2013 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Modelling S, the beginning amply galvanising saloon, is an phylogeny in self-propelled technology. Compounding execution, guard, and efficiency, it has readjust the humankind’s expectations for the car of the Xxi hundred with the highest potential refuge ratings, the longest reach of any galvanizing fomite, and over-the-air package updates that unendingly arrive amend.

2013 Tesla Model S

Tesla Architecture

Reinforced on the Tesla program, the bombardment’s localization on the storey gives Tesla Exemplar S an passing low mall of gravitation, greatly reduction the jeopardy of rollover patch simultaneously enhancing treatment and execution. Without an locomotive, Tesla Example S has a pucker partition lots bigger than over-the-counter execution sedans to engross the muscularity of a forepart brownie.


Tesla Modeling S is one of the safest cars on the route. Practically of its prophylactic is owed to the unparalleled galvanic drivetrain that sits below the car. Simulation S has a low centerfield of somberness, minimizing rollover chance. Modelling S’s rubber disc is proved by its NHTSA and Euro NCAP 5-star rubber valuation on with context a immortalize of the last-place likeliness of wound to occupants when tried in the Joined States.

With measure participating rubber features including reflex pinch braking, hit admonition, dim smear sensing, lane release admonition, and optional gismo features similar traffic-aware sail command, autosteer, autopark, and mobilize, Tesla Framework S corpse the safest car on the route.

2013 Tesla Model S

Electric All Wheel Drive

2013 Tesla Model S

With two motors, one in the strawman and one in the backside, Tesla Modelling S digitally and severally controls torsion to the breast and back wheels. The solution is alone grip ascendence altogether weather. Different schematic all-wheel driving vehicles that forfeiture fire efficiency for increased grip, Tesla’s Galvanic All Roll Driving scheme increases efficiency.


Reach 0-60 mph in a simple 2.8 seconds, Example S is the fastest four-door saloon always reinforced.

Superscript treatment is the termination of an highly low core of somberness, thanks to the shelling coterie on the base pan, centered ‘tween the axles. No otc yield car has a more paragon positioning of masses for optimum manipulation.


Without an home burning locomotive, Tesla Simulation S allows for extra consignment blank and offers a roomy cabin adjustment 5 adults and two children (rear-facing start seating).

2013 Tesla Model S

Touch Screen

The 17″ centre touchscreen seamlessly integrates media, sailing, communications, cabin command and fomite information into one visceral port. Many functions are mirrored on the panel and are voice-activated to focalise the driver’s care on the route.


Modelling S allows you to jaunt anyplace without victimisation a bead of gas. The EPA rates the efficiency of Tesla Manakin S as tantamount to 90 mpg.

2013 Tesla Model S

Over-The-Air Software Updates

Over-the-air package updates add functionality, raise execution, and meliorate the impulsive feel of Tesla vehicles. Likewise to how you get updates to your smartphone, Example S owners invite updates to their car remotely without visiting a overhaul mall. The power to invite these updates is dislodge for the aliveness of the fomite. Package update 7.0 included Autopilot capabilities. This is upright one representative of how the stallion Tesla swift can experience an update and offer revolutionist new features for the proprietor in barely a few hours.

2013 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Specs

  • Charging
  • Absolve foresightful space locomote victimisation Tesla’s Supercharger web
  • Fluid connective with 110 v, 240 v, and J1772 adapters
  • Internal
  • 17″ capacitive touchscreen with digital pawn bunch
  • Onboard maps and sailing with release updates for 7 geezerhood
  • Robotic keyless incoming
  • WiFi and Net connectivity
  • Roving app remote
  • Robotlike Xe headlights
  • Retracting threshold handles
  • One touching index windows
  • Highschool definition championship camera
  • Rainfall perception robotic windscreen wipers
  • GPS enabled Homelink
  • Custody unblock talk with Bluetooth
  • Vox excited controls
  • AM, FM, and Net cyclosis wireless
  • Uncommitted Radical Hi-fi Phone parcel with XM tuner keep
  • Electrochromatic mirrors
  • Index foldaway, het position mirrors with retentivity
  • Two USB ports for media and powerfulness
  • 12 v index exit
  • Xii way index adjustable, het strawman seating with storage and driver visibility
  • Usable subzero upwind box with het ass seating and wiper and windscreen washer fluent defrosters
  • Forepart body (no locomotive!), ass bole, and 60/40 fold ass seating with 63.3 three-dimensional feet of repositing
  • Prophylactic
  • Daylight linear lights
  • Useable Ache Air Hanging for upbringing and threatening tantalise tallness
  • Ogdoad airbags for driver and rider heads, knees, and hip positive two english drape airbags
  • Electronic stableness and grip mastery
  • 4 pedal antilock platter brakes with electronic emergency
  • Forepart and slope hit shunning
  • Unsighted smirch cautionary
  • Lane expiration admonition
  • Parking sensors
  • Hurrying demarcation presentation
  • Iii s row LATCH attachments for tiddler bum installations (accommodates tercet tiddler seating simultaneously: two with LATCH and one with top lead and whang)
  • Autopilot Gadget Features add
  • Traffic-aware sail command
  • Reflex lane focusing and ever-changing
  • Parking quad spotting
  • Ego analog parking
  • Robotic heights/first headlights
  • Bounty Internal and Inflammation adds
  • Fit and cultivation refinements, including the use of higher tone materials and ambient inflammation
  • Might liftgate
  • Fog and cornering lights
  • Well-lighted doorway handles
  • Inside emphasize light
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