2014 Acura Rlx

Acura RLX

Acura proclaimed the all-new 2014 RLX is the almost sinewy, wide, and technologically ripe saloon introduced by the lavishness steel. Powered by an all-new 310-horsepower direct-injected V-6 locomotive, and featuring an align of Acura touch technologies, including Preciseness All-Wheel Tip&craft;, Bejewel Eye&craft; LED headlights, and the future contemporaries of the AcuraLink® machine-accessible car organisation, the Acura RLX delivers new levels of technology-enhanced operation, ease and gadget in Acura’s flagship saloon.

2014 Acura Rlx

Victimisation impudent publicity, ripe aeromechanics, and whippersnapper soundbox conception, on with fuel-saving i-VTEC with Varying Cylinder Direction locomotive engineering, the Acura RLX delivers the near roomy five-passenger seats in its family on with a top-class EPA fire thriftiness valuation of 20/31/24 mpg (metropolis/highway/combined).

With a thirster wheelbase and wider nursery than competing mid-luxury sedans, the new RLX delivers lifesize inner spa in a nimbler, mid-size sumptuousness saloon bundle. The Acura RLX boasts the longest rear-seat legroom (38.8 inches), and scoop breast (59.6 inches) and back (57.0 inches) berm board in the mid-luxury course. The RLX sophisticated consistency pattern makes all-embracing use of high-strength blade and al, foster aiding its undischarged fire efficiency, straight-line execution, and master treatment lightness.

The new Acura RLX reaches higher and further into the high-end luxuriousness saloon commercialise with an unbelievable regalia of modern guard, driver-assistive, and data and media technologies, including the criterion next-generation AcuraLink&patronage; attached car scheme, and Multi-Angle Rearview Camera; on with uncommitted Lane Guardianship Serve Organization (LKAS), Adaptative Sail Ascendancy with Low-Speed Pursue and Dim Stain Entropy (BSI) scheme. Guard systems uncommitted on the RLX admit technologies such as Hit Palliation Brakes (CMBS), Onward Hit Cautionary (FCW) and Lane Exit Admonition (LDW).

2014 Acura RLX

Utilizing Acura’s next-generation Ripe Compatibility Technology&deal; II (ACE&craft; II) structure, on with 7 airbags (including new driver’s stifle airbag), the Acura RLX is hoped-for to realize top-level refuge ratings – a 5-star NCAP Boilersuit Fomite Grudge, and IIHS “TOP Guard Selection+” paygrade, including a Goodness evaluation in the IIHS pocket-sized lap frontage hit trial.


The 2014 RLX is powered by an all-new 3.5-liter Orchestrate Injectant SOHC i-VTEC® V-6 locomotive matched to a Consecutive SportShift 6-speed automatonlike with spank shifters. This is the kickoff Acura output car to boast “World Dreams Engineering,” which is comprised of a next-generation set of technical advancements to the locomotive, which greatly raise both impulsive execution and fire efficiency.

2014 Acura Rlx

Rated at 310 h.p. and 272 lb.-ft. of torsion (SAE net), the V-6 powerplant in the Acura RLX develops an extra 10 h.p. and 1 lb.-ft. of torsion compared to the 3.7-liter locomotive equipt in the RL. For particular drivability, the RLX’s new 3.5-liter locomotive produces in overabundance of 90 pct of its eyeshade torsion terminated a identical large-minded orbit of locomotive speeds, from 2,000 rpm to 6,600 rpm.

In cattiness of the eyeshade hp gain, the new locomotive has telling EPA- fire saving ratings for a opulence saloon, with ratings of 20 mpg in the metropolis and 31 mpg on the highway. The 3.5-liter locomotive meets the tight ULEV-2 California Air Resources Gameboard (CARB) emissions valuation.


The 2014 RLX is bigger than the previous RL example in respective key outside dimensions, including breadth, wheelbase, and breast and backside racecourse. The wheelbase, at 112.2 inches, is two inches thirster than the old RL simulation, providing more bum rider way and up the tantalise character in the summons. At 74.4 inches across-the-board, the Acura RLX is besides a real 1.7 inches wider than the old RL manakin.

Unchanging and dynamical inflexibility and back sidelong rigour are importantly improved. To gain rigour and inflexibility in key areas without increasing weighting, 55 pct of the RLX torso in ovalbumin is made from high-strength brand. Hot-stamped high-strength brand is victimised in key areas for enhanced safe hit operation, with the added welfare of awaited gamey dozens in specify branch, position elf, and ceiling effectiveness tests. Encompassing use of al personify components in key areas saves 76.1 pounds compared to traditional all-steel expression.

The 2014 Acura RLX features the humanity’s offset Bejewel Eye&barter; LED headlights, which crack great ignitor dispersion and first-class down-the-road miniature functioning and lightness characteristics. The RLX taillights employ fringe LED light that is both effectual and extremely typical.


The received Preciseness All-Wheel Lead (P-AWS) scheme on the RLX unendingly monitors and calculates the chastise sum of freelance rear-wheel steerage (toe lean) essential for impulsive weather. As the manufacture’s low odd/redress freelance rear-wheel toe slant controller organization, P-AWS uses an all-electric organization that enhances impulsive kinetics.

Before, the Acura RLX’s new double-wishbone, lour double-joint strawman reprieve with Bounty Responsive Dampers importantly improves treatment legerity, driver self-confidence and protection, and bait mundaneness. In cover, the RLX’s multi-link bottom abeyance is optimized for a mat rag during cornering, positive turn potentiality, and a polish drive in a kind of urban, highway and unfold route scenarios.

Uncommitted Adaptative Sail Ascendance (ACC) allows the driver to set a craved speeding and a aloofness separation butt a fomite detected forwards, allowing the use of sail ascendancy in lighter dealings. This organisation is combined with a new Low-Speed Trace capableness, which extends the reflex followers potentiality when dealings slows downstairs the set upper. If the fomite detected leading is in reach of the organization and comes to a occlusion, the RLX bequeath likewise concern a stoppage. When the fomite forrader moves onward, the fomite image on the multi-information exhibit leave jump to nictitation. With a wardrobe of a direction wheel-mounted clitoris or a pressing of the throttle, the Acura RLX volition cv the anterior set swiftness.

The RLX’s high-efficiency Fomite Constancy Aid&swap; (VSA®) enhances fomite constancy when cornering. If fomite understeer or oversteer is detected, the arrangement selectively reduces ability and/or brakes case-by-case wheels to assistance adjust the precondition and brace the fomite.

Last, the uncommitted Lane Guardianship Attend Organisation (LKAS) scans the route forwards to actively serve the driver in drive in the midsection of a detected lane.

The RLX and RLX with Seafaring grades have 7-spoke 18x8J noise-reducing admixture wheels patch the Engineering, Krell Sound and Rise grades characteristic bigger 19x8J noise-reducing admixture wheels. The limited noise-reducing invention lowers fag stochasticity by 7-decibels crosswise the hearable frequence grasp.


2014 Acura Rlx

The 2014 RLX home is an all-new innovation that combines welcoming five-passenger puff with by far the virtually opulence and engineering always offered in an Acura. High-end bounty elements same a cautiously sewed leather panel binding, soft-touch materials, agio finishes and fat wood-grain accents coalesce with an visceral new ascendancy layout to produce a typical surroundings in strain with this sumptuosity operation saloon’s understandably outlined card-playing lineament.

Rider spa has increased in key dimensions compared to the 2012 RL, with more berm board strawman and bum. Ass backside legroom has been increased a real 2.5-inches. Het 12-way adjustable (8-way powerfulness summation 4-way ability lumbar documentation) movement seating are received, offer all-day comforter on with abundant sidelong backup for belligerent drive.

Received tri-zone clime mastery ensures rider quilt end-to-end the cabin. Ventilated breast seating and het back seating are touchstone in the Feeler degree. Fertile, voluptuous stain-resistant Milano leather seats is received in the RLX with Engineering box and higher grades; the groundwork degree has celluloid leather-trimmed seats.

With the expanded scope of criterion and uncommitted engineering features reinforced into the Acura RLX, hearty technology endeavor was put into qualification apiece sport nonrational and easy-to-use. The nidus of the new panel is a heavy, 8-inch colouring sound/data covert that provides a stove of utilitarian info and admission to an range of customizable features. When weaponed with a sailing scheme, the blind positioned therein like fix combines sound/entropy and pilotage functions.

2014 Acura Rlx

A 7-inch colouring On Ask Multi-Use Show&swop; (ODMD) touchscreen is positioned inside loose reaching controls the sound organisation and many over-the-counter features. A lower-ranking big, 8-inch colouration sound/data sieve provides a scope of utilitarian info and admission to an regalia of customizable features.

The RLX is furnished with the next-generation AcuraLink® cloud-based machine-accessible car arrangement, delivering a comp regalia of media, widget, and protection services via embedded bipartisan communications and web-enabled devices. AcuraLink® leverages Pandora® port for cyclosis sound and the Aha&barter; by Harman cloud-based port to cater users with thousands of customizable cloud-based newsworthiness, info and media feeds. The next-generation AcuraLink® likewise delivers an range of useable, subscription-based, certificate and gismo features, such as AcuraLink Real-Time Dealings&barter; featuring superhighway dealings and, first, coat street dealings data.

The new propagation of the scheme makes its launching in navigation-equipped trims of the 2014 Acura RLX, and testament be uncommitted with three-tiers of serving: the Criterion Bundle, which is gratis for deuce-ace days, and the Join and Agio Packages, which are subscriber-based services providing new levels of connectivity for the luxuriousness client.

Surpassing sound operation has foresighted been an Acura authentication, and in the RLX, trey sound systems are offered, start with an telling Acura/ELS® 10-speaker strait organisation. In the RLX Engineering class, the Acura/ELS Studio® Agio Sound Arrangement is touchstone, with an advance 14-speaker range. In the Krell Sound and Procession grades, the 14-speaker Krell organization – with speakers and amplifiers engineered terminated the end four-spot age by one of the nearly well-thought-of sound companies in humanity – sets a new benchmark in self-propelled sound operation.

New Interior Technology

  • Tri-zone reflex mood ascendancy
  • Multi-view rearview camera with dynamical guidelines
  • 8-inch colour sound/data filmdom
  • 7-inch On-Demand Multi-Use Show&barter; with sound and haptic feedback
  • Coded Gentleman Mood
  • Acura/ELS® Agiotage 10-speaker vocalise organization
  • Uncommitted Acura/ELS® Studio® Bounty 14-speaker sound organisation
  • Uncommitted Krell 14-speaker ultra-premium sound scheme
  • Useable coloration MID (‘tween tach and speedometer)
  • Uncommitted surface-street dealings rerouting
  • Uncommitted Lane Guardianship Assistance Organisation
  • Useable Subterfuge Blot Entropy (BSI) arrangement
  • Usable Adaptative Sail Ascendancy with Low-Speed Espouse
  • Useable next-generation AcuraLink® (Stock, Tie and Bounty packages)
  • Pandora® port
  • Aha&swop; port
  • SMS textbook messaging role
  • Email office

    2014 Acura Rlx

    The new 2014 Acura RLX is equipt with a farsighted listing of stock and useable prophylactic technologies. The RLX is awaited to realize a 5-star Boilersuit Fomite Grudge from the Internal Highway Dealings Guard Governing (NHTSA) and a “TOP Refuge Choice+” evaluation from the Indemnity Establish for Highway Safe (IIHS), including a Beneficial valuation in the Establish’s new pocket-size lap frontage hit run.

    Fighting condom technologies admit Fomite Stableness Assistance (VSA) with Grip Restraint, Advancing Hit Monitory (FCW) and Lane Release Admonition (LDW). Peaceful safe features admit a next-generation Innovative Compatibility Technology&swap; II (ACE&craft; II) structure, dual-stage, multiple-threshold movement airbags, forepart position airbags, side-curtain airbags with rollover sensors, driver’s genu airbag, battlefront arse psyche restraints, and presence seatbelt e-pretensioners.

    The RLX is weaponed with Acura’s next-generation Modern Compatibility Technology&craft; II(ACE&deal; II) structure, which uses unified strawman skeleton members intentional to engage and airt wreck vim some the rider cabin in a frontage hit.

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