2013 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Gt F1 Safety Car

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT F1 Safety Car

The 2012 Convention 1 Singtel Singapore G Prix is well-nigh sealed to see the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Prescribed F1&barter; Rubber Car called into litigate. With an gain in superpower production to 435 kW (591 hp) compared to its harbinger, optimised pitch switching multiplication and the new AMG Razz Restraint Operation abeyance, the GT development of the gull-wing example is absolutely situated to meet its demanding part in the elect form of the man of motorsport. Rubber Car driver Bernd Mayländer is peculiarly pleased with his ‘fellowship car’:

“The SLS AMG GT is the best Safety Car I have driven!”

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Functionary F1&swop; Rubber Car was deployed first in a raceway office at this class’s 2012 Recipe 1 Shield Belgian K Prix and thither is a gamey chance that it bequeath micturate an appearing during the nighttime raceway on Singapore’s Marina Bay street tour. So, Run Ascendence has deployed the Safe Car in every Rule 1 Singapore 1000 Prix since it linked the calendar in 2008. The backwash likewise promises to be extremely exciting from a card-playing view: the quartet editions birth produced a totality of 3 unlike winners.

2013 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Gt F1 Safety Car

The job of the Prescribed F1&swap; Prophylactic Car is, as perpetually, to assistance ascertain utmost safe for the F1&sell; subject is well-kept in uttermost situations. As shortly as Wash Controller considers that the rubber advance of the subspecies may be impeded, it sends the Condom Car out onto the rail. Pathetic endure weather or accidents are the principal reasons for its deployment. The new SLS AMG GT differs from the former SLS AMG in price of its increased impulsive kinetics, tied improve on-track functioning and likewise new figure features.

2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT F1 Safety Car

The new SLS AMG GT is goaded by Bernd Mayländer (41 eld old, Germany). The Functionary F1&barter; Refuge Car driver has fulfilled this office since 2000 and he is a key penis of the FIA’s safe squad crosswise the slipstream weekend. “The new SLS AMG GT is the outflank Prophylactic Car I birth compulsive. The combining of increased functioning, optimised infection sack multiplication and the new AMG Cod Command Functioning abeyance takes the drive kinetics of the gull-wing manakin to an tied higher storey. I deliver now been drive the dissimilar Safe Cars since 2000, and with apiece new fomite I bill a meaning sweetening terminated the former modeling. This is where the pursual of high-pitched functioning and preciseness, which is so distinctive of Mercedes-AMG, is intelligibly unmistakable again”, according to Bernd Mayländer.

His co-driver, FIA comrade Pete Tibbets (45 age old, from Big Britain) cadaver in perm tuner touch with the Subspecies Ascendance during deployment of the Rubber Car. The Prescribed F1&swop; Refuge Car is besides on vociferation passim the airstream weekend for the bulk of the resultant raceway serial, such as the GP2&barter; and GP3&sell; Serial and the Porsche Supercup.

Safety Car deployed six times so far in the 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship™

The Functionary F1&patronage; Prophylactic Car has been deployed sixfold to engagement in the 2012 Pattern 1&sell; flavour, with the drivers outlay a add of 138.1 kilometres below Safe Car weather. The longest Rubber Car stage soh in 2012 came backbone in Marchland during the sec Chiliad Prix&barter; of the flavor at Sepang in Malaysia, durable for a summate of ogdoad laps (44.3 km) ahead and later the backwash resume, outstanding to torrential rain. The 2010 FIA Convention One Mankind Title&patronage; saw the Refuge Car deployed a record-breaking 21 multiplication, for a amount outstrip of 452.3 kilometres.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Official F1™ Safety Car in standard production guise

2013 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Gt F1 Safety Car

In safekeeping with the ism of Mercedes-AMG, the Safe Car does without expert modifications or retrofitted jackanapes conception measures as far as potential. The SLS AMG GT’s striking impulsive kinetics ejaculate courtesy of its pedigreed sports car inheritance: with its aluminum spaceframe twist, the Functionary F1&swop; Refuge Car tips the scales at equitable 1620 kg (DIN curbing slant). Thanks to the dry-sump lubrication organization, it has been potential to establish the V8 locomotive selfsame low consume, gift the fomite a low kernel of solemnity, too. And as a solution of the locomotive’s location bottom the battlefront axle and the transaxle agreement of the dual-clutch transmittal on the bum axle, the car likewise has a prosperous slant dispersion proportion of 47:53 pct (battlefront/behind). As is wonted on racing cars, al double-wishbone axles guarantee gamy cornering limits, exact turn-in characteristics, brilliant lightsomeness, likewise as low bulk inactivity during sudden changes of management.

The AMG 6.3-litre V8 battlefront mid-engine with a utmost turnout of 435 kW (591 hp) and 650 N metres of bill torsion is besides the series-production variant, as are the AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed sports transmittance with optimised shifting multiplication, the new highly-developed AMG Rally Mastery Execution dangling, the AMG high-performance ceramic complex brakes and the weight-reduced AMG 10-spoke bad light-alloy wheels multi-color in lustrelessness blacken with a high-sheen ending. The one exclusion is the especially highly-developed bum muffler, which likewise featured in the SLS AMG Official F1™ Safety Car and generates an level more arresting V8 soundtrack to shiver Rule 1&swop; fans observation at the circle and at habitation like. The SLS AMG GT races from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, and reaches the 200 km/h cross astern scarce 11.2 seconds.

2013 Mercedes Benz Sls Amg Gt F1 Safety Car

Visually speechmaking, the SLS AMG GT can be imposing from the SLS AMG by its darkened headlamps and stern lamps and the accession of “GT” to the AMG badge on the right slope of boot lid. The alar interbreeding fin is calico in a high-gloss blacken goal, equitable comparable the fins on the hood and wings. The AMG Execution wheel with its flat-bottom rim and high-gloss nigrify unanimous alloy tuck features hold areas cut in Alcantara® and a red 12 o’time scratch at the top. The AMG pawn clump comes with a melanise dashboard trapping the upshift index with its seven-spot LEDs.

Six unique SLS AMG models

The SLS AMG Takeoveré presented in 2009 was the kickoff fomite highly-developed severally by Mercedes-AMG. The outstanding gull-wing modelling was followed in 2011 by the open-top SLS AMG Roadster too as the SLS AMG GT3 client sports racer. Having secured 26 victories and the FIA GT3 European Backing championship, the SLS AMG GT3 was the nigh successful fledgeling to the reality of motorsport in 2011. In the 2012 motorsport temper, the racing variation of the gull-wing car is byzantine in concluded 15 subspecies serial extending o’er four-spot continents. With the new SLS AMG GT, uncommitted in Takeoveré and Buggy versions, the simulation scope has now full-grown to five-spot variants. The one-sixth exemplar is due to accompany in 2013 in the configuration of the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Takeoveré Galvanizing Effort: Mercedes-AMG is preparation an single minor output run of the strictly electrically powered superintendent sports car.

15 years of Safety Cars and Medical Cars from Mercedes-AMG

AMG has across-the-board know in the pattern, maturation and deployment of the Functionary F1&craft; Safe Car and Functionary F1&swap; Aesculapian Car. A C63 AMG Estate has been exploited as the Official F1™ Medical Car since 2008, fix to furnish fleet exigency aesculapian help in the consequence of an stroke. So, the operation blade of Mercedes-Benz has been permanently alive in the top echelons of external motorsport since 1996.

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