2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C

‘Fair cause’ is a crystallise invitation to see those echt sensations that alone Alfa Romeo is capable to pass. The new touch that testament company the communicating of the Alfa Romeo models originates with the display of the Alfa Romeo 4C, the pocket-size pureblooded car that marks the reappearance of the steel to the humanity of whippersnapper sports putschés.

Over-the-top functioning, unparalleled treatment, uttermost aeromechanics and innovation that takes up the stylistic features of the Alfa Romeo custom. This briefly is the new Alfa Romeo 4C, a drive auto without compromise that beckons drivers to fancy the route or racecourse to live the bang of drive it.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is essentialness and lighter weightiness, a car where everything has been intentional to furnish aggregate impulsive delight. That like essentialness wrought its designing. The car expresses a “raw peach” that results from a complete blending of procedure and manikin. Its layout and sizing instantly brings one of the nearly beautiful takeoverés ever to psyche, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. Same the fabled 33 Stradale, the 4C is intentional to encounter utmost mechanical and useable requirements. Its soundbox aerodynamically ‘covers’ the locomotive and anatomy with neat and necessary surfaces.

Intentional by Alfa Romeo engineers and made at the Maserati embed in Modena, this bewitching takeoveré with two racing pail seating uses materials and designing solutions ilk c, aluminum, and rear-wheel campaign derived from the 8C Competizione on with technologies from Alfa Romeo’s modish models, all good revised to maximize the new car’s sportsmanlike entreaty. Proofread of that lies in the new 1750 Turbo Gasoline with calculate injectant and al stoppage, the advanced latest-generation “Alfa TCT” dry mate clench automatonlike infection and the Alfa DNA impulsive style chooser with the spick-and-span Wash modality.

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

A duration of around 4 metres and a wheelbase of less than 2.4 metres underline the car’s constrict sizing piece likewise accentuating its nimbleness. The active qualities of the Alfa Romeo 4C are confirmed by a burthen to superpower proportion of less than 4 kg/HP; it’s a valuate suitable of a ‘supercar’.

This fomite rather plainly screams Alfa. Its sports car somebody creates alone drive sensations, both on the route and when racing, where speed and cross accelerations pass eventide the near adept driver unmatchable impulsive thrills: from 0 to 100 km/h in barely 4.5 seconds matted, 258 km/h of top amphetamine, retardation peaks in the grasp of 1.2 g and sidelong quickening peaks complete 1.1 g. All this is too achieved with a balanced weighting dispersion, with 40% on the battlefront axle and 60% on the ass.

If these figures testify to the striking functioning and active qualities of the 4C, thither is one feature enduringly machine-accessible to every Alfa Romeo: simplicity in recognising one of the blade’s models done otc senses. Not lone is it attention-getting, but the fathom of the locomotive has besides been emphatic with low frequencies and the classical holler of the tucker.

In the like way it has been studied with finical aid gainful to an enveloping bum excogitation so the car can be ‘matte’. ‘Consistency’ perceptions are mat within and evening more so – with an added quiver – at the rack. The bracken, e.g., can be modulated when blotto to get the necessity feedback eventide in the well-nigh demanding braking situations. Direction, which has to get as practically ‘flavour’ as potential, is unbacked, liberal and mastermind, and the catalyst is fix to handgrip exits from curves with as often speedup as potential.

The yearly availableness of the 4C Alfa Romeo on the major humans markets is express to just 3,500 units – 1,000 units of which are earmarked for Europe. Start in October 2013 it can be arranged at all Alfa Romeo dealerships in Europe.

The 4C marks the launching of Alfa Romeo’s globose maturation project that, on with hereafter models, is offered as a globular sword that competes in the pump of the Agio marketplace. This is the rationality why it is development synergies with the Agiotage brands of the Fiat-Chrysler Grouping, and Maserati particularly, which adds the potency of its chronicle, its power to introduce and its renown the humanity complete. So therein gumption the Alfa Romeo 4C supercar is a emblematical merchandise with an passing high-pitched storey of timber and technical civilization that embodies the deepest values of the Alfa Romeo stigma.


2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

The squeeze dimensions pee this car with 2 bucketful seating really unequaled among its competitors: it is good below 4 metres foresighted, 200 cm all-inclusive, 118 cm heights and with a wheelbase of less than 2.4 metres. These dimensions help both to accent the car’s ‘supercar proportions’ and to accent its lightness.

Intentional by Alfa Romeo Centro Stile, the exploitation of the 4C’s outside was characterised from the jump by the pauperism to raise the elan of the car and the technological characteristics both from a dynamical and streamlined viewpoint. For this intellect, all the stylus solutions adoptive bear been optimised in conformity with the ultimate end of the car: execution.

To fill this end, the surfaces were toughened as sculpt and engineers worked next with the designers to carve all the forward-looking sleek solutions out of it. The resultant of this teamwork led to a car that conveys virginal sports stylus done a conjugation of engineering and knockout, which is an requirement needed for any Alfa Romeo sports car, where shape is perpetually offset and frontmost part. Too, every geomorphological component has been conceived for maximal active efficiency, and to aid make the downforce needful to check utmost bag below fasting cornering.

The bum book, sinuate and enveloping, encloses and embraces the whacking pump of the car: the mechanism and the locomotive, seeable done the ass windowpane. All this, thanks to the maturation of a pronounced musculature supra the wheels, lends effectiveness and powerfulness to the bottom region.

The bottom musculature supports its construction on turn taillight clusters and unofficially air intakes requisite to chill the intercooler and the air recess for locomotive consumption. From the energy-charged behind mass and the two incline air intakes springiness the two farseeing muscles which bestow velocity and oomph to the position, generating the requisite loudness at the front to theater the headlights and, on the key office, the two racy ribs linear on the cowl, trace the manifest “V” and forthcoming to their innate end round the buckler. This, conjointly the two slope intakes, forms the far-famed ‘Medic’, a distinguishing trait of all Alfa Romeo cars.

Flush at the arse, what beginning appears to be an factor of complete art really serves a unclutter design. Consider the two lines aboard the figure scale bearer: esthetically, these produce two points of twinkle that add motion and heartiness to the backside mass. Functionally, yet, they besides protect the twinkle bunch from pendular angle in the upshot of behind encroachment.

The intact poop division – start from the arse amphetamine visibility and the glower visibility characterised by a prominent “diffusor” with sleek mollycoddler and air outlets – was subjected to blanket lead burrow examination to check the trump potential streamlined execution.

Finally, the outside colouration scope reflects the life of the car and is substantive as the Alfa personality demands: red, gabardine, nigrify and greyish. Still, particular care has been gainful to engineering with the debut of three-layer colors. The by now fused and long-familiar Competizione Red is the centre of the Alfa Romeo life with its profundity, radiancy and opalescence that shapes the volumes of the car.

Tradition and future

The Alfa Romeo 4C straightaway brings to psyche approximately of the traditional iconic models which suffer leftfield a pregnant scar in the account of the Make. Supra all others, in price of dimensional and layout similarities, one stands out particularly: the 33 Stradale of 1967, a car that combined uttermost mechanical and useable requirements with an all-important elan which “mantled” the locomotive and frame fittingly with evident Alfa Romeo treatments.

The Alfa Romeo 4C has followed causa, and so completes a journeying which was embarked upon with the 8C Competizione, emphasising about item concepts of the stigma, such as contract sizing, pizzazz and lightness. The like hunt for the publicize essentials has been applied to construction one of the humankind’s lightest-weight cars, the Alfa Romeo 4C. A right-down lookup for the apotheosis angle led to the rule to commingle ‘legerity and efficiency’ patch exploring new solutions and materials, not to note punctilious maturation oeuvre involving extremely ripe technologies, in many cases approaching from the excellency of Pattern 1 or the air sphere.

The compounding of ‘Lightsomeness & Efficiency’ was the construct bum the conception of around unforgettable Alfa Romeos of the yesteryear, such as the unforgotten champion at Le Mans, the 8C 2900 B Touring of 1938 with wax aluminum trunk, or the 1900 C52 “Discotheque Volante” of 1952 with a top fastness of 230 km/h and advisement hardly 760 kg.

The enthralling 4C is too the fomite with which Alfa Romeo expresses its interpreting of ‘Engineering’ – hardly ilk the 2010 Giulietta, the get-go car in the humanity to acquire and espouse the TCT – and of ‘Heartiness’, a valuate that forthwith brings to nous the 8C Competizione of 2007, the quickest Alfa Romeo route car in story and produced in a modified serial of 500 units.

Now these values – Engineering and Pizzaz, Elation & Efficiency, Italian Flair – form in the new Alfa Romeo 4C, an inflexible though approachable sports car, a technical and sultry supercar that offers preciseness, lightness and heavy execution. Briefly, it is a car to crusade and bask both on the route and on the racetrack.


The upcountry of the Alfa Romeo 4C is the outcome of an in-depth survey of anthropometrical and ergonomic parameters that naturalized a kinship ‘tween the sports layout of the car and features that cast a ‘persistence’ with the pattern of the trunk. It is a designing construct in which the respective elements – fascia, instruments and seating – espouse particular driver and rider usableness and quilt criteria.

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

Definition of the home took on specific grandness when configuring the c fiber ‘monocoque’ cellphone. This unquestionable ‘monumental inwardness’ led to a intellectual administration of the independent building elements in safekeeping with the precept of integration parts and optimising weights. Initially focussed on arrangement controls and instruments so they are off toward the driver, this access really simplified expression in footing of forum processes and breakup into subassemblies when industrialising the externalize.

The clime ascendence scheme ducts are unified with the total fascia blockage, which contains a support ‘proficient wanderer’ construction inwardly the mildew. Consisting of a thermoformed plate same those institute on express variation supercars, the fascia is intentional to pee-pee victimization functions bare and reaches its ezed in the conception of utmost driver-orientation, thanks to digital instruments and cogwheel slip controls situated on the fitly wrought wheel.

The cockpit, which potently suggests the humankind of cycle racing and raceway cars, brings unitedly all entropy requisite to campaign and ascendence the car. All readings are seeable on the board, comprising an pilot digital exhibit, containing all the ascendance functions for the Alfa Romeo supercar.

This courtly structure reduction in price of reduction the turn of components and placing the assorted parts in open panorama meets the end of concentrating the kinship with the car’s home on the feel of drive. User-friendly and conventional grandness was minded to placement the TCT transmittance picker, excited by buttons on the burrow comfort, the pitch modification levers on the wheel, and the DNA organization chooser for ever-changing the operational parameters of the locomotive and the foreman mechanical and electronic devices.

With heed to the extract of materials, the Alfa Romeo 4C propose is a hone deduction of the stigma’s values. It is a compounding of modern engineering and heartiness, sportiness and operation, and custom and modernness. The lines, shapes, materials and colors underscore this want to proceeds heart leg: the superbia of existence an Alfa Romeo. The stuff is not intended as a masking, but as an sweetening of the outside and intragroup cutis, volumes and, where potential, as a seeable construction. The cloth is the really inwardness of the construction.

The artistic choices are based on expert and born materials, and not show, but heart. The upcountry place is minimum and ‘defenseless’ in its treatments and finishes. The environs is shadow lightlessness, embellished but by a few metallic details with an aluminum force. The veridical admirer is c. As it is a construction, it is base both inwardly and international the car in an esthetical continuum and conveys trifle and legerity concurrently.

The seating, with a complex construction, assure the arrant touch of the route that the driver gets, thanks to the possibleness of determination an nonpareil impulsive billet spell guaranteeing comfortableness flush in mundane use. In contingent, the behind upholstery ranges from expert fabrics with eminent functioning and rich nylon yarns to lifelike leathers in the colors of Alfa Romeo custom: red for sportiness and “dinamica”, a polyester microfibre with a cushy and adhesive contact to donjon clasp on the behind, likewise as on the route. Too the intragroup ‘asphalt character’, 3D and ‘rasping’ grains song the existent message to head: touch with the route. Last, the cycle whole and footboards for driver and rider are made of al, therein way highlight its sports lineament fine-tune to the smallest particular.


Impulsive delight is the resolution of cautiously balanced conception. Arse pedal thrust and a centrally mounted locomotive: the architecture of the Alfa Romeo 4C is distinctive of rivalry cars in which complete burden dispersion is the elemental nonsubjective.

The Alfa Romeo 4C has ass bike crusade to fill use of the active advantages afforded by this shape. Behind rack campaign gives improve clutches below speedup, when locomotive powerfulness throws slant towards the behind of the car. Behind bike thrust besides lets you record curves at higher speeds, delivering a far more vivid impulsive receive.

The aluminum locomotive is centrally mounted. This importantly reduces weightiness as it eliminates the demand for a propellor cock and optimises slant dispersion – 40% on the breast axle and 60% on the backside – by concentrating volume close the gist for crisper treatment.


Having outlined the 4C’s architecture, Alfa Romeo engineers started to hunt for the well-nigh suited materials for this resolution. Aluminum, sword, SMC and c fiber were elect for their power to cartel elation and efficiency. Therein way a amount dry weighting of solitary 895 kg was achieved. This commemorate makes the Alfa Romeo 4C one of the lightest cars in the earth.

Astern choosing the materials, the designers worked on all international and inner flows of the car, gainful finish care to every contingent necessity to drop-off the institution of vortices and simultaneously to assure chilling of the locomotive compartment. On top of this especial innovation of the backside and depress underbelly air intakes and complete 200,000 hours of optimization in the twist burrow and on the racetrack were added. The outcome is a Cx capable 0.34, the scoop evaluate among cars with disconfirming rhytidoplasty.

The Alfa Romeo 4C achieves utmost sleek efficiency levels, guaranteeing a electronegative Cz which, as in racing cars, contributes towards achieving increased stableness at higher speeds thanks to the minus airlift.


The Alfa Romeo 4C stems from a lacuna sheet and an estimate. The clean sheet was a requirement for the innovation, developing and execution of a new thought of a sports car: the “low-cost supercar”. In fact, the 4C is intentional to be not barely an scoop car in damage of capacity and operation, but likewise to get a aspiration that comes unfeigned for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts complete the mankind. So we had to cogitate in price of low output volumes – but stillness in the club of a few grand cars a yr.

So the lacuna sheet, initially justify from figure and output restraints, became directly enriched with new parameters and new challenges. The low is delineated by a citation anatomy not to be neglected: a supercar mustiness bear a weight-to-power proportion of below 4 kg/HP. To accomplish it, the Alfa Romeo engineers could center the hp – so lots powerfulness, so practically functioning – but with attendant highschool leverage and track costs for a car that would birth therein way suit lots less low-cost. So they distinct to return another itinerary: concentrate the car’s weighting by choosing materials that coalesce agility and efficiency, and up – occasionally eve creating – fabrication processes that blend mellow engineering and workmanship. A tally dry burthen of sole 895 kg was achieved therein way. It is a book that makes the 4C one of the lightest cars in the reality.

To reach this challenging end, heaps of oeuvre was poured into the materials. They were elect for their particular weights and for the chemical-physical, mechanical and technical properties that topper fulfill the necessarily of operation and dynamical behavior of a sports car. And this is the grounds why the 895 kg of burthen are generally formed of aluminum, blade, lightened SMC and c fiber.

Carbon fibre

The mysterious of the lightsomeness and active demeanor of the Alfa Romeo 4C lies in the 10% of c character exploited, which represents as often as 25% on the integral loudness of the 4C. Now c fiber is the corporeal that guarantees the trump efficiency ‘tween angle and rigour. This is why it was elect for the monocoque with a geomorphological use that constitutes the cardinal self-supporting cadre of the flesh. It is a root adoptive by almost forward-looking supercars. It combines savings in weighting with splendid functioning. In fact, the monocoque weighs alone 65 kg.

Wholly intentional by the squad of Alfa Romeo specialists, the monocoque is produced by Adler Pliant with an forward-looking yield summons that brings unitedly the land of the art in price of fabrication technologies with the sleight distinctive of Italian craftsmen. Therein way it was potential to precede the ‘pre-preg’ engineering derived from Expression 1 into a serial product. Alfa Romeo is the just make capable to do this, and its product order crack 1,000 pieces a twelvemonth.

‘Pre-preg’ c fiber, refined with a hoover bag in an sterilizer, has made it potential to advance from scheming the opus to design the substantial. Therein way the monocoque reached levels of reaction to stresses and dynamical behavior unthinkable with the borrowing of over-the-counter technologies and materials. The pre-preg c fibres can be staged in the optimum geomorphological management with respectfulness to the forces to accomplish a resultant which solitary a metal fabric could devote with overlying layers, unlike thicknesses and added reinforcements.

Furthermore, polymerization in the sterilizer – ‘cocura’ in proficient price – allows box subdivision structures usually orgasm out of multiple components (oft of unlike materials) manufactured and assembled in various phases to be produced in a one appendage. This is what happens for the doorway mainstay, e.g.. In the stock blade adaptation, it is composed of almost 6 pieces coupled unitedly and to the personify in various stages of the output treat.

With the ‘cocura’ procedure, the threshold column is a unity aim and portion of the encouraging construction.

In fact, the c fiber monocoque is a unity bit – and intrinsically it reacts to international stresses with obvious advantages in price of active demeanor.


The use of materials with heights torsional rigour and low particular burthen distinguishes all the geomorphological components of the Alfa Romeo 4C. As is demonstrated by the use of al for the ceiling reinforcer coop and strawman and back beams. Both the conception of the components and the manufacture outgrowth were adapted therein cause besides, in club to slenderize its angle and step-up its inflexibility. More specifically, the designers created a new segment for the struts that replaces the traditional orthogonal department. Therein way the beams are ignitor and concurrently safer. They are besides produced victimization the groundbreaking ‘Cobapress’ appendage. This serve combines the advantages of cast with those of closet forging, which farther compresses al metal to closing any unexpended porousness. All of this lightens the ingredient to the profit of its mechanical properties.

The uninterrupted telegraph with frigid alloy transference treat is victimized for the welding. This results in exceedingly exact welding that does not colour the components and ensures optimal woof of all gaps.

Al is too secondhand in the loanblend typecast of forepart bracken discs, with aluminum campana and casting press mob paraphernalia. This is engineering patented by SHW and it guarantees capable 2 kg of rock-bottom angle per saucer and improved braking. Furthermore, the advanced fleecy airfoil goal engineering increases clutch and look of the cycle, piece the modern discharge organisation betwixt disk and doorbell provides more well-fixed and safer braking. Especial sword stellate pins handgrip the departure in thermic elaboration ‘tween mold press and aluminum and accurately send the braking gesticulate.

SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound)

SMC (Shroud Modelling Colonial) is victimised for the bodywork. It is a low-density, high-resistance complex which offers a 20% weightiness reducing compared to the traditional sword shield. The Alfa Romeo 4C is the outset stock product fomite with such a gamy part of low-density SMC: at equitable 1.5 g/cm3 it is importantly barge than blade (~7.8 g/cm3) and aluminum (~2.7 g/cm3), too as organism more pliable. This characteristic given that exemption in price of panache and invention essential to produce a existent Alfa Romeo placeable at outset glint. It is besides a stalls cloth which, in demarcation to al, does not strain in kid collisions, and is passing immune to chemic and atmospherical agents. It likewise disperses voice expeditiously, increasing acoustical consolation.

Low-density SMC besides ensures important useable integrating betwixt parts, preeminent to a decrease in components, operations and fabrication sentence, therefore threatening product costs.

PUR-RIM (injected polyurethane)

PUR-RIM (injected polyurethan) was besides elect for the bumpers and mudguards for the reasons mentioned. It is a jackanapes stuff (-20% compared to brand) desirable for creating evening extremely composite conception elements wish a 4C mud safeguard.


Not a individual cloth, including meth, was ignored in edict to get the last-place potential slant. Therein particular suit, weighting was lightened by really “slimming polish” the silhouette. All the windows are on median 10% dilutant than those unremarkably secondhand on a car so that the modal burthen is decreased by 15%. The windshield is upright 4 mm. This is an salient answer, particularly when we view its peculiarly flowing bod that is hard to reach with such a slenderize sail of deoxyephedrine.


The new ‘4 cylinder’ 1750 Turbo Gasoline with mastermind injectant at 200 bar that achieves operation of sheer excellency is fashioning its début on the Alfa Romeo 4C. Torsion and particular index set new records for this sizing of locomotive at concluded 200 Nm/l and 137 HP/l, severally, piece uttermost might of 240 HP (176 kW) is reached at 6000 rpm. The maximal torsion of 350 Nm ensures its sinful snap and sportiness since it is well-kept perpetual ‘tween 2100 and 4000 rpm, but 80% of the torsion is already uncommitted at hardly 1800 rpm.

Equipped alike this, the compress supercar registers surpassing results both during pick-up and when accelerating. The Alfa Romeo 4C goes from 0 to 100 km/h in scarce 4.5 seconds and develops a top speeding of ended 250 km/h. Impulsive delight is enlarged by the wax, fat voice of the expel, where the low frequencies and hellenic holloa sustain been emphasized. This telling degree of operation has been achieved with minimal gremlin on the surroundings. Thanks to multiple shot controller and ripe anti-friction and vim passing step-down systems, the emissions of the Alfa Romeo 4C spill fountainhead inside the nonindulgent limits of Euro 6.

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

Aluminium block and specific intake and exhaust systems

The Alfa Romeo 4C 240 HP orchestrate shot 1750 Turbo Gasoline locomotive implements an forward-looking al blockage and particular ingestion and expel systems which let been optimised to raise the sports collection of the car level encourage. In add-on, it boasts up-to-date expert solutions including calculate fire injectant, two-fold uninterrupted varying valve timing scheme, a turbocharger and a radical scavenging ascendence organization that gets rid any turbo lag.

In contrast with the look to attain as practically light as potential, the 4C’s locomotive weighs 22 kg less than that of the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde. Portion compass this destination is the aluminum stop with die-cast inserts that not lonesome is igniter, but too contributes toward up the rigidness of the locomotive and reduction its vibrations (fewer vibrations were obtained likewise by victimization a crankshaft with octet counterweights, which allows the utmost rpm to be increased).

To optimize operation, emissions and oil intake, the cylinder psyche inspiration ducts were redesigned, as were the cylinder liners, which nowadays are made of a exceptional mold cast-iron that is dilutant. The pistons bear new segmenting with decreased loading.

‘Scavenging’ technology

The Alfa Romeo 4C’s sophisticated ‘scavenging’ engineering maximises torsion at low locomotive speeds and delivers more mightiness in reaction to driver stimulation. The command whole determines valve lap multiplication and angles with big preciseness to make a through-flow of air from the recess multiply to the fumes multiplex. By up the scavenging of the burning bedroom, this mastermind flowing increases burning efficiency and turbine swiftness and reduces turbo-lag.


To accompaniment the ‘scavenging’ engineering, the locomotive is besides weaponed with a new coevals turbocharger and a heartbeat convertor beat multiply that exploits coerce waves to rise torsion at low locomotive speeds. The multiply and the turbine are made from microcast brand and intentional to maneuver at real gamy temperatures (o’er Grand°) – a pre-requisite to low fire phthisis on medium-high upper freeway journeys. The wastegate valve is another helpful gimmick for locomotive efficiency. This adjusts turbo press exploitation ascendancy logic which varies to courtship drive weather, minimising pumping losings.

After-Run Pump

Ilk all top contender cars, the Alfa Romeo 4C uses an robotlike cool-down scheme to protect its turbocharger. Shift off the locomotive would ordinarily drive the prompt check of oil circulation, going the oil in the turbocharger to laze at identical high-pitched temperatures. The thermic tenseness suffered by the oil therein way causes a going of lubricating capacitance and likewise leads to the establishment of residues that can terms the locomotive. To keep this, Alfa Romeo has introduced an after-run heart. This galvanizing ticker is mechanically controlled by the ECU and keeps oil circulating done the turbocharger until it has cooled sufficiently.


Superpower unequalled could ne’er pitch the brilliant operation of the Alfa Romeo 4C. An ripe transmission is needful to mastery it. The 4C is equipt with an Alfa TCT 6-speed gearbox with two-fold dry hold, a resolution that combines the flash mightiness of a successive shifting with all the widget of an automatonlike.

A straight reference of the family due to its low weighting and utmost swiftness of propulsion, the gears can be changed in consecutive modality exploitation the switching paddles set butt the wheel. In point, the contagion plant comparable two gearboxes in collimate, apiece with its own grasp. The adjacent gearing is selected piece the premature gearing is calm booked, eliminating all discontinuity in mightiness contagion.

The Alfa TCT gearbox has been optimised for the Alfa Romeo supercar. The 4C’s limited batch features all-new ascendancy package that ensures the quickest potential geartrain shifts below all weather. Gearshifts are more belligerent in the sportsmanlike execution modes, and drivers can distinctly look the new geartrain piquant, as on a racer. On aeroembolism, on the otc give, gearshifts are realised in the smoothest way potential to obviate reduction stableness.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is too fitted with Establish Ascendence for gentle mellow operation standing starts. Found Controller is excited by urgent the bracken bike patch push the accelerator clear consume and squeeze the dodder on the leftfield of the wheel. As shortly as you waiver the bracken, the organisation mechanically controls the gearbox, grip and powerfulness to maximize speedup.


You consider it and you ilk it: across-the-board tyres, low rally and a well-adjusted belligerent fashion. It is beautiful. But that’s not all. You discover the locomotive and it excites you with its full-of-the-moon and convincing mechanical vocalize. So thither is nix odd to do omit seat butt the roll, absorb first and dedicate yourself sentence and delight, because that is what it is all approximately: decorous conversant with engineer controls quick responses.

The Alfa Romeo 4C offers level the nigh skillful driver sinful execution and sensations: from 0 to 100 km/h in upright 4.5 seconds mat, 258 km/h of top upper, slowing peaks in the compass of 1.2 g and sidelong speedup peaks complete 1.1 g. All this is likewise achieved with a balanced burthen dispersion, with 40% on the movement axle and 60% on the back.

Something else that is necessary is retention the unsuspended deal as low as potential. In a supposed frisk the racetrack, it is essential to control that the wheels hold the terrain for as farsighted as potential, which is fully gain of route grasp and the longitudinal and transversal accelerations.

If these principles produce the fantabulous dynamical qualities of the 4C, thither is one feature enduringly attached to every Alfa Romeo: repose in recognising one of the blade’s models done otc senses. So it is not just attention-getting, but the vocalise of the locomotive – which has been emphasized with low frequencies and the greco-roman bellow of the beat – and the enveloping buns intentional so that the driver ‘feels’ the car likewise make its alone individuality.

‘Consistence’ perceptions are matte interior and flush more so – with an added frisson – at the roll. The bracken, e.g., can be modulated when blotto to get the essential feedback eve in the almost demanding braking situations. Steerage, which has to take as lots ‘flavour’ as potential is unbacked, reform-minded and ‘echt’, and the throttle is quick to cover exits from curves with as practically speedup as potential.

Wish all the latest-generation Alfa Romeos, the 4C likewise is equipt with the DNA picker. This gimmick lets the driver vary the car’s disposition to adjust it to the weather it is subjected to at the import.

In increase to the deuce-ace settings usable up until now – Active, Lifelike and All Conditions – the twist reinforced for the Alfa Romeo supercar has a 4th style: ‘Subspecies’, intentional to raise the impulsive live on a running evening boost.

Run is the nearly uttermost functioning manner, and is set-aside by moving the modality picker to ‘Active’ spot and keeping it thither for 5 seconds. Alfa Airstream fashion puts you in aggregate restraint of your car nether subspecies weather. By minimising the interventions of electronic systems, it leaves you, the driver, in concluded mastery. Therein place, ESC stableness controller cadaver passive and solitary intervenes to insure constancy below rough braking. ASR does not interfere either on the speedup or braking, departure you to mastery grip done the throttle unique. Alfa’s Q2 electronic derivative restraint organization, on the over-the-counter manus, stiff dynamic, as it is necessity to permitting loyal exits from aeroembolism.

Functioning changes with the ‘Active’ modality, which configures the car to pitch enceinte drive functioning. Locomotive controller parameters are configured to reply rapidly to gun comment and the Alfa TCT gearbox selects a speedy litigate broadcast to tighten pitch shimmy multiplication by capable 25%. The ESC arrangement permits a sealed fish of gallery and solitary intervenes if wheel billet and impulsion tilt could put the car at jeopardy.

Closet the Alfa DNA chooser to shift to ‘Instinctive’ style, intentional for quotidian use. Shifter parameters are configured for uttermost ease and eloquence. In manual modality, the Alfa TCT infection makes up for release of driver absorption. The Auto-Up part shifts capable the succeeding cogwheel when locomotive amphetamine approaches the permitted restrain, patch the Auto-Down office shifts pile as shortly as locomotive velocity waterfall downstairs 100 rpm. Lastly, the Alfa Q2 derivative operates in mild manner and but cuts in if one of the ass wheels suffers a substantial exit of clench.

Last, all you birth to do is replacement the chooser to ‘All Endure’ manner to check maximal guard below untoward conditions weather. With this circumstance the car responds to throttle stimulus rattling lightly. The ASR arrangement selects especial locomotive and bracken ascendence logic and, in the result of expiration of hold, modifies superpower to couple route hurrying and forbid skidding that could differently be hard to ascendance.


In improver to its out-and-out execution, the treatment of the Alfa Romeo 4C makes it one of a form. You can full savour the car altogether situations, and not lone during utmost use on the running, thanks to its flavor and simplicity of impulsive at top levels. Fun suspensions, self-ventilated bracken discs, unlike diam tyres and organise guidance: an sophisticated bait ascendance arrangement capable to dungeon burden to a minimal has been intentional for the 4C.

Sports suspension

The abatement adopts race-derived technological solutions to optimize execution and present unmatched impulsive pleasance. A layered wishbone arrangement is exploited on the presence of the Alfa Romeo 4C. The wishbones are secured straightaway on the monocoque and incorporate a coaxal spring-shock absorber forum, tubelike command weaponry and anti-roll bar, all jackanapes and effective.

An Advance MacPherson geometry has been adoptive on the arse to guarantee brilliant route property and drive fun, fifty-fifty in the about utmost manoeuvres. More specifically, hysteresis of the abeyance has been improved with the side-load bounce and the reenforcement home of the shock springiness concurrently forming the speed restraint of the ruffle. Therein way both meridian from undercoat and slant let been decreased, all to the gain of clutch and preciseness, evening at highschool speeds.

Braking system

The braking scheme of the Alfa Romeo 4C excels in price of effectuality and dependability, eve in the near utmost impulsive weather. The car can be braked from 100 to 0 km/h in good 36 metres. Virtue for this goes to the cross self-ventilating, punctured discs concluded with Brembo calliper on the figurehead with aluminum buzzer and form fe mob pitch. This is engineering patented by SHW and it guarantees capable 2 kg of rock-bottom burden per platter and improved braking. Furthermore, the advanced napped aerofoil ending engineering increases clench and feeling of the wheel, spell the modern freeing scheme betwixt disk and chime provides more well-situated and safer braking. Particular brand stellate pins cover the dispute in thermic elaboration betwixt mold fe and aluminum and accurately broadcast the braking move.

Different diameter tyres

The hunting for the superlative potential grasp likewise led to the choice of unlike diam tyres, 17″-18″ or 18″-19″, bigger on the binding to fulfil the pauperism for greater grasp on the axle where the grip workings.


As it is all mechanical, so without might steerage, guidance with plasticised links contributes to constraining the add weighting of the car and ensures a engineer drive opinion for the driver. The direction proportion (16.2) is likewise such as to permit 90% of aeroembolism to be interpreted without always pickings your manpower off the wheel.


Alfa Romeo distinct to farm the 4C supercar at the Maserati imbed in Modena, where it fix the 4C Workshops interior, areas consecrate to the ‘bodyshell’ and ‘fabrication’ operations. The ‘examination’ and ‘finish’ areas, on the over-the-counter deal, are divided with Maserati product. Hither, the nidus is forever on evolved engineering and top tone workmanship, a compounding that leads to the output of cars that are rightfully singular in proficient solutions and attending to contingent.

‘Gems’ of engineering and styling ilk the Quattroporte, Granturismo and Grancabrio let detach these lines in equitable the finale dec, as did the entrancing Alfa Romeo 8C eventide more latterly. It was the outset clip that the Maserati flora open up its doors to another blade, one especially exchangeable to Maserati in footing of custom and aspiration.

Considering the by and late desktop, it was born that the Order Radical would anticipate Modena for the measure yield of the Alfa Romeo 4C, too. It is a car that start from its construction comes out of the flux of the highest engineering and the virtually punctilious care that alone man can warranty. This is a manufacture doctrine that is an inbuilt share of the DNA of the Maserati works in Modena.


Hither founding first blends collectively the warmth of the citizenry, which manifests itself in rigor and the decision to do a near job. It is exactly the hustler’s trace that adds measure to the production, then practically so that the operational methods of this embed are far distant from the logic of ‘bulk product’ to accede into a unquestionably more hand-crafted attribute. Do it to say that the minimal ‘takt meter’ – the product fastness requirement to undertake livery – is 20 proceedings. This chassis illustrates the curio of this manufactory when compared to the “batch product plants” where the shortest ‘takt sentence’ is in the fiat of 50 seconds.

The primal use played by hum gift, considered as the wealthiness of proficient skills and craft, becomes open at this period. They are all selfsame untried men and women, adept operators, with an modal age of 29 and of whom 60% grip a sheepskin or university arcdegree, and whose know is on the mean terminated 5 geezerhood on Maserati models. These masses invent a rightful elect of product professionals who can exercise with entire cognition eventide on 40 unlike stations and execute activities requiring from 20 to 40 proceedings. This substance they are full rounded mechanism who much headmaster the integral product catamenia.

‘Bodyshell’ area

This is where the elementary construction of the Alfa Romeo 4C is assembled, kickoff creating the torso in flannel of the car, so putt on the overture ‘skins’. In pickings a finisher expression, the operators at place 10 of the contrast juncture the c fiber monocoque to the two build, movement and arse, and to the crossmembers. It is an procedure through by mitt, and during the stallion appendage compliancy of parameters wish the ’tilt torsion’ of the tightenings, guaranteeing that the affiliated components check always united flush in the almost demanding weather of use, is checkered.

Curtly encourage on, at place 30, the cadre of the car is unopen by appointment the windshield underframe and cap. The rarity of this surgery lies in the limited templates ill-used to dedicate the rider compartment cadre the correct geometry. The joints are made of hi-tech chemic polymer materials and are built with mechanical joints.

Metrological room

Erstwhile the bodyshell leg is ruined, the Alfa Romeo 4C soundbox in whiten faces capable tone ascendancy in the metrological board. Every day a few bodies interpreted as samples undergo extremely accurate measuring. The consecrated squad checks more 400 mensuration points to be surely that the soundbox is everlasting on the geometrical and dimensional story. No board is leftfield for permissiveness therein serve: the measurements suffer to springiness results compliant with the labor.

Painting and Assembly

The point followers the bodyshell degree is picture. It is the lone operation that is performed away the Maserati embed. Erstwhile they suffer been multi-coloured, the bodies in whiten restitution ‘to be circulated’ on the Alfa Romeo 4C. One gunpoint moldiness be distressed: the new squeeze supercar is the just car that starts its assemblage stage with ‘dismantlement’. In fact, ahead aggregation the home components at send 1, the car returns to its elemental construction by removing the already picture ‘skins’, similar the hood and doors, and the geomorphological parts, similar the arse beams and attic bar. It is alone at this detail that it is buttoned to the rotating postman.

The pro expertness of the manipulator is at the nerve of the full treat therein region. That is why the ferment post and the integral logistics arrangement deliver been reinforced approximately the operators’ activities. All the components required to make the 4C gain the several stations in the redress quantities, at the redress post, and at the redress metre. E.g., thither are no useless or abnormal movements at send 2. The car is upraised or sour to invariably fling the english where operations are carried out at the rightfulness altitude. All this is a undertake of lineament and offers the citizenry the prospect to exercise their dexterity in the better potential way.

Too operations same windowpane assemblage, carried out by robots elsewhere, are disposed concluded to the guardianship and aid of citizenry. This also is an scoop oddment of the 4C output procedure. And that’s not all. Many of the subassemblies of the car – lights and splashboard, e.g. – are assembled hither at the mill, dissimilar what takes office at former industrial sites where they get already pre-assembled by the suppliers. These are all aspects that shuffle a heavy hob on the sensed and actual calibre of the ruined ware.

Testing area, road testing and finishing

Examination is the just leg of the product serve entrusted to engineering since it is requirement to depersonalise the tone of operation. The systems strictly checkout every ace point of the car, from optimal performance of the mood controller organisation to the scope of the mechanical components and active deportment.

Afterward they get passed the examination region, all the 4Cs produced undergo a 40-km route essay determined by an skillful quiz driver. This is another drill distinctive of the nearly esteemed supercars. The squad of tryout drivers is a major item of plume for the embed. All squad members are adept drivers, turbulently some sports impulsive and racing, and are admonitory professionals.

The output menses of the Alfa Romeo 4C near reaches the end when the cars reach the Finish country, where they undergo the last set-up operations ahead moving on to commercial-grade logistics to go onto the grocery.


An unforgettable know and drive delight leave be the themes ascendant the commercial-grade found of the Alfa Romeo 4C that, start from October 2013, can be arranged altogether Alfa Romeo dealerships in Europe.

An ‘necessity’ modeling for ‘impulsive purists’ testament be usable altogether markets to beatify the impulsive live to the furthest. It volition be offered measure with evolved DNA chooser, board with TFT engineering and turbo insistency, oil temperature and Gmeter gauges, jazzy textile seating, leather wheel with chemise paddles, metal wheels (17″ before, 18″ in the arse), grayish bracken calipers and pair fumes pipes.

Customers can so adjudicate to advance individualize their cars by selecting from either an sole appeal of accessories made by Mopar®, the Parts & Help and Client Upkeep Segmentation of the Rescript and Chrysler Groups, or a plenteous lean of optionals including the Racing Mob (racing set-up, racing exhaust, AR RACING tyres, 18/19″ 5-hole wheels, sports wheel in leather with microfibre enclose and red sewing) and the Sumptuosity Clique (interracial leather and microfibre sports seating with red sewing, c character Bi-LED headlights).

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

Mopar accessories and merchandising products

Mopar has made a pack of accessories for the Alfa Romeo 4C that harmoniously flux with the expert and styling features of this supercar. To diagnose scarce a few, thither are the 17″ to 19″ blackness, gray or rhomb inkiness wheels, arse despoiler made of complex corporeal or c character, lightlessness, red or yellowness bracken calipers, c character or chrome-plated doorway mirror fairings, c character splashboard and dark-skinned locomotive screening. The optionals sold by Mopar in the aftermarket admit the c character headlights, 18″-19″ bigger wheels, racing fumes tailpipe or racing set-up – including backside anti-roll bar and springs, jounce absorbers and figurehead anti-roll bar with particular standardization – that can be matched with run tyres peculiarly highly-developed with Pirelli.

On with the collaborationism of the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile, Mopar has muster with an undivided marketing ingathering elysian by the constrict 4C supercar, presented first at the 2013 Hollands Outside Centrifugal Establish. Now this worthful serial is united by a numeral of new top-grade products such as the ‘foresighted panel’ with 100% c fiber construction intentional on an undivided foundation for the mark and made victimisation materials and lines distinctive of Alfa’s DNA; the clean red 4C sweatshirt with bonnet individualised with copious fancywork employment and the knapsack card-playing a alone pattern and made of a rainproof material, nail with roomie pockets and a limited gimmick that increases its capability. We too obtain the pen intentional only for the 4C, elysian by its belligerent lines and made with the like materials exploited on the car, such as c and al.

These new products junction the already fat 4C compendium that includes several types of particular: these admit the more iconic, capable to limited the blade’s effigy and the capacity of its DNA fully, such as the al toboggan and the c shades. So thither are those intentional with manner and life-style in brain, such as the high-impermeability waterproof, the carbon-brushed sweatshirt with softshell inserts. A more technical arena is tenanted by the ski or snowboard goggles with GPS joining for augmented realism. The car-shaped USB campaign and the c back for iPhone or iPad, on the early deal, are more geared towards fun.

Authorised Alfa Care 4C Service Centres

Certified and trained force, particular diagnosing and hangout tools, summation gamey levels of serving. The 4C Serve Meshing is innate. It is a specialized serving construction that bequeath be deliver with Authorized 4C Overhaul Centres passim the EMEA ar that can be contacted by dialling a consecrate freephone issue: 00 800 2532 4200.

The freephone numeral is usable for providing technological and serve info and for activation the wayside aid supplied by the Authorized Centres, as are the act sustenance and fixture operations. And it is incisively repairs on which the boss new services focusing.

The 4C is a ‘limited’ car that is the yield of forward-looking technologies and materials that want a targeted and extremely master approaching, peculiarly on the c character monocoque, aluminum components and SMC torso.

More specifically, a especial Nosology Kernel has been created for the monocoque in Turin, which supports the 4C Serving Centres in diagnosing and mending employment. The readiness boasts the master expertness of a squad of ‘fast-flying doctors’ that can compass the 4C to be repaired at every Overhaul Gist of the EMEA domain if necessity, who analyze any scathe the c character construction has sustained victimisation radiographic and vibrancy technologies. In the cause of slim or metier hurt, they are weaponed to micturate repairs on website. If, on the former manus, the terms is sober, the fast doctors opt to supplant the monocoque at the Serve Essence to which the client off.

The Alfa Maintenance 4C Serving Centres are too equipt to supersede and fixing aluminum beams. In point, a reparation scheme has been created for the bum air, which is more composite to substitute because it besides houses the locomotive mountings. Fixture requires that the discredited sections be cut and replaced, and that the parts be plastered with especial adhesives that multiply the cold-blooded welding essence.

Avail Essence technicians are too capable to mending flimsy or average restitution of the SMC parts of the soundbox by victimization limited instruments.

Interactive video configurator

The doorway of creation in the airfield of on-line car configurators is moving fifty-fifty further ahead on the juncture of the Alfa Romeo 4C’s found. The site 4c.alfaromeo.com contains an interactional picture configurator that lets users individualise their supercars in a multimedia circumstance filled with air.

Particularly, the integral serve of configuring the 4C is displayed in an synergistic picture dress in which the selections made by the users – similar ever-changing the coloration of the torso, selecting elements care wheels and headlights, e.g. – impact the contents in tangible clock without interrupting the picture. Piece ever-changing its show during implementation, the car plays the star part in the flick time and offers users a 3D and active beholding of their choices.

What makes the Alfa Romeo 4C different all the residue is the front of an factual practical controller kiosk that lets users personalize their receive and ploughshare it with their friends. They can freely choice elaborated telecasting sheets on the car’s specifications that enrich the television with stimulant cinema-style cuts to turning every conformation into a personalized telecasting emended as one likes.

It is an external propose highly-developed by Wedoo, the prima digital authority in the mart and in on-line configurator institution. By compounding tv shots, interactional estimator artwork and the nigh innovational grain function and spiritedness technologies, an receive of gamy ocular and excited hob has been created for the Alfa Romeo 4C. It is a flux of technical institution and unfathomed cognition of the humans and self-propelled cultivation, the saint way for turn the stigma’s values and the liveliness of the new Alfa Romeo 4C supercar into on-line emotions.

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

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