2013 Renault Zoe

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE heralds the startle of a new era, one in which galvanising mobility becomes usable to everybody. It marks a major measure forward for the self-propelled diligence and besides for Renault. Passim its 115 eld of account, the make has shown its power to introduce and to work engineering inside everybody’s ambit. ZOE is the allegory of Renault’s strategical design – Crusade the Commute 2016 – and the spear-point of the Renault Z.E. reach. It combines all Renault’s electric expertness in a contract and attractive pattern with an low-cost damage. Revealed at the 2012 Hollands Motive Demonstrate, Renault ZOE arrived on the mart in France at the end of 2012, anterior to its rollout crosswise the mesh in Marchland 2013. It leave be launched in over-the-counter European countries o’er the pursuit months.


Intentional from the jump as an all-electric fomite, Renault ZOE is a supermini of houseclean, flow lines. The classifiable front expresses the new make indistinguishability with its well-disposed, sympathetic looks. The disconsolate impression of the logotype, headlamps and dark-tinted windows discover ZOE as an electric. Reflecting the conception of honor, the cabin aims to make a reposeful, zen tone with materials that are mild to the feeling.

A design adventure dating back to the end of 2008

At the end of January 2008 at the Davos Assembly, Carlos Ghosn proclaimed the aspiration of the Renault blade to grocery a reach of 4 galvanic vehicles. The flagship example was propose X10, a supermini intentional as an all-electric fomite, intended for people selling. This far-reaching delegacy was set in the custody of the pre-project teams, who confirmed its technological and economical feasibleness on December 16, 2008. This pronounced the start detail of the figure treat, organised on a contender groundwork. The abbreviated presented on January 21, 2009 declared that the figure should be “well-disposed and reassuring for an forward-looking, creditworthy all-electric fomite”.

2013 Renault ZOE

ZOE, a car with a difference

The offset originative proposals adoptive an super extremist approaching. Designers saw the new electric era as a bang-up chance to reinvent the car. Nonetheless, piecemeal, studies gradually converged towards a more noetic attack. The conversion from inner burning to wattage would already cross a major break client habits, so it was significant for the styling of ZOE not to be too confusing. The aim was to innovation a car with a deviation, but reflecting the schematic cues of self-propelling excogitation in its lines and proportions, so that it would be directly recognized.

Lines expressing purity and emotion

The fetching draft was by Denim Sémériva. Two key quarrel guided his digital penwork: innocence and emotion. Innocence, in the lines that appear to run the duration of the car’s eubstance, and emotion, in its nimble, dynamical temptingness. The car had a reassuring and dynamical expression with its squeeze, sculptured forms, 2,588 mm wheelbase and embossed waist.

A car that is visibly electric

ZOE is directly identifiable as an galvanizing fomite, with the bluing impression of the Renault logotype and headlamps and the dark dark-tinted windows crossways the scope. Unco on a yield car, the ass lights are guileless with dark homocentric edging. They number red lonesome on braking and when the lights are switched on at dark. This makes the boilersuit consistency colouring seem more consistent.

Friendly, appealing looks

When Laurens Van Den Acker arrived in 2009, he made major invention changes, modifying the front to excogitate the new stain indistinguishability. As a solution, ZOE features slight dual-halogen headlights and a bigger logotype, contrastive with the melanise grill. The all-encompassing grinning air inspiration with two dimples on either slope for the day working lights, devote ZOE a favorable, likable aspect.

On July 28, 2009 in the presentment way at the Technocentre in Guyancourt, Dungaree Sémériva, presented his employment to direction squad, receiving a extremely enthusiastic response. His conception carries his touch: a thumbprint in embossment on the outside handgrip of the back doors, hidden in the bum column.

Client tests began in Borderland 2010. The image presented at this meter nearly matched the simulation that would be brought to mart at end-2012. Again, the response was extremely enthusiastic.

A relaxing, zen interior ambience

The inside excogitation of ZOE is the employment of Dominique Marzolf whose offset sketches too verbalized the motif of honour. The fascia is carven from a ace stoppage, in cleanse, tight lines. The like access is seeable in the dashboard striptease, which resembles the steel of a flatus turbine. This factor uses a stuff that is new to the self-propelled manufacture, easygoing to the trace and elysian by the mankind of dwelling invention. The virginal, restful atmosphere is underlined by the use of pastel colouration schemes in the cabin – on the Sprightliness and Zen versions – and by the comportment of forward-looking engineering. The 7″ blind of the Renault R-Link cabinet appears to drift before of the splasher, patch the TFT (Sparse Shoot Transistor) blind on the board hints at ZOE’s hi-tech contentedness.

The seating characteristic constitutional headrests, with picket cloth upholstery (on the Zen variation) toughened with Teflon® spot auspices for light cleansing. The identicalness of Renault ZOE as a zero-emission fomite is shown by the initials Z.E. on the cogwheel pommel and on the driver’s backside headrest. A pictogram resembling a printed lap can be seen on the ceiling facing and on the splashboard.

The official presentation: Geneva 2012

The pattern of ZOE was entirely finalized in July 2010. The divulge was unionised in two stages. Offset, the presentment of the ZOE prevue read car, likewise intentional by Dungaree Sémériva, at the 2010 Paris Centrifugal Prove. The demonstrate car, which went on to plowshare 90% of its designing message with the output modeling, was a vast and straightaway succeeder with customers and in-house faculty.

the ultimate degree in the conception operation: the humans trailer of ZOE in its determinate manakin at the 2012 Hollands Centrifugal Display. The resemblance betwixt ZOE and the ZOE trailer shew car was applauded by both the populace and the pressing, who gave the car a strong receive.


With ZOE, Renault makes Cipher Emanation mobility uncommitted to the superlative numeral. ZOE is the get-go car to be intentional as an all-electric simulation and sold at the low-priced terms of €13,700 incl. VAT (cost for France, negative the tax bonus, shelling renting from €79 / month incl. VAT for 12,500 km/yr o’er ternary days) and nonpareil for day-after-day use. Embodying Renault’s electric expertness, it features up-to-date galvanising engineering. With more 60 patents filed as share of its invention, ZOE boasts six humankind firsts in the fields of orbit, gentle use, and connectivity.

ZOE, the first production electric vehicle with a homologated range of 210 km (NEDC)

Renault ZOE is capable to masking ‘tween 100 and 150 km contingent drive flair and upwind weather, bighearted it the longest scope in its class. In homologation tests based on a standardised NEDC hertz, Renault ZOE is the alone electrical fomite with a orbit of o’er 200 km (210 km). This functioning can be attributed to the Ambit OptimiZEr organisation fitted on all Renault ZOE models, which boots fomite ambit by nigh 25%.

The Orbit OptimiZEr organisation comprises iii major technological innovations, apiece of which makes an equate tierce part to increasing the scope of ZOE:

2013 Renault Zoe
  • new-generation regenerative braking,
  • a warmth heart,
  • and Michelin EnergyTM E-V tyres.
  • New-generation regenerative braking recharges the battery during the deceleration and braking phase

    Regenerative braking enables the centrifugal to deed a source. When the driver releases the gas, the centrifugal recovers k.e. from slowing and turns it into an current that recharges the barrage. This get-up-and-go would differently be missed as oestrus when the bracken pads clinch unitedly.

    To maximise superpower savings during braking, Renault linked forces with Bosch to get a new-generation organization. This organization intelligently distributes braking strength betwixt the clamping of the bracken pads and the locomotive bracken in fiat to maximise the execute of the locomotive bracken in charging the bombardment. The execute of these two components is fine-tuned in gild to preclude jolts or marked locomotive braking when on the go.

    The heat pump maintains the range of ZOE when the heating is in use

    Elysian by plate ontogenesis, this instauration is now useable first on a yield car. The operational precept was already good known. The trouble store adapting it to a car. Limited ascendance algorithms were highly-developed to appreciate of the thermic inertial and index of a fomite home.

  • To poise the cabin, the organisation workings in the like way as a rule galvanic air conditioning organization.
  • To heating the cabin, the arrangement reverses the wheel of functioning. It traps calories in the ambient air extraneous the fomite, compresses and heats them, so directs the estrus into the car.
  • This scheme lets the driver oestrus the cabin without impacting fomite scope. Confining the vigor expenditure of the heat importantly reduces disparities in the compass of ZOE during the inhuman or strong seasons. For an eq layer of warming, the hotness ticker consumes capable threefold less muscularity than a ceremonious arrangement.

    The needed cabin temperature is reached more cursorily and well-kept at a more stalls layer than in an ICE fomite, where the heat depends on the calories precondition off by the locomotive.

    Michelin ENERGYTM E-V tyres increases the range of ZOE

    Renault ZOE is the outset fomite to be shodden as touchstone with this extremely energyefficient tire highly-developed with Michelin. Compounding vim savings, refuge and enduringness, it was intentional to cut the mellow muscularity losings associated with rolled immunity patch accepting the astute speedup of galvanizing cars.

    Tyres history for capable 30% of get-up-and-go uptake on an electric. With apiece gyration of the bicycle, the tire is ill-shapen nether the slant of the consignment as it makes striking with the route. As its construction is misshapen, the components heat and a sealed total of vigour is confused. Reduction this passion build-up makes it potential to concentrate vigor use. The Michelin Push&deal; E-V tire generates rattling niggling warmth build-up when drive, so threatening push expenditure. Simultaneously, the mend of condom in striking with the route is open of heat up apace during braking, hence reduction the outdistance essential to convey the car to a closure.

    Drivers also contribute to range

    Evening more on an ICE fomite, drivers can defend fomite ambit in a act of elementary slipway:

  • Embrace eco-driving practices (foresee, use the locomotive bracken, dramatise a sane coming to drive, etcetera.). Applying these rules improves compass by an median 16%.
  • The fascia and R-Link multimedia affiliated scheme cater the driver with all the entropy requirement to care the journeying, fomite scope and burster more efficaciously.
  • Aerate Eco fashion to step-up orbit by capable 10%.
  • Use the pre-conditioning purpose to oestrus the cabin.
  • Driving assistance from the control panel

    The TFT screenland on the ZOE panel provides the driver with a uninterrupted read-out of parameters on drive manner and fomite reach. It comprises:

  • a gage indicating bombardment tutelage position and the odd grasp in km. Computing of this anatomy is based on impulsive parameters for the end 200 kilometres. A readjust purpose reduces the deliberation stand to the finish 30 km covered in edict to appraisal the leftover ambit based on contiguous drive weather,
  • an econometer indicating whether the fomite is overwhelming or convalescent vim at any apt clip,
  • the upper displayed in digital formatting and the pry positions, which resemble those of an automatonlike transmittal (Achromatic, Cause, Reversion, Parkland)
  • Entropy from the onboard calculator such as the space covered, norm ingestion (kWh/100 km), both boilersuit and quick (kWh), clock, extraneous temperature, etcetera.
  • The “drive fashion index” use changes the ground colouration of the TFT sieve to muse impulsive flair: viridity for eco-driving, blueness for impersonal impulsive and purplish for a active impulsive flair overwhelming more push.


    This procedure provides reassurance. It maintains the reach of ZOE by reduction the execution of the air conditioning and warming, too as drive mightiness. It is excited by a transposition on the primal soothe. The backside of the TFT blind turns k and the ECO acronym appears. If the driver necessarily stronger speedup, when passing e.g., the use can be deactivated by press pile laborious on the throttle.

    Two service packs for information and remote action on ZOE

    Drivers of Renault ZOE may besides welcome entropy and fifty-fifty interact with their fomite by substance of two servicing packs: “My Z.E. Join” (banner on ZOE) and “My Z.E. inter@ctive” (optional on Liveliness or received with Zen and Intens).

    For outback entropy: the “my Z.E. Link” ring

    Wheresoever they are, drivers can confer the followers data from their fresh headphone or calculator:

    2013 Renault Zoe
  • the tutelage layer, estimated unexpended grasp based on the almost late impulsive parameters, the metre of the close guardianship, the burster position if the fomite is affiliated (in advance or not), the clock left to nail a entire bearing and a monthly chronicle of care information,
  • the emplacement of charging stations in apiece metropolis,
  • hardheaded tips to pee improve use of the electric and keep its orbit. E.g., exploitation the pre-conditioning use to passion the cabin, adopting a polish drive dash, etcetera.
  • users can likewise invite notifications on the jump or end-of charging (by netmail) or alerts for a low barrage care or commission break (by netmail or textbook).
  • For remote interaction with the car: the “My Z.E. inter@ctive” pack

    With this ring, drivers can use a impudent ring or figurer to:

  • run or set the pre-conditioning purpose to rut the cabin,
  • first distant charging,
  • set a casual charging agenda by selecting a slot,
  • optimise the charging agenda based on the be of electricity and its CO2 contentedness (from a PC sole).
  • The Chameleon charger for a faster charge

    Patented by Renault, this subverter courser adapts to the index cater usable, single-phase or three-phase, capable 43 kW. Renault ZOE can therefore tutelage its shelling to a layer of 80% in Half-hour. Chamaeleon likewise has the unparalleled vantage of beingness capable to tutelage ZOE at variable levels of powerfulness: e.g., at 11 kW (a burster of approximately two hours) or 22 kW (80% of the barrage for a one-hour mission). These arbitrate superpower levels uphold shelling serving living more efficaciously and sustain less gremlin on the gridiron than a “loyal” commission (43 kW). Europe presently has more 4,000 11 or 22 kW charging stations, referred to as “fasting charging stations”. In Germany, well-nigh populace charging stations (style 3) are of the fast-charging eccentric.

    Chameleon, an innovation from Renault to develop electric vehicle use

    The Chamaeleon courser is a answer highly-developed by Renault to fit galvanising cars with a knock-down onboard courser at circumscribed toll. The introductory estimation is to “deviate” the drive and inverter from their use in providing grip so that they besides bestow to the charging of the barrage. The Joint Box, a new sub-system highly-developed by Renault, manages the charging treat, changes the ac to dc and communicates with the charging post. The Chamaeleon courser’s Joint Box is lonesome slenderly larger and heavier than the 3V courser ground on almost former galvanic vehicles on the marketplace but, thanks to the use of the inverter and centrifugal windings, charging powerfulness can compass 43 kW.

    Fitted nether the cowl of ZOE, the Chamaeleon courser well simplifies the engineering ill-used by high-octane (43 kW) charging stations. Since these fast-charging stations testament no yearner pauperization a integral rectifier, they leave toll upright onequarter of their stream damage and be easier to deploy. This foundation testament conduce to the growth of galvanising fomite use.

    All versions of ZOE equipped with Renault R-Link

    Renault R-Link, the structured, attached multimedia is fitted on all versions of ZOE from establish. Renault RLink groups a full-of-the-moon compass of multimedia functions in a i scheme: pilotage, tuner, phone, Bluetooth® audiostreaming, euphony, connections for portable devices, affiliated services (contingent versions), etcetera.

    2013 Renault Zoe

    Fingertip or voice-access to main functions

    Exploitation the 7″ touchscreen or nonrational articulation acknowledgment, drivers can, e.g., order an speech to the piloting organisation or issuance instructions: “shuffle a call”, “exhibit my apps”, “run email”, etcetera…

    The Schoolbook To Language (TTS) office enables messages and early RSS feeds from around applications to be learn aloud when the car is moving.

    R-Link functions dedicated to electric driving

    On ZOE, Renault R-Link includes features consecrated to electrical impulsive. The TomTom® Z.E. Survive seafaring organization displays a round display the operable spoke comparable to fomite ambit. It likewise informs drivers entry a terminus if they bear sufficient content to reaching it. If this is not potential, it can demonstrate the way to the closest charging post. It can likewise propose the path that is almost sparing in price of push use and presentation charging stations (mapped by TomTom®) on the map (contingent the fomite’s geographic localisation or on terminus).

    Renault R-Link is joined to ZOE ECUs, authorizing early new fomite functions. In genuine clock, drivers can panorama their usance story, or the vigour flows ‘tween the shelling and electricity-consuming functions such as the centrifugal, air conditioning, heat, R-Link organisation, etcetera.

    On arriving at terminus, drivers can measure their eco-driving operation by selecting the “Impulsive eco²” office. This purpose analyzes drive stylus and gives customized tips for more “frugal” impulsive. A comparability ‘tween journeys encourages drivers to absorb the gainsay of up their eco-driving dash.

    R-Link connected to the Internet

    Renault°R-Link is likewise affiliated to the extraneous earth and to the Net done a inherent Border 2.75G joining. Attached services, such as TomTom® Subsist and Coyote Serial alerts, offer drivers with real-time data on dealings weather so that they can cut journeying metre.

    “TomTom® Be” helps drivers to take the trump road:

  • HD Dealings® is the scoop dealings data arrangement on the grocery. It analyzes dealings flows ended sections of barely a few xii metres. Compensate from the scratch of the travel, it gives a exact meter of arriver.
  • TomTom® Places, the largest localization database (updated in tangible metre via the Cyberspace) helps drivers breakthrough a particular spot or the destination of a serve nearby or in a granted metropolis.
  • Endure provides a 3-day brave reckon.
  • Risk zones, issues real-time route refuge alerts.
  • The Coyote Series1 impulsive aid contributes to safe by portion drivers foretell any slowdowns. It provides data on bad areas, reported and confirmed in material metre by members of the community, also as risk zones, with or without frozen fastness cameras. It likewise provides entropy on dealings slowdowns, such as accidents or obstacles on the route.

    Renault R-Link Store, an original automotive apps store

    With round l applications useable from plunge (contingent area), R-Link Storage offers a orbit of applications and services that is without challenger. Exploring a entire compass of fields, from worldwide or theme-based data (touristry, mutant, distaff pursuit, civilization, etcetera.) to vehicle-linked apps (Renault Assist, e-guide: interactional fomite manual), via community applications, email and societal networks, the R-Link Entrepot catalog is set to mature apace. To deploy a orbit of apps for self-propelling use, Renault worked with a routine of partners: evolution companies besides as start-ups founded by unseasoned entrepreneurs in the battlefield of attached services.

    For the found of ZOE, Renault is offer buyers a recommendation to the on-line humanity, to helper them get ill-used to R-Link:

  • machine-accessible services absolve for iii months: TomTom® Be and Coyote Serial,
  • a numeral of applications unfreeze for iii eld (on Zen and Intens, optional on Spirit): email, R-Link Twirp, conditions, Renault Help. This go bequeath gradually get with new apps.
  • likewise as admittance to the R-Link Storage for deuce-ace eld (on Zen and Intens) in rescript to download, from the car, more l apps uncommitted from plunge, contingent the area.

    Renault ZOE ships with a wide-cut stove of features consecrated to ease. E.g., the cabin can be pre-heated to the correct temperature (22°C) ahead the driver gets in. The air voiceless in inner the car is cleanser, and the air conditioning maintains a sufficient story of wet in the air to forfend dry pare.

    ZOE sets the right temperature

    With the pre-conditioning procedure, the cabin of ZOE is het or cooled to the rightfulness temperature (set at 22°C) at the meter specified by the driver. This use, which can be set from the car’s R-Link lozenge or remotely from a calculator or hurt call, heats or cools the cabin of ZOE when the car is machine-accessible to a charging post. The vim compulsory to compass the coveted temperature is so worn straightaway from the socket and not from the shelling, frankincense maintaining the grasp of Renault ZOE.

    When the driver starts moving, the air conditioning or warming office merely maintains the set temperature without having to increment mightiness to settle for a pregnant deviation in temperature levels.

    Flush if ZOE is not attached, the pre-conditioning purpose can distillery be excited directly, but but for a menses of cinque proceedings. This can be through doubly:

  • pressure the consecrate clitoris on the hands-free menu,
  • via a hurt call or PC.
  • The air breathed by the occupants of ZOE is cleaner

    An excited c corpuscle permeate purifies the air in the cabin, riveting about unpleasant smells and pollutants. Made up of static layers and excited c, the strain traps ozone, n dioxide, sulfur dioxide, methylbenzene, benzine and hydrocarbon particles (detritus, pollen). It besides filters out contaminants of good a few microns in sizing, such as pollen or crock.

    Intelligent air conditioning that does not dry the skin out

    All-inclusive use of established air conditioning can piddle the cutis flavour dry. The air conditioning of ZOE mechanically adjusts the layer of humidness in the cabin for a more easy tone.


    Renault ZOE is a live fomite, soft to plow and fun to driving, with a frame tailor-made to the particular characteristics of galvanizing vehicles and peculiarly tuned steerage, tyres and blow absorbers. ZOE is a reassuring fomite that performs systematically on all types of travel: in the metropolis and on the unfold route (round the metropolis and motorways). As an electric, it is lull and relaxing to crusade, with no locomotive racket or vibrations.

    An architecture dedicated to electric driving

    2013 Renault Zoe

    Renault ZOE is based on the “B” program already put-upon by round xx Confederation models including New Renault Clio. The figurehead hiatus, which is divided with Clio IV, is of the McPherson case, associated with a depress wishbone arm. The sub-frame and lour abeyance blazon are interpreted from the future section up (Mégane) for increased ease and more exact guidance. The back reprieve features a programmed-deflection flexile broadcast. It is the almost rich in the Renault aggroup in club to takings the burthen of the barrage positioned in the bod. It has been optimized for greater puff, with the add-on of polyurethan gibbosity michigan for wagerer damping.

    Dynamic features for greater drivability

    The synchronic galvanizing centrifugal with rotor delivers first-class get-up-and-go efficiency altogether phases of use. With turnout of 65 kW (88 hp), it produces utmost torsion of 220 Nm near immediately, in less than one centesimal of a s, for warm speedup and pick-up from the last-place locomotive speeds. It takes equitable four-spot seconds to quicken from 0 to 50 kph, a sponsor demand in metropolis drive.

    The office of the barrage below the flooring helps to correspondence the burthen ‘tween figurehead and backside (59 % / 41 % when stationary) for meliorate grip. Compared with the Clio 3 program, the center of graveness is 35 mm lour, the tracks 16 mm wider and the torsional rigorousness of the chopine increased by 55%, so up the constancy and route doings of Renault ZOE.

    The direction is accurate and light to address. Renault ZOE features the linking rods of Clio 3 RS, a car reputed for the tone of its steerage, with galosh sub-frame climb points peculiarly highly-developed for more active demeanour. The low guidance proportion (2.71 turns whorl to engage) combined with a exponent guidance motive from the adjacent section up improves treatment and drive delight.

    A calmer, more restful drive

    Quickening is tranquil and analog with no stumbling, thanks to the diminution train, which transmits the rotational swiftness of the motive to the wheels, without a clench scheme or convertor. For the driver, the impression is alike having the topper robotic gearbox on the marketplace.

    The onboard secretiveness and absence of vibrations are relaxing for the driver. The car is peculiarly lull at speeds of capable 40 kph. Bey this speeding, the primary noises heard occur from the wheels on the route and the airflow ended the bodywork. The randomness grade metric in the cabin of ZOE betwixt 40 and 75 kph is ‘tween 60 and 65 dB, which is ‘tween two and threefold less than an ICE fomite of tantamount superpower.

    The onboard calmness lets drivers takings total vantage of the hearing tone delivered by the onboard sound arrangement. Renault ZOE ships with 3D Vocalize by Arkamys® on the Zen and Intens versions. Victimization digital signalise processing package, this scheme creates a spatialization force, bighearted increased astuteness and embossment to the vocalize heard. Drivers can take audio zones in the cabin: driver lonely, the beginning row or the unscathed fomite.

    For passive, stress-free impulsive, when coming urban areas, ZOE ships with Z.E. Vocalisation: an outside audio to monish pedestrians of the onset fomite and enable them to estimation its amphetamine, since the oftenness varies with the upper of the car. Z.E. Part is combat-ready at speeds of betwixt 1 and 30 kph. The car is soundless when stationary. Limited innovation studies were conducted on the phone in ordering to make a vocalize individuality like to the quality of ZOE. It was highly-developed in tie with the Voice Percept and Innovation Squad at the search found IRCAM (Institut de Exquisite et Coordination Acoustique / Musique). Drivers can select ‘tween trey sounds: “Saturated”, “Glam” and “Mutation”. The scheme can be off off merely by pressure a release. It comes backrest on mechanically when the driver starts the car again.

    All Renault ZOE models send with hill-start aid for sluttish start on slopes. This organisation holds the car static on a side for a few seconds, piece the driver releases the bracken and starts to speed.

    To see a reposeful have terminated the thirster terminus, the galvanic motive is “maintenance-free”, waterproofed, and requires no lubrication. The service costs of an electrical fomite are capable 20% lour than those of an ICE fomite. No timing smash, air permeate or fire strain to be replaced, and no oil changes.


    ZOE carries all of Renault’s expertness and know-how in safe and calibre scripted into its genes. Renault ranks among the outflank full-line manufacturers for reliableness and is accepted to fulfil gamey standards in condom. As share of the growth operation, ZOE underwent the like procedure blessing tests as an ICE fomite, on with promote tests particular to electrical models.

    Perceived quality in order to build appeal

    Sensed timber contributes to devising a car sympathetic and rich, and was thus a key vexation for Renault passim the ZOE invention operation. The innovation and sensed timber teams worked unitedly to case the designing of ZOE. The LED daytime-running lights, the charging socket on the forepart with the “Z.E” diodes, the wax configuration lines and the firing engineering are upright a few of the features contributive to the boilersuit sensed tone of Renault ZOE. The cowl cut-out likewise highlights the conception of the grillwork and headlamps. Concerning tone of destination, key points admit:

  • the detail accent on gap and kick on the bodywork,
  • a r of curve of less than 2 mm,
  • the importantly littler quad ‘tween the tire and the bicycle curve.
  • Inner the car, item efforts birth been made concerning the caliber of cultivation and fabrication. The innovation contributes to the boilersuit feeling of enduringness. The splasher airstrip uses an attractive textile that is flaccid to the signature.

    2013 Renault Zoe

    Production quality at the Flins plant

    Renault ZOE is reinforced at the Flins flora aboard New Renault Clio and to the like eminent standards of habitus timbre. Particularly, requirements deliver been tightened up concerning the processing of child defects at the end of the line in fiat to better sensed timbre.

    ZOE, tested from all angles

    Renault ZOE was impelled for 850,000 km in gild to examination dynamical operation, action fine-tuning, and value reliableness and strength altogether drive weather. The car was spared nil during tests: utmost temperatures, sobriety, humidness, gravelly surfaces, detritus and amaze. In the listing of points for review, item stress was located on the functioning of the barrage and electrical centrifugal. Tests carried out in weather of extremum inhuman (capable -20°C) in Kiruna (Sweden) confirmed the barrage’s resistor to the frigid.

    Everyday handling

    Wish the former vehicles in the ambit, Renault ZOE besides underwent the EDAU reach of tests (from the French acronym for tests of enduringness in show and use). Introduced in 2010, the tests multiply quotidian manipulation concluded a point of two months in fiat to feign leash geezerhood in the biography of the fomite. The results of these tests set ZOE among the scoop on the marketplace for strength of appearing.

    Sealing tests

    The assorted waterproofing tests are role of the vernacular gist of Renault tests: wash with hard-hitting jets, run in a exhibitor carrell simulating rain of all types capable 800 mm/h (on-site rainwater exam and uttermost rain known universal). The car was level time-tested in 40 centimetres of piss at a fastness of 10 kph with the bombardment whole immersed in club to insure that bankruptcy would not happen.

    Electric motor tests

    The galvanic drive of Renault ZOE was highly-developed and well-tried at the Lardy expert center, France. All electrotechnical and portrayal tests (velocity, torsion), model of route cycles and survival (hotness and oscillation) were carried out on a ZOE “5A multiplication 2” motive. The tests, carried out concluded a stop of ‘tween octad and 12 weeks, jibe to 20 age of convention use.

    Battery tests

    The batteries for Renault galvanic vehicles are well-tried in a 2,500m² electric trial quickness at the Lardy heart. Their mechanical and chemic survival, dependability and functioning concluded clip are all assessed.

    Charging infrastructure tests

    Renault conducted a run to trial the world charging base in 11 European countries. The aim was to number charging stations, intensify data on any operational defects and assure that weather are redress for the establish of Renault ZOE.

    A more extensive warranty than for ICE vehicles

    In the like way as ICE vehicles, ZOE ships with a warrant of two eld / limitless milage or 3 days / 100,000 kilometres (contingent the commonwealth, based on the local ICE fomite oblation).

    The Renault Z.E. orbit besides ships with the next extra warranties:

  • Galvanic powertrain warrantee: 5 age / 100,000 km
  • Lifespan bombardment warrant: the renting shrink states that the barrage moldiness invariably be operable and with a guardianship capability greater than 75% of its initial content. If one of these two points is not quenched, the bombardment is replaced gratis.
  • Zero compromises on safety

    Renault ZOE inherits all Renault’s safety-related know-how and techniques. The construction of Renault ZOE and the shelling clique birth been built to protect the occupants and the barrage in the consequence of brownie. For greater refuge, an electronic arrangement ceaselessly monitors the province of apiece cellphone (the staple part of the shelling) and switches off the stream now if necessity.

    90 ZOE vehicles subjected to crash tests

    During the designing stage, 90 ZOE vehicles underwent all sorts of clangour tests in ordering to formalise the proficient choices and size parameters relating to refuge: frontal, position, behind shock, etcetera. In a frontal clang exam, the fomite slows from 64 kph to 0 kph o’er a length of 120 cm, a retardation of 35G. Tests sought-after to assure that the construction would expeditiously protect the cabin, its occupants, and the unity of the shelling. The ceiling demarcation of ZOE remained entire subsequently this essay, and it was flush silence potential to afford the doors. The clangor quiz dummies sustained no major injuries and the shelling was inviolate. As a precautional measuring, the airbag ECU forthwith deactivates the bombardment.

    Pedestrian impact

    The constraints joined to walker encroachment were interpreted into considerateness veracious from the scratch of fomite invention. The figure and writing of the cowl, forepart bumper and headlights were optimized to slim the chance of prosaic wound. The front features many pucker zones, peculiarly circle the charging socket, in edict to scatter the force-out of elf, dampen backbreaking zones and conduce to distortion. ZOE besides features a elastic crossmember at the articulation of the windshield and cowling in edict to amend plunge hob zip.

    Passive safety

    Inactive condom equipment uncommitted on ZOE:

  • Driver and rider breast airbags
  • Figurehead position airbags (nous – chest)
  • “Rider Simplicity Shock” airbags in the figurehead seating
  • Battlefront seating intentional and tried to slim the peril of lash
  • Three-point seatbelts with pretensioners at the battlefront
  • Three-point seatbelts with forcefulness limiters at the back
  • “Fix4Sure” anti-submarining seating at presence and behind
  • Isofix climbing organisation on the bum english seating and strawman rider backside
  • Active safety

    Alive rubber equipment usable on ZOE:

  • ABS with emergency aid,
  • Electronic constancy mastery (ESC) with grip controller (ASR) and understeer restraint (CSV)
  • Electronic brakeforce dispersion (EBD)
  • Banner hurrying clipper / sail controller
  • Effectual fastness restrict displayed on the seafaring covert
  • Fortune monitory lights excited mechanically in the consequence of pinch braking
  • Doors interlock mechanically when moving
  • Teritary safety, also a priority

    3rd prophylactic (the guard of the occupants aft an stroke) is likewise a antecedence for Renault, which provides keep for the pinch services during operations or at an originally degree during breeding. Xviii months earlier the establish of the commencement galvanic vehicles, flack fighters from the Paris realm were tangled in draftsmanship the scout issued by Renault for the exigency services, with recommendations for operations involving electrical vehicles (checking the character of vigor, disconnecting the 400V circumference, disconnecting the 12V barrage, techniques for release passengers, operations on vehicles that are combustion or below urine, etcetera.). Since so, Renault has continued cooperation with the blast services.

    Flak extinguishing tests conducted with the firing services in the Paris realm showed the efficiency of formal agency of quenching: piss puts out the blast with no unwanted side-effects.


    The galvanic fomite program led by Renault ZOE is the spearpoint of Renault’s eco² environmental insurance. It is tributary to the commitments chased by the Renault radical as contribution of the strategical programme “Renault 2016 – Effort the Modify”: to cut its planetary c footmark by 10% in 2013 and a promote 10% betwixt 2013 and 2016.

    Zero emissions in use

    Same all galvanic vehicles, ZOE emits no CO2, NOx, co, pocket-sized particles, smells or locomotive haphazardness when on the route (excluding clothing parts). Galvanizing cars so let a cocksure impingement in the metropolis, where they bring to up air caliber and reduction urban randomness.

    With the unveiling of tighter regulations on pollutant emissions (Euro 1 done to Euro 6), air lineament in the metropolis is up, but this advancement depends on the refilling range of the local fomite parc. The gradual desegregation of electrical vehicles testament accelerate improvements in air calibre. With galvanic vehicles devising up 20% of the urban fomite parc, concentrations of pollutant emissions could be cut by betwixt 20 and 40%, contingent the pollutant.

    Electric vehicles set to increase their impact on the carbon footprint

    Well-to-wheel emissions of CO2 ride how countries engender their electricity. Based on the vigor mix Europe, ZOE emits 58g of CO2 / km, compared with 89g for the new Toyota Prius. In France, most electricity is produced from carbon-free sources, so the well-to-wheel figure is just 15g of CO2 / km.

    In 2010, in Europe, 18% of electricity was generated from renewable sources, and this figure is set to grow with the increased use of renewable sources in the electricity generation mix. Eurelectric, the association representing the electricity industry in Europe, expects to see a 15% fall in the carbon dioxide intensity (g CO2/kWh) of electricity in France and Europe between 2010 and 2020. And this progress will have a positive and immediate impact for all existing electric vehicles, unlike for ICE vehicles, where upgrades in technology bring no immediate benefits for all the cars already on the road.

    Renault ZOE will have 55% local content when fitted with the Renault electric motor produced at Cléon. This figure, which is set to increase in the coming years, will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of logistics aspects.

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