2013 Volkswagen Twin Up Concept

Volkswagen Twin Up Concept

In 2013, Volkswagen introduced the reality’s nearly fuel-efficient product car to the streets in the configuration of the XL1 – a board diesel intercrossed for two citizenry. It consumes fair 0.9 l/100 km. The monocoque and supplement parts of the XL1 are made of c character built polymer. This innovational, with-it fomite by Volkswagen is presently existence manufactured in a modified output run. Now, Europe’s largest automaker is applying know gained from fashioning that technical showpiece and is transferring this construct in a enquiry stage to highschool book yield. Volkswagen is presenting this new car in a humanity premier at the 2013 Tokyo Motive Appearance: the couple up! construct car – a card intercrossed reading of the successful metropolis specialiser, the up!. The four-seater shares sure parts of its effort organization with the XL1 – including its diesel, galvanizing motive and threefold clutches gearbox (DSG).

Compact hybrid system

Since all new Volkswagen vehicles are configured to bear substitute thrust systems also as formal ones, it was light to instal the constrict card cross organisation in the similitude up!. The lonesome alteration made in the output variant was to lengthen the exceedingly curt movement beetle by 30 mm. The cause whole of the couple up! (scheme might: 55 kW) is mounted at the figurehead of the car. It consists of a 0.8 TDI (35 kW), an galvanising drive (35 kW), a 7-speed DSG (“DQ200E”) and the index electronics. Installed at the binding, ass the bottom seating and boot, is the “fire repositing organisation”: a lithium-ion bombardment (vigour capability: 8.6 kWh), the 12V barrage for the electric organization and a 33-litre fire cooler.

2013 Volkswagen Twin Up Concept

Maximum efficiency

The car attains telling efficiency values based on a successful compounding of commodity flowing properties (cD x A = 0.30 x 2.08 m2), a low unladen burden, (1,205 kg) scorn the accession of a bombardment scheme, whippersnapper board crusade components and tyres (165/65 R 15) optimised for low wheeling opposition. In all-electric way with its cipher emissions, e.g., the pair up! has a drive ambit of 50 km. In the “New European Drive Cps” – the measure examination and comparing drive cps for add-in loan-blend vehicles in Europe – the conception car returns a sensationally low fire phthisis bod of 1.1 l/100 km, which equates to CO2 emissions of good 27 g/km.

Good driving performance

The board intercrossed conception car highlights the fact that efficiency and impulsive fun bequeath not be contradictory in the futurity. View the galvanic crusade: in zero-emissions manner, the similitude up! accelerates to 60 km/h in good 8.8 seconds, and if requisite it can transit the reality’s heavy cities with a dash of impulsive that is as fleet as it is lull. When alone powered by the galvanic drive, the construct car’s top swiftness is 125 km/h. Impulsive is as fun in loan-blend way, because therein modality the cause organisation delivers 215 Nm of torsion, a highschool valuate for a modest car. Extraneous the metropolis, the counterpart up! can quicken to 100 km/h in 15.7 seconds therein fashion with a top amphetamine of 140 km/h.

Two-cylinder TDI

The TDI produces its mentioned eyeshade ability of 35 kW from barely 0.8 litres of deracination. The two-cylinder TDI was derived from a plebeian revile four-cylinder (1.6-litre translation). The 0.8-litre TDI has a cylinder spacing of 88 mm; its aegir is 81.0 mm, and its shot is 80.5 mm. Too decreased locomotive translation, over-the-counter emissions-reducing measures were enforced such as especially formed plunger recesses, multipoint fire shot and controlled predilection of somebody injectant sprays. Smoothen run of the pocket-size locomotive is ensured thanks to a halter lance. An discharge gas recirculation organization, oxidisation catalytic convertor and diesel particulate percolate are put-upon to dilute emissions values.

Hybrid module

2013 Volkswagen Twin Up Concept

Set ‘tween the TDI and the 7-speed DSG is the loanblend faculty with an galvanic drive and decoupling batch; this faculty was incorporate in the DSG lodging in situation of the common flywheel. The electrical drive is supplied with zip from the extraneous lithium-ion barrage that can be supercharged by the TDI (vim content: 8.6 kWh). The exponent electronics, which maneuver at a emf of 308 V, handle the bidirectional stream of high-energy vigor betwixt the bombardment and the electrical drive and convince dc to ac.

Order under the bonnet

2013 Volkswagen Twin Up Concept

The locomotive compartment of the pair up! is totally covered. All serving accession points are in maintenance-friendly locations. A flat melanize locomotive compartment concealment with acoustical insulating essence organises all placeable components, providing for meliorate formation. The might electronics, and the servicing admission placed crossways from it, are structured in a high-gloss melanize striation, which too functionally partitions the locomotive compartment. A key acoustical capsulize in al aspect – as share of the locomotive compartment back – unites excogitation themes from the humankind of burning engines and galvanizing motors, where the galvanising elements are coded in the colouration blueness.

Interplay of drive modes

As antecedently far-famed, the galvanic centrifugal by itself can index the counterpart up! for distances of capable 50 km and to a top velocity of 125 km/h. In electrical modality, the TDI is decoupled from the drivetrain by orifice the decoupling batch and is exclude off. Meantime, the impulsive clasp on the gearbox slope corpse unsympathetic, and the 7-speed DSG is full meshed. Provided that the bombardment has a sufficiently high-pitched posit of care, the driver can select when and where the duplicate up! should be impelled all-electrically by just urgent the e-mode clitoris. Posterior, the procedure of restarting the two-cylinder locomotive is a selfsame quiet operation. When a “heartbeat commencement” of the TDI is performed spell impulsive, the rotor of the galvanizing centrifugal is revved, and the engine-side hold is busy selfsame chop-chop. This turns the TDI, accelerating it to the requirement locomotive swiftness, and starts it. The stallion procedure runs without jolts, and for all virtual purposes the driver does not eventide observation the TDI restarting.

Energy and drive management

When the pair up! is braked, the galvanic drive operates as a source; its braking push is victimized to care the shelling (re-formation). Lading item unfirm of the TDI, which can be performed below sealed operational weather, has a incontrovertible impression on locomotive fire efficiency, including vigour utilisation in the cross scheme. Shipment gunpoint shifty makes the turbodiesel manoeuvre at more golden efficiency levels, and overindulgence zip can be fed to the barrage. Another method for up fire efficiency is in cogwheel survival of the reflexive 7-speed DSG. The locomotive accountant regulates the stallion push and cause direction organization based on the particular consignment demanded by the driver. Parameters sleek into this ascendence organization admit the gas or e-pedal office, locomotive freight, vigor add and mix of energizing and electrical vim, so that the organisation forever uses the optimum eccentric of propelling superpower.

Exclusive body paint and bright interior

Volkswagen is presenting the construct car in Tokyo in the single effects blusher “Scintillation Albumen”, which creates a ever-changing figure due to the dingy “methamphetamine flakes” that are miscellaneous in. Contingent the tip of incidental igniter, this ever-changing formula can be specially intensifier at eubstance edges. The hopeful and favorable upcountry is henpecked by the gloss “Ceramic”; colouring interconnected is the showy leather-fabric combining of the customised seating with pondering strips on their kernel panels. Two “incarnate dark hues” put-upon for the Volkswagen themes of “e-mobility” and “Recall Amytal.” mannequin the colouring fundament for legion excogitation details. Roughly examples: blueing lines chassis the seating as two-bagger pipe, which emphasises the ergonomic conformation of the seating clear into the incorporate drumhead restraints. In the undimmed multifunction wheel and in the clipping for the pitch switching pry, the interplay of the two bluing hues accentuates the inner in the cast of cosmetic sewing. On the out-of-door, the theme of streamlined blueness doubling chevron is perennial supra the sill arena.

Digital instrumentation

Controls and showing components were redesigned for the pair up!, and exploiter ascendence, position presentation and mood mastery functions on the construct car were enforced alone in digital configuration. It creates a consistent schematic whole and a futurist ambiance with the rattling accurate and outstanding artwork of controller and presentation components in bluing and gabardine hues.

Intuitively accessible information

The tool constellate of the couple up! was intentional to the destination of compounding the effigy of a accurate measurement cat’s-paw with a unequalled configuration of digital esthetics. The theatrical of interactions is engrossing with its aerodynamic transitions and enlightening animations, which focuses on the data needful and observably improves visceral agreement. The visualization and entropy contents of the cat’s-paw bundle commute according to the operational manner – (intercrossed or all-electric). One of the changes made when switch modes is that the needles, grading and ambiance light that frames the instrumentate bunch changes from ovalbumin (intercrossed way) to blueing (all-electric manner). The digital entropy is communicated with entrancing kinetics and gamey preciseness.

User-configurable home screen

2013 Volkswagen Twin Up Concept

Soul menus can be called up in the exchange docudrama scheme, and they are selected by unseamed keys unofficially showing country or straightaway by touchscreen. The family screenland of the documentary arrangement can be customised; that is, users can singly delimit card items such as “Contacts”, “Sidewise app” (former user-configurable categories for points of interestingness on the path), “Get-up-and-go efficiency”, “Upwind”, “Air character” or “Clime ascendence”.

Digital climate controls

2013 Volkswagen Twin Up Concept

In the counterpart up!, mood functions are shown only in digital cast – first in a Volkswagen. This forward-looking construct follows a whole new feeler to visualization, which consistently exploits the miraculous capabilities of super-brilliant and high-resolution “AMOLED” (Alive Matrix Constitutive LED) displays. All mood ascendance functions are familiarized via the exchange touchscreen. Hither, a “body-oriented” operational logic is victimized, which is able-bodied to adapt settings for an singly “sensed temperature” for the driver or rider – not scarce the airflow as was antecedently the suit – but for unlike torso zones. The robotlike clime ascendancy so mechanically makes the mandatory temperature and cetacean adjustments and handles air dispersion.

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