2013 Toyota Verso

Toyota Verso

Tailor-made to play the progressively wide-ranging demands of nowadays’s MPV client, every previous version of the Toyota Reverse has been highly-developed solely for the European marketplace. Launched in 2002, the beginning propagation exemplar sold 100,289 units. Second generation Toyota Reverse of 2004 achieved sales of 410,236 units, and the one-third propagation manakin has sold 144,638 units since its establish in 2009.

Apiece serial contemporaries has combined Toyota’s fabled Timbre, Strength and Reliableness with undischarged evaluate for money, surpassing capaciousness inside contract outside dimensions, and trueness multi-purpose fomite practicality and versatility of the accompany’s Gentle Flatbed seats organisation.

Edifice on these highly-prized kernel attributes, the new Toyota Reverse targets respective key areas for advance, oblation customers greater levels of manner, vigour, comforter and desirableness to pass a compelling, no-compromise press C-segment MPV pick.

2013 Toyota Verso

It features Toyota’s boldface new innovation words with a unclutter class indistinguishability, improved inner calibre and styling, a revised 2.0 D-4D locomotive with bettor torsion rescue and depress CO2 emissions, frown NVH levels, and enhanced drive kinetics for improved drive puff and a more antiphonal, piquant and pleasurable cause.

Restyled at ED2, Toyota’s European pattern core in France, and with concluded 470 changed parts (60% seeable, 40% related drive kinetics and NVH), the new Toyota Reverse represents a comp simulation mid-lifecycle ascent for Toyota in Europe.

2013 Toyota Verso

2013 Toyota Verso

Constitutional to Toyota’s C-segment greening, the new Reverse has been aforethought, intentional, engineered and reinforced nether the leaders of Toyota Motive Europe. This is the troupe’s offset all-out externalize to incorporated European-based Merchandise Preparation, Innovation, R & D and Buying from construct provision ahead, as office of Toyota’s regional scheme.

Reinforced only at Toyota Centrifugal Fabrication Joker, the new Reverse is expected to betray some 50,000 units in 2013, handsome the companionship a 5% portion in the C-MPV section.

New Toyota Frontal Design Treatment and Upgraded Interior

The new Toyota Reverse represents a saucy, more sinewy and advanced version of the 3rd coevals Toyota MPV’s classifiable, dual-zone styling, delivery an step-up in pizzazz and oomph to the invention.

New, more strong-growing and attractive forepart and backside styling, places the stress on breadth instead than altitude whilst, in visibility, the new Toyota Reverse retains the dynamical, uncut quality demarcation which delineates the hood and cabin from the figure and ass loadspace.

To the breast, the new Toyota Reverse features the party’s salient Below Precedence excogitation lyric and Piercing Face styling elements, hallmarking it as the modish manakin in the Toyota kinfolk line-up, with a solid optical association to the party’s otc heart European models.

The Below Antecedence innovation features a expectant, trapezoidal lour grillwork set inside a redesigned presence bumper, and a littler amphetamine wicket track wide-cut breadth betwixt the new headlamps.

Henpecked by a new, bigger Toyota badge which is set glower than its harbinger, the amphetamine wicket features a primal, chrome-plated horizontal shave bar which is visually lengthened into the headlight clusters to accent the breadth of the new Toyota Reverse.

Narrower and more sharply styled, the headlight clusters themselves unified Day Operative Lights (DRLs). Higher score models are weaponed with Gamy Volume Liberation (HID) lamps and LED DRLs.

The enceinte depress grillwork is flanked by inherent foglamps with chromium-plate beleaguer particularization. It features a soft melanize key goal, match chromium-plate strips and a full-width, aerodynamics-enhancing, body-coloured lip freebooter, again accentuating the breadth of the new Toyota Reverse and emphasising its all-embracing, deep-seated posture.

In visibility, the new Toyota Reverse retains the simulation’s earmark, dual-zone styling. This is distinctly uttered by a potent fiber contrast which flows from the lead bound of the presence bumper, insurrection done the depress butt of the doors earlier wholesale upwardly done the C-pillar to specify the roof-mounted despoiler.

The hellenic Toyota Reverse visibility is enhanced done littler, more active and aerodynamically effective, foldaway doorway mirrors featuring merged trafficator lights, and a pick of two new metal wheels. The 17″ alloys portion the invention of their harbinger but lineament a new, darker conclusion, whilst the new 16″ alloys birth a car faced destination.

To the arse, a new bumper excogitation incorporates an inbuilt low layer diffusor, emphasising the breadth and constancy of the new example. The taillight clusters boast colouring changes to the center lense, and, on boot lid, the Toyota badge is emphatic done the coating of a chromium-plate behind numberplate trim.

The new Toyota Reverse bequeath be uncommitted in a prize of 11 outside colors, of which 3 are new; Bead Tweed, Bright Blueing and Maritime Dark.

Upgraded Interior Design with Improved Sensory Quality

2013 Toyota Verso

The new Toyota Reverse inside builds on the family-oriented versatility, easiness of use, ergonomic efficiency and lastingness of its harbinger. Across-the-board revisions are intentional to concord instrumentality and switchgear, and raise both sensed and veridical cabin timbre done new finishes and passementerie particularization.

The ‘Fresh Wafture Pizzaz’ of the splasher excogitation -which lifts the cabin styling supra the schematic functionality of a traditional MPV- has been maintained. The innovation incorporates modern switchgear biotechnology, and places the gearshift as conclusion as potential to the wheel. The herculean, erect definition of the essence comfort separates the focussed functionality of the driver’s district from the relaxed quilt of the strawman rider’s zona.

2013 Toyota Verso

The two zones are interrelated by a crinkle ‘waving’ business operative the wide breadth of the dashboard, which houses the driver’s instrumentate binnacle. The binnacle, containing cylindric speedometer and rev’ counterpunch dials, is set-back to maximize the driver’s panorama of the route forward whilst hush odd inside his airfield of imaginativeness.

The new Toyota Reverse national features the all-embracing use of new passementerie particularization and a softer touch, satin nigrify pigment coating to raise sensed cabin timbre end-to-end. The amphetamine mitt box is now ruined in sucker substantial and the wheel is clothed in Nappa leather.

Fond satin chromium-plate passementerie highlights bear been applied to the driver’s instrumentate surrounds, the pawn binnacle punk rim, the air vents, panel, pitch slip bezel and threshold help grips. The threshold handgrip itself is now ruined in a new, satin blacken application.

The intro of orchestration and switchgear has been consonant done more ordered ignition and baptistery size. The driver’s meters are now back-lit in tweed for improved pellucidity and discernability, whilst the air conditioning dials and show, and all switchgear including windowpane switches are well-lighted in a cryptical orangish for readability without overweening misdirection astern wickedness.

A new rheostat shift allows for the concurrent alteration of both compounding cadence and all switchgear light, gift body to backlighting luminosity and vividness passim the internal.

Endure (introduction) and Fighting (mid) level models have a scope of new backside fabrics – blacken with blueness particularization for the Be course and melanise with whiten accents with a 3D force for Participating mark models. Backside pad backup has been improved on all grades, the bolsters themselves ruined in a sander, more long-wearing lamination.

Loiter (gamey) degree models are weaponed with leather buns bolsters with reduplicate sewing, and a leather threshold passementerie and core armrest conclusion. The Reverse Linger level is besides furnished with Fresh Ingress & Advertise Starting, whilst former grades are uncommitted with a foldaway jackass tongue key.

A 2,340 mm by 1,280 mm, uncut Skyview bird’s-eye cap is useable, delivery importantly more spark to the new national and greatly enhancing perceptions of cabin commodiousness.

Exceptional Interior Roominess and Versatile Packaging

At 4,460 mm, the new Toyota Reverse is hardly 20 mm yearner than its harbinger, the redesigned presence and bottom of the fomite accountancy for increases in duration of 15 mm and 5 mm severally.

Disdain its contract publicity, the new Toyota Reverse offers particular home spaciousness. It shares the old modeling’s farsighted, 2,780 mm wheelbase, and boasts a best-in-class, 975 mm brace outdistance ‘tween the beginning and irregular row of seating.

The Toyota Wanton Matted seats organisation offers unfeigned MPV tractableness, with 32 unlike seats permutations. Providing case-by-case seating in both sec and thirdly rows which may be folded flatcar without headrest remotion, arcsecond row seating with a sliding grasp of 195 mm, and reclining tertiary row seatbacks, it is acknowledged as one of the virtually hardheaded, pliable and visceral seats designs uncommitted.

All matt with s and tertiary row seating folded, the new Toyota Reverse’s loadspace is 1,575 mm yearn and 1,430 mm all-encompassing. With all ternary seats rows in situation, the baggage mass measures 155 litres. With the one-third row seating folded, it rises to 440 litres.

The Torso Direction organisation, situated below the bottom loadspace of 5-seat models, is nonsuch for storing worthful items out of horizon and besides provides store for the baggage tonneau screening when not engaged. Its content varies according to the pick of a irregular scanty tire or a tire fixing kit.

Seven-seat models equipt with a space-saver bare tire whirl an 11 litres depot box, whilst those featuring a tire fix kit stowed in a instrument box below the tertiary row seating crack extra capacitance sufficient to shop deuce-ace 6-pack cases of 1.5 l pliant bottles.

As befits a genuine Multi-Purpose Fomite, the new Toyota Reverse offers a comp reach of store compartments, including a match compartment glovebox featuring a cooled amphetamine segment enceinte sufficiency to clasp a 1.5 liter bottleful and an 8.2 liter glower subdivision.

It likewise has a wide center comfort box, generous threshold pockets, arse dorsum repositing below aviation-style, congregation out tables with inbuilt cupholders, a draftsman below the breast rider bottom, secondment row underfloor depot, an smash soothe and driver and rider pockets for cell and MP3 histrion reposition.

Lower NVH for Improved Cabin Quietness

The new Toyota Reverse features upgraded cabin NVH measures. The cony muffler has been redesigned with improved voice damping ‘tween the locomotive bay and cabin, maximizing locomotive fathom assimilation and flatus disturbance insulant.

The new 2.0 D-4D diesel whole has too been made more serenity by a step-down in burning dissonance.

Lead randomness has simultaneously been decreased done punter vocalize damping on the A-pillar, the acceptance of a littler, more flowing threshold mirror invention and improved waterproofing on all doorway corners.

In combining, these measures suffer resulted in a observably quieter on-board environs. The cabin juncture indicator has improved from 0.76 to 0.83, advance enhancing resident solace and promoting a greater sensation of eudaemonia in every seats post.

Enhanced Driving Dynamics

The constancy and cod comfortableness of a ceremonious carriage are central active attributes of the C-MPV section, and the Toyota Reverse is already apprehended for its eminent degree of stableness and the assurance it inspires in its drivers.

In the new Reverse, Toyota’s engineers get focussed on revisions to the fomite’s consistency rigidness, respite and Wattage Direction (EPS) to coalesce these substantive attributes with improved cod quilt, greater trunk mastery and, almost importantly, improved guidance feeling and answer for more spry, piquant treatment.

Revised Abeyance set-up for Improved Cod Ease

Both the breast MacPherson tittup and ass torque send abatement systems deliver been redeveloped. Muffler and valve settings let been changed to combining stalls manipulation with maximal drive solace for all fomite occupants.

Improved Steering Feel and Response

Improvements to steerage tone and reaction suffer been achieved done both bodyshell inflexibility enhancements and revisions to the Wattage Steerage itself.

Consistency inflexibility has been improved done the summation of excess welding points to the tailboard orifice circumvent and back doorway mainstay. And the movement suspension features new refreshful and reinforcements. The increases in bodyshell and respite climbing rigidness ameliorate consistence command and the faithfulness of the respite geometry and, thence, the amphetamine and truth of guidance reply.

In coincidence with these improvements in personify ascendence and abeyance faithfulness, the EPS ascendence package has been revised. The answer is an betterment in guidance preciseness, analogue reply and smell; the improved truth and feedback big Toyota Reverse drivers a stronger sentiency of connector to the route airfoil for greater assurance arse the bicycle.

Enhanced Aerodynamics

Benefitting from a new frontage excogitation and littler threshold mirrors, the new Toyota Reverse’s boilersuit streamlined operation has been improved by 5-10%. This has resulted in increased fire efficiency, meliorate NVH, a more well-situated tantalise and increased fomite stableness.

From the get-go, farting burrow psychoanalysis focussed on harmonising the bodywork conception, devising the use of subaltern, supplement sleek trimness components unneeded.

Item attending has been paying to the airflow below the MPV. A polish underfloor with locomotive, fire cooler and behind story covers, rack spats and a alary tailfin to the backside all impart to the streamlining of the airflow, the ascendence of perpendicular trunk crusade and the optimization of both forepart and bottom heave coefficients. The outcome is a blandish square job cod, a more controlled yaw answer, and enhanced ass stableness.

Compounding with these sleek enhancements, 17″ low wheeling opposition tyres are uncommitted to foster better the new Toyota Reverse’s fire efficiency.

More Efficient Powertrains

The new Toyota Reverse bequeath be weaponed with a prime of phoebe engines, all benefitting from the new frontage conception’s improved streamlined efficiency and the availableness of low rolled immunity 17″ tyres.

As a solution, and with no passing of execution, fire expenditure and CO2 emissions get reduced crossways the stallion locomotive stove, the latter from ‘tween 4 and 10 g/km.

The compass comprises a well revised 124 DIN hp 2.0 liter D-4D diesel, 150 DIN hp and 177 DIN hp versions of a 2.2 l D-CAT diesel, and a prime of 1.6 l, 132 DIN hp and 1.8 l, 147 DIN hp Valvematic gas engines. All engines too profit from the all-inclusive ranging sophisticated technologies and interior melioration programmes of Toyota Optimum Campaign.

The 2.2 l 150 DIN hp D-CAT diesel is paired to a 6-speed reflexive transmittal, the 177 DIN hp form to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The CO2 emissions of the onetime let been lowered by 9 g/km to 169 g/km, and those of the latter by 6 g/km to 153 g/km.

Simultaneously, the intermediate fire use of the 150 DIN hp locomotive has been lowered to 6.4 l/100 km, and that of the 177 DIN hp whole to 5.8 l/100 km.

2013 Toyota Verso

Both the 1.6 liter and 1.8 liter Valvematic gasolene engines are furnished with a 6-speed manual infection. Both engines’ CO2 emissions birth been lowered by 4 g/km, to 154 and 158 g/km severally. The modal fire phthisis of the 1.6 l locomotive has been decreased to 6.6 l/100 km, and that of the 1.8 liter whole to 6.8 l/100 km.

The 1.8 liter whole may likewise be furnished with a revised robotic Multidrive contagion which now incorporates a more ‘stepped’ cogwheel switching flavour, with locomotive revs edifice in a style more intimately coupled to fomite quickening.

Revised 2.0 Litre D-4D Diesel Engine

In acknowledgement of the 2.0 liter diesel powertrain’s popularity inside the C-MPV section, representing roughly 47% of the mix, Toyota has extensively revised its 124 DIN hp 2.0 l D-4D turbodiesel, which complies with Euro 5 emissions regulations and now comes criterion with a Diesel Particulate Strain (DPF).

Paired to a 6-speed manual transmittance, the whole has been revised to meliorate torsion pitch at low rpm and slenderize burning dissonance. CO2 emissions get been lowered by 10 g/km to 129 g/km, and fire usance has fallen by 0.4 l/100 km to solitary 4.9 l/100 km.

The whole features a new varying schnozzle turbocharger with a lour detrition comportment scheme and an galvanising actuator, and the torsion characteristics of apiece appurtenance sustain been familiarised. As a solution, maximal torsion of 310 Nm is now uncommitted 200 rpm originally and crosswise a wider rev isthmus, from 1,600-2,400 rpm, oblation a pronounced advance in higher gearing gas reaction.

CO2 emission-reducing lubrication and chilling tour improvements admit a 2-stage insistence oil ticker with improved oil jet, an optimised weewee ticker with a rock-bottom flow, and a twin-chamber oil pan to meliorate locomotive heating speeds. Release emissions are promote lowered done a new incandescence stopple restraint scheme and improvements to the building and finishing of the DPF.

The use of a rosin cylinder psyche concealment, oil tank bracket and calean thin locomotive slant by 5 kg. The diminution of rubbing done the espousal of a low clash vacancy heart, a low clash timing range and low viscousness oil advance raise fire efficiency. And burning melioration done a new plunger arena cast and the new luminescence scheme has noticeably lowered locomotive NVH.Boilersuit, generating higher torsion at depress revs, the locomotive is quieter and torsion rescue has suit more analog.

As an choice, the towing content of Toyota Reverse 2.0 D4D models can be increased by 200 kg, to 1,500 kg.

Three Grade Line-up with Improved Standard Equipment

The new Toyota Reverse carries o’er the ternary gradation scheme of its herald. Withal, with an enhanced inside and an addition in banner equipment for apiece class, it now represents level meliorate rate for money.

Experience degree modelling banner equipment has been increased to now admit presence foglamps, a Adopt Me Dwelling headlight role and the summation of unified trafficator lights to the electrically adjustable and het threshold mirrors.

To the already comp Subsist mark, Dynamic score adds electrically foldaway doorway mirrors, a forte-piano lightlessness rouge coating strawman permission garnishee, chromium-plate depress lattice reduce, chromium-plate foglamp surrounds, a meridian adjustable forepart rider buns, two-tone 16″ automobile faced metal wheels and Toyota Trace, which incorporates a rear admonisher camera.

Footle score adds leather arse bolsters, armrest and doorway shave with reduplicate sewing. It features Smartness Entrance with pushing startle, two-fold district machinelike air-conditioning, a Detector Clique, arse position windowpane sunshades, 17″ metal wheels and Eminent Chroma Sack (HID) headlamps.

A comp grasp of options includes a Detector Ring with robotic wiper and headlight surgery and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, a Skyview ceiling and HID lamps with incorporate LED DRLs.

A new Patronage Camp has been created with 1.6 l gasoline and 2.0 liter diesel swift customers in head. It includes 16″ admixture wheels, a leather wheel, sail ascendancy and Toyota Touching.

Toyota Touch

Fitted as stock in the new Toyota Reverse from Dynamic course, Toyota Feeling is a 6.1 edge, wide colouration, touch-screen port which represents a new feeler to low-priced, on-board multimedia systems.

It incorporates AM/FM radiocommunication with an optional DAB/DAB+/DMB liquidator, a CD/MP3 instrumentalist, Bluetooth cell connectivity with a euphony cyclosis installation, and a USB larboard for the connector of portable medicine players, with the quickness to showing iPod album screening art. A back sight camera is fitted as measure.

Toyota Touch & Go

Construction on the Toyota Signature multimedia bag whole, Toyota Trace & Go offers customers an enhanced, entire map sailing arrangement representing the outflank assess for money on the marketplace.

Uncommitted in 14 languages, Toyota Signature & Go was highly-developed in Europe, with European customers in head.

The organization includes all the about democratic piloting functions, such as forward-looking dealings reportage, customisable fastness limits, swiftness camera warnings, superhighway signposting, robotic surge and colligation sight at pike intersections.

Victimization a compatible cellphone, via Bluetooth, the organization offers on-board connectivity to Google Local Hunting -the largest and well-nigh cutting-edge seek database in the humans. Via Google Maps, destinations may be stimulant remotely from house or berth, and Points of Pastime may be downloaded for entrance as destinations.

The initiation of Ghost & Go too upgrades the multimedia foot whole with the summation of an SMS on-screen air/experience office incorporating a link individual icon exhibit.

Encourage scheme entree to on-line contentedness and apps includes a Hint & Go Apps role which offers respective applications usable for download, including fire prices, conditions and parking infinite entropy. A new Chirrup App has been highly-developed to countenance Toyota owners to check in touching with the 500 billion Chitter users terminated the line of their journeying.

Users can twitch a ambit of both personal and organization generated templates whilst drive (disengage textbook stimulation and URL links are plugged for rubber reasons). Because the App is full incorporated into the pilotage arrangement, the templates can admit address and ETA entropy.

Toyota Touching & Go has been intentional specifically to be both low-cost and conciliatory. The scheme can be well upgraded with the newest functions, updated maps and the modish Apps, as they suit usable.

Toyota Touch & Go Plus

When upgraded to Trace & Go Addition, the touch-screen multimedia comes furnished with 3D metropolis models, watershed art and a ‘text-to-speech’ content read-out adeptness. It testament besides exhibit SMS textbook messages, emails and calendars contingent Bluetooth cellphone compatibility.

The Ripe Vocalisation Realisation routine allows the driver to comment a entire address, piddle a call, or to pickax a particular call from a affiliated iPod with a ace vocalisation statement.

Toyota Trace & Go Addition includes tercet days dislodge map and package updating.

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