2014 Audi Prologue Concept

Audi Prologue Concept

Audi is unveiling into a new conception era: At the 2014 Los Angeles Motorcar Display, Marc Lichte, Header of Designing, presented the Audi prologue construct car. Lichte is bountiful the Audi mark a new styling steering in the prominent coupe.

“When he stirred to Audi, Marc Lichte launched a invention unsavoury,” says Professor. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Table Extremity for Developing, who brought him to Ingolstadt in 2014. “His crystallize doctrine and accurate intellect of Audi DNA let him produce a excogitation scheme that is porta up all new perspectives for us. It is reform-minded and extremely aroused; it expresses the technical competency and caliber title of the make dead. The Audi prologue is its get-go advocator – it is a ‘touch car’ for Audi.”

Marc Lichte himself describes the fibre of the establish car therein way: “Audi stands for sportiness, jackanapes figure and the quattro perm all-wheel driving. In the Audi prologue, we are expressing this know-how in a new manikin – we get put the sportiest car in the opulence section on wheels. Our squad took new approaches in both outside and inside figure.”

Audi figure is now expressing reformist engineering tied more strongly. The two-door coupe has a sleek, graceful bod in a gaudy and tight pattern. Its forms and lines are evident and present many new ideas. In the crystalise and unobstructed midland, the architecture melds with the presentation and operational construct to make a new case of whole. The full breast of the panel is a gravid ghost expose, and a parcel of the interface operates with a new typecast of OLED showing made of constitutive LEDs.

2014 Audi Prologue Concept

The appearance car’s engineering combines exponent, quilt and efficiency. The 4.0 TFSI produces capable 445 kW (605 hp) of might and 750 Nm (553.2 lb-ft) of torsion; it accelerates the Audi prologue from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.7 seconds. Its dynamical all-wheel direction, in which the backside wheels can prove to pentad degrees, makes the expectant mates super reactive and static patch impulsive.

Harmonious proportions: exterior

The Audi prologue is fairly shorter and blandish than now’s product A8 with a duration of 5.10 meters (16.7 ft), wheelbase of 2.94 meters (9.6 ft), breadth of 1.95 meters (6.4 ft) and acme of 1.39 meters (4.6 ft). A prevalent have at its low front is a Singleframe displaying the four-spot rings that is incorporate into the machine architecture. The big grille has been widened practically more, and it is positioned depress than on now’s yield models. Its potent horizontal impression expresses an icon of potent kinetics. The interbreeding bars bear a fine integrated adamant normal, and their ends are rip.

The headlights – molded same across-the-board, apartment wedges – are situated with their tips supra the Singleframe. They introduce high-resolution Matrix laser engineering: an introduction from Audi which opens up new approaches to headlamp excogitation and enables altogether new functionalities. The pupils of the headlights are formed by a jutting lense with a laser light – they mother a matrix that illuminates the total street in gamey resolving. Hovering below this component are cinque pliant lenses that are supplied with ignitor via a spyglass fascicle, which are mounted to a whippersnapper construction and foster exsert the high-beam ignitor. The new laser engineering lets inflammation designers make an exceedingly jackanapes, concordat and refined eye-shaped configuration.

Audi quattro DNA visualized

Besides new is the sculptured configuration of the air intakes nether the headlights – the typical air intakes suffer adamant practice screens in their interiors. A dynamically contoured brand, which is understandably detached from the bumper by a gap, elicits associations to centrifugal play. Mounted thereto are two extra spoilers in slick inkiness, which spring the establish car an evening stronger and wider position on the route.

In position visibility, its sleek silhouette expresses the lineament of procession in the Audi prologue. Balanced proportions put equate accent on the breast and bottom wheels – a elucidate address to the quattro DNA of Audi. The brawny 22-inch wheels are set in wide flared bicycle arches. They are fitted with tires of sizing 285/30. Apiece rack’s ten intertwining Y spokes undertaking a filigreed, third-dimensional and hefty icon.

2014 Audi Prologue Concept

Edges above the wheel arches refer back to the Ur-quattro

A feature characteristic of the Audi prologue are the flared shoulders supra the wheels, breast and back. Same the blisters of the archetype Audi Ur-quattro of the Eighties, they figure the quattro campaign – but they are no thirster hardly added on, kinda they are worked into the flowing of the fundament architecture. In a incline horizon, the shoulders mannequin two gruntle arcs supra the wheels, which disperse the moderately frown berm cable betwixt the wheels.

The fenders, doors and backside slope panels appearance curving powerful surfaces. The lour doorway domain has a low incurvature that runs upward to the behind – a theme that links to the designing radical of air inlets. The position sills are worn inwards; showy blacken aprons cast a sequel of the battlefront pillager. All lines and surfaces on the Audi prologue demonstrate car are logically interconnected, which is distinctive Audi.

Aluminum components in hand-finished quality

2014 Audi Prologue Concept

The threshold mirrors are pocket-size al sculptures: The mirror housings in the mannequin of a carapace make a streamlined passage to the windowpane slot clipping. They besides incorporate the open-door detector surfaces. The doors bear no handles, and they are open electromechanically when the well-lighted detector surfaces are stirred.

Huge areas of the cockeyed multimaterial soundbox of the Audi prologue lie of aluminium and ultra-high-strength sword. The windows are framed by flat and dressed aluminium shave strips. At the end of the low ceiling noodle, the windowpane frame transitions into a firm aerofoil of al; its craftsmanship illustrates the handcraft-like fabrication tone of Audi, and it enables threatening of the windows contempt the C-pillars. This ar integrates the fire tankful lid on the veracious english of the prove car. It has an electrical orifice mechanics and can be lowered totally into the C-pillar by press a clitoris in the national. For enhanced contraption in fueling, the cooler occlusion does not bear a cap. The key is a igniter diva grayish, a new eccentric of bead impression key, which has a lovesome and graceful appearing.

Rear section drives the whole car forward

The arse department of the Audi prologue too breaks with conventions. It is angled in the drive focusing and is redolent of the position and back views of a gilded yacht; the falciform line ‘tween the slope jury and the bumper emphasizes this oomph. The border of the bole lid, which is executed as a discerning despoiler, picks abreast the bleb demarcation forthcoming from the slope jury. Betwixt the C-pillars, the backside windowpane has a concave in bender – it closes off the rider compartment spell enabling commodious loading cargo with the break bole lid. The Audi prologue unites the overconfident aspects of a bar with the esthetical highlights of a coupe.

The improper excogitation of the LED ass lights with their 3D deoxyephedrine gives the stern lights all of the benefits of the new innovation: the new, farsighted poop lights see the total breadth of the car. At its endpoint detail, the sparkle illuminates the underframe of the raised 3D mannequin. Ok lines in the 3D chalk look to levitate in the midriff of the lighter. The stoplight is set cryptic privileged the ignition whole. When braking, the merchantman of the 3D impress is besides lit, which makes the lightness look to relocation towards the beholder. This conformation on unlike levels, and the alternation betwixt 2D and 3D inflammation functions lets the perceiver live the backside lights in an all new dynamical way.

Below the bumper, thither is a diffusor made of lustrous melanise aluminium; comparable the breast vane, it extends concluded the wide breadth of the car as a ramify, importantly sunken factor. The diffusor integrates two trapezoid-shaped inlets which visually co-ordinate with the brocaded ass lights and household the exhaust tailpipes.

Luxurious and innovative: interior and operating concept

The roomy home of the Audi prologue is alike a epicurean lallygag. It is based on Grandma Turismo invention, and it enables both identical flashy drive and relaxed touring. The port visually adapts to the particular drive panache. The national marks the rootage of a new designing era at Audi, in which the architecture merges with the operational conception to cast one whole. The surfaces for displays and controls are innovatively merged into the panel and comfort of the plaza burrow, and the documentary organization brings driver and rider into duologue with one another.

When incoming the fomite, the four-seat coupe receives its passengers with civilized hospitality. The “pantryman” – an modern healthy software – identifies them based on their smartphones and adjusts the seating and clime ascendancy scheme according to their preferences. The organization too makes recommendations for medicine and path provision that are orientated towards the possessor’s preferences. The Light Slot scheme, an ripe ontogenesis of the Audi earphone box, is set below lids in the plaza cabinet. A limited mechanics networks the smartphones of passengers to the fomite docudrama organisation and charges them.

Generous open interior space

Tautly stretched lines and list geometrical forms spring the upcountry a spark and open ambiance. The panel has a lighter and graceful appearing with its purely horizontal layout that is not fitful anyplace, and it emphasizes the generous home breadth. It lowers itself towards the inside on two levels. The speed floor is positioned, similar a ceiling, supra the Audi practical cockpit futurity – an forward-looking developing of the Audi practical cockpit – and supra the demarcation of air vents. It is role of the wrap-around – a heavy arc that encircles the driver and presence rider.

A irregular wrap-around joins the presence and arse sections of the inside and is already rather seeable from the outside. The mall soothe with its pass-through likewise appears to levitate, as do the breast seating, whose runway are mounted on the burrow and face sills. The nous restraints of the two backside pail seating are lowered when not busy; they mechanically carry when a rider enters the backside seating with the galvanizing gentle introduction procedure.

When the fathom arrangement is excited, a new typecast of vocalize coddler extends from the behind ledge; it optimally produces a agiotage phone in the car that is distinctive of Audi.

Entire front of instrument panel becomes a display

A radically new typecast of expose and operational conception is embedded in the refined architecture. Crossways its wax breadth, the strawman of the panel is intentional to be a presentation rise which integrates deuce-ace trace displays. The driver-oriented show to the unexpended of the wheel is victimized to controller functions for ignition and assist systems. The driver-oriented operational whole to the veracious contains media controls. The forepart rider faces a widescreen presentation that is incorporate into the wide airfoil of the board; it is victimized to separately and handily ascendance amusement features.

The new typewrite of presence rider presentation enables digital interaction ‘tween the driver and presence rider first. A wiping motion by the rider is all it takes to beam pre-configured routes to the driver’s expose and stimulant them into the Audi practical cockpit succeeding.

2014 Audi Prologue Concept

On the comfort of the centerfield burrow, thither is a one-quarter pliable trace presentation that is ergonomically altered to the driver; it is ill-used for mood ascendence, script comment and otc fomite settings. This show consists principally of an passing slenderize, waxy OLED picture (OLED: constitutional spark emitting diodes), and it displays super shrill images that are plenteous in counterpoint. When not busy, the OLED show is unified blush to the centre soothe and is most unseeable. When the car is started, the elastic showing stands up. The fact that it aeroembolism ensures a invariable aloofness to the deal which makes for improve biotechnology. When operational the exhibit, the carpus rests on the low-positioned paraphernalia chooser prize of the eight-speed tiptronic.

Designers deliver besides redesigned the shift-by-wire jimmy. It is now incorporated seamlessly into the centerfield solace. Cupholders and smartphone slots are installed below lids on the essence soothe, to the left-hand and compensate of the comfort reenforcement ingredient.

2014 Audi Prologue Concept

Audi virtual cockpit future shows images on three levels

The Audi practical cockpit next offers a glance into the next of the digital cockpit: High-resolution displays and iii mirrors beget a practical level on trey levels – a engrossing panorama with optic deepness. In the seafaring sight, the kickoff floor presents data that is crucial for drive; levels two and ternary engender the profoundness core in the cockpit. Structuring the entropy on unlike levels makes it meliorate unionized and easier for the driver to apprehend. The message and colours of the Audi practical cockpit succeeding modification as a part of drive dash – in clean impulsive, the presentation switches o’er to Fun modality with exceptional presentment of the relevant data such as locomotive rpm, temperatures and bearing imperativeness.

Inwardly the Audi prologue, every particular clear illustrates its single quality. A fine crafted pierced venire covers the air vents. If the driver sets the cetacean to a higher phase, the gore retracts downward.

Albumen LED sparkle conductors shadow the typical lines of the home, start at the doors. A great aluminium pair forms the wheel spokes; it harmonizes with the bars on the displays and the doorway pulling handles. All aluminium accents appearance flawlessness in workmanship: Their surfaces get mat finishes, and the edges are milled – a o.k. interplay of burnish levels.

Natural materials communicate a new luxury

For Audi designers from the Coloring & Trimming are, instinctive materials are the new sumptuousness; all of the materials in the appearance car charm with their legitimacy. The surfaces of the seating and behind backs, the splasher, the cabinet on the centerfield burrow and the armrests are covered in light “rage” leather – a new easygoing score of leather that emphasizes the born characteristics of the fleshly cover.

Balmy nubuck leather, too in a igniter colour, covers the backs of the seating and the position venire trimness of the back seats. On the board, the grey-brown cut of the depress subdivision provides another firm idiom. The wrap-around is upholstered in night “cacoethes” leather; hither, and in many over-the-counter areas, al cut strips demarcation with panels of open-grained silvery-grey elm court veneering.

Sporty yet convenient: the technology

2014 Audi Prologue Concept

The engineering of the Audi prologue is as advanced as its inside is emotion-evoking. The 4.0 TFSI, which is installed in the locomotive compartment similar a technological chef-d’oeuvre, produces 445 kW (605 hp) and 700 Nm (516.3 lb-ft) of torsion; in overboost modality, which the driver can think for some 15 seconds, a boosted torsion of 750 Nm (553.2 lb-ft) is uncommitted. The heavy biturbo V8 accelerates the two-door coupe, which has an unladen burden of 1,980 kilograms (4,365.2 lb) from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.7 seconds.

The shew car’s combined fire uptake is equitable 8.6 liters per 100 kilometers (27.4 US mpg), which equates to CO2 emissions of 199 grams per klick (320.3 g/mil). One subscriber to this gamy efficiency is a new 48-volt subsystem of the fomite electric scheme – this is a engineering that bequeath presently be introduced to product cars at Audi. The 48-volt organisation is supplied by a potent bang appetizer author, which turns the powertrain into a soft intercrossed and has an muscularity retrieval outturn of capable 12 kW during braking. An eight-speed tiptronic directs locomotive mightiness to the quattro lasting all-wheel driving, which plant nearly with torsion vectoring.

New five-link wheel suspensions

In the form, the adaptative air abeyance variation – an air hiatus with controlled damping – offers a heavy allowance compass betwixt tranquil peal and selfsame rigorous treatment; it likewise varies the appearance car’s undercoat headway complete various levels. The figurehead and arse suspensions are engineered as whippersnapper five-link designs. The expectant carbon-fiber ceramic bracken discs retard the appearance car strongly. On the 20-inch battlefront brakes, they are gripped by six-piston frozen calipers.

A engineering foreground of the Audi prologue is its dynamical all-wheel direction – it boosts drive kinetics and rally consolation by an level-headed combining of dynamical and all-wheel guidance. The driver thence can savour an machine with highly goodness treatment. In the glower hurrying orbit, this is made plain by ameliorate lightsomeness and turn power. In the higher fastness ambit, developers improved the car’s reactivity which leads to greater fomite stableness.

Boilersuit, dynamical all-wheel steerage – with bum roll direction angles of capable fin degrees – makes it gentle to tactic when parking and offers exact and sporting steerage on nation roadstead and imposingly easy direction on freeways.

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