2013 Subaru Viziv Concept

Subaru Viziv Concept

Subaru Viziv Conception is a future-generation crossing construct that represents the new excogitation focussing and technologies that bequeath payoff the Subaru sword into the hereafter. “VIZIV” is a coined intelligence elysian by the idiom “Sight for Introduction” to expressage Subaru’s futurity imaginativeness of creation and the next steering of the stain.

2013 Subaru Viziv Concept

Exterior Design

A future-generation crosswalk construct providing high-pitched efficiency and operation on all route aerofoil weather and drive environments has been created with a new Subaru innovation doctrine.

The staple pattern features bare and neat surfaces and lines. The aim was to make the apotheosis equaliser ‘tween a solid-looking consistence and a condensed cabin.

The front-end innovation boldly emphasizes the motifs green to Subaru products. The bigger and externally protruding grillwork provides the tonic of the front-end conception, and is the period from which the integral forepart connects into a self-coloured, dynamical designing.

2013 Subaru Viziv Concept

The uncomplicated and knock-down motifs of the sides make a new Subaru designing component. The g outward-bound chimneysweep of the unified fenders and the upstanding doorway jury forms produce a active face aspect pattern.

The amphetamine cabin highlights the windowpane art reminiscent of the shooting-brake trunk dash. It contrasts with a firm eubstance gore excogitation, creating a sportsmanlike, tip silhouette.

2013 Subaru Viziv Concept

The arse conception besides features the like Subaru motifs put-upon in the battlefront. The arse compounding lamp features an iconic Subaru theme, and the hexangular jury encircled by lamps projects outbound in the mall.

2013 Subaru Viziv Concept

The “Mistral Facile Metal” outside colouration highlights the active, fashionable outside invention of the Subaru Viziv Construct.

Interior Design

Similar the outside, the inside invokes the forebode of dynamical route functioning. Patch bang-up aid was interpreted to excogitation a extremely elegant surroundings, internal distance was besides intentional to personify Subaru’s notable functionality, peace and fun for all occupants.

The cockpit features an board layout intentional principally for relaxation of driver process and fomite ascendancy. The board displays the surgery condition of Subaru’s own drive serve “Sightedness” organisation.

The tach and speedometer in the core combining functionality and sportiness, featuring a singular cylindric figure and owing profile.

2013 Subaru Viziv Concept

Usage data displays before of the breast rider buns and in the bum seating let passengers ploughshare the quiver of beingness in the driver’s buns.


To apply Subaru’s developing construct of humanitarian technology, the two-door, four-seat fashionable and sportsmanlike consistency was disposed a publicity invention enabling quartet adults to rag well flush on farseeing route trips.

The 100% motor-driven behind wheels pass the motive for a propellor dick, creating a glower coldcock that offers plentiful legroom for arse ass occupants scorn its press sizing.

Power Units

Subaru Pugilist Diesel Loan-blend, as a proposition to the futurity of Subaru index units, was mounted in the Subaru Viziv Construct. The powertrain is a card cross organization that combines a 2.0-litre Subaru Packer diesel and high-torque-compatible Lineartronic (CVT) with a presence drive that provides both fomite crusade and exponent genesis, and two freelance back motors for fomite driving lonesome. By achieving solidness environmental and route functioning with this powertrain, Subaru’s “Delectation and Heartsease” impulsive know volition be farther innovative.

The powertrain selects the better clock to use apiece exponent whole according to its strengths and the impulsive lotion, achieving gamy fire thriftiness. The motors jump and driving the fomite during low-speed or metropolis drive, spell the diesel and high-efficiency Lineartronic seize on the highway.

“Cross SI-DRIVE” organization has an “Eco-Cruise” mood that provides co-ordinated ascendance in junction with the “Seeing” impulsive help organisation in summation to “Healthy” and “Sports” modes. Locomotive and motive might are subjected to fine-tuned controller according to the move weather captured and detected by the Seeing’s stereophony camera, creating an healthy impulsive sport intentional for refuge and environmental friendliness.

2013 Subaru Viziv Concept

AWD (All-Wheel drive) System

“Independent-rear-motor-driven harmonious AWD” arrangement which is leadership the way to a futurity multiplication of Subaru AWD engineering has been adoptive for the Subaru Viziv Conception. Subaru is incessantly refinement its alone AWD systems according to the exploitation doctrine “Four-wheeled direction”. “Independent-rear-motor-driven harmonious AWD” organisation provides fine-tuned controller of the quartet wheels to equal the move surroundings and route open weather.

Two motors entirely highly-developed for backside wheels’ ride restraint the backside rightfulness and unexpended effort might freely. Interconnected direction arrangement of the battlefront and bum drive controls the partitioning of cause index ‘tween the breast and arse wheels. It increases Subaru’s stylemark participating rubber operation. Turn the wheel increases the cause exponent applied to the ass, creating a treatment feature that responds agilely to driver operations. Turn the wheel dorsum increases the cause superpower applied to the forepart, creating a treatment feature that emphasizes constancy.

In stop-and-go metropolis dealings, all wheels are determined by the motors when start from repose, providing heights start torsion and herculean speedup, but low fire uptake with silence rally.

By severally controlling the campaign index applied to the leftfield and correct bottom wheels, the bum cause arrangement provides more torsion to the exterior ass cycle and less to the within bum rack when cornering to beget inner-directed yaw impulse on the fomite and accomplish exceedingly nimble and polish “on-the-rail cornering”. Likewise portion speedup and all-terrain operation, this innovational AWD organisation besides uses driving mightiness to service routine the fomite. On with its electrifying manipulation and cornering that responds reliably to driver operations, it too offers spectacular manipulation stableness that ensures a high-pitched stratum of assure impression and surefooted cause.

Minimal turn spoke can be contract due to “Independent-rear-motor-driven harmonious AWD” organisation, olibanum higher-ranking manoeuvrability has been achieved.

Technical Specifications

  • Boilersuit Duration: 4,320 mm
  • Breadth: 1,900 mm
  • Altitude: 1,510 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,640 mm
  • Locomotive Typewrite: 2.0-litre Horizontally-Opposed Subaru Pugilist diesel
  • Contagion Character: Lineartronic (CVT)
  • Electrical Centrifugal Case: Inside Lasting attracter synchronic motive; Breast: 1 motive; Bottom: 2 motors
  • Barrage Eccentric: Lithium-ion batteries
  • AWD Organisation: Independent-rear-motor-driven symmetric AWD
  • Tires: 245/45 ZR20
  • Seats Content: 4
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