2013 Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza

The Toyota Venza crosswalk now offers enhanced outside styling, added esteem done respective new banner gismo features and updated selection packages that admit the Entune&craft; multi-media organization for 2013 modeling twelvemonth.

2013 Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza’s flowing conformation has been tastily limited with a new speed and glower lattice, fog lamps and ass taillights. The updated styling is complemented by a new 19-inch roll excogitation and ternary new outside colours: Position Melanize, Cypress Off-white, and Cosmic Grayness Isinglass.

The 2013 Venza is uncommitted in LE, XLE and Circumscribed grades. The LE and XLE models are usable with all powertrain combinations: four-cylinder, V6, front-wheel ride (FWD) or all-wheel thrust (AWD); the Toyota Venza Express is powered by the V6 locomotive lonesome, in front-wheel campaign or all-wheel thrust configurations. Evaluate has been enhanced and ordination simplified with the improver of many measure features altogether 3 grades.

Toyota Venza was highly-developed specifically for the Northwards American grocery, likeable to customers who prioritise bluff, groundbreaking innovation, a voluptuous and graceful home and fantabulous manipulation, but they silence need spaciousness and versatility. Venza provides SUV tractability with its fold-flat bum seating, roomy hold, grand driver sightline, useable AWD and capable 3,500-lbs. towing content.

The Toyota Venza figure was the institution of Toyota’s Calty Conception studios in Newport Beach, Kaliph. and Ann Pergola, Mich. Calty designers leaned toward a silky crossing construct with a all-embracing posture that featured a jazzy outside, but they besides included authoritative SUV attributes, such as payload distance, towing potentiality and usable all-wheel driving functioning.

2013 Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza was chiefly engineered at Toyota Proficient Gist in Ann Bower, Mich. And It is assembled at Toyota Centrifugal Fabrication Kentucky (TMMK), in Georgetown, Ky. More 70 pct of Venza’s components ejaculate from Northward American suppliers.

Performance and Efficiency

The 2013 Toyota Venza offers four-cylinder and V6 models in FWD and AWD versions. Venza’s 2.7-liter four-cylinder locomotive delivers 181 h.p. at 5,800 rpm and 182 lb.-ft. of torsion at 4,200 rpm. The four-cylinder Venza is EPA-rated at 21 MPG metropolis/27 MPG highway for the FWD modelling and 20/25 for the AWD.

The 3.5-liter V6 produces 268 h.p. at 6,200 rpm and 246 lb.-ft. of torsion at 4,700 rpm. The V6 FWD simulation has EPA-estimated fire thriftiness ratings of 19 MPG metropolis/26 MPG highway and 18/25 for the AWD. Both engines are teamed with a six-speed sequential-shift electronically controlled reflexive transmittal with news (ECT-i). The six-speed ECT-i provides an piquant impulsive feel and helps optimise fire saving. Acclivitous/downward-sloping shimmy logic selects the right cogwheel for drive weather and helps allow tame locomotive braking during declivitous drive.

Toyota Venza’s Fighting Torsion Ascendance AWD Arrangement optimizes torsion dispersion ‘tween the forepart and ass wheels to service insure static quickening and smoothen cornering on all route surfaces. AWD offers enhanced grip and helps render splendid boilersuit treatment in inclement endure.

An useable Towing Homework Packet on V6 models equips Venza with an locomotive oil tank, bigger radiator fan and heavy-duty alternator.

Handling and Ride

2013 Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza was intentional with a frown core of sobriety than distinctive SUVs to aid supply active treatment, which is promote enhanced by the enceinte wheels and tires. The four-cylinder models rag on banner 19-inch, 10-spoke al metal wheels. Typical 20-inch five-spoke aluminium debase wheels are received for the V6 modeling. Power-assisted, ventilated breast and firm back disk brakes are banner on all models.

Toyota Venza’s structure relies on eminent tensile-strength blade, gussets and hybridizing members for its potency, rigidness and optimized weighting. Forepart dangling consists of a stiff L-arm-type MacPherson sashay with a stabiliser bar, and the bum reprieve is a dual-link MacPherson ruffle frame-up with stabiliser bar. Wattage direction (EPS), with its ideally leaden guidance feat, contributes to the Venza’s gritty impulsive kinetics. EPS helps ply a more engineer guidance look at both eminent and low speeds and delivers just-right aid when maneuvering the fomite into besotted parking spaces.


Toyota’s Champion Prophylactic Organization is banner on all Toyota models and features enhanced Fomite Constancy Ascendancy (VSC), Grip Ascendence (TRAC) Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) Electronic Brake-force Dispersion (EBD), Bracken Aid and the Impudent Blockage Engineering (SST).

2013 Toyota Venza

VSC mechanically adjusts locomotive outturn and the fomite’s braking personnel at apiece roll to service ascendancy expiration of grip during cornering. TRAC helps uphold grip during ambitious drive weather. Bracken Attend is intentional to influence if the driver is attempting exigency braking. If the driver has not stepped hard sufficiency on the bracken bike to lock ABS, Bracken Assistance supplements the applied braking might until the driver releases the cycle. Impudent Closure offers an extra degree of rubber by mechanically reduction locomotive ability when a fomite’s bracken and catalyst pedals are applied simultaneously below sure impulsive weather, portion to get the fomite to a controlled closure. Hill-start Assistance Mastery (HAC), likewise criterion on all Venza models, temporarily provides imperativeness to the brakes piece the fomite is stopped-up on an lean to avail assure easier start with no rollback.

In plus, Toyota Venza provides vii airbags, including a driver’s stifle airbag, driver and front-passenger front-seat-mounted position airbags, and strawman and arse side-curtain airbags. Breast seat-belt pretensioners recant the seatbelt in a spartan frontage hit, patch the dual-stage effect limiters assistance demarcation the seat-belt force-out applied to the driver’s and strawman rider’s chests.

Driver and front-passenger seating utilise dynamic headrests. If the fomite is smitten from the behind, a cable-actuated mechanics leave relocation the headrest up and advancing to service confine crusade of the resident’s caput.

Comfort and Convenience

Venza’s generous utility-grade includes various cunning repositing locations and firing. The adjustable centre comfort features a sliding blanket and armrest, tercet iPod®/MP3 instrumentalist holders with telegram screen features, and a heavy reposition compartment.

The center-console compartment is besides equipt with a USB porthole, adjuvant sound knave and 12-volt mightiness exit. The speed parcel of the centerfield cabinet houses the gearstick prize for loose and well-off driver orbit. An on/off permutation on the viewgraph soothe enables front-seat occupants to maneuver all quadruplet personal smash home lights.

2013 Toyota Venza

National depot is farther complemented by a tally of 10 movement and ass potable holders (six bottleful holders and quartet cup holders). These admit dual-illuminated, sliding presence cup-holders in the gist soothe, two in the rear-seat armrest, and front- and back-door bottleful holders.

Entune Multi-Media System

The 2013 Venza now offers the Toyota Entune multimedia. This organization leverages the roving smartphone to supply a richer in-vehicle live with amply merged admission to pilotage, amusement and info services.

Toyota Entune supports piquant peregrine apps, such as Bing, OpenTable, and movietickets.com, on with accessing utile travel-related services, such as endure conditions, dealings, fire data (placement and cost), stocks, and sports. Toyota Entune has a prominent survival of euphony options useable to a fomite, including iHeartRadio’s 750+ stations, and Pandora’s personalised euphony serving.

The sound systems combined with Entune characteristic a best-in-class, forward-looking colloquial phonation acknowledgement arrangement that helps the driver to stoppage focussed by eliminating the want to con thousands of phonation commands.

An Abundance of Standard Features

The Toyota Venza LE gradation comes fountainhead equipt with new measure features that admit a dim billet mirror and outer mirror act signals with micturate lamps. Extra key banner features admit dual-zone reflex mood restraint with air dribble and second-row-seat vents; eight-way power-adjustable driver’s ass with powerfulness lumbar; 3.5-inch LCD multi-information exhibit; a sway/telescopic adjustable wheel with merged sound controls; an viewgraph soothe with map lights; rear-seat adjustable personal version lamps and 3 12-volt mightiness outlets.

The LE likewise comes banner with the Showing Sound arrangement, which includes a 6.1-inch touchscreen, AM/FM CD participant with MP3/WMA playback capableness, six speakers, supplementary sound labourer, USB interface with iPod® connectivity and ascendence, fomite entropy, hands-free sound capableness, phonebook entree and medicine cyclosis via Bluetooth® radio engineering.

The useable Gismo Box for the Venza LE adds a exponent liftgate and a ass back-up camera. The Favored Software adds a bird’s-eye methamphetamine cap with battlefront ability moonroof and Presentation Sound with Pilotage and Entune.

The Venza XLE provides a major luxuriousness and gizmo elevate to the fomite and adds received features such as leather-trimmed seats surfaces, wheel and shimmy node; four-way superpower rider bum; multi-stage het presence seating; driver backside retentiveness; turnabout careen outer mirrors, Presentation Sound with Pilotage and Entune; anti-theft arrangement with appall and locomotive immobilizer; Hurt Key Arrangement with Push Commencement and well-lighted debut; ability arse liftgate and a back-up camera. Likewise stock on the XLE is a TFT multi-information showing that can be customized to correct the fount sizing and subject, and pilotage vocalism instructions usable in Spanish, French or English (XM Dealings is just useable in English).

Divagation from powertrain choices, the XLE offers one major pick the Agio Software, which includes a bird’s-eye crank ceiling with presence mightiness moonroof, and Show Sound with Sailing , Entune and JBL®, that includes 6.1-inch Touchscreen, AM/FM CD Participant with MP3/WMA Playback Potentiality, 13 JBL® Deduction Speakers including Subwoofer, SiriusXM&craft; Planet Radiocommunication (Includes three-month tribulation subscription to XM Choice Box), HD Wireless&barter; withiTunes® Tagging, Adjunct Sound Laborer, USB Larboard with iPod® Connectivity and Ascendence, Fomite Data, Hands-Free Call Capacity, Phonebook Approach, Forward-looking Phonation Acknowledgment, and Euphony Cyclosis Via Bluetooth® Tuner Engineering.

The V6-only, top-of-line Toyota Venza Circumscribed comes measure with the Agiotage HDD Piloting with Entune&swop; and JBL® multimedia. The organization features a seven-inch eminent settlement touchscreen with split-screen capacity, AM/FM CD Musician with MP3/WMA Playback Capacity, 13 JBL® Deduction&barter; Speakers including Subwoofer, SiriusXM&craft; Orbiter Tuner potentiality (Includes three-month tryout subscription to XM Choose Box); HD Wireless&deal; with iTunes® Tagging, Supplemental Sound Jackstones, USB Porthole with iPod® Connectivity and Command, Fomite Data, Hands-Free Ring Capacity, Phonebook Admission, Sophisticated Vocalization Acknowledgment, and Medicine Cyclosis Via Bluetooth® Tuner Engineering.

The Venza Special combines the Bounty HDD Sailing with Entune and JBL and the bird’s-eye ice cap with forepart index moonroof, and it adds high-intensity release (HID) headlights with automatonlike gamy beams and LED Day Working Lights. The high-beam have detects onset vehicles and mechanically switches the headlamps from high- to low-beam.

Customers looking a pet-friendly fomite testament discovery a all-encompassing compass of pet substitute accessories uncommitted at Toyota dealerships. Among the usable choices are a bottom liftgate pet storm, lifter backside with rein, pet buckles and bottom buns zipline-style harnesses, pet carriers and pail bottom, ben arse and hillock stylus waterproofed bottom covers.

Exterior Design

The Venza sports an streamlined conformation with curt overhangs, forrader A-pillar, scrunch lineament lines, and a low roofline. Uninterrupted brushstroke lines run from the battlefront grill to the D-pillar. A sheer forepart features a classifiable lattice, headlights and fog lamps for a flashy yet svelte show. Toyota Venza’s advanced and convinced show is realised by an angled arse concoct, looter and all-inclusive wraparound taillights that interlink with the cover threshold. Cockeyed tire-to-body gaps bring to the advanced, tasteful appearing.

The Venza pattern is extremely hard-nosed, with a back load-in acme that is near as low as that of the Sienna minivan. The munificently sized liftgate initiative enhances the fomite’s utility-grade. An usable exponent liftgate integrates jam shelter that detects blockage in the threshold’s course and reverses the motive. Venza provides a low step-over altitude for improved bioengineering, and because the unsympathetic doors screening the cradle panels, the driver and passengers are saved from accrued road-dust patch acquiring into and out of the fomite.

Interior Design

The Toyota Venza upcountry is intentional to raise impulsive use and whirl bounty ease. Venza is uncommitted in ternary midland colours: Off-white, Lighter Greyness, and Melanize, which is new for 2013. Apiece colouration is offered in cloth on LE and leather on XLE and Modified.

The menstruation of the plaza soothe creates a unparalleled “60/60” excogitation that gives both the driver and strawman rider the notion that 60 percentage of the infinite is approachable from their seats situation. All grades bear a measure Optitron® speedometer and tach. The XLE and Special grades besides admit a TFT multicolor centerfield panel showing. Dual-zone robotic mood organization controls are centrally situated on the speed solace, providing sluttish admittance for both the driver and presence rider.

2013 Toyota Venza

Personal spa lends boilersuit ease to the fomite’s upcountry with plentiful brain way, berm board, hip way and match aloofness. Cargo-area substitute is enhanced with fold-down 60/40 behind seating, one-touch fold-down buns levers and a tonneau concealment.

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