2013 Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

In the new Porsche Jalapeno S Diesel mightiness and healthy all-wheel effort interact in an uncomparable way: 850 Newton-metres of torsion and Porsche Grip Direction (PTM). This is the kickoff sentence that Porsche is employing an eight-cylinder diesel, which directly assumes the top office in its commercialize section for exponent, torsion and efficiency.

It is besides the mankind’s sole diesel V8 to go an automatonlike beginning/closure use therein mart section. Piece the Key Diesel with a V6 locomotive represents top efficiency with as practically jazzy execution as potential, the new Porsche Cay S Diesel imposingly demonstrates top sports execution with as lots efficiency as potential. The new V8 locomotive with two turbochargers e’er keeps a fireball of vigor in shop for the driver to think at any sentence; it reacts with clean spontaneousness and performs with fantabulous efficiency below all luck. The PTM distributes the locomotive’s brawny propelling forces according to the particular impulsive berth, just and severally to all quadruplet wheels; in interplay with the Cayenne anatomy it converts this exponent into ahead actuation and dynamical operation with peerless potency. The optional Porsche Torsion Vectoring (PTV Positive) distributes locomotive might in an level sportier way.

The Porsche Caw S Diesel offers a drive have that is distinctive of a Porsche and is yet entirely new. It is aroused wish a sports car, with wish to both its fomite kinetics and its phone. Still locomotive working and the voice of an eight-cylinder compass the like levels as those of premature Porsche V8 engines. Yet, its diesel operational rule yields a degree of fire saving that makes the Key S Diesel an paragon and prosperous touring fomite for hanker trips: based on NEDC fire intake values, the car can concealment around 1,200 km on a bingle fulfil of the optional 100-litre fire tankful.

2013 Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

The Porsche Key S Diesel gets its selfsame especial role from the combat-ready PTM all-wheel effort arrangement. It embodies the bundled Porsche competency in all-wheel crusade engineering. Its engineer rear-axle thrust gives it the drive conduct of a rear-wheel cause fomite – with all of the benefits in manipulation and preciseness. In a sporting and active elan of drive, the added effects of front-wheel ride modernise in a way that is incisively altered to the impulsive position and enhances stableness and grip. This situation-based news of PTM besides gives the Cay S Diesel splendid capabilities in authoritative measures of offroad execution. On surfaces with picayune hold – e.g. bamboozle, mud or damp pot – PTM, in coordination with Porsche Stableness Direction (PSM), allows as often thrust torsion to be applied to apiece someone cycle as they can channelise efficaciously without release of clutches. Its prevailing high-power locomotive besides makes the Porsche Cay S Diesel the idealistic fomite when it comes to towing and manoeuvring sauceboat or sawhorse trailers. Evening when its utmost towing capacitance of 3.5 metrical tonnes is used, the Porsche Cay S Diesel distillery has rich index militia altogether of aliveness’s impulsive situations.

On its outside, the new top diesel simulation is besides a Caw S without compromises, and it bears the distinctive characteristics of the eight-cylinder variants. Blackness fins at the figurehead highlighting the out-of-doors inlets. Jointly the silver-coloured bracken callipers, this emphasises the showy fibre of the new appendage of the exemplar stove. As in the Jalapeno Diesel, “diesel” badges on both figurehead wings advert to the operational rule of its V8 locomotive. The modeling logotype at the arse identifies it as a Key S. The measure Caw S III wheels make a optic idiom and enable a highschool layer of drive functioning both onroad and offroad.

The most powerful Porsche diesel ever

The new eight-cylinder locomotive not lonesome crowns Porsche’s diesel line-up; it simultaneously takes top situation in the mart section. 382 hp (281 kW) of superpower from 4.2 litres of deracination and 850 Newton-metres of torsion characterize the new locomotive as the new benchmark. The locomotive delivers its howling torsion betwixt 2000/min and 2750/min, which forcefully propels the Porsche Key S Diesel rightfield from the scratch.

Energy-saving measures such as caloric direction, electric scheme convalescence and an robotic beginning/block purpose confine its NEDC combined fire expenditure to fair 8.3 l/100 km.

Porsche properties not lone limited themselves as higher-up torsion and exponent. The commencement diesel eight-cylinder in a Porsche is likewise a okay exercise of polish locomotive track and vocalise. All new algorithms were highly-developed to mastery railing press, shot volumes and multiplication – with the solvent that diesel-typical burning characteristics sustain much disappeared raw: The V8 runs harmoniously with low shaking and without any irritation diesel-like ground haphazardness. Contrariwise, its deep tones are solid and low in oftenness, barely same the phone that is associate from over-the-counter Porsche eight-cylinder engines.

Impressive performance: maximum charge pressure and high-performance radiator

2013 Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

The diesel eight-cylinder is – alike the gasoline engines from Porsche – configured as a hellenic V8 with a 90 point cylinder rely tilt. The block is made of grayness form fe, and the cylinder heads of aluminum. The fire provision of the piezo-controlled injectors that atomiser fire immediately into the burning chambers is routed via a park rails scheme, in which pressures of capable 2000 bar are reinforced up. Two tucker gas turbochargers cater the two cylinder banks; they get varying geometry (VTG) for improve cylinder fill. To apply the stored vigor as efficaciously, the fumes gas has a comparatively heat as it enters the turbine. The compressor compresses the burning air capable 2.9 bar, a bill valuate for product diesel engines oecumenical. Still, the oestrus generated therein operation is unsuitable. Thence, the guardianship air is routed done the like high-performance intercooler that is put-upon in the Jalapeno Turbo. For one, it results in importantly more effectual chilling than ceremonious heating exchangers; for another, the intercooler exhibits importantly less resistor and thereby keeps force losings really low.

High-Tech inside: special materials for optimal quality and long life

Care pressures and beat gas temperatures need really high-quality components in the locomotive. That is why, therein top diesel, Porsche is implementing pistons whose bowl-in sharpness is liquified all round by laser air in a controlled mode, and this allows it to resist specially gamy thermic and mechanical stresses. The release valves dwell of what is referred to as a super-alloy, which is specially rut repellent and originates from motorsport.

Clean power, strong sound: dual-line exhaust system

Practically know-how and elaborate exploit too went into the exhaust that consists of two wholly offprint release lines for apiece cylinder deposit, apiece of which contains an oxidization catalytic convertor and a diesel particulate strain. These filters are produced in thin-wall engineering and offering a really enceinte area. This reduces the re-formation sentence and beat back-pressure, which successively reduces emissions and fire expenditure. The exhaust is made of stainless for foresighted liveliness, and it is air-gap end-to-end to dungeon warmth losings as low as potential. In pretreatment of the beat gases, the Porsche Jalapeno S Diesel offers cooled beat gas recirculation into the burning chambers. This reduces visor burning temperatures and thereby the n oxide subject of the untreated raw gas.

All-wheel drive and chassis

In the new Porsche Jalapeno S Diesel, the compounding of a knock-down eight-cylinder and eight-speed Tiptronic S has an nonpareil mate in the manikin of PTM combat-ready all-wheel thrust. This Porsche Grip Direction scheme was especially configured for the sporting, extremely dynamical Key models, because its across-the-board orbit of torsion dispersion offers benefits in price of fomite kinetics, nimbleness and grip pre-control and complements the performance-oriented quality of the cars.

PTM besides has the machinelike bracken derivative (ABD) for improved grip mastery, anti-slip controller (ASR) for improved fomite constancy and a switchable mound restraint adjunct (Porsche Mound Ascendancy, PHC) for controlled descents on infuse hills.

Porsche Grip Direction with alive all-wheel driving direct applies mightiness to the behind axle. The exceedingly contract conveyance vitrine of the all-wheel crusade is a supposed hang-on root in a offprint lodging that follows the transmittance. The multi-plate batch that features electronic mastery by an galvanizing motive regulates the dispersion of thrust might to the movement axle with good variableness, and thither is no frozen fundament dispersion. If gaffe increases at the bum wheels, e.g. during speedup, a stronger reception by the multi-plate clutches distributes more superpower to the movement wheels. By permanently monitoring the impulsive posit, the arrangement is able-bodied to respond to unlike drive situations likewise as to driver wishes. This is enabled by accessory mastery of the participating all-wheel driving organization that is tuned to fomite kinetics; it can respond based on the impulsive billet and fifty-fifty preventively – earlier unwanted miscue occurs at one axle. An exemplar: When the driver steers into a turn, the sidelong directing forces of the steered wheels are increased by reduction the cause torsion at the presence axle, which enables gamey levels of nimbleness and transversal speedup. As the driver so accelerates out of the turn, the effort torsion is optimally distributed for utmost grip at both axles.

Three offroad modes: offroad rocker switch

The varied offroad capabilities of the Porsche Key S Diesel can be limited complete versatile stages by a fundamental offroad cradle shift on the kernel soothe. All systems are so optimised for offroad use, with the end of up grip on unpaved surfaces. In offroad manner 1, all relevant systems in increase to the mound origin aid, such as ABS, are too switched to a traction-oriented offroad modality. If the Porsche Jalapeno S Diesel is weaponed with the air abatement and PASM options, the offroad scope is excited. It is likewise potential to take the particular offroad degree via the cradle alternate for the air suspension, in rescript to boost addition the access and expiration angles and the rage tilt besides as ford astuteness.

If the driver selects offroad manner 2, the longitudinal grip is locked capable 100 per centime for ameliorate grip in hard offroad weather. The electronically controlled back derivative whorl of the optional Porsche Torsion Vectoring Summation (PTV Positive) is structured in the all-wheel ride controller. Amply mechanically, it provides for suited metering of might on particularly pitiable offroad surfaces. If a behind bike begins to twirl on a slippy or loose-packed airfoil, the derivative operate restores grip by intelligently redistributing cause superpower to the early back roll. When weather involve it, another wardrobe of the offroad cradle transposition selects offroad modality 3 which full locks the bum derivative.

2013 Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus for even greater agility

Functioning and stableness of the Porsche Key S Diesel can be optimised flush foster with the new optional Porsche Torsion Vectoring (PTV Positive). PTV Asset operates with varying torsion dispersion to the arse wheels and an electronically controlled ass derivative interlock. PTV Positive improves steerage conduct and guidance preciseness by particular bracken interventions at a behind rack; its controller is based on the guidance tilt and guidance pace, accelerator situation, yaw place and fomite velocity. Declared more incisively: In a dynamical flair of drive, turn the wheel results in flimsy braking of the bicycle at the inner of the crimp. This gives the ass bike at the out-of-door of the curvature greater driving power, which generates extra turn power in the steered centering. This results in more calculate and dynamical steerage into the bending.

2013 Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

PTV Addition importantly enhances nimbleness and direction preciseness at low and centrist speeds. The electronically controlled arse derivative whorl provides for improve drive constancy, specially when accelerating cursorily out of immobile determined aeroembolism or if wheelspin is occurring. Eventide on cleave roadway surfaces, or when roadstead are wet or hoodwink covered, the scheme interacts with Porsche Grip Direction and Porsche Constancy Direction to offering benefits in impulsive constancy. In offroad use, PTV Summation reduces miscue at the backside wheels. In accession, bracken interventions are specifically altered to offroad use. From the offroad cradle alternate on the heart cabinet, the behind derivative mesh can be locked capable 100 per penny.

Greater safety and comfort

In the Jalapeno S Diesel, Porsche is introducing new and protracted options to the SUV simulation serial. The focalise hither is on promote enhancing rubber and solace by help systems and features. But severe sports-oriented drivers volition too obtain an elongated ambit of options they can use to configure their Caw rattling singly.

New: adaptive cruise control with Porsche Active Safe (PAS)

Porsche Combat-ready Safety (PAS), usable at the end of 2012, leave dedicate the aid parcel of sail controller and adaptative sail ascendence eve more news and highschool functioning. PAS likewise helps to obviate front-end collisions – flush when the adaptative sail ascendancy is deactivated. It utilises the battlefront radiolocation organisation to ceaselessly admonisher dealings forwards. If the scheme evaluates a post as decisive with a potentiality adventure of front-end hit with a fomite drive beforehand, the brakes is preconditioned by rebuff middleman with the bracken pads, and the bracken supporter is hypersensitized. With increasing storey of jeopardy for a front-end hit, optic and acoustical warnings are initiated, and the driver is besides alerted to the pauperism for interference by a saccade at the bracken cycle. If the driver reacts with deficient wheel insistence, the organization boosts the bracken insistency inside expert limits clear to wide braking imperativeness, contingent the place. The PAS may be deactivated in the cat’s-paw constellate, if craved.

Extended: Porsche Dynamic Light system Plus (PDLS plus)

2013 Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

The Porsche Dynamical Igniter scheme (PDLS) has now been drawn-out to admit reflexive master send ascendence and an crossway firing office. In the pillowcase of automatonlike primary broadcast ascendence, a camera mounted to the rear-view mirror detects the spark sources of vehicles forward and onset vehicles and mechanically switches betwixt swayback and master irradiation. The organisation is combat-ready from a swiftness of 65 km/h, in club to annul energizing of the principal air inside cities and villages. In the overlap spark purpose, the pilotage information is victimised to realize intersections and confluent roadstead. The organization so simultaneously activates the remaining and rectify unchanging cornering lights for optimum illuminance. In the vitrine of a conflux route, but the inactive cornering igniter unofficially cladding the confluence route is excited.

CDR Plus audio system

The old two-tiered multimedia reach of CDR and PCM testament be magnified start in December 2012 with the improver of the new optional sound organization CDR Addition. Technically, the scheme is based on the PCM and is comprised of 11 loudspeakers with a aggregate production index of 235 W, a high-resolution seven-inch TFT touchscreen, radiocommunication with analog and digital duple tuners. Stored media can be played into the organisation via the unity CD/DVD ride, the USB porthole for assorted iPod and iPhone models and from USB retentiveness sticks. They are operated from the CDR Asset sound arrangement or the optional multifunction wheel. Early sound sources can be attached via the AUX port; they are controlled straightaway at the attached gimmick. Early utilitarian options may be combined with CDR Addition such as a call faculty, DVD auto-changer for six discs or reversing camera.

New functions for PCM: Jukebox, TMC Pro, speed limit indicator, digital radio, AHA App

2013 Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

For level more customised and virtually outright melodic use, the optional Porsche Communicating Direction (PCM) now offers the added boast of redemptive euphony to the intragroup gruelling campaign, alias the Nickelodeon. The driver can now preserve and admittance capable 10,000 sound files or a utmost of 40 GB of euphony. Copying to the Nickelodeon is via the USB embrasure of the world-wide sound port via suited USB storage warehousing media.

The dealings data serving TMC Pro is replacement the old TMC in Cay models for Germany, Austria and Switzerland – as parting of the PCM for dynamical road calculation. Dissimilar TMC, TMC Pro accesses information from terminated 4,000 information sensors set on freeway bridges, 5,500 detector loops incorporated in the roadway paving and complete 10,000 vehicles with FCD (Vagrant Car Information). This produces information of improved caliber and seasonableness, which gives the driver a substantial reward in the computing of option routes compared to the antecedently ill-used TMC.

The optional fastness boundary indicant bequeath be useable as an annexe to PCM with a pilotage faculty start about the first of succeeding yr. This data scheme uses a camera to discover hurrying limits, no expiration zones and the ends of these zones. If a fastness demarcation applies to wet paving, a turn lane or particular multiplication of day, or if it lone applies to vehicles with trailers, e.g., so the organization compares the detected mark to data from the fomite’s pelting detector, sailing information, time or towbar. The applicable fastness limitation is shown to the driver on the TFT exhibit in the pawn flock and on the PCM sieve. If the camera is ineffective to know a signaling – e.g. due to lowering rainwater – so the amphetamine limitation stored in the pilotage arrangement is displayed.

Upon petition, the PCM can be supplemented by a recipient for digital wireless stations. The formats DAB, DAB+ and DMB Sound enable transmissions in importantly meliorate audio tone compared to analog tuner. To warranty optimum response of the selected post, a DAB threefold wireless is put-upon which features automatonlike digital/linear shift. Receipt too depends on local digital mesh availableness.

The AHA wireless app integrates on-line functionalities into the PCM. The AHA tuner app is uncommitted free-of-charge from iTunes for the iPhone and from the Humanoid Mart for Humanoid devices. This on-line servicing incorporates such sources as web radiocommunication, newsworthiness feeds, podcasts and sound magazines. Google POI look is likewise offered, and the look results can be transferred to the PCM as a sailing finish. This makes it light to rapidly obtain an useable parking spa, a commodious nearby refuelling post or a effective eatery and be guided instantly thereto. For use via the iPhone, the client inevitably the optional worldwide sound port, or via an Humanoid twist the optional cell training or optional ring faculty.

Sport Chrono Package documents vehicle dynamics

The Fun Chrono Parcel is uncommitted as an pick for the Porsche Caw S Diesel. It includes a chronometer on the splashboard and a execution exhibit sieve in Porsche Communicating Direction. The chronometer or accelerometer can be put-upon to immortalise the boosted execution information, e.g. in the configuration of lap multiplication or transversal and longitudinal speedup values. It is potential to presentation this information diagrammatically via the PCM, e.g. to reexamination the multiplication.

Porsche Cayenne S Diesel Specifications

  • 4.2-litre biturbo V8 locomotive with 382 hp (281 kW)
  • 8-speed Tiptronic S
  • Porsche Grip Direction (PTM) with combat-ready all-wheel cause
  • 0-100 km/h: 5.7 seconds
  • Top swiftness: 252 km/h
  • NEDC fire expenditure: 8.3 l/100 km
  • CO2 emissions: 218 g/km
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