2013 Toyota Gt 86

Toyota GT 86

Toyota’s thirstily hoped-for, constrict 2+2 sports car, the GT 86, makes its European introduction at the 2012 Hollands Drive Demonstrate.

2013 Toyota Gt 86

On sale passim Europe in the summertime of 2012, the Toyota GT 86 is an totally driver-oriented fomite. It gives shape to the vestal, intrinsical joy of drive done accurate, instant answer to level the smallest limit or direction inputs, for those who heed impulsive as a mania sooner than a essential.

With a low, extremely sleek bodyshell stretched stringent o’er the technology difficult points, the new GT 86 is based on an altogether new chopine. Avoidance a lowering, great translation powertrain for its execution, the GT 86 returns to Toyota’s sporty roots with the mankind’s sole compounding of a covenant, front-mounted, free-revving, horizontally opposed ‘bagger’ gasolene locomotive and rear-wheel thrust.

2013 Toyota Gt 86

This unequalled powertrain arrange combines with the reality’s near concordat four-seat invention, sparkle slant, low inactivity and a low heart of solemnity for the outdo potential power-to-weight proportion. These attributes prize the GT 86 springy, approachable operation, extremely piquant, promptly exploitable active abilities with minimum electronic violation, and utmost impulsive joy.

Conceived to focusing specifically on the honour of the greco-roman sports car know, intentional by a passionate squad of engineers, honed done rivalry and fine-tuned to meet the nigh apprehensive partizan, The GT 86 inherits the life of erstwhile Toyota sports cars to wages drivers with complete impulsive amour.

2013 Toyota GT 86

The Number 86

2013 Toyota Gt 86

Though compensable court to both the stimulating drivability of the Corolla Levin AE86 and its unparalleled kinship with owners, enthusiasts and tuning shops, the numeral 86 has played a boost, important character end-to-end the evolution of Toyota’s new sports car.

The packer locomotive’s feather aegir and stroking set-up of 86 mm x 86 mm proves apotheosis, left close to Toyota’s yearn, sports locomotive account. The fabled 3M locomotive of the 2000GT and the 1G-G locomotive of the Above were both in-line six-cylinder configurations with a hearty calibre and slash of 75 mm. And the in-line, four-cylinder whole in the Celica and MR2 had a foursquare eager and separatrix of 86 mm.

Fifty-fifty the diam of the Toyota GT 86’s chrome-tipped beat orifice measures just 86 mm…

Packaged to Deliver the Ultimate in Sports Driving Enjoyment

4,240 mm farseeing, 1,775 mm all-encompassing, sole 1,285 mm highschool and with a wheelbase of 2,570 mm, the new GT 86 is the humans’s nearly compress four-seater sports car.

Comp burden economy measures resolution in a fomite batch of about 1,200kg.

The flat-four formatting of the front-mounted pugilist locomotive combines with the last-place driver hip-point of any Toyota product fomite -just 400 mm- to spring the GT 86 an ultra-low center of soberness of just 460 mm.

Both the powertrain and drive place get been set as low and as far backbone as potential to optimize counterpoise, gift the GT 86 near-perfect, 53:47 burthen dispersion. The apotheosis stable burden dispersion varies according to locomotive ability; a 51:49 movement prejudice suiting vehicles with some 150 hp, a like build with 300 hp bettor suitable to a 50:50 dispersion.

2013 Toyota Gt 86

Toyota engineers effected that, during gamey drive, the Toyota GT 86’s 53:47 movement diagonal produced the nonesuch reception to evening insidious guidance, accelerator and bracken inputs, allowing drivers to pronto mastery active weighting dispersion for the scoop potential fomite behavior.

Fine-tuning of the GT 86’s hiatus, brakes and direction maximises the benefits of its minimum bulk, supercar-rivalling want of inactiveness and ultra-low inwardness of gravitation, allowing drivers to amply overwork the sinlessness of the new Toyota sports car’s unusually agile manipulation, active legerity and cornering brace.

The breast MacPherson sashay and back doubling wishbone reprieve systems deliver been fine-tuned to respond instantaneously to driver stimulation. At 23 N/mm, the GT 86’s breast bound rates are, in fact, softer than the 25 N/mm settings of its Subaru twin. This softer breast bounce grade intentionally allows for slender consistence roller on initial turn-in, creating the everlasting kinship betwixt guidance flavour and fomite demeanour exhibited by a hellenic front-engine/rear-drive chopine.

Prominent, hefty ventilated record brakes to both figurehead and arse wheels crack a unlike bracken bike flavor thereto of any over-the-counter Toyota. Bracken reception to bike remark has been tuned to furnish exact intonation, assisting drivers in car controller delicacy by allowing for the smoothest potential dynamical weightiness transport below braking.

Compensable testimonial to the fabled Blacken Racing wheels of the AE86, The GT 86’s 17″ debase wheels have a unparalleled core hub excogitation. Toyota’s traditional essence cap diam is 60 mm, but this has been decreased to 49 mm, economy angle for no deprivation of rigidness, whilst qualification the spokes look thirster, and the wheels bigger.

Toyota engineers dictated that the active potentiality of the Toyota GT 86 should not swear on high-performance tyres, and the new sports car is equipt with monovular 17″ tyres to those fitted to the Prius.

With selfsame inert, predictable properties, these tyres countenance drivers to effort the maximal likely of the anatomy and abatement. Technology the GT 86 to plow good on Prius tyres likewise ensures that customers who climb to heights operation tyres volition promptly apprize the net functioning again.

2013 Toyota Gt 86

World First Horizontally Opposed Engine with Toyota D-4S technology

The GT 86’s 2.0 liter, naturally-aspirated gasolene locomotive is the solution of a spliff ontogenesis ‘tween Subaru and Toyota, delivery unitedly their technological know-how and common heat for sports cars.

To Subaru’s freshly highly-developed, horizontally opposed, 1,998cc, four-cylinder pugilist locomotive, Toyota has added its D-4S engineering. With ramify counterpart injectors for both engineer and porthole shot, and a heights condensation proportion of 12.5:1, D-4S increases ability and torsion o’er a blanket stove of locomotive speeds without sacrificing fire efficiency and environmental functioning.

With a namesake 86 mm x 86 mm calibre and diagonal, the new locomotive develops 200 DIN hp at 7,000 rpm and uttermost torsion of 205 Nm at 6,600 rpm, handsome the GT 86 rattling, piquant functioning and a top hurrying of o’er 220 km/h. Conversely, the new Toyota sports car returns an estimated intermediate fire uptake of 6.9 l/100 km, and generates low CO2 emissions of about 160 g/km.

The flat-four locomotive may be paired to either a six-speed manual or six-speed reflex contagion. The manual transmittance offers straightaway, accurate shifty via the extremely piquant activeness of a tactual, short-throw prize, whilst the machinelike transmittance is controlled by card-playing, steerage wheel-mounted spank shifts.

Ability is distributed to the arse wheels via a special gaucherie derivative, optimising grip and bag below all drive weather. And the GT 86’s ABS and switchable VSC safe systems sustain been specifically tuned to cartel dynamical constancy at the confine of the fomite’s execution gasbag with minimum electronic invasion on the innocence of the drive get.

Evocative Design Combining Iconic Styling with Functional Beauty

Intentional nether the ‘Neo Functionalism’ conception, the GT 86 combines the expert constraints of the nigh covenant dimensions potential, a low essence of soberness and fantabulous, F1 technology-inspired flowing functioning with reminiscent, wholesale styling recalling the inheritance of by Toyota sports cars.

The bluff, bare yet iconic styling incorporates two key pillars of a new Toyota designing words: Nether Precedence facade invention, which places the accent on an hypertrophied depress grillwork, focalisation tending on the frown contribution of the car for a typical, more self-assertive appearing, and a Cutting Aspect attack for crystalize, levelheaded and expressive styling.

The new conception nomenclature is enhanced by boldface ‘scorpion’ styling to the glower lattice, big the Toyota GT 86 an level more strong-growing, betting show. Foster clean details admit an undivided, T-mesh wicket pattern, design made 17″ admixture wheels, a bum looter, match bum exhausts with a connecting rod theme at the tip and the figurehead wing-mounted ’86’ plunger logotype.

The ’86’ plunger logotype not sole highlights the car’s unequaled, strawman bagger locomotive rear-wheel thrust powertrain initialise, but likewise represents the fomite tyres sliding in a four-wheeled movement, highlight the consummate symmetricalness of the GT 86 at the limits of the execution gasbag.

The GT 86 pattern uses a alone construct called ‘Aero Sandwiching’. The car is pushed by air from the top, arse and both sides -basically sandwiched by air from all directions- which stabilises it both vertically and horizontally. Therein way the car is stabilized with no damaging gremlin on the dredge coeffiecient.

The bent shape on the ‘pagoda’ cap is an model of this scheme at oeuvre, and standardized discourse has too been applied to the underbelly. Additionally, stabilizing canard fins known as ‘sakana’ (significant ‘angle’ in Japanese), are affiliated end-to-end. The localisation of sakana both on the sides and the underbelly of the GT 86 farther bring to sidelong constancy.

Ergonomic, Functional, Driver Focused Cockpit

Aboard, the all driver-focused cockpit re-evaluates the centre of sports car drive done the elaborate examen of the biotechnology and functionality of every constituent with which the driver interacts, allowing the GT 86 to be determined as if it were a cancel elongation of the driver’s consistency.

The backside innovation has been fastidiously honed to ergonomic paragon done Nurburgring circle examination, and below subspecies weather, to see it stiff well-off terminated foresightful periods backside the roll.

The seatbacks and buffer surfaces are intentional to render optimal backup nether quickening G-forces from the figurehead, cover and sides. In increase, the conformation of the breast bum is intentional not solitary for quilt, but likewise to foreclose elbows from meddling with gearstick functioning.

The wheel has a diam of scarce 365 mm, the smallest yet fitted to a Toyota, and its buckskin destination has been highly-developed done thoroughgoing feedback from examination drivers to propose enhanced guidance functioning and utmost clench nether all cockpit weather.

Reinforced round the heavy tach, the iii metre instrumentate clustering has been intentional with exceptional tending paying to showing location, markings and face, ensuring optimal, at-a-glance profile and legibility during sports impulsive. Inside the tach, a redshift lightness illuminates at 6,300 rpm, portion drivers alter pitch at optimal locomotive revs.

Maximizing the driver’s well-rounded profile has played a key character in the GT 86’s upcountry figure. The potent, movement and back roll arc flares deliver been intentional to be seeable both done the windshield and ass purview mirrors, portion the driver position the car accurately on the route. And a ‘drifting’ core high-mount closure lamp helps meliorate behind profile.

The Toyota GT 86 internal besides features the humanity’s offset frameless rearview mirror. This fashionable, whippersnapper innovation maximises the driver’s sight abaft without excessively hindering the purview forward-moving done the windshield.

The consecrated impulsive focalise of the cockpit is farther strengthened by a heart console-mounted locomotive first push, c force passementerie, a card-playing, all-black ceiling facing, red upholstery sewing, aviation-style cradle switchgear, jackanapes al pedals and a selection of Blacken or Nigrify and Red internal coloring schemes.

A Car Inspired by a 50 Year Heritage of Front-Engined, Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Cars

Toyota has a 50 class account of creating exciting, driver-focused, front-engined rear-wheel effort sports cars that let proven as pop with the populace as they bear been successful in competitor.

The new GT 86 captures the scoop elements of tercet key models from that plentiful sporty inheritance: the Toyota Sports 800, the Toyota 2000GT and the AE86.

Though the GT 86 launches as the man’s lonesome front-mounted horizontally opposed locomotive and rear-wheel ride bundle, it cannot exact to be the beginning. That pureness goes to Toyota’s two-cylinder pugilist engined Sports 800, which the fellowship began underdeveloped in 1962.

With its compress consistency and fantabulous fire efficiency, the Sports 800 achieved gravid succeeder in survival races. The low essence of somberness of the packer locomotive and front-engine, rear-drive powertrain arrange was considered nonpareil for a car providing utmost impulsive amusement. For this reasonableness, the GT 86 has adoptive this authoritative layout first since the Toyota Sports 800.

The beautiful 2000GT, a 2.0 liter straight-six-powered coupe beginning displayed at the 1965 Tokyo Drive Shew, helped demonstrate the troupe’s ball-shaped repute as a sports automaker.

Fifty-fifty now, its styling appears advanced, coolheaded and sassy. During the growth of the GT 86, a 2000GT was put succeeding to the remains modelling of new sports car existence highly-developed by the designers. Without receiving any particular instructions, the designers continued their exercise, occasionally look the 2000GT. As a resultant, their employment infused the Toyota GT 86 with the purport of the 2000GT without imitating it.

From the AE86, the GT 86 inherits not its ironware, but its purport. The AE86 was not an utmost sports car. It was fairly priced, with a mass-produced locomotive and a contract, presence locomotive, rear-wheel cause soundbox.

The Corolla Levin AE86’s breast engined, rear-wheel thrust powertrain, constrict dimensions, spark weighting, faultless counterpoise and master power-to-weight proportion made it the must-have option for rally and tour impulsive passim its 1983-1987 output living.

A truly jackanapes auto which offers the involvement and engagement of a car that can be impelled as if it were an elongation of the driver’s personify, the Toyota GT 86 dead recaptures the stimulating liveliness of the close Corolla Levin AE86 and, with legion customisable parts, shares its aim to be an low-priced car that evolves with its proprietor.

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