2013 Renault Twin Z Concept

Renault Twin-Z Concept

Renault and British intriguer Ross Lovegrove took the wraps off Duplicate’Z. This conception car is the yield of their finish collaborationism and brings unitedly two worlds where Figure plays an crucial function : the humans of furniture and that of the auto.

As the ‘Swordplay’ petal of Renault Conception’s life-cycle ‘efflorescence’, Duplicate’Z is the modish construct car in the program which sets bent exemplify Renault’s new pattern scheme done parallels with doorway phases of homo world. Similitude’Z is a fun, mod, aesthetic adopt the citycar which plays on emotions and excites the senses. It draws its stirring from the inheritance of about of the blade’s nearly emblematical models, such as the Renault 5 and Renault Twingo. The Pair’Z is an all-electric car with rear-wheel crusade and a rear-mounted drive.

Renault invited British decorator Ross Lovegrove to add approximately conception flourishes and the solution is an sensational blending of engineering and nuance. Ross Lovegrove was tending a release deal to ideate a cabin that is sincerely occupant-friendly. This undertaking articulately illustrates the many potential sources of aspiration that can campaign Excogitation and represents an master attack to the city-car.

Ross Lovegrove’s personal sight of the car takes its brainchild from the humankind of nature, and the solution combines an unprecedented gambol on spark and constitutional forms to pee Z28RL an lovely, nigh aliveness aim.

2013 Renault Twin-Z Concept


For erst, Renault has elect not to disclose a new conception car at a drive appearance. Alternatively, its prize of fix stands out as a symbolisation of its pastime in the Salone Internazionale del Wandering di Milano, the centerpiece of the Invention manufacture’s yearbook calendar, also as prove of the automaker’s conclusion to extend to an eve wider hearing by targeting those who are sensible to Figure. The aim was to go the boundaries ‘tween the man of an objective whose vocation is to be in cause – the motorcar – and that of furniture.


Renault Mate’Z is the 5th construct car to answer from Renault’s innovation scheme which is founded on the feeling of the humming biography wheel, and which is delineated as a sixpetalled bloom. This scheme fits dead with the blade’s decision to companion its customers during the key phases of their lives and in their case-by-case aspirations thanks to the multifariousness of the its reach.

“Renault’s invention scheme takes its intake from the thrum living cps, direction on notions such as ‘Bang’, ‘Exploration’, ‘the Class’, ‘Oeuvre’, and now ‘Swordplay’. And what wagerer way to verbalize the estimation of ‘Turn’ than by entry the bewitching reality in which Ross’s heedful, beautiful and intelligently styled employment comes to living. May it instigate you in the like way it elysian us.” – Laurens van den Acker

  • Afterwards DeZir, which incarnate the get of ‘lovemaking at beginning survey’
  • Aft Captur, which stood for exploring the mankind as a mates…
  • Abaft R-Space, which symbolised the institution of a phratry…
  • And aft Frendzy, which delineate the humankind of ferment
  • …now is the meter for ‘Turn’, which is personified by Couple’Z and symbolised by the gloss dingy. The way Similitude’Z plays with lighter opens up a unanimous new mankind of personalisation opportunities..


    Abaft recruitment the services of Ross Lovegrove, Renault gave the illustrious skillful in modern-day excogitation a dislodge handwriting to show his imaginativeness of the machine, a imagination which draws its inhalation from the humanity of nature and which is guided by a pursue a symmetrical brush ‘tween the machine and its surround.

    Laurens van den Acker is sensible to this elegant, man overture which is elysian by the mankind of nature and the opportunities unleashed by the modish digital 3D molding technologies.

    ‘Ross turns things indoors out, top refine, challenges and inspires. He makes a laborious car cushy, a modest car roomy, creates simpleness contempt complexness, and turns a exanimate aim into something that is active.’ – Laurens van den Acker

    Ross Lovegrove’s approaching drew Renault’s tending on iii master accounts:

  • The outside innovation of his sensuous, poetical creations.
  • His use of lightness and how it is projecting.
  • His sparkle, uncomplicated stylus and his process fibres and textiles.
  • Ross Lovegrove’s squad was tasked with providing the coating details to Duplicate’Z’s bodywork (bumpers, lights, grilles, LED roofscape, wheels) which was based on a designing produced by Renault Innovation. His studio was too responsible design the home, including the prize of colors and materials, in co-occurrence with Renault.

    At Renault, the undertaking was overseen by Laurens van den Acker, Axel Breun (Conception Car Pattern Conductor) and Raphaël Linari (Decorator)

    Renault and Ross Lovegrove explicit their ideas exploitation ultramodern digital conception tools in edict to expect terminated elements of ball pattern speech that sustain their germ in nature and biologic structures to the motorcar.


    Pair’Z underpins Renault’s originative authenticity which is founded on an wholly overbold feeler, one yield of which is this fun and mod city-car construct car. It takes its intake as practically from the inheritance of the first-generation Twingo as it does from that of the Renault 5, two superminis which skint new priming in shipway that rightfully pronounced their metre. Similitude’Z takes us into a new proportion thanks to its dematerialised home which combines simpleness with polished details and engineering, backed up by the worldliness of its digital systems.

    Renault Couple’Z’s forms and position are key influences in the boilersuit opinion it exudes. Although lonesome 3.62 metres in duration, Mate’Z’s proportions, eminent waste-line and the way it sits forthrightly on its 18″ wheels, intimate validity, reassuring shelter and caliber.

    Its all-electric, rear-wheel crusade architecture enabled the wheels to be pushed bent the car’s uttermost corners to supply it with a unanimous foundation and enceinte chopine. This besides gave the car a singular touch and undischarged cabin spa in intercourse to its press footmark.

    Simultaneously, Duplicate’Z’s tight lines carry a sentiency of effectiveness and safe. The bodywork was enhanced by Lovegrove Studio thanks to an approaching that blended civilization and engineering.

    The grillwork invention creates a whirl force which channels airflow and minimises upheaval to optimize Duplicate’Z’s streamlined execution. The like motive has been brocaded into the ass bumper as an repeat of the light touch.

    2013 Renault Twin Z Concept

    Mate’Z’s presence and bum doors are hinged at the movement and ass severally and unfold electrically. The resulting absence of a primal column allows the total cabin to be revealed to the eye and frees up quad to ease immersion. This transcription, which opens up the car’s home to the exterior humankind, is not alone ergonomical but besides enables this compact to breakage dislodge from conventionality. As an target, Duplicate’Z is both valued and hi-tech, and this is evident in the touch-sensitive buttons employed to clear the galvanizing doors.

    The wheels and tyres get been intentional as a bingle entity. The wheels themselves have a glow jet conclusion and their pattern is based on level-headed development structures elysian naturally. The solidness key center splits into slim branches which retire towards the rim. The tyres, which were highly-developed specifically by Michelin, proceed this formula to supply a 1 ‘tween the two functions. As a issue, the pedal is sensed as a unharmed sooner than a simpleton collocation of discrete elements. This figure was made potential by parametric moulding and 3D impression in club to attain an eye-pleasing geomorphologic ace.

    2013 Renault Twin Z Concept


    Renault Mate’Z’s all-LED ignition allows controlled spark patterns to be obtained and emphasises the car’s ignition touch.

    The drumhead lighter gathering has been rock-bottom to its graphical aim victimisation the minimal of lines to transmit a electropositive, alarm construction. Laureled by an palpebra, they furnish Couple’Z with an affirmative rhytidectomy. Interim, the daylight run lights are technical gems which mannequin a construction of strips reminiscent of an flag. In increase to contributory to the forepart’s humanlike feeling, they impart Match’Z with a near-humanlike regard.

    A successiveness of LEDs likewise extends from the lattice to the bottom bumper via the cap. A practice of igniter originates from the Renault tab badge and flows towards the psyche lights earlier climb up complete the windshield pillars, on the roofline then binding kill to the behind bumper. This spark itinerary creates a wizardly force which appears to institute Counterpart’Z alert.

    The gens of the car is picked out in au letters on the back windowpane, spell the ‘LOVEGROVE’ touch has been moulded into the arse of the movement doors.

    The chalk cap is intentional in layers and incorporates an range of LEDs which mannikin alive patterns that boom the occupants’ know.

    “Passengers are hooded in a technical gasbag that bathes them in a lightness which responds to the push and throb of Similitude’Z,” says Ross Lovegrove. “This roofscape heightens the sense of quad and blends seamlessly into the backside windowpane.”

    The ceremonious doorway mirrors sustain been replaced by an merged tv camera that has been aerodynamically ‘liquified’ inside the eubstance. A quartz backside freebooter not but generates supernumerary downforce but too completes the esthetical trajectory of the car in a active sensation, creating optical airlift and a sensation of lightsomeness.

    The backside clusters suffer made way for LED ignition merged into the methamphetamine. This conception permits a legion of new ideas. E.g., when the driver presses on the bracken treadle, the fit of the bracken lights climbs gradually towards the ceiling, for enhanced visibleness and rubber.


    2013 Renault Twin Z Concept

    Similitude’Z continues the custom of contract yet broad Renault city-cars. Thanks to its pilot architecture, Z28’s upcountry is exceptionally roommate, contempt its belittled footmark. The look-alike storey pan has resulted in a panjandrum drive office, piece the driver and passengers likewise profit from an first-class aspect of the route and encompassing surroundings.


    The cabin is dematerialised and exudes an opinion of chasteness that provides a sentiency of one and blank.

    “The upcountry is not upset up into offprint elements and all passengers flavor much share of the travel live. The behind ass backs sustain been merged into the floor-pan to make place and a new, cozy esthetical.” – Ross Lovegrove.

    The rear-hinged arse jitney doors and the ensuing absence of a B-pillar discover a bird’s-eye horizon of the cabin, creating a smell of whiteness and light:

  • The honour of the inner’s lines is picked out by a epicurean route of ignitor. These polished bi-colour lines disperse turn the stallion cabin to key a menses of muscularity, ignition up the internal with a luminescent viridity that maps its topographic forms. They process the cabin as a one landscape to enhance the picture of distance.
  • The four-spot whippersnapper seating deliver been rendered as belittled as potential, providing reinforcement whilst existence whippersnapper and dematerialised. Their commons frames look to turn course from the level and deliver been upholstered in a 3D woven, self-cushioning, jackanapes dingy material which is both rainproof and flameresistant, yet which silence breathes. The buns underframe is seeable ass the meander to produce an near ethereal smell.
  • Interim, LEDs suffer been embedded into the chassis’s branches to choose their forms and crystalise the home.

    2013 Renault Twin Z Concept

    The eye is careworn overpoweringly to Counterpart’Z’s steerage editorial, inviting you to mounting buns the bicycle. Thither is no fascia, which agency that presence occupants love prodigious way, as do the back passengers, thereby.

    Use of HMIs has been minimised, too, with the ceremonious splasher fashioning way for a individual pill with a touchscreen presentation that is mounted on a centrally-positioned office. Often wish a plate mechanisation scheme, the pad takes charge of everything, from the fomite’s systems (fastball, buns accommodation, lights energizing, command of the ceiling) to the GPS steering scheme and in-car connectivity. A smartphone placed in the driver’s cable of view presentation’s the fomite’s speeding, range-related entropy and the corpus exemplary lights.

    2013 Renault Twin Z Concept

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