures optimum grasp irrespective of predominant route or conditions weather. The self-confidence provided by such a surefooted set-up agency that the mettlesome driver can deploy all of the car’s useable exponent and torsion in a controlled and safe mode, in nigh any destiny.


With owing rally quilt of life-sustaining grandness, the freelance computer-controlled air dangling of the new Fast Urging is redesigned to maximize brownie immersion and isolation. Compared to the forthcoming simulation, respite saltation rates are muted presence and arse by 10 per penny and 13 per penny severally, for improved cod ease in the convention operational neighborhood. The pace of rigourousness increment during harder cornering has been increased for improved controller of heaving, delivery and scroll. Anti-roll bars are muted by 13 per centime and 15 per centime to ameliorate 1 cycle elf assimilation. Hanging prize bushes all-around are muffled by leastways 25 per penny for rock-bottom route surface-induced randomness and quiver.

2014 Bentley Flying Spur

Running with the new springs, a muffler hydraulic spec has been highly-developed to maximize drive ease. Functional with a revised muffler electronic mastery (CDC) scheme, this enables particular low swiftness bait operation spell damping effect increases importantly with fastness, providing the optimal counterpoise ‘tween consistence controller and stableness at all speeds. A four-position abatement restraint, with a widened grasp of settings, allows drivers to prefer the floor of damping to courting their penchant.

The index direction arrangement provides a comfort-orientated equaliser whilst maintaining optimal guidance spirit and preciseness passim the swiftness orbit. A new spec of guidance pitch, jointly a new standardization of the speed-sensitive arrangement that regulates hydraulic mobile menstruum, provides varying assist contingent fomite velocity. The new organisation delivers both mellow levels of isolation from aerofoil deformations whilst ensuring driver trust done the combining of exact direction preciseness and a mensural gain in direction exploit when cornering.

As the new Flight Prod approaches its 200 mph (322 km/h) top upper, the drive stature is mechanically lowered via the air suspension in fiat to indemnify for flowing forces. This helps not solitary to meliorate fomite constancy by optimising flowing equaliser on the car, but besides reduces hale, with benefits both to top fastness and CO2 production. The new car has a two-stage heavy scheme, foremost sullen by 5 mm at the presence and 10 mm at the bottom at 121 mph (195 km/h) then by a advance 8 mm and 13 mm severally at 149 mph (240 km/h).

The multiple-mode Electronic Stableness Mastery (ESC) organization is recalibrated to sour in compounding with the new flesh stipulation. The scheme is graduated to control that the enthusiastic driver is not hindered by constancy interventions and, where capture done the option of the ESC Dynamical Modality, the driver can advance research the manipulation limits of the fomite whilst lull maintaining capture levels of constancy command.


As with the full Bentley grasp, the new Flight Goading is reinforced to single customers’ strict specifications. A compass of 17 touchstone outside blusher colors includes Shadow Cashmere, a advanced and contemporaneous increase to the Bentley pallette. The protracted blusher stove of concluded 100 colors is united by Damson, a ample hue divine by the passing uncommon purpleness adamant, and one that is complemented by an optional co-ordinated obscure color.

A new 19-inch Authoritative bike is fitted entirely to the new Bentley Quick Gad, either bright-painted or with a rhombus off destination. The new invention consolidates a wider orbit of 20-inch five-spoke, 21-inch six-spoke and 21-inch ten-spoke wheels uncommitted as be options.

Customers want to stretch the stove of usable options promote can opt to admit the Mulliner Drive Spec. This includes fivesome extra hides, expanding the routine of useable sunglasses to 17, and phoebe promote woo veneers. Bentley’s traditional adamant quilting is incorporate to the seating and doorway panels, jointly an indented leather headlining and embroidered Bentley wings to the headrests. Drilled debase pes pedals, a knurled sports gearstick, gem makeweight cap and 21″ bikini five-spoke metal wheels in multicolor or refined goal dispatch the Mulliner retinue of options.


  • Locomotive: 6-litre twin-turbocharged W12
  • Max Index: 616 bhp / 460 kW / 625 PS @6000 rev/min
  • Max Torsion: 800 Nm / 590 lb.ft @ 2000 rev/min
  • Transmittal: ZF 8-speed machinelike with Quickshift, Blocking Shifty and wheel-mounted paddleshift
  • Driveline: Uninterrupted all-wheel crusade (40:60 backside predetermine)
  • Ratios: 1st : 4.71; 2nd: 3.14; 3rd: 2.1; 4th: 1.67; 5th: 1.29; 6th: 1.00; 7th: 0.839; 8th: 0.667
  • Last Crusade: 2.85
  • Brakes
  • Strawman: 405mm ventilated discs (optional 420mm C Si Carbide, hybridizing drilled)
  • Arse: 335mm ventilated discs (optional 356mm, C Si Carbide, hybridisation drilled)
  • Wheels: New 19″ (2 finishes), opt 9.5J x 20″, opt 9.5J x 21″ (3 designs)
  • Tyres: 275/45 ZR19, 275/40 ZR20, 275/35 ZR21
  • Direction: Excruciate & pennon, mightiness aided, speed-sensitive ZF servotronic
  • Turns lock-to-lock: 2.8
  • Turn rope: 11.7 m / 38.4 feet
  • Abatement
  • Battlefront: 4 liaison image wishbones, calculator controlled self-levelling air hanging, with anti-roll bar
  • Arse: Trapezoidal multi-link, computer-controlled self-levelling air abeyance, with anti-roll bar
  • Damping: Uninterrupted Damping Mastery
  • Dimensions
  • Wheelbase: 3065 mm / 120.7 in
  • Boilersuit duration: 5295 mm / 208.5 in
  • Breadth (crosswise consistence): 1976 mm / 77.8 in
  • Breadth (inc. mirrors): 2208 mm / 86.9 in
  • Boilersuit meridian: 1488 mm / 58.6 in
  • Fire cooler: 90 litres / 20 UK gallons / 24 US gallons
  • Kicking intensity: 475 litres / 16.8 cu ft
  • Curb weighting (EU): 2475 kg / 5451 lb
  • Egregious fomite burthen: 2972 kg / 6546 lb
  • Operation
  • Top fastness: 200 mph / 322 km/h
  • 0-60 mph: 4.3 secs
  • 0-100 mph: 9.5 secs
  • 0-100 km/h: 4.6 secs
  • 0-160 km/h: 9.5 secs
  • Fire Ingestion (EU bicycle)
  • Urban: 12.6 mpg (22.4 litres/100 km)
  • Spare Urban: 27.8 mpg (10.2 litres/100 km)
  • Combined: 19.2 mpg (14.7 litres/100 km)
  • CO2 emissions: 343 g/km
  • Fire Expenditure (EPA cps)
  • Metropolis: 12 US mpg
  • Highway: 20 US mpg
  • Combined: 15 US mpg
  • Emissions Controls: EU 5 and US LEV II
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