2013 Volkswagen Up 4 Door

Volkswagen Up 4-door

The 2-door up! by Volkswagen is one of the about significant self-propelling highlights of 2011. All signs pointedness to a big hereafter for the modest car. In Germany, e.g., the VW up! directly garnered outset situation in its course in enrollment statistics. Now, in 2012 Volkswagen is upbringing the bar by presenting, aboard the eco up!, the 4-door edition of the metropolis specialiser. In May 2012, the Volkswagen up! 4-door leave hit dealers in Germany; mart roll-out of the 4-door car testament be concluded by betimes summertime for all of Europe. The 4-door has the like engines (44 kW/60 PS and 55 kW/75 PS), equipment versions (imbibe!, arise!, high!, blackness up!, whiten up!) and dimensions (3,540 mm yearn, 1,641 mm all-embracing without mirrors, 1,478 mm high-pitched) as the 2-door cars.

2013 Volkswagen Up 4 Door

Independent side profile

Course, the car’s 4 doors suffer changed the face of its position visibility. Patch the depress windowpane demarcation of the 2-door rises towards the backside cheeseparing the C-pillars, it forms a straightaway job on the 4-door car. This gives the new eubstance edition a gamy stratum of independency. The ruckle and myopic eubstance overhangs are too typical on the 4-door. The presence and bottom sections are superposable on both consistence versions. This besides substance that buyers of the 4-door adaptation testament devil love a bootlid whose outer peel consists of a uninterrupted meth coat; this gives the bootlid the hi-tech and high-end face of a smartphone. Below the bootlid, thither is a charge with a bulk of 251 litres; lading content can be lengthened to capable 951 litres by foldable polish the ass back (60:40 schism judiciary from the rise!).

2013 Volkswagen Up 4-door

Comfortable driving with four persons

2013 Volkswagen Up 4 Door

The arse doors surface all-inclusive and crack well-heeled debut – including for adults. The four-seat, 4-door car offers the like commodity internal place as the 2-door, and the quantity of infinite is singular granted the fomite’s sizing. Clearance in the behind is 947 mm, patch it is 993 mm before. Legroom in the secondment row is a prosperous 789 mm. The ass acme on the backside judiciary has a pleasant gist: the peak of the alleged H-point – the acme where the buns rise and back play – is 378 mm in the bum, which is higher than before (306 mm). This higher ass berth gives ass passengers a punter horizon terminated the shoulders of the driver and breast rider. Upright as crucial: thither is plentitude of place below the movement seating for the feet of the backside passengers.

Braking automatically

It is lone legitimate that Volkswagen would whirl the like optional features in both the Volkswagen up! 4-door and 2-door. They admit canny systems such as Metropolis Exigency Braking. The Volkswagen up! is the kickoff car in its stratum that can be mechanically braked by such a routine in a cockeyed spot; the procedure is alive complete a swiftness grasp from 5 to 30 km/h.


Likewise usable as an selection is a portable pilotage and docudrama scheme with touchscreen. It contains a seafaring organization, hands-free phone whole, exhibit of several fomite parameters and media musician. In summation, apps can be exploited to tailor-make maps+more to personal requirements. maps+more is snapped into spot on the splashboard so it is networked with the electronic systems of the Volkswagen up!. A rarefied goody in the section of belittled cars is the tremendous bird’s-eye leaning/glide sunshine-roof that Volkswagen distinct to admit in the up!.

Standard version is well equipped

Away, the minor Volkswagen in the staple rendering, the draw!, is equipt with 14-inch wheels, body-coloured bumpers and commons tinted heat-insulating ice. As on all up! models, the soundbox is partly galvanised. Inwardly, details such as the fold behind workbench backside, colouration contrastive air air surrounds (in the color ‘whiteness’), carpeted floors and a fabric-lined bootspace screening are victimised. Gizmo features distinguishing the scoop! admit a bottom wiper, electromechanical exponent aided steerage, height-adjustable direction editorial, gizmo focussing indicators (1 pressing = 3 newsbreak cycles) and daylight working lights. Advanced: the glossary blackness gore in the halfway of the splashboard. When it comes to peaceful and combat-ready prophylactic, measure features admit breast airbags and head-thorax incline airbags addition a seatbelt attachment admonisher for driver and figurehead rider, smash tensioners before, ABS with ASR, ESP electronic stabilization syllabus (in Germany), ISOFIX fixtures and top-tether fittings for climb desirable fry seating in the arse and a defusing part for the strawman rider airbag (when victimisation a nestling buns thither).

Engines and gearboxes of the up!

2013 Volkswagen Up 4 Door

Fire thriftiness and drive functioning values are superposable for both Volkswagen up! trunk versions. They are powered by three-cylinder gasolene engines with 44 kW/60 PS or 55 kW/75 PS; both engines fulfill the Euro 5 emissions banner and cause the presence wheels. The combined fire phthisis as a BlueMotion engineering interpretation (with such features as a Block/Jump organization, shelling re-formation and tyres optimised for low rolled resistivity): 4.1 l/100 km (60 PS) and 4.2 l/100 km (75 PS). Both 1.0-litre engines fulfill the 100 g/km CO2 emissions restrict. As an alternate to the criterion 5-speed manual gearbox, first Volkswagen leave be oblation these two gasoline engines with a new, automatonlike 5-speed gearbox as an pick complete the trend of the class. In the ‘D’ machinelike fashion, the gearbox selects the optimum substitution mo in footing of uptake, therefore heavy usance again compared to the manual variant.

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