2014 Audi Tt Sportback Concept

Audi TT Sportback Concept

A rapid sports car with quadruplet seating and 5 doors – Audi presented the TT Sportback construct at the 2014 Paris Centrifugal Read. The outside of the establish car invokes the innovation accent of the hellenic TT, development it into a new, lengthened carving. It is goaded by a high-voltage 2.0 TFSI locomotive that delivers 294 kW (400 hp).

“With the TT, Audi created one of the self-propelling figure icons of the death 20 days,” says Professor. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi Add-in Mem for Expert Growing. “In the eld since, we let intentional our jazzy and graceful five-door Audi A5 Sportback and Audi A7 Sportback. In our Audi TT Sportback construct read car, we are now fusing both concepts to mannikin a new extremity of a potentiality TT class.”

The Audi TT Sportback conception captivates with the might of 294 kW (400 hp) that flows done a seven-speed S tronic to the quattro lasting all-wheel thrust. The dash from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) takes good 3.9 seconds. The advanced abatement and the low centre of solemnity guarantee active treatment, and the personify integrates a bit of jackanapes al components. A laser billet that complements the LED gamy air is featured in apiece of the headlights – this creation from Audi importantly boosts prophylactic when impulsive in the darkness.

The Audi practical cockpit dominates the elegantly intentional home of the read car, with the 12.3-inch filmdom replacement the ceremonious instruments and the MMI admonisher. The sieve provides top-grade artwork and enables the driver to take ‘tween multiple showing levels. In the MMI final, the circle push-button features a touchpad that is secondhand to accede characters and gestures as with a smartphone. The surgery of the mood command has been resettled to the air vents.

2014 Audi TT Sportback Concept

Exterior design

The five-door Audi TT Sportback conception is 4.47 meters (14.7 ft) farsighted, 1.89 meters (6.2 ft) all-embracing, and 1.38 meters (4.5 ft) gamy, featuring a wheelbase of 2.63 meters (8.6 ft). Compared with the new product TT, it is 29 centimeters (11.4 in) yearner, 6 centimeters (2.4 in) wider and has a 12 centimetre (4.7 in) bigger wheelbase; its elevation is 3 centimeters (1.2 in) less than that of the new TT.

Featuring Mars red paintwork, the trunk is a argument of herculean elegance: High-precision lines delimitation athletically vaulted surfaces, and a apartment glasshouse is positioned on a hefty soundbox. The excogitation makes use of the Audi TT’s courtly dialect to recrudesce a new showy and prolonged grave that is extremely tight.

The classifiable horizontal lines at the front of the new Audi TT Sportback conception reward the all-embracing and jazzy face. Charge the quattro badge on its glower sharpness, the Singleframe wicket is blandish and wider than on the two-door coupe and features a honeycomb wicket cut-in with a splendiferous night al face.

The sidelong borders of the Singleframe are continued crosswise the cap as upset lines, freehanded it a gaudy shape. Typically for Audi, the excogitation forms a logical unhurt, with all the lines and surfaces of the display car existence coupled to one another in a consistent fashion.

The strawman of the Audi TT Sportback conception has another feature lineament in the cast of the expectant, contact air inlets. Framed by marked edges, the air inlets sustain the expression of person structures and sport honeycomb inserts that fulfill their inside. A thirdly, mat recess underneath the Singleframe connects them to apiece otc. The steel that gives the Singleframe construction sharpens the expression of the appearance car whilst boosting the aeromechanics.

Another distinctive TT excogitation characteristic are the fresh intentional headlights with separators that certify a unequalled daylight sidelight touch. On the Audi TT Sportback conception, the high-beam smear is provided by laser engineering – in apiece headlamp, a faculty comprising foursome potent diodes generates a beam that illuminates respective century meters. The laser stain, which is excited at 60 km/h ( 37.3 mph) and supra, supplements the LED eminent shaft. For the driver, this is a important encourage to visibleness and rubber; a camera is victimized to notice and block former route users.

The kindling conception is rounded out by the indicant with a dynamized expose that is too put-upon in the LED arse lights. It comprises a serial of case-by-case diodes that illume one astern the otc from the inner to the away, indicating the focusing selected by the driver.

The slope scene of the four-seater prove car is a specially contact indicant of the end kinship betwixt it and the output TT. The Audi TT Sportback conception sits potently on the route and features brusque overhangs. The blanket semicircles of the roll arches, apiece of which protrudes by 3 centimeters (1.2 in), deliver a overlying aspect. The presence hemicycle defines the butt of the cap, which runs as a precipitous twister pipeline crossways the doors and to the behind.

The trimness of the english sill, which connects the bicycle arches to one another, likewise has a unsubtle and sportsmanlike appearing. In hellenic sports car manner, the outside mirrors and their angulate housings are positioned on the threshold top shoulders. The rectify position share houses the broadside makeweight cap, another classical TT ikon.

The firm shoulders of the muscular fomite personify reenforcement a low glasshouse that is elongate towards the backside. This is in retention with the Sportback contrast as enforced by Audi in its A5 and A7 example serial. The apartment C-pillar flows elegantly into the berm, and the back has a concordat and aerodynamic aspect. The extremely rounded corners of the bottom windowpane are a court to the pilot TT.

2014 Audi Tt Sportback Concept

The behind of the Audi TT Sportback conception is too focussed and modeled, with five-spot horizontal lines accenting its breadth. The one-piece bum lights – which too admit upright separators divine by the R18 – mannequin main structures. These are joined to one another by the address abut of the trunk, which constitutes a potently contoured uninterrupted passementerie. The coat that bears the numeral plateful is placed in the apparition of the pamperer lip. The two enceinte egg-shaped tailpipes of the exhaust are embedded in the diffusor and joined by a clipping.


2014 Audi Tt Sportback Concept

The driver and the passengers participate the Audi TT Sportback conception done doors with frameless windowpane panes. The home fits some them with the preciseness of a jazzy cause. In the inner, the sturdy sportiness of the Audi TT meets the functionality of a five-door saloon. This is underlined by slimline applications on the splashboard and doors, besides as a foresightful essence cabinet which continues done the integral internal. Handworked seams line the essence solace and top berm from the movement done to the trunk, loaning a sporting elegance to the national. The headlining likewise features an refined shape that accentuates the duration of the inside. The crack play seating with the incorporate psyche restraints are crisply contoured and extremely adjustable.

Thither is place for two masses in the ass, also on soul seating with incorporate mind restraints. They are disjointed by usable repositing compartments and a well-fixed armrest. The backrests can be folded kill so that prominent objects can besides be stowed in the trunk below the tailboard.

The hefty, tight lines created by the Audi designers in the inside of the read car are nearly orientated to those of the product TT. When viewed from the top, the panel resembles the flank of an aeroplane and the five-spot stave air vents are remindful of jet engines. The controls for the bottom warming, air recirculation, temperature, dispersion and durability of the airflow are situated on their axes. The deletion of the greco-roman air conditioning panel and the MMI admonisher has made it potential to designing the board inside a slick and lightness architecture that is full focussed on the driver.

The Audi practical cockpit, the digital cat’s-paw clump, replaces the schematic forcible displays and the cardinal MMI varan. The driver can transposition to the 12.3-inch expose at multiple levels in club to panorama top timbre art. The arrangement is operated via the multifunction wheel or the MMI terminus. The touchpad placed on the beat roundabout push-button is victimised to insert characters and likewise processes multiple feel gestures – the driver can surge in on the map as they would on a smartphone.

In holding with the quality of showy elegance, the upcountry of the Audi TT Sportback construct is outlined by the use of high-quality materials. The board and the amphetamine are of the doorway trims are night granite gy in colouration. The doorway armrests, the core solace and the seating see the use of a new easygoing leather in sheepskin ecru – this is refined for a specially near-natural feel and has a sleek luster. The threshold top berm is upholstered in Alcantara, sheepskin ecru. The buns upholstery features a rhomb figure. The slope bolsters of the seating are cut with particular emphasize strips in colored greyness leather that are frozen with red meander victimisation a especial sewing proficiency.

The board and the doorway trims hold ornamental surfaces with a darkness al looking. Foster accents therein feel are provided by the clasps on the sides of the seating and the trimness rings on the air vents. The coloration and textile conception is rounded out by blacken level mats made from the rubberized real that too covers the deck of the trunk.


The 2.0 TFSI locomotive in the Audi TT Sportback conception captivates with its functioning characteristics: It generates 294 kW (400 hp) at 6,400 rpm, with a particular turnout of 147 kW (200 hp) per l of deracination. The four-cylinder locomotive puts 450 Nm (331.9 lb-ft) of torsion on the crankshaft ‘tween 2,400 and 6,000 rpm, with ended 300 Nm (221.3 lb-ft) already usable at good 1,900 rpm. The high-performance locomotive limits fire ingestion to an medium of 7.0 liters per 100 kilometers (33.6 US mpg). This equates to CO2 emissions of 162 grams per klick (260.7 g/mi).

As a appendage of the Audi EA 888 locomotive kinfolk, thither is a comp packet of high-end engineering aboard for the turbocharged direct-injection whole. The camshaft modification on the inspiration and beat sides and the Audi valvelift organization, which varies the stroking of the beat valves in two stages, check full woof of the burning chambers. At portion lading, collateral shot complements the FSI aim shot. The discharge multiplex embedded in the cylinder psyche is an authoritative element of the thermic direction. The menstruum of coolant is managed by a herculean roundabout slew faculty.

In decree to mother the gamey ability yield, the 2.0 TFSI has undergone unplumbed modifications, including exceptional aluminium pistons with an merged chilling channelize and a crankshaft made from ultra-high-strength bad blade. The crankcase consists of a new, high-strength cast debase and the cylinder drumhead has been intentional for the increased gas flow. The turbocharger has likewise been redeveloped and builds up a uttermost congeneric rise insistency of 1.8 bar. It contains a assorted current turbine bike that is illustrious for its specially flying start-up functioning.

2014 Audi Tt Sportback Concept

When drive, the four-cylinder whole’s utmost kinetics are breathless. The turbocharged direct-injection locomotive accelerates the Audi TT Sportback conception from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.9 seconds, demonstrating splendid reply characteristics and functional at 7,200 rpm capable the maximal rated upper. The gaudy phone is made evening more redolent as the lading and locomotive amphetamine gain.

The forcefulness of the locomotive flows into a concordat seven-speed S tronic with a three-shaft layout that performs organize train changes in a few hundredths of a irregular. The driver can let the dual-clutch transmittance maneuver in two reflexive programs or return mastery victimisation the paddles on the wheel.

Might is delivered to the route via quattro perm all-wheel campaign. For optimum slant dispersion, the hydraulicly actuated and electronically controlled multi-plate grip is set on the bottom axle. The quattro effort actively controls the dispersion of torsion betwixt the axles in milliseconds, frankincense adding to the car’s active manipulation.


2014 Audi Tt Sportback Concept

The abeyance besides reflects the technical expertness bum the Audi TT Sportback conception. The battlefront abeyance is based on a McPherson organization; al components dilute the slant of the unsprung build mass. The four-link bottom dangling can procedure the longitudinal and thwartwise forces singly.

The great wheels get a 21-inch diam and a wear formatting of 255/30. The iv bracken discs in 18-inch initialize characteristic a weight-saving beckon pattern.

The Electronic Stabilisation Controller (ESC) adds the last hint to the manipulation. A sub-function of the ESC is enabled at the cornering doorway – done minimum diligence of the brakes at the wheels on the within of the cut, which are decreased of lading, the wheel-selective torsion ascendance diverts the cause torsion to the wheels on the international of the bend. For the driver, this way a advance hike in footing of disinterest, constancy and grip.


The soundbox plays a preeminent function in the whippersnapper building construct of the Audi TT Sportback conception on the footing of the modular transversal matrix (MQB). The integral strawman incision is made from brand. The rider compartment flooring comprises high-strength, hot-shaped brand components which, thanks to their great enduringness properties, have slenderize walls and are correspondingly twinkle. The compartment’s construction, the outer bark, and the doors and lids are made of the hellenic Audi semi-finished aluminium products casting knob, extruded visibility and mainsheet metallic.

With its complex conception, the consistency represents the up-to-the-minute phylogeny of the Audi Distance Framing (ASF). Its loan-blend expression ensures that the shew car has a low gist of graveness – nonsuch for jazzy impulsive.

2014 Audi Tt Sportback Concept

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