2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

The fabled Toyota Country Cruiser late far-famed its Sixtieth anniversary since its archetype found in Japan and has remained ceaseless in Toyota’s U.S. manakin card for more 50 age.

Toyota Country Cruiser has evolved concluded metre from a canonical four-wheel-drive substitute fomite in its betimes days to an upscale eight-passenger suv (SUV) sold in 188 countries. Yet, this iconic fomite has maintained a fast pursuit as it stiff on-key to its off-road inheritance with inflexible go-anywhere capacity.

For the 2013 example yr, Commonwealth Cruiser receives outside and national styling enhancements. Additionally, Nation Cruiser leave now accompany all features as stock equipment, including new drive execution features, and an range of pregnant prophylactic and gismo features. Among the many pop features that were erstwhile usable as options, but are now banner, are rear-seat DVD amusement organisation, color-keyed back looter, rain-sensing windscreen wipers, center-console tank box, headlight cleaners, leather-trimmed wheel, multi-information showing, vocalisation and Bluetooth® hands-free controls, leather-trimmed slip prize and het indorsement row seating. Toyota’s Agio Arduous Harrow Cause (HDD) Piloting with Entune multi-media scheme and JBL® sound is too criterion.

Exterior Design

The 2013 Farming Cruiser receives invigorated outside styling that includes an updated forepart lattice and headlamps with HID low-beams. Extra new features admit LED Day Functional Lights, chromium-plate incline moulding, redesigned outer slope mirrors and backside lamps. The designing continues to fetch an “Advance and Tough” paper with blown-up strawman and bum fenders. The new lattice and headlamps assert Toyota Nation Cruiser’s sweetheart and sure-footed show, patch the punk flows graciously into the grillwork and beltlines.

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

Role lines in the strawman, the country round the backside threshold handles, and the backdoor panels indicate forcefulness. Foam-filled A-pillars and a “biface” modeling betwixt the windscreen and the soundbox both assistance slim winding racket.

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

Underbelly panels butt the forepart bumper and extending below the locomotive, and backside the bum wheels, are intentional to protect the locomotive and infection and to aid the fomite trave bouldered terrain swimmingly. These underbelly panels too polish the airflow below the fomite to assistant belittle draw and upheaval.

Toyota Commonwealth Cruiser is uncommitted in sevener outside colours, including Bead Ovalbumin, which is new to the pallet. Extra colours admit Authoritative Eloquent Metal, Magnetised Gray-haired Metal, Salsa Red Ivory, Sonora Amber Drop, Virago Commons Metal and Blacken.

Interior Design

Complementing the freshened outside, Toyota Demesne Cruiser receives an updated midland uncommitted in either Sandstone or Lightlessness. Extra refinements admit pierced leather cut with ventilated forepart seating, a higher burnish woodgrain ending, brighter silver-tongued board embellishment, chrome-plated air registers and updated meter-cluster inflammation. New national contraption features admit a Multi-terrain Reminder with forepart, position or backside selectable views; a new Multi-information Expose; an Eco Impulsive Index lightness and district presentation; a het wheel; Dynamical Radiolocation Sail Ascendence; an extra index issue (DC 12V) at the behind of the core comfort; and a back hold powerfulness vent that has been changed to AC 120V from AC 115V.

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

State Cruiser seating capable ogdoad, with three-across seats in the sec and 3rd rows. The panel features a set of vivid Optitron gauges with whiten elucidation. Below these gauges, a multi-informational presentation shows paraphernalia option, hodometer, tripmeter, fire use, soul wear pressures and cruising ambit. The fomite’s essence solace features a gate-type gearstick with sequential-shift-mode procedure, the emergency, center-console tank box, USB interface and cup holders.

The passenger-side second-row bum features a one-touch breadbasket mechanics for easier third-row entrance and emergence. The second-row seating slideway onward and aft 4.1 inches for more rider comforter and lading warehousing versatility. The indorsement row besides provides the Lour Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) nestling behind affixation scheme.

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser


The Toyota Country Cruiser’s 5.7-liter V8 DOHC locomotive produces 381 hp at 5,600 rpm and 401 lb-ft of torsion at 3,600 rpm. 90 percentage of vizor torsion is usable at equitable 2,200 rpm, serving pass an salient tow fomite. The Country Cruiser uses regular-grade (87 AKI) gasolene and is ULEV-II certifiable.

The V8’s ripe double main Varying Valve Timing with news (VVT-i) organization controls valve timing and convergence on both the inhalation and tucker valves, which helps to optimise might, fire efficiency and emissions. The Acoustical Mastery Generalisation Arrangement (ACIS) switches the distance of the consumption pamphlet in two stages, based on RPM and choke lean, to amend torsion crosswise the locomotive speeding ambit. Stainless discharge manifolds stream into a full-of-the-moon stainless exhaust. A water-cooled oil tank helps controller oil temperature patch towing.

The Toyota Commonwealth Cruiser’s six-speed reflexive transmittance is intentional to plow gamey torsion piece playacting with deluxe eloquence. 4th gearing is engineer campaign, and both 5th and one-sixth gears are overuse ratios. The transmittal’s ascendence whole estimates route weather to blue-ribbon the allow geartrain proportion for the fomite’s swiftness and drive weather. A successive switch way allows the driver to choice gears manually.

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

Capability, Handling and Ride

The Farming Cruiser’s body-on-frame twist provides furrowed lastingness in extremum impulsive weather, summation telling towing capableness and rag isolation characteristics. The battlefront of the bod features a three-stage infatuation construction, so build impairment to otc areas of the fomite is minimized in the showcase of facade encroachment.

The Demesne Cruiser’s high-mount double-wishbone front-suspension organisation uses gas-pressure jar absorbers, a hole stabiliser bar, and helix springs. This scheme provides a mellow floor of off-road impulsive capacity and abeyance restraint piece maintaining prominent on-road drive quilt. Attack and exit angles are 30 degrees and 20 degrees, severally. At the bottom, the dependable and proved four-link, coil-spring with lateral-rod arrange provides a farseeing hanging diagonal and too features gas-pressure daze absorbers and a vacuous stabiliser bar.

The Energizing Dynamical Suspension (KDSS) adjusts the tilt underground provided by the figurehead and back stabiliser bars. KDSS may slim utmost body-sway tip by as lots as 50 pct to assistance raise both on-road manipulation reply and off-highway potentiality. By exploitation hydraulic cylinders playing on apiece stabiliser bar and coupled by a pressure-sensing valve, KDSS reduces the level of rock hardness provided by the stabiliser bars in answer to ever-changing route weather and driver inputs.

In off-road impulsive situations, KDSS allows the wheels on apiece axle to motion with a bigger stage of side-to-side independency, serving to belittle any leaning for cycle rhytidoplasty. During cornering, when both figurehead and backside cylinders are tight, no liquid is sleek in the arrangement, and the stabiliser bars workplace conventionally to assistance slenderize eubstance leaning. When an mismatched open is encountered, one tight cylinder causes unstable to menstruation ‘tween the figurehead and arse cylinders, allowing the stabiliser bars to motion freely. This activeness increases bike juncture and traveling, and it likewise helps to match bicycle cargo. By allowing the stabiliser bars to withdraw in sealed situations, the tokenish rigor of the bars can be notably increased, thereby reduction torso slant and up manipulation without negatively poignant cod ease or off-road functioning.

New on Farming Cruiser is a Multi-terrain Choice scheme that dials in roll miscue mastery to compeer the terrain. In unleash terrain such as mud and guts, more-than-normal bike miscue is permitted, allowing wheel-spin to workplace in the fomite’s privilege. On jolting moguls, or self-coloured sway, bicycle gaucherie is minimized and the arrangement acts more same a special miscue derivative. The Tycoon scene is for any exceedingly scratchy terrain, such as V-ditches, slopes, and ridges, rising or devour.

Toyota Farming Cruiser rides on P285/60 R18 mud-and-snow steel-belted stellate tires mounted on new 18 x 8.0-inch aluminium debase wheels with a high-gloss conclusion (including a lifesize scanty). The brakes employs 13.4-inch ventilated discs with four-piston calipers up presence and 13.6-inch ventilated discs at the backside. Varying gearing proportion power-assisted rack-and-pinion direction requires barely 3.1 turns lock-to-lock. Paraphernalia proportion is set bigger about the direction centerfield and littler about the end situation.

The jackanapes, constrict transferral showcase provides full-time 4wd with a low-range 2.618:1 proportion for traversing ambitious impulsive surfaces, such as engross inclines. The organisation uses a TORSEN® limited-slip lockup centerfield derivative to broadcast superpower 40:60 front-to-rear, guiding more powerfulness to the wheels with the topper grasp should slippage happen. Grip ascendance (TRAC) employs both bracken and accelerator interference to assistant ascendancy rack reel. Fomite Stableness Command (VSC), with a cut-off switching, helps observe directive ascendancy during cornering.

A new five-speed Cower Controller with an Off-Road Twist Attend boast helps brand traversing hard terrain easier. With the transference cause shifted into low reach, Fawn Command regulates locomotive speeding and outturn (on with braking violence), to impel the fomite onward or in verso at one of pentad low-speed settings. This allows the driver to observe center steerage terminated passing grating layer priming or infuse grades, without having to besides regulate the bound or bracken pedals. The Off-Road Bit Serve lineament pulses the back niche brakes to assistance the fomite brand cardsharper turns when maneuvering done nasty quarters on broken terrain. Fawn Controller with Off-Road Bit Help includes Declivitous Help Controller (DAC), which is intentional to augment the low-speed descending power of low-range by portion to clasp the fomite to a aim upper with much no driver interposition. Hill-start Help Ascendance (HAC) provides extra controller for off-road drive by serving to sustenance the fomite stationary patch start on a immerse side or tricky open.

For towing gadget, the Domain Cruiser has a towing connexion and sub-wiring tackle to tie a commercial-grade trailer-brake control. New for State Cruiser is a Laggard Careen Ascendance that uses the Fomite Stableness Ascendance (VSC) to assistant counterbalance treatment forces applied to the motortruck in an exploit to minimise the impingement of laggard carry.


The Toyota Domain Cruiser utilizes welded high-strength shroud blade, particularly in the A-, B-, C- and D-pillars, and in the cradle country to increment inflexibility and dilute burthen. The B-pillars are intentional to aid occupy slope impacts and assist fritter into the residual of the structure.

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

For driver and rider peace-of-mind every Commonwealth Cruiser is equipt with the Guard Join&swap; telematics organization.

Uncommitted by subscription (low yr of serve is included in the new fomite leverage cost), the Rubber Link telematics arrangement offers four-spot prophylactic and surety features: Robotic Hit Telling, Stolen Fomite Placement, Pinch Assist Clit (SOS), and enhanced Wayside Assist, which adds GPS information to the already-included warranty-based Toyota wayside serve.

In pillowcase of either airbag deployment or dangerous rear-end hit; Automatonlike Hit Apprisal is intentional to mechanically birdsong the answer centre. If the reply broker cannot convey with the occupants, the broker can liaison the closest emergency-services supplier to expeditiousness aid.

Push the “SOS” clit can mobilize assist in an pinch and for a full orbit of wayside assist inevitably. If a State Cruiser furnished with Safe Tie is stolen, the scheme can helper local government site it.

Wish all Toyotas, the Domain Cruiser comes banner with the Asterisk Prophylactic Scheme&barter;. A new, four-wheeled multi-terrain anti-lock braking organization (ABS) mechanically selects the optimum ABS visibility to ply the nigh suited bracken forcefulness for on- and off-road impulsive surfaces. Electronic Brake-force Dispersion (EBD) balances braking forces ‘tween the figurehead and back brakes, piece Bracken Help (BA) provides adjuvant strength to help the driver during exigency braking. Alive Grip Command (A-TRAC) helps asseverate grip during speedup by controlling locomotive production and braking forces to the roll, distributing the driving effect that power suffer been missed to the wheels and tires that bear grip. VSC (with a cut-off substitution) helps defend directing ascendancy during cornering by manipulating locomotive torsion and mortal wheel-braking regulate if it detects fatigue slippage.

Toyota Country Cruiser features 10 standards airbags: driver and strawman rider dual-stage ripe airbags; driver and movement rider genu airbags; front- and second-row seat-mounted position airbags; and three-row roll-sensing english pall airbags with a roll-sensing shortcut transposition.

A engineer fag imperativeness varan arrangement (TPMS) helps to watchful the driver to terrible coerce drops in any of the tires, including the life-sized scanty. A parking asdic organization uses supersonic sensors on the battlefront and behind bumpers to gumption obstacles.

All octet seats positions boast three-point seatbelts. Participating headrests on the driver and figurehead rider seating ascend and onwards virtually outright in the outcome of sure rear-end collisions to service concentrate the length ‘tween the resident’s brain and the headrest. An usable forward-looking seatbelt organisation is intentional to abjure the presence seatbelts when the brakes are dead applied or when weary slippage is detected by the VSC organisation. New for State Cruiser is a Pre-Collision Organisation intentional to find otc vehicles and obstacles in its track and avail optimise the restraining execution of the breast rider seatbelts if a hit is impendent.


Toyota Demesne Cruiser testament get stock with Toyota’s new Agiotage HDD Seafaring scheme with Entune&barter; and JBL®. The scheme includes an eight-inch feeling/spilt-screen with an unified championship camera show, AM/FM CD actor with MP3/WMA playback capableness, 14 JBL speakers including subwoofer, SiriusXM&craft; Planet Wireless capacity (includes three-month run subscription to XM Take Parcel); HD Tuner&patronage; with iTunes® Tagging, USB embrasure with iPod® connectivity and command, fomite info, hands-free call capacity, phonebook entree, ripe phonation credit, and medicine cyclosis via Bluetooth® radiocommunication engineering.

Toyota’s new Entune multimedia leverages the wandering smartphone to supply a richer in-vehicle know with full incorporated approach to seafaring, amusement and data services.

Toyota Entune debuts the Farming Cruiser’s first-ever documentation for piquant wandering apps, such as Bing, OpenTable, and movietickets.com, on with accessing utilitarian travel-related services, such as experience conditions, dealings, fire data (emplacement and cost), stocks, and sports. Entune brings one of the largest extract of medicine options useable to a fomite, including iHeartRadio’s 750+ stations, and Pandora’s individualized euphony serving (admittance to Entune services is gratuitous for trey age).

The sound systems combined with Entune boast an innovative colloquial vox credit arrangement that helps the driver to check focussed on the route by eliminating the pauperism to learn thousands of vocalisation commands.

Comfort and Convenience

With 28 tally air vents, the four-zone clime ascendance organization is intentional to bath occupants in easy air — eve during uttermost rut — preferably than plainly protruding streams of aplomb air at them. For extremum frigidness situations, the Toyota Domain Cruiser’s adjuvant Convinced Temperature Coefficient (PTC) fastball warms air instantaneously by expiration it terminated an electrically het ceramic constituent. The organisation besides includes a micro-dust and pollen strain, and seven-level cetacean ascendance.

The State Cruiser comes richly weaponed, with criterion features that admit bum secrecy spyglass, Impertinent Key keyless launching with push-button scratch that allows the driver to unlock or starting the fomite without inserting a established key; anti-theft security; locomotive immobilizer; sail ascendence; mightiness moonroof; auto-dimming rearview and position mirrors; HomeLink® world-wide garage-door/rod initiative organisation; guidance wheel-mounted sound controls; het, powerfulness figurehead seating with driver’s retention; and mightiness lean and telescopic steerage editorial with store.

Limited Warranty

Toyota’s 36-month/36,000 mi canonic new-vehicle warrantee applies to all components differently pattern wearable and sustenance items. Extra 60-month warranties blanket the powertrain for 60,000 miles and erosion with no milage restriction. Toyota dealers deliver concluded details on the express guarantee.

The Toyota Country Cruiser testament likewise cum banner with Toyota Aid, a gratis programme coating rule factory-scheduled care and 24-hour wayside aid for two eld or 25,000 miles, whichever comes outset.

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