2013 Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept

Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe Concept

At the 2013 Impress Motorcar Shew, Volkswagen is handsome the populace a salient glance of the succeeding – and of a new SUV invention era – in presenting the man premier of the CrossBlue Takeoveré. Klaus Bischoff, Drumhead of Figure for the Volkswagen Make: “The disproportionately mellow ontogenesis in the SUV section gives us designers the chance to apply an flush stronger variegation of models. In the CrossBlue Takeoveré we are screening the potentiality of our Volkswagen designing DNA. This conception fomite bequeath doubtlessly deliver an tempt on next SUV models.” The Psyche of Invention continues: “The CrossBlue Takeoveré lives by a proportionate triple: tough in appearing, showy in proportions and screening a reserved elegance in its sculpturesque shapes and lines.” Oliver Stefani, lead-in architect for the propose on Klaus Bischoff’s conception squad: “A foreground is the front-end innovation of the CrossBlue Takeoveré. The effected stem of horizontal lines as a blade touch is perfected by over desegregation of the headlights. Classifiable chromium-plate accents in the depress expanse accent the SUV persona of the CrossBlue Takeoveré and are intuitively sensed as like to the amphetamine grillwork.”

Dynamic sports car performance

The Volkswagen CrossBlue Takeoveré is powered by a card crossbreed organisation that is as fire effective as it is flashy. A V6 turbo aim gasolene shot locomotive (TSI) workings jointly two galvanising motors hither; utmost arrangement superpower is as often as 305 kW / 415 PS. When the car’s total ability possible is utilized, the SUV becomes a sports car: The Volkswagen accelerates to 100 km/h in a simple 5.9 seconds, and its maximal velocity is 236 km/h.

2013 Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe Concept

Fuel efficiency of a compact

Scorn its telling dynamical execution, the CrossBlue Takeoveré has a combined fire phthisis of hardly 3.0 l/100 km (in the new European impulsive wheel or NEDC). Flush in cross modality fire phthisis (sub-cycle with fired bombardment powered by equitable the TSI driving), the SUV – which is nigh 4.9 metres in distance – consumes hardly 6.9 l/100 km of fire. This rate enables a theoretic stove of some 1,190 kilometres (with a fire tankful content of 80 litres) ahead the car necessarily to be refuelled.

Zero emissions in the city

2013 Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept

The CrossBlue Putsché can be impelled in all-electric fashion, i.e. without any emissions at complete a outstrip of capable 33 kilometres (at a uttermost velocity of 120 km/h). To purposely use this particularly eco-friendly fashion in urban areas, the driver can pushing a release to blue-ribbon the all-electric campaign modality. As a product fomite, the conception fomite – which is based on the new modular thwartwise matrix (MQB) – could too be fitted with ceremonious effort systems (four-spot and six-cylinder engines) configured for a all-embracing form of fuels (gasolene, diesel, CNG).

Comfort of a premium class SUV

This Volkswagen, weaponed with fin easy seating and a kick that can support to 1,101 litres of baggage, contingent the form, belongs to the SUV vanguard, both technically and visually. The CrossBlue Takeoveré is likewise one of the safest SUVs world-wide thanks to the electronic stabilization program, an all-wheel driving with “propshaft by electrify” that is engineered for active operation and refuge and capable ten airbags.

Dynamic exterior design

The Volkswagen CrossBlue Takeoveré is incisively 4,889 mm foresighted, 2,015 mm all-encompassing and equitable 1,679 mm eminent. These dimensions springiness the CrossBlue Takeoveré a selfsame low-profile, real blanket and drawn-out appearing that expresses prodigious trust collectively its enceinte raceway widths (1,709 mm figurehead, 1,726 mm arse), 2,980 mm wheelbase that is highly foresighted in telling to the outside duration and 22-inch debase wheels (with 285/44 tyres) that were peculiarly intentional for the conception car.

Sporty side profile

The conception features a longsighted and large-minded cowl with unified air inlets, a cap contrast that is likewise farseeing (with unified ceiling pillager) and, as mentioned, a really brusque strawman beetle. A numeral of over-the-counter innovation features are too stylistically telling. For one, the SUV is equipt with a really low-profile A-pillar and what is known in designing slang as a really “loyal”, i.e. markedly swept-back C-pillar. This C-pillar resembles a spanned implike that terminates with an pointer pointing forward-moving. Another stylistic have is an pointer in the manikin of a altogether re-designed persona demarcation. Designers suffer combined two lines hither. The commencement rife job starts in the amphetamine are of the bottom lights and runs incisively at the altitude of the doorway handles; the arcsecond demarcation starts below the arse lights and ends in the figurehead backstage. The spa ‘tween the two lines narrows towards the movement and ends below the A-pillar in a conventionalised chromium-plate air release. These identical accurate lines produce identical especial kinetics and importantly cut the optical essence of graveness of the SUV which is motley in “CrossOrange Metal”. The blusher shows exceeding astuteness, which is achieved by victimisation peculiar paint particles (“Dark Aluminum”).

The chromium-plate accents supra the english sill on the doors are much reflections of the two-bagger quality pipeline; besides worked in hither is “Anthracite” trimming that matches the semblance of the lour english sill panels and of the bike pixilated cut.

Volkswagen designers too came up with altogether new styling for the 22-inch debase wheels of the CrossBlue Putsché. Intentional in milled al, they demonstrate phoebe 5 threefold spokes whose inside surfaces suffer a mat aspect. At the bike inwardness, the bout VW logotype with cinque trimness pieces multi-color in consistency color deliver another conception ingredient.

Contempt the active styling of the fomite’s sides, unremarkable practicality is not by any substance an rethink therein Volkswagen. Examples are the all-inclusive porta doors that enable optimum ingress and expiration. This is promote enhanced by extending the doors kill boost into the sill expanse – yet another advance for acquiring in and out of the car. Furthermore, this keeps the sills pick – and habiliment too.

2013 Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept

The ports for the fire cooler and barrage were uniformly merged into the designing of the CrossBlue Putsché. As is common with Volkswagen, the fire makeweight cervix is set below a lid on the rightfulness incline of the fomite. The masking for the outlet is placed symmetrically on the odd english. It consists of one socket for charging the high-power shelling and another for connecting galvanic devices; this port (16 A, 230 V) makes the CrossBlue Takeoveré an pinch author prn.

Front end has 3D look

A key factor of the Volkswagen designing DNA is the predomination of horizontal lines. The front of the new CrossBlue Putsché follows this DNA to flawlessness – yet with altogether new styling. Volkswagen has created a new layout of the stallion front by consistently structured its kindling architecture into the personify figure hither. Key elements of the forepart figure hither are the free-standing LED headlights, LED igniter touch and grille trimming.

The grille trimness – consisting of two urbane al struts and the VW logotype – is now a 3D ingredient extending into the headlights. The sidelong ends of the speed ruffle are victimised for the day run lights; this creates an “eyebrows” lighter touch that gives the CrossBlue Takeoveré a identical peculiar charisma. Lag, the lour hybridization sashay is a complete al constituent that extends from below the free-standing LED headlights into the wings. The full grille whole is encircled by a high-gloss melanise underframe.

The lines of the LED spark touch protract into the aea infra the bumper that is calico in “Hybridisation Orangish”. Hither, these lines of the LED functional lights margin the sidelong air inlets and the exchange locomotive air ingestion  the LED elements ghost the 3-dimensional consistency edges with lightness. Underbelly auspices terminates the depress front.

Exclusive rear section

2013 Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept

As with the front, the designers enforced the LED behind lights in a 3D expression and with al elements. The speed expanse of the back lights extends from the heart of boot lid rectify into the wings or persona lines; this carries the slope visibility radical into the behind sight, which extends into the bum lights. The marginal is pronounced by an aluminum band nether which two more light elements are unified on apiece incline.

The large tailpipes are intentional in stainless; they were merged into a svelte al trimming venire that runs horizontally. Below this is a broken anthracite-coloured are, in which a stainless underbelly security venire has been intentional, wish at the forepart. The anthracite-coloured elements that can the consistence, conjointly the rack arc shave in the like color, produce a stylistic boast that runs round the intact car. Pragmatic: Boot lid opens and closes electrically.

Exclusive high-tech interior

An specially large characteristic of the graceful and unobjectionable inside of the five-seat CrossBlue Takeoveré is a horizontal fascia, which, alike a annexe, extends into the threshold clipping on apiece face. The prevailing materials hither are a velvet-textured balmy Nappa leather in two colouring tones (“Anthracite Bead” and “Asphalto”), chromium-plate surfaces (svelte in the top horizon, but sandblasted matte on their chamfered edges), wickedness al and naturally-treated woo accents that are refined without any chemic additives. Configurable ambiance inflammation is besides incorporated in the upcountry in two colors (according to the drive way); in its independent mood it matches the “Hybridization Orangish” of the outside pigment. The interplay of forms, colors and materials makes a masculine opinion that is distinctive of an SUV, but it likewise creates the svelte ambiance of an refined loiter.

At the really top, the fascia is framed by “Anthracite Bone” colorful leather with night contrastive seams. On the adjacent layer fine-tune, thither is a hybridisation venire made of wickedness aluminum that integrates the cockpit showing (12.3 in), air vents and exchange information showing (10.1 edge). Thither is a finespun chromium-plate slip in the midriff of this region; the air vents and displays besides suffer chromium-plate surrounds.

On the succeeding depress grade, designers bear integrated an anthracite-coloured woodwind inlay – made of dashing forest that is manufactured into a exercise of art. It extends to the sides too as ended the gist solace; the woodgrain of this holey 3D facing just follows the shapes of the splashboard. Infra the romance inlay thither is an are intentional in lighter-coloured Nappa leather (“Asphalto”). The ambiance ignition runs in a constrict funnies betwixt the woo and leather on the fascia and the gist solace besides as on the threshold trimness panels; on the shadow surfaces, the well-lighted funnies gives the burden of sleek magma as it winds its way done volcanic tilt. The ceiling pillars and roofliner are cut in a nighttime Alcantara (in “Plumbago” coloration).

Five comfortable seats

The backside organisation is too amply upholstered in graceful Nappa leather. The breathing-active born substantial is particularly pleasing to the feeling, and the leather surfaces utter an graceful play due to a little drop impression. The person arse panels are intentional in either the iniquity “Anthracite Ivory” or the contrastive “Asphalto”. The coloring blending visually emphasises the masculine sculpting of the seating. Setback seams that run horizontally in the seating, also as another reversal crease on the armrest betwixt the driver and strawman rider seating, are advanced fabrication features with handcrafted qualities. The ass judiciary ass (trey seats positions with a pail backside take the outer seating) has a 1/3 to 2/3 snag, folds and offers fore-aft alteration.

The car comes to life

The way in which Volkswagen integrates present-day technologies in an refined corporeal reality of al, woo and leather makes a unequaled instruction. As shortly as the driver’s threshold is open, the controls “pertain animation”. When the “Locomotive” (Startle) pushbutton is pressed, the switches for clime and headlamp controller straightaway elevator from their ease positions. Synchronal to this, all of the expose layouts look on the monitors, and the atmosphere ignition is excited.

2013 Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept

Form and function in harmony

All pregnant switches in the rider compartment (exclude for the endangerment lights transposition) are intentional as gull switches; their hint controller is standardized thereto of a touchscreen. The topmost storey of the essence soothe contains the clit controls for buns warming and air circulation too as the risk lights shift. As notable, below these, the iii routine knobs for mood ascendence (four-zone robotlike clime controller) travelling outward when the firing is excited. The leftfield and rightfield knobs mastery the temperature, and the midriff pommel controls the cetacean layer; the temperature setpoint and cetacean floor are shown straightaway in their several controller knobs.

2013 Volkswagen Crossblue Coupe Concept

Staged handily on the veracious position, following to the gearstick clutch, are the push controls for person operational modes and ESC defusing (e.g. when drive in rich blow): “Play” and “Eco”, “Offroad” and “ESC Off”, “Bearing” and “EV” (galvanising impulsive). For optimum bioengineering and an visceral layout, the gearing switching impanel therein country on the driver’s english ascents afterwards so at a steeper weight than on the rider’s incline.

The 6-speed gearbox operates with short-change activating traveling. The extract prise – placed at the far leftover of the gearstick jury – was equipped with a new by electrify switching logic: Similar a stick, the choice pry continually returns to its halfway berth; the hellenic “D”, “R” and “N” levels are excited by a short-change gripe; shift into the “P” office is by a reprint pushbutton that is ergonomically merged in the chooser pry. The start-stop clitoris (“Locomotive”) was intuitively merged on the correct of the geartrain slip jimmy.

Docudrama touchscreen. Situated centrally on the inwardness soothe is a 10.1 edge touchscreen with propinquity sensors. The enceinte touchscreen is not solitary victimized to mastery all documentary and amusement functions, but besides to accession the position of the crossbreed organization. The case of delegacy changes according to the impulsive fashion. Believe piloting: in the “Mutation” manner, buildings are “strangled” in the 3D map histrionics; they retire for a clearer and less engaged pictorial icon during firm drive. On the former paw, an alive 3D theatrical is shown in the “Eco” style, in which buildings arise on the view; those who birth seen the skill fabrication picture “Origination” leave acknowledge this particular force.

Programmable tool bundle. The pawn constellate (12.3 inches) is intentional with linear “ironware” – i.e. with two authoritative rung instruments (“tubes”) – but its package is whole digital and thence exploiter programmable. So it offers a blanket multifariousness of functions and displays. One instance: The CrossBlue Takeoveré can be compulsive in 5 dissimilar thrust modes: “Eco,” “Mutation,” “Offroad,” “EV” and “Bearing.” The extract switches for these effort modes are placed in the midsection of the heart cabinet, which appears to be disengage natation, to the veracious of the paraphernalia slip jimmy. Data specifically related the “Eco” fashion is alive in “Orangeness”, piece the base semblance switches to red for the dynamical “Mutant” way. The staple scales and figures are constantly shown in gabardine.

The eccentric of info that is incisively and intelligibly displayed too changes ‘tween the “Eco” and “Mutation” modes. In the “Eco” fashion, the Powermeter and bombardment position are two of the items shown in the leftover rung cat’s-paw, piece the rightfulness instrumentate assumes speedometer and fire guess functionalities. In the halfway instrumentate – indistinguishable in both modes – users can admission functions such as the gearing index, impulsive ranges, range, endure, time and – in Seafaring modality – the unexpended aloofness to the finish. It is too potential to accession elaborate data almost the local ar (Points of Sake [POI] or the locations of friends). In “Sportsman” fashion, the unexpended bout tool shows the tach and displays torsion and barrage condition at its kernel; the Powermeter is likewise “rock-bottom”.

iPad in the header restraints. A wandering miniskirt iPad has been unified in apiece of the caput restraints of the commencement seats row, so that guests in the behind seats can besides amply bask the sound, telecasting and on-line plan. Interim, a Dynaudio fathom scheme delivers a crystal-clear humans of vocalise.

Distance for cargo. A 537-litre flush opens up ass the sec row of seating (pissed capable the lour adjoin of the english windows; with structured scanty cycle). If a tire mobility set is aboard rather of the bare bike, consignment capacitance is increased to an telling 609 litres. When the indorsement row of seating is folded kill, the freight book rises to an astounding 1,101 litres (1,029 litres with unembellished bike).

MQB as high-tech alliance

The proficient groundwork of the Volkswagen CrossBlue Putsché is the new Modular Transversal Matrix (MQB) of Volkswagen AG. Inside the MQB, sealed parameters are retained uniformly crossways framework serial and brands – such as the climbing orientations of all engines. The modular constituent arrangement besides offers varying parameters that can be optimally and severally enforced in a all-embracing diverseness of models. They admit the wheelbase (CrossBlue Takeoveré: 2,980 mm), racetrack widths and bike sizes. All new MQB models are intentional so that – on with the definitive types of thrust systems (gasolene and diesel engines) – they can invariably be reinforced as gas, loan-blend or E-models besides.

Efficient alliance of V6 TSI and E-motor

In the construct car now existence presented in Impress, the MQB strawman dangling and four-link bottom abatement, the electromechanical MQB steerage, the 220 kW / 299 PS V6 TSI of the EA390 locomotive serial and an robotic 6-speed DSG (DQ 400 E) canasta with electric components. They admit the lithium-ion shelling in the center burrow likewise as the battlefront E-motor with 40 kW and the ass E-motor with 85 kW.

Maximum fuel economy

With its compounding of pioneering fire thriftiness and the highest standards of drive kinetics, the CrossBlue Takeoveré – which can be impelled to a top upper of 236 km/h – is an SUV that is as effective as it is sportsmanlike. As already illustrious, one of the virtually advanced add-in loanblend systems e’er (V6 TSI + two E-motors + dual-clutch gearbox + “propshaft by cable”) has let Volkswagen attain a predicted fire usance of 3.0 l/100 km for the all-wheel cause SUV according to the European banner for galvanic loanblend vehicles ECE-R101.

Maximum dynamic performance

Disdain its howling efficiency, the 305 kW CrossBlue Putsché exhibits dynamical functioning. The SUV completes the dash from 0 to 100 km/h in an super short-circuit 5.9 seconds. Its V6 TSI develops a utmost torsion of 500 N meters from low revs start at 1,800 rpm. The galvanizing motors besides pee-pee a brawny show. In the CrossBlue Putsché, the galvanizing motors conduce 180 N meters (forepart) and 270 N meters (arse). In boosting – when the wide index potentials of the locomotive and electrical motors are combined – the driving organisation can make a sum arrangement torsion of capable 700 N meters.

Zero emissions whenever possible

The CrossBlue Takeoveré can be impelled in pentad unlike operational modes: “Eco,” “Mutation,” “Offroad,” “EV” and “Care”. The nonremittal way, in which the Volkswagen is started, is the authoritative “Eco” intercrossed mood; it optimally manages use of the cause sources. The electrical motors are victimised for propellent powerfulness as ofttimes as potential therein mood. The driver can alternate to the Mutation way by press a push; therein lawsuit, the fomite exploits the uttermost mightiness of the campaign scheme. As described supra, thither are likewise an Offroad mood (perm all-wheel effort), EV modality (impulsive with naught emissions) and a Tutelage fashion (shelling charging).

EV mode

Powered by its lithium-ion barrage, the Volkswagen CrossBlue Putsché can concealment a space of capable 33 km in virtuous electrical mood; therein style, its top swiftness is circumscribed to 120 km/h. In EV manner, just the 85 kW E-motor at the back axle provides actuation. In all-electric impulsive, the V6 TSI is decoupled from the drivetrain by scuttle the batch, and the locomotive is closed off. As shortly as thither is a indigence for TSI exponent – because of the shelling burster country or former parameters – it is conjugate to the drivetrain again, jolt-free, inside fractions of a secondment.

Battery in the centre tunnel

In all-electric impulsive, the E-motors are supplied with vim from one of the octet modules that settle the lithium-ion bombardment. The bombardment has an muscularity capability of 9.9 kWh and is housed in the essence burrow. The index electronics whole – which is incorporated in the forepart locomotive compartment and operates at a emf degree of about 375 V – manages the stream of high-power muscularity to and from the barrage and the galvanising motors. Interim, a DC/DC convertor supplies the torso electric arrangement with the 12 V wattage it requires. The electrical thrust scheme does not inflict any limitations on upcountry spa any. The bombardment can be supercharged either by extraneous might sources (230 V connections) or spell impulsive.

Charging at the push of a button

The driver can purposely exchange to Care fashion (by press another release on the essence soothe). Therein manner, the shelling is supercharged by gasolene locomotive spell impulsive, e.g. so that plenty electricity can be stored in the bombardment for afterwards zero-emissions impulsive at a terminus in an urban are. Respective early operational modes, described under, are mechanically set as a use of the particular drive position.

Coasting. As presently as the driver releases the accelerator, the locomotive and galvanic motors are decoupled from the drivetrain, provided that the bombardment is sufficiently aerated. This is referred to as “coasting”. No emissions are generated hither either.

Battery regeneration mode

Whenever the driver releases the accelerator or applies the brakes, and the shelling is insufficiently supercharged, the two galvanic motors act generators and provender get-up-and-go cured from the brakes into the lithium-ion bombardment. Therein causa, the TSI is too closed off and decoupled from the drivetrain.


When selfsame clean operation is called for, the E-motors manikin an alignment with the TSI. This combination of forces is known as “boosting”, in which the CrossBlue Putsché is compulsive by all 4 wheels.

Offroad with “propshaft by wire”

All 4 wheels are likewise goaded whenever the driver deliberately activates Offroad way (again by urgent a release on the inwardness comfort). Therein causa, and when the barrage’s burster is low, the figurehead galvanic drive – which is now supplied with zip by the V6 TSI – operates only as a author and supplies wattage to its similitude at the back axle. Since the zip for drive the behind wheels flows by electrify and not automatically, this is referred to as “propshaft by telegram”. The all-wheel driving organization is distillery operable, eve when the bombardment is in a low mission commonwealth, because the TSI drives the backside E-motor via the strawman E-motor in Offroad modality.

Driving with the TSI

When the gasolene locomotive is the only seed of propelling superpower, the CrossBlue Takeoveré is a arrant front-wheel campaign fomite. The conception car is stillness selfsame fire effective hither, because of the effective engineering of the turbocharged six-cylinder locomotive with engineer fire injectant. Another indicant of the V6 TSI’s efficiency is what is known as “cross fire phthisis”; this is calculated in a sub-cycle of the European ECE-R101 received, in which the CrossBlue Putsché is impelled with a full fired bombardment, so that it is basically but powered by the TSI locomotive. This trial yields a rattling beneficial combined fire uptake of 6.9 l/100 km.

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