2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

The launching of the Rolls-Royce Phantasm on 1 January 2003 was lots more the unwrap of a new ultra-luxury car; it signalled the Twenty-one Hundred renaissance of the earth’s nigh illustrious sumptuosity motorcar blade and the commencement glance of a chef-d’oeuvre that apace accomplished itself at the superlative of self-propelling excellency.

For the past fin days, below BMW Aggroup possession and in the absence of promotion, designers, engineers and skilled yield stave had overseen the birthing of a flagship Rolls-Royce motive car and state-of-the-art output adroitness on the Goodwood Demesne in Southerly England. Without collimate in the car industriousness, the accomplishment was all the more stupefying for a blade which shouldered the slant of historical ups (and periodic downs) and for which expectations for the succeeding were justifiedly high-pitched.

From establish, the Rolls-Royce Spectre proven itself a suitable receiver of the celebrated Life of Adam statuette. From Pantheon wicket to farsighted back beetle, the conception was distinctly a Rolls-Royce. Every tilt revealed a bluff yet refined car with route front that was secondment to none.

For such an baronial car, Shadow surprised drivers with its lightness and preciseness in question spell its rally was described by the fellowship at the sentence as ‘intentional to frown the heartbeat’. The gorgeously sublimate razz, far-famed done modeling generations, had returned and waftability re-affirmed itself in the party vocabulary.

At the car’s gist lay a ground-breaking, jackanapes aluminum space-frame with powerfulness supplied by a advanced, direct-injection V12 locomotive, marital to a six-speed automobile gearbox. And complementing this excellency in technology was Phantasm’s beautiful national, presenting hand-stitched luxurious leathers, okay veneers and recherche particularization, a compounding that pronounced the car as something unambiguously exceptional.

2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

New Spectre variants were added, start with Spectre Lengthy Wheelbase in 2005. In 2007, Fantasm Drophead Takeoveré revealed the ultimate in voluptuary open-top motoring, spell Phantasma Putsché, Rolls-Royce’s advanced m tourist, linked the folk in 2008. All were heartily standard.

2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe

A new world – Phantom Series II in summary

Now, Rolls-Royce presents Phantasm Serial II, a phratry of height cars that sustain been thoughtfully updated with the foundation of with-it engineering, enhancements to an already unrivalled drive-train and improvements in connectivity that muse the ever-changing humanity in which we endure.

Rolls-Royce Spectre’s hit and modernistic forepart outflank encapsulates the center of changes that lie below, with re-styled bumpers and orthogonal spark apertures that anatomy full-LED twinkle clusters. These appropriate the integrating of new technologies ilk sheer ignitor functionality, where headlight beams are reflected in the management of visit render greater illuminance of the route forwards when cornering. And adaptative headlamps, where sparkle patterns variety mechanically and – naturally – effortlessly in reception to dissimilar impulsive speeds.

Apparition’s already high-flown drive-train has besides been enhanced. The accession of a new 8-speed reflexive gearbox and behind derivative utterly accompaniment the V12 mastermind injectant locomotive, up typic kinetics, too as the renowned Rolls-Royce assure of a thaumaturgy carpeting tantalise. Fire expenditure improves by 10 percentage on the combined wheel and CO2 emissions spill from 385 to 347g/km as a effect (388 to 349 for Phantasm Drawn-out Wheelbase).

Casual is a tidings that mayhap outdo epitomises the Phantasm live, both for drivers and their passengers. So an improved interface, too as the plus of new driver aid technologies, bear been reinforced on the initiation of a new electronics’ chopine for Phantasma Serial II. The planet pilotage scheme, e.g., has been full updated with functions that admit 3D map exhibit with landscape topography, guided tours, also as enhanced points of concern and complex road provision.

Sound optical subject, planet pilotage maps and driver entropy is presented on Fantasm’s new 8.8 in controller essence showing, underlined by eight-spot programmable bookmarks in chromium-plate for optimal contraption in selecting key functions. Figurehead, bottom and top-view camera systems, boost augment Phantasm’s simplicity of use specially when impulsive in rigorous urban environments. When turnaround parking e.g., back itinerary foretelling mechanically deploys on-screen.

These meaning changes add encourage centre to a repute Phantasm has proudly reinforced since launching of the touch Rolls-Royce rachis in 2003. It is a new man. But it’s a earth in which the Rolls-Royce Phantasm kinsfolk leave engross a height billet for many eld to arrive.


“We should repute Apparition innovation as a opus of pop, classical. O’er metre this has the theory of unlike interpretations without losing the necessary strain that we recognize so comfortably.” Ian Cameron – Rolls-Royce Drive Cars Manager of Innovation

Ilk a slice of inspirational euphony, the Rolls-Royce Fantasm continues to revel an hearing. Comrade melodies – classical conception cues that can be traced done the simulation generations – are brought to sprightliness by an orchestra of craftspeople functional at the Dwelling of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, where care to the finest contingent delights in every car.

Conversant themes get with the celebrated Heart of Cristal, proudly adorning apiece framework’s Pantheon lattice proclivity upwind with flap nightdress, spell in position visibility all Spectre sept members represent a hanker behind over-hang and classical two-to-one rack to trunk tallness.

The thin-rimmed steering-wheel is remindful of elegantly engineered multifunction helms of the Spectre II and III, spell farther cues in the manikin of bulls-eye air vents and organ-stop plungers advance wind at by masterpieces.

But 21 100 pattern cues likewise pleasure owners, also as those for whom a glance of a Rolls-Royce is a uncommon instant to be wanted. The interlocked double-R Rolls-Royce monogram in the hubcaps, e.g., which stay erect at all multiplication. And jitney doors with subdued ending purpose, which household Teflon-coated umbrellas to ply the grandest manikin of debarkation from any centrifugal car, any the brave.

Well-nigh ten age from establish, the innovation squad responsible creating a innovative chef-d’oeuvre continue at Rolls-Royce. And for Manager of Designing Ian Cameron, updating a 21 C graeco-roman would beginning with one precedence: a proportionate, dateless excogitation to espouse state-of-the-art technical improvements.

2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe

The new, bodoni front-end for Spectre Serial II, peradventure outdo exemplifies changes that are more peel rich. Deep-set bum new orthogonal lighter apertures and re-designed presence bumpers are amply LED sparkle clusters. The touch is an refined and spectacular bar, capturing the uncomplicated elegance of a unendingly lit factor, a lineament complementing Rolls-Royce empennage twinkle conception. For equaliser and symmetry, this is unified horizontally crossways the essence of Shadow’s four-compartment headlight.

Rolls-Royce Fantasm Putsché and Drophead Putsché now accompany a ace small-arm lattice fence, presenting a sander, more coeval front that implike into sculptured forepart wings, spell Shadow pothouse features a new behind bumper incorporating a svelte stainless foreground.

2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe

Rolls-Royce Fantasm Pothouse and Extensive Wheelbase wearing a new presence fender R-R badge with reiterate indicant spell iii new cycle options, including multi-colored, part-polished and dressed, add to the orbit of 21″ wheels, the largest fitted as banner to any yield car.

“The answer is good advanced, yet embraces those traditional conception cues. It’s a comrade conception, but it’s lit in a dissimilar way.” – Ian Cameron


Simmpleness of pattern and the really finest materials bestow to the dateless architecture of any Fantasm, where ghost points are entirely solicit, chromium-plate and leather and where feet can easy be doomed in trench, lambswool rugs.

Arguably the outflank situation to live Spectre’s lavishness is from the ass ass of Phantasma Pub where passengers – raised by 18 mm – are presented with an inspirational aspect refine the foresighted sail of the hood and onto the Feel of Go. A reducing in the routine of arse flutes ahead and ass, from 5 to 3, gives a more modernistic accompaniment to the car’s princely born caryopsis leather and flutes are too added to Drophead Putsché and Putsché seating for Fantasm Serial II.

An haven of equanimity, Rolls-Royce interiors are the everlasting surround in which to unwind and unlax in welcoming quieten. But they can too be a gist for amusement. Shadow Pothouse’s dramatics contour adds two monitors inside veneered pushover tables for bottom arse passengers which are joined to a multi-media histrion, mounted in a compartment at the behind of the inwardness soothe. The comprehension of AV connectors, a six-DVD auto-changer housed in the frown mitt box and USB porthole in the essence comfort, agency occupants can survey offprint message wheresoever they may be sitting, figurehead or bum.

The LOGIC7 circumvent strait organisation by Harman can make a genuinely cinematic feel on any journeying. Vii case-by-case audio signals are refined specifically for the car and its inside weather exploitation a compounding of speakers that admit subwoofers housed inside rapport chambers in the distance created by Apparition’s reduplicate storey. A nine-channel amplifier delivers sovereign limpidity, intelligibly placing melodious instruments, phone effects and negotiation at unlike depths gift the effect of posing in row one or 20 of a concert.

At the feeling of a release, Phantasma’s refined parallel time flips to uncover a new ascendance center presentation. The concealment has increased in sizing from 6.5 to 8.8 inches with enhanced pel tightness providing a more processed persona, also as split-menu exhibit for more visceral accession to unlike functions.

A fashionable new chromium-plate comptroller, discreetly secret inside the core soothe and rear-centre arm rests when not engaged, is flanked by role keys such as card, telephony and pilotage to reserve easier admittance to docudrama functions.

Octad operative bookmarks are now included below the admonisher. These can be programmed to salute craved info at the trace of a chromium-plate key, e.g. the preferable preference for orbiter pilotage maps, to nowadays darling tv channels, pre-set tuner stations or to accession Specter’s telephony fare.

All Rolls-Royce Spectre kinsfolk cars now profit from improved interfaces and interaction with radio engineering. Determination a eatery, reservation a tabularize, so beingness guided to its placement, e.g., comes courtesy of the improved functionality and inter-connectivity of Specter’s new planet sailing arrangement. Boost enhancements to sailing functions admit guided tours: at the Dwelling of Rolls-Royce, which is set future to the historical townspeople of Chichester in England, drivers may take to choice a 45 min circuit pickings in Roman Britain.

For Rolls-Royce Apparition Serial II the telephony birthplace has been replaced by a stock fit impertinent telephone rocker which connects straight into the car antennae. The heart recession now likewise includes USB, Aux-in and 12V exponent sockets. Additionally, euphony can be copied direct onto the car’s hard-drive, thanks to the increase of a USB interface in the mitt compartment.

“Lit in a different way” – new LED light technology

Rolls-Royce has a yearn story of technical firsts and is now the low automaker to go entire LED headlamps as stock for Shadow models. Besides as draft less superpower from the locomotive, the feature whiter spark provides a clearer scene of the route onward, serving keep fatigue for drivers during hanker journeys on night roadstead.

2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe

New ignitor clusters contain four-spot compartments encircled and ruined with a svelte, stainless bezel. Endlessly lit, an refined bar runs done the center forming Fantasm’s LED day functional lamps. LEDS in the top two pockets mannequin swayback lights patch wide-cut air illuminates LEDs in the depress two. A furcate, orthogonal index slip sits beneath the headlamps.

LEDs nowadays the chance for technologies that meliorate deal the way twinkle is projecting, including cut sparkle functionality and adaptative headlamps. The outset uses electronically-controlled reflectors in amphetamine and depress headlight pockets, to ameliorate the chimneysweep of illuminance when cornering. More of the route in the guidance of travelling can be seen as reflectors splay by capable 15° in aim reaction to wheel turns.

Adaptative headlamps mechanically variety ray patterns according to impulsive weather. Twinkle is spread more wide for impulsive speeds beneath 50km/h to enable improve views of cyclists and pedestrians. ‘tween 50 and 120km/h the lightness strobilus extends and is skew towards the approximate face to divulge voltage hazards on a driver’s incline of the route, piece for superhighway drive at speeds in inordinateness of 120km/h, the ray has a yearner stove and is more vivid. Where windshield wipers sustain been operational for more two transactions in pitiful endure, swayback beams are mechanically lit.

The commodious activating of headlamp adjustment is a promote gain, now organism accessed straight via the roundabout restrainer, sooner than a shift situated below the cowl. This allows headlamp settings to be switched ‘tween right and left effort markets, e.g. when drive from the UK to France, increasing comforter for those ill-used to interbreeding borders.

Camera system

Everything around owning and impulsive Phantasm models should be casual, including manoeuvring in cockeyed urban environments. Tod, a new camera organization is offered as stock for all Fantasm Serial II. Cameras are positioned in 5 locations, two in the curves of the battlefront bumper, two on the undersurface of apiece annexe mirror and one in the torso lid.

These combining to confront a fish-eye horizon at unreasoning junctions or to render earth images with obstruction identification and blow course foretelling when parking This mechanically deploys on the ascendancy center exhibit when reverse is selected and highlights the optimal reversing flight too as the placement of obstacles, portion keep scuffs and debase price preserving the eminent evaluate of a customer’s investiture – and the underlying looker of the car.

Additionally, all Apparition models bear six buttons that sit either incline of the core soothe’s usable bookmarks; the push to the farthermost on the veracious takes drivers instantly to a rip ikon telling objects at either incline at the presence of the car.

Engineering excellence

Earlier conceived by the Rolls-Royce technology squad, an innovative aluminum spaceframe retains its office at Specter’s kernel, helping as the initiation for the car’s sinful impulsive artistry. Solid, jackanapes and as set as a Normal 1 car, the spaceframe has been foster strengthened, with the accession of gallus bars that enable a active bundle to be offered as an pick for Phantasma Barroom first.

Epitomising the Rolls-Royce wedlock of up-to-date engineering with hunky-dory workmanship, apiece spaceframe is whole hand-welded, so ruined as if it were a preciseness instrumentate. Every daybreak, skilled welders do a 300mm tryout to checkout for atmospherical effects on the textile with which they leave study. More 200 box sections of hurl al hump are so formed to make the framing, which is checkered for truth to inside a millimeter by laser. Last, the largest computer-guided machining chopine in the car manufacture sets to work the nail construction, milling decisive points with speck preciseness.

Preciseness power too be the outflank tidings to key the mode in which Fantasm drivers post their cars done corners. But, course, treatment cannot cum at the disbursal of the noted Rolls-Royce legerdemain rug razz. Luckily, thanks to its reduplicate insulated level, the spaceframe lonesome augments inside quietness serving egest racket, quiver and rigourousness.

Its built-in rubber benefits are too enhanced by former systems controlled by Specter’s ISIS (Healthy Prophylactic and Info Organisation). This takes readings from sensors set passim the car and, in the case of an encroachment, makes capable 4,000 calculations a sec to demonstrate its harshness, deploying rubber systems as essential. These admit healthy braking and simpleness systems such as Active Constancy Controller, Dynamical Grip Ascendancy and seatbelt pre-tensioners.

Complementing Shadow’s reassuring refuge features are changes to figurehead threshold incline pockets. These are now slimly littler, due to the accession of a wreck pad, for more fifty-fifty dispersion of forces in a 30° side-impact essay.

2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe

Drive-train and suspension

“For my squad this was a motion of what we could do to ameliorate a drive-train that we believed was about idol, both in damage of its dynamical operation and great razz characteristics,” – Helmut Riedl, Manager of Technology

At its nerve, every Apparition kinsfolk car hosts a hand-assembled, course aspirated 6.75 l V12 locomotive. This advanced direct-injection gas locomotive develops 531lb ft of torsion (720Nm) more trey quarters of which is usable at 1,000 rpm. The torsion curl corpse mostly matte betwixt 1,000 and 3,000 rpm – an significant requirement for casual metropolis drive – and moves occupants from 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds and onto an electronically express top upper of 149mph (155mph for Spectre Takeoveré) where grocery weather reserve.

Rolls-Royce Phantasm’s ability reservation caliber is another of those brand Rolls-Royce excogitation cues that e’er raises a grinning. Operational, it nonchalantly reveals the tremendous ability potentiality at a driver’s administration should he or she ask it. But, in near fortune, Apparition’s execution is plainly a weigh of unseamed, casual build.

For Rolls-Royce Shadow Serial II, Rolls-Royce has improved the drive-train by incorporating a new 8-speed machine ZF-gearbox for all variants. This is electronically controlled to handle the sinful might delivered by the V12 powerhouse. The yearner proportion in the new bottom derivative compensates shorter ratios in approximately gears of the new 8-speed gearbox, maintaining the like locomotive fastness to augment ‘waftability’, piece up fire thriftiness.

The termination is herculean placidity. Casual gearing changes get as a moment of a amend mate of paraphernalia to locomotive speeding, up efficiency from powerfulness coevals to where it is needful at the wheels. Fire saving improves by 10 pct on the combined bike and CO2 emissions downfall from 385 to 347g/km as a outcome.

Double-wishbone forepart reprieve complements the drive-train, featuring optimised mounts to understate vibrations done the wheel, piece multi-link bottom reprieve discharge with anti-lift and anti-dive engineering aids stableness below expectant quickening and braking.

Bound dampeners and anti-roll bars defend quilt without going of legerity piece self-levelling air struts recompense for dissimilar oodles inside the car, qualification continual adjustments as the weightiness of fire decreases, handsome drivers the power to billet the car done turns with downright preciseness and passengers a razz of sovereign solace.


It takes 60 pairs of men and more 450 hours to pattern, reconstruct and craftiness apiece Rolls-Royce centrifugal car. At the Domicile of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood thither are some 1,000 employees, including craftspeople running in woods and leather shops, fashioning the earth’s finest cars. And scarce two robots in the blusher store to supply a unseamed lineament of ending. But the finest materials are secondhand and these are fastidiously disposed so their underlying beaut is displayed to topper consequence.


Rolls-Royce continues the thousand custom started centuries ago by the coach-building industriousness: leastwise 5 layers of pigment and unclutter lacquer finishing are applied to apiece Spectre, septenary if the car is two-tone. Betwixt apiece stratum technicians guts the torso by script. Next coating of a terminal cake, the eubstance is meticulously mitt refined for cinque hours to reach the glazed brilliancy unremarkably associated with a grand. Done the Tailored plan, any elect blusher color can be specified. Initially, this could be elect by the node done the Phantasma iPad App, capturing the coloring of a ducky tie or lipstick e.g. and applying it to their practical car. In safekeeping with Rolls-Royce traditions ace or duplicate coach-lines can likewise be applied – by manus naturally. Apiece fin m occupation takes deuce-ace hours to use victimization just the finest squirrel and ox pilus brushes.


Wooden features portmanteau the skills of console makers and sauceboat builders with innovative engineering. Contingent stipulation, capable 43 wooden parts are victimized in every Fantasm, apiece constructed from capable 28 layers of court. These are interspersed with slim sheets of aluminum for durability and to foreclose chip in an shock. Multiple layers are pressed, crumpled and hand-finished ahead craftsmen cut and implement matched veneers, which are afterwards elaborate, lacquered, script urbane and highlighted. All veneers cum from one log and these are cautiously selected and set out so that the caryopsis particularization is mirrored crosswise the midland of apiece car.

Elysian by J-class yachts of the Thirties , the beautiful teak-decking in Spectre Drophead Putsché is a okay exercise of the wedlock ‘tween Rolls-Royce traditions and the trump in technology. Teakwood is victimised because of its stalwart properties and underground to wet and dilapidate, but peculiar techniques suffer been highly-developed to save the show of a saucy, unrefined destination, the aim beingness a net floor that tight resembled lifelike quality. Apiece adorn, comprised of more 30 wooden pieces, features just machined grooves and is saved by a especially formulated conflate of oils. As with all wood and veneers exploited by Rolls-Royce, it is sourced by a squad of specialists.


Lonesome the finest hand-selected hides from Alpine bulls are exploited by Rolls-Royce. The respectable surround and outdoors meadows without prickle or barbwire termination in far fewer innate marks. The leather is membranophone pigmented to countenance the long-lived Rolls-Royce leather to continue its far-famed mild and lissom tone, bountiful a ample, consistent color piece maintaining the instinctive smell, sissiness and ingrain. Apiece of the 450 leather parts that represent an upcountry is cut by laser ahead organism handwriting stitched by the artisans in the accompany’s own shop.


Rolls-Royce customers await their cars to be as unparalleled as their own fingermark and the Tailor-made help delivers on these gamey expectations. More octet in ten Rolls-Royce Phantasma models delivered globally to clients in 2011 included about constituent of bespoken excogitation from somebody pigment colors, facing inlays, stride plates and autobus lines, to the well-nigh splashy and soul of unhurt fomite designs.

In 2011 e.g., Rolls-Royce intentional a car for a Midriff Easterly client that merged an intricate and beautiful falcon theme inside the headrests. Fetching 40 hours of embellishment and exploitation 11 unlike togs, the conception featured 21,000 stitches.

Mayhap one of the nigh delicious and pop of Rolls-Royce tailor-made features is the starlight star, which integrates more 1,600 bantam fiber visual lights which are hand-woven into the leather cap liner to make a beautiful starry sky inside a Rolls-Royce Spectre Barroom or Phantasma Putsché.

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