2013 Porsche Cayenne Gts

Porsche Cayenne GTS

The blank, consolation and unclutter layout of an SUV; the impulsive fun, kinetics and lightsomeness of a sports car: the new Porsche Key GTS is a coalition of two worlds. Focussed on gaudy operation, the new example combines greater locomotive turnout, more dynamical might developing and a firmer anatomy apparatus with a lower-slung consistency yet with a highschool level of ease. Thanks to its own alone apparatus, the Porsche Caw GTS succeeds in transmission these characteristics to its passengers with detail vividness, exhilarating all their senses: arrant drive fun. As an inflexible prolongation of the GTS conception, introduced into the SUV example demarcation with the forerunner modeling, the Porsche Cay GTS is not only positioned ‘tween the Caw S and Caw Turbo but is a simulation with its own classifiable quality highly-developed from tip to toe for emotionally-charged sportiness. The gaudy stress was besides ass the succeeder of the forerunner modeling. 15,766 units of the first generation Porsche Cayenne GTS were sold, account for a 17 per penny percentage of tally Cayenne sales passim the catamenia it was on sale.

2013 Porsche Cayenne Gts

The about crucial information on the new simulation: 4.8-litre V8 locomotive with 420 hp (309 kW); Porsche Grip Direction (PTM) with participating all-wheel cause; eight-speed Tiptronic S; quickening 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds; top fastness 261 km/h; fire phthisis based on the NEDC 10.7 l/100 km; CO2 251 g/km.

2013 Porsche Cayenne GTS

The showy fibre of the new Caw GTS is observable not alone in the operation but is likewise distinctly underlined by its outside. The distinctive feature of the Porsche Key GTS is the movement part with its bigger chilling air intakes – alike to the Key Turbo – and a typical breast forestage with extra air intakes. Besides borrowed from the Jalapeno Turbo is the igniter art with feature nighttime invention recognizable by the movement lights in the outer air intakes and by the foursome LED floater for the day run lights primarily headlights. The Caw GTS features the Porsche Dynamical Spark Organization (PDLS) as stock.

2013 Porsche Cayenne Gts

It is an sweetening of the Bi-Xenon kindling organization with incorporate dynamical and unchanging cornering lights, speed-dependent drive twinkle mastery in the pretense of area route and superhighway lightness also as inauspicious upwind spark. The internal bezels of the headlights are ruined in nigrify.

Particular english skirts and clearly wider roll arches in torso colouring form the slope sight, enhanced by the windowpane frames in nigrify high-gloss pigment. The attention-getter at the arse is the prevalent ceiling coddler with twin-wing visibility. This increases the downforce on the bum axle eventide encourage. The sportsmanlike contrastive radical is rounded off by the high-gloss blackness cut striptease on the tailboard, tinted LED stern lights and the two blackness match tailpipes.

Power house: eight-cylinder engine with enhanced performance

The new Porsche Cay GTS’s locomotive is the venue of this aroused sportiness. The Cay GTS’s exponent whole is the nearly hefty course aspirated locomotive in the Cayenne simulation business and stands for sturdy superpower and emotionalism. Enhanced drive joy on many levels was the destination existence chased in the renovation of the 4.8-litre V8 locomotive. The 20 hp step-up in index production compared with the might whole in the Jalapeno S is attended by an increment in torsion of 15 N metres; the crankshaft now generates its uttermost exponent of 515 N metres at 3,500 rpm.

2013 Porsche Cayenne Gts

To pee study easier for the course aspirated eight-cylinder locomotive, the engineers in creased the raise of the inspiration valves by one millimeter to xi millimetres. The new camshaft needful as a resolution has steeper and higher cams, the valve springs besides organism reinforced. The valve timing has likewise been totally reworked likewise as the stallion locomotive ascendence. The glass calamus now turns a advance fin degrees ahead the intakes and outlets out-of-doors and close severally.

Responsive engine control with sporty feedback

But what sets the eight-cylinder locomotive in the GTS aside is not the trend exponent in itself but the way in which it delivers it. It is more instantly antiphonal yet to the confine, providing the driver with an eventide more acute acoustical feedback. The GTS locomotive’s performanceoriented controller is manifest in the way the might whole apace revs up, rectify from the identical instant the locomotive starts. When drive, it ensures an tied quicker build-up in torsion and thence a observably faster reactivity. The limited locomotive direction organization besides enables a abbreviated, fond cylinder defusing when ever-changing geartrain, with the locomotive swiftness adjusting fifty-fifty quicker to the infection amphetamine and with paraphernalia alter multiplication telescoped eve encourage. Specially in Mutant modality, which can be selected by the comparable clit on the inwardness cabinet, the locomotive restraint extracts every finale oz. of execution possible from the course aspirated eight-cylinder locomotive, which the Porsche Key GTS acknowledges with an locomotive strait cognate thereto of a racer locomotive. When the foundation is interpreted off the gas, the eight-cylinder locomotive responds with a low-frequency rumbling and with the alleged backlash when ever-changing pile.

Sport car-like acoustic sound experience

The Porsche Jalapeno GTS’s strait get is intensified yet boost by the especially tuned uptake and eject acoustics: it is the offset Jalapeno to parting its occupants in no dubiety whatever around its ventilation pace, courtesy of its twin-flow Voice Symposer scheme. The new arrangement comprises two acoustical channels terminating in the A-pillars. When the driver activates the Mutant push, the channels are open, guiding the vocalise of the inhalation pulses into the car consistency cavities.

Scarce what greater operation sounds same is besides demonstrated by the sports exhaust, featured as touchstone, too excited by press the Play push to amend the gas flow. Up until the bottom muffler, the sports exhaust, as does the stock exhaust, comprises two elemental and two independent catalytic convertors and a essence muffler. The primary muffler ensures a substantive and racy acoustical effect. Two release flap are to be establish ‘tween the back silencers and tailpipe covers severally, which are excited by the play clitoris and can be controlled as a part of lading, velocity, locomotive velocity and appurtenance. When outdoors, they better locomotive execution by agency of improved gas flow, the sports exhaust announcing this gaudy and crystallise with its herculean gaudy audio.

And yet another sport sets a Porsche GTS locomotive isolated: its Porsche Healthy Execution. The car jump/stopover part, featured as received, illustrates that efficiency plays a big persona flush in such a clean fomite as the Porsche Caw GTS. Scorn its greater might turnout and sportier apparatus, the Jalapeno GTS’s boilersuit fire ingestion is alone 0.2 liter higher than that of the Key S.

Faster gear changes: modified Tiptronic and shorter final drive ratios

Exponent transmitting is handled by the eight-speed Tiptronic S as received. Spell the automatonlike transmitting’s crusade ratios continue unaltered, the cogwheel changes are shorter and sportier. Shorter figurehead and bum axle driving ratios feat the locomotive’s free-revving characteristics to reach ranking quickening operation.

In improver to the marked start torsion, the new Porsche Caw GTS likewise features torsion sweetening. Not just does this bring a meatier fathom but for higher operation besides. When ever-changing up into the following higher train, the torsion of the high-pitched revving locomotive is harnessed for ranking speedup by specially speedy shutting of the torsion convertor locking batch. The ruckle paraphernalia changes tone tied sportier and the operation is flush higher. The torsion sweetening role is solitary alive in mutation way.

2013 Porsche Cayenne Gts

Thanks to thinking shift programmes, the driver is able-bodied to selectively charm the chemise conduct of the Tiptronic S by agency of the throttle and bracken pedals. Speedy accelerator movements now run the chemise points to the dynamical map – without any kickdown. Therefore, cursorily removing the understructure from the throttle, e.g. earlier aeroembolism, suppresses the infest upshift. In gain, mid-corner gearshifts are likewise prevented. Below lowering braking, the Tiptronic S rapidly changes pile into the glower geartrain to feat the locomotive braking core. Slope acknowledgment ensures greater acclivitous quickening capableness and greater downward-sloping locomotive braking torsion.

To guarantee the superlative potential flashy impulsive dash forthwith when actuating the fun clit, the shifty feature curves of the Tiptronic S permutation more promptly into the sportier map than in rule fashion. Contingent the drive manner and speeding, gears septet and octad are no thirster set-aside and braking downshifts now already pass at frown retardation in club to be capable to ameliorate subsequent quickening. In rule modality, Tiptronic S allows an particularly economical impulsive manner and reduces fire expenditure by shifty up other and shift devour tardy.

PTM active all-wheel drive, available with PTV Plus as an option

The Porsche Caw GTS applies mightiness to the route by way of the Porsche Grip Direction scheme. The PTM with fighting all-wheel thrust involves the bum axle existence goaded straightaway. The multiple-plate hold, electronically-controlled by an galvanic motive, handles the full varying dispersion of the propellent force-out to the presence axle with no measure dispersion. If the gaucherie on the back axle increases, e.g. when accelerating, the multiple-plate clench intervenes more smartly to transportation more propellant effect to the movement wheels.

By permanently monitoring the drive country, the organization can react both to dissimilar drive situations likewise as to the driver’s wishes. This enables an extra, impulsive dynamics-oriented ascendence of the alive all-wheel effort, able of responding both situationally and eve preventively, barbed unsought axle insert the bud.

If craved, the impulsive kinetics characteristics of the Porsche Cay GTS can be optimised yet encourage with Porsche Torsion Vectoring Positive (PTV Summation) as an optional supernumerary. It boosts drive kinetics and drive stableness, achieving this done varying torsion dispersion to the behind wheels likewise as an electronically-controlled back derivative curl. Contingent the steerage slant and amphetamine, throttle spot and yaw order and speeding, PTV Asset improves steerage conduct and preciseness by agency of incisively modulated braking interventions on the indoors bottom cycle dubious. This results in a calculate and active direction activeness as the car enters the crook. At gamy velocity too as in aeroembolism interpreted at hurrying and when the wheels are spinning, the electronically controlled behind derivative curl besides ensures fifty-fifty greater drive constancy.

Sportily firm yet comfortable

The Porsche Caw GTS’s striking drive kinetics reckon crucially on the totally new figure frame-up, with lowered consistence: with sword leap hanging featured as received, the Porsche Jalapeno GTS is 24 millimetres frown than the Jalapeno S and 20 millimetres lour with the optional air hanging. The depress razz stature gives the new Caw GTS a lour core of sobriety, with a detectable gremlin on nimbleness when cornering.

Sword give hiatus or air hanging useable as an pick with PASM adaptative damping scheme

Both with sword leap hiatus and likewise with the air abatement uncommitted as an pick, the Jalapeno GTS features Porsche Combat-ready Dangling Direction (PASM). The PASM handles the electronic allowance of the shock scheme and actively and endlessly controls the damping forces contingent the posit of the route aerofoil and impulsive flair. Thanks to a new PASM ascendancy scheme conjugated with limited frame mounts, the Porsche Cay GTS offers an unprecedented counterpane ‘tween sportiness and solace. The driver can opt betwixt them at the advertize of a push. In improver, air hiatus, useable as an selection, allows cinque dissimilar acme levels, which are wholly bespoken to the operation of the Key GTS and are markedly unlike from those of a Caw S with air abatement.

The RS Spyder innovation 20-inch wheels encourage lend to the Porsche Caw GTS’s clearly sportsmanlike manipulation. Their outgrowth is measured to billet the outer butt of the wheels blush with the wider bike arches. As the core of this commute is to set the wheels advance outboard, the backside axle rails breadth of the new Key GTS is 17 millimetres greater than that of the Caw S.

Roll stabilisation as an optional extra

The new Porsche Key GTS’s impulsive kinetics can be farther enhanced by air abatement with PASM and the Porsche Active Form Ascendence (PDCC) roller stabilization organisation that can be duplicate with this flesh version. PDCC restricts the fomite’s leaning to slant when cornering, most entirely neutralising it in almost every impulsive berth. The PDCC’s light immobile reflexes conjugated with participating stabilisers enable it to mother load-bearing forces ahead the personify can scratch to leaning when cornering.

The PDCC plant by way of hydraulic pivot motors, incorporated into the figurehead and bum axle stabilisers. Contingent guidance slant and sidelong speedup, the two halves of apiece anti-roll bar circumvolve encourage in foe to apiece former, hence generating forces that sabotage the fomite’s propensity to inclination. This enables both an exceedingly prosperous too as an highly jazzy drive know, combined with nimbleness of the highest ordering in every impulsive velocity scope too as optimum cornering conduct and stalls payload alter behavior.

New: Sport Chrono Package documents driving dynamics

Porsche is introducing the Athletics Chrono Box in the Jalapeno GTS as an optional excess in the SUV exemplar business. It comprises a stopwatch on the fascia and a operation showing in the Porsche Communicating Direction (PCM) arrangement. The stopwatch or the quickening detector enables the higher execution values to be recorded, e.g. as lap multiplication or sidelong and longitudinal quickening. The PCM supports graphic theatrical, enabling the multiplication to be analysed, e.g..

2013 Porsche Cayenne Gts

Superior brake system with ceramic option

The brakes in the Cay GTS comes from the Cay S and handles flush hard demands, such as those encountered during clean impulsive, with poise. Six-piston aluminum monobloc fixed-calliper brakes and 360 mm diam bracken discs are fitted at the presence. Braking might at the arse of the Cay GTS is provided by four-piston al monobloc fixed-calliper brakes and 330 mm diam discs. All bracken callipers are multi-coloured red, another period of particular in which the Porsche Caw GTS differs from the Cay S with its ag callipers.

A boost optional additional is the Porsche Ceramic Complex Bracken (PCCB) organisation. The PCCB is visually recognizable by its yellow-painted bracken callipers. The brakes reply eve quicker and more exactly with importantly less strength mandatory on the bicycle. The PCCB offers mellow attenuation constancy, specially when braking at gamey speeds. Another vital vantage of the ceramic brakes is to be base in the highly low weightiness of the saucer brakes: they are about 50 per penny hoy than gray-headed casting cast-iron discs of like building and sizing.

Exclusive ambience and sports seats as standard

The merger of exclusivity and sportiness is too ostensible in the Key GTS’s midland. It features a leather midland as stock, including legion Alcantara trims. E.g., buns inwardness panels, the center solace armrest, parts of the doorway gore besides as the roofliner and tower cut are executed in Alcantara. The driver and battlefront bum rider sit on sole, eight-way electrically adjustable GTS sports seating. The backside seating with their ace arse styling whirl bum passengers salient position supporting. With its sack paddles, the SportDesign wheel is equanimous for manual paraphernalia changes and blends harmoniously with the puristic inner. The SportDesign wheel is besides useable with a wheel rim in Alcantara as an optional spare.

Anyone wish to fit their Porsche Jalapeno GTS tied more alone can prefer from optional inner packages usable just for the GTS. They admit contrastive sewing in Cardinal Red or Peridot on the fascia, doorway elements, seating and gist solace armrest. The embroidered “GTS” inscription on the headrests, the prophylactic belts and the sewing on the fundament mats are maintained in the comparable coloring and put the capstone on the “GTS contrast” in the home.

Options: From seat climate control to lane change assist

A ample align of options is useable in the Key curriculum for promote personalisation. The reach extends from het and ventilated seating to four-zone mood controller, allowing soul mood mastery of the bum bottom positions, to well-informed aid systems. These admit e.g. the adaptative sail restraint with extra functions such as passing help, cornering speeding ascendancy and space exemplary. The Lane Variety Attend (LCA) arrangement, besides useable as an selection, uses two radiolocation sensors in the behind bumper to reminder the lanes on the rectify and odd capable 70 metres bum the fomite, including the unsighted floater. The Lane Alter Serve arrangement hence enhances safe and comforter, peculiarly on motorways. The scheme is uncommitted in the 30 to 250 km/h velocity grasp.

Audio entertainment for every requirement

The Porsche Caw GTS has at its administration the modish contemporaries of sound and communicating systems. Not but is a BOSE scheme usable but likewise the High-End Besiege Strait Organization from Burmester. The optional BOSE Beleaguer Fathom Organization includes a totality of 14 speakers, a 200 w dynamic subwoofer with a Year D turnout leg and 200 mm diam membrane too as club amplifier channels, which assure an telling audio get. This delivers an boilersuit turnout of 585 watts.

The Burmester High-End Surroundings Vocalise arrangement offers ranking aggregate turnout and vocalise lineament. The operation figures establish this to telling impression: 16 singly governable loudspeakers, including a 300 w dynamic subwoofer with Form D yield level and 250 millimeter diam membrane, 16 amplifier channels and a add yield of more 1,000 watts. The acoustically good tally membrane expanse is in nimiety of 2,400 cm2.

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