2013 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

Undermentioned the man premier in April 2012, the new Mercedes-Benz GLK is displaying its good certification on- and off-road. Its take to leaders of the compress SUV section is underscored by trailblazing aid systems, engines coordinated efficiency with lightsomeness, a new pattern and an lengthened scope of equipment and appointments.

The fresh intentional outside lends the GLK added vigour. The personify combines authoritative elements of all-terrain vehicles with the designing dialect of the flow Mercedes-Benz models. Tight lines, talkative surfaces and the smooth-surfaced, volume-emphasizing forepart and arse areas chord with the stylemark GLK personify features which are distinctive of definitive, operable all-terrain vehicles. Asunder from the concomitant benefits in off-road terrain, this figure too offers concrete advantages in day-after-day use. The mellow arse billet provides a overlooking scene of the dealings position, with the consistency lines likewise intentional for fantabulous visibleness.

The designers at the Kernel of Competency for Interiors let undertaken a thoroughgoing makeover of the splashboard, e.g.: a all-encompassing passementerie in aluminum or optionally in woods spans the stallion breadth of the fascia. The new circle vents and extra clipping elements in smooth-spoken fantasm too snatch the eye. A high-end colouration show is optionally uncommitted for the instrumentate flock. A three-spoke sports wheel, new upholstery colors and arse designs asset collateral ambient firing featuring LED fiberoptic engineering, which is uncommitted on the GLK first, boost raise the feel-good ambience inner the car.

2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

Clean machines: the GLK engine range

The compass of engines provides for driving consolation and attractive execution altogether GLK models in coincidence with low emissions and fire use. Altogether, thither is a option of six diesel models and one gasoline locomotive. The GLK 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC features a four-cylinder diesel generating 150 kW (204 hp) of powerfulness and 500 N metres of torsion from a translation of 2143 cc. Disdain its redoubtable functioning, this manakin is super economical when it comes to fire expenditure: on ordinary, the compression-ignition locomotive consumes 6.1 to 6.5 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres (159 – 169 g CO2/km, NEDC combined manner).

The two rear-wheel-drive models GLK 200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY and GLK 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY with six-speed manual transmitting are level more fire‑effective. Both versions manage on 5.5 – 5.6 litres of diesel per century kilometres (143 – 147 g CO2/km, NEDC combined mood). The top performer among the diesel versions is the GLK 350 CDI 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY. Disdain the 25 kW (35 hp) ability step-up, the top diesel modelling runs on round 17 pct less fire, at 6.9 – 7.0 litres per 100 kilometres (179 – 183 g CO2/km, NEDC combined style). The GLK 350 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY petrol-engine example featuring the trailblazing technology of the prima genesis of V-engines deploys BlueDIRECT engineering to micturate its grade in price of functioning and fire use.

The splendid fire saving of all GLK models is underpinned by a comp bundle of BlueEFFICIENCY measures likewise as by this state-of-the-art locomotive engineering. In add-on to the ECO first/block part that comes as measure, these measures admit the seven-speed 7G-TRONIC Positive machinelike transmittance. Low-friction axle drives, electrical direction and tyres with low trilled impedance too gambol their share in reduction fire intake.

Exemplary safety as standard

Help systems comrade from the S- and E-Class characteristic as criterion to enable a promote betterment in combat-ready guard and driver-fitness condom and return the compress SUV to the top of its grocery section. Electrical direction with Tip Ascendancy, which supports the driver in unsound drive weather by triggering an caprice which can be mat on the wheel, prompt countersteering by the driver in the adjust focussing, Bracken Help (BAS), which provides extra bracken might when pinch braking is detected, and Adaptative Bracken featuring Hill-Start Serve, Clasp procedure, bracken drying in the wet and fuzee of the brakes all reenforcement the driver. The mellow stock of dynamic prophylactic is ensured by the Legerity Command abeyance with selective damping organization, the ESP® Electronic Stableness Programme with incorporated lagger stabilization and tire force going exemplary and, on the 4MATIC models, by perm all-wheel thrust and the 4ETS electronic grip scheme.

Optional equipment includes the Tending Serve somnolence spotting arrangement and the PRE-SAFE® prevenient safe organisation. Extra assist systems, including participating variants, are optionally useable. One lesson hither is Participating Parking Assistance, enabling automatonlike manoeuvring into and out of parking spaces. To help manoeuvring when visibleness is piteous thither is a championship camera with usher lines or – first from Mercedes-Benz – a 360° camera. Extra systems are optionally usable as someone items or in peculiar packages. The Drive Aid packet Summation comprises DISTRONIC Positive including BAS Positive, PRE-SAFE® Bracken, Fighting Lane Retention Serve and Fighting Unreasoning Smirch Help. The Parking bundle combines the described 360° camera including Dynamic Parking Help and PARKTRONIC. The Lane Trailing bundle includes Lane Retention Help and Unreasoning Office Assistance. Another new maturation is the Offroad Technology packet in combining with the Levelheaded Spark Arrangement (ILS). Offroad Igniter is uncommitted hither for trips in hard terrain. Particular headlight settings cater for ameliorate off-road predilection by more far-flung miniature of the study of sight.

The revamped GLK-Class incorporates the inbuilt condom conception in guardianship with Mercedes-Benz’s make doctrine, which is based commencement and frontmost on veridical stroke scenarios. The GLK’s extremely rich resident cadre provides an efficacious ground for resident aegis in connective with the strawman and arse distortion zones. The GLK comes with legion standard-fit items of equipment to protect its occupants. In add-on to airbags, pelvisbags and sidebags for driver and forepart rider, thither are too windowbags for the driver, breast rider and back passengers too as a kneebag for the driver. The crash-responsive pedals and the crash-responsive NECK-PRO mind restraints for driver and presence rider foster pad the layer of security. An alive cowling serves to cut the adventure of harm for the more vulnerable route users.

Attractive pricing beginning at € 36,235.50

The comp reach of equipment and appointments for the GLK includes details which are mostly the reticence of higher classes of fomite. With a add of sevener framework versions, the GLK-Class moreover offers one of the nigh comp modeling ranges in the concordat SUV section (Prices for the German mart, incl. 19% VAT):

  • GLK 200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY: € 36,235.50
  • GLK 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY: € 38,377.50
  • GLK 220 CDI 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY: € 42,721.00
  • GLK 220 BlueTEC 4MATIC: € 44,149.00
  • GLK 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC: € 46,142.25
  • GLK 350 CDI 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY: € 49,742.00
  • GLK 350 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY: € 50,099.00
  • Design: Rock-solid character in a fresh guise

    The freshly intentional outside lends the GLK added balance. The soundbox combines hellenic elements of all-terrain vehicles with the figure accent of the stream Mercedes-Benz models. Rigorous lines, heroic surfaces and the smooth-surfaced, volume-emphasizing strawman and backside areas reconcile with the assay-mark GLK eubstance features which are distinctive of operable all-terrain vehicles. These admit short-circuit overhangs, the just front, slight cap pillars, a plunge windshield and the tight ceiling cable. The eubstance invention is not a stylistic end in itself. Kinda, it applies the advantages distinctive off all-terrain vehicles to the compress SUV course. Realised ATV-specific features such as coming and leaving slant and undercoat headway enable off-road ventures at any clip. The neatly intentional torso and the commodity all-around visibleness combined with the bum post heighten suitableness for routine use and allow for relaxed drive.

    Below the freshly intentional headlamps, all models pass LED day drive lights in a chromium-plate grasp as banner. The grille with two slats and cardinal ace follows the figure phrase of the flow carriage models. The slats are multi-coloured ag, with chromium-plate inserts optional. The headlamps be a new rendition of the touch Mercedes lamp conception. On the staple modelling with reflection-type headlamps, a chromium-plate blowlamp boast spans the two reflectors. On models fitted with the Levelheaded Spark Scheme (ILS), the bi-xenon headlight comprises the expulsion whole, a reflector and the flashlight with LED fibreoptic cables for the place igniter, supra which the blinker indicators consisting of case-by-case LEDs are placed.

    A peculiarly outstanding sport of the slope survey is the ceiling track, featuring a all new conception made-to-order to the new invention phrase. The milled veranda bar rests on melanise pliant supports and lends the silhouette a more refined demarcation. As a receive side-effect of this new conception, the new track count substantially less than their predecessors. This is specially good to drive kinetics, as a slant reducing in the ceiling expanse of a fomite has a far greater encroachment than eq savings in otc areas, such as the underbelly.

    The ass bumper lends a bluff, flashy fiber to the GLK’s bottom with its width-emphasizing lines and finespun ass lights. Peculiarly contact features hither are the new-style fake underguard – optionally in chromium-plate – and the chrome-plated tailpipe trims merged in the bum proscenium which likewise semen as received. The stern lights birth undergone a discharge vamp in price of both appearing and functions. Fiberoptic cables and LEDs are besides employed to offer the GLK’s bum with a unparalleled and feature dark designing, the new certify denture LED lamp adding a copestone.

    New wheels characteristic as contribution of the manakin lift, in sizing 43.2 cm (17-inch), 48.3 cm (19-inch) and 50.8 cm (20-inch) and sportsmanlike respective pigment finishes or a high-sheen conclusion. An aerodynamically optimised 43.2 cm (17-inch) bicycle is too useable.

    The AMG Sports package for the GLK

    For GLK customers who apprise flashy elegance a comp AMG Outside Sports packet is usable, self-praise assay-mark conception features from the far-famed customisation accompany. These admit AMG strawman and behind forestage, the particular grille with two chromium-plate slats, AMG LED‑ day impulsive lights, 48.3 cm (19-inch) AMG 5-spoke light-alloy wheels and a sportsmanlike respite frame-up.

    Interior: Even classier setting, high feel-good factor

    2013 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

    Design the new national for the GLK was an fastidious labor. The press SUV’s breadth was to be emphasised so as to encourage deepen the impression of distance within the fomite. Simultaneously, the developers were too absorbed on enhancing the printing of lineament. Their efforts let spawned telling results: The GLK’s midland offers the quilt, the biotechnology and the quintessential MB feel-good constituent which is broadly the taciturnity of higher classes of fomite.

    The designers at the Kernel of Competency for Interiors bear undertaken a exhaustive makeover of the splashboard, e.g.: a all-embracing cut in al or optionally in forest spans the integral breadth of the fascia. The new rung vents and extra passementerie elements in eloquent trace likewise apprehension the eye. A high-end coloration presentation is optionally useable for the cat’s-paw bundle. A three-spoke sports wheel, new upholstery colors and bottom designs asset collateral ambient inflammation featuring LED fiber-optic engineering, which is useable on the GLK first, promote raise the feel-good aura within the car. The models with the 7G-TRONIC reflexive contagion are fitted with the Organise Prime pry in ergonomically commodious place on the guidance editorial underground. This frees up place in the inwardness cabinet for a stowing compartment, which is provided with a precision-finished border facile phantom and can be shut by way of a retractable concealment.

    Interior Sports package substantially upgraded

    The Home Sports software which was uncommitted for the predecessor model has been upgraded to admit blacken sports seating in ARTICO synthetic leather/DINAMICA microfibre with sewing in alp gray-haired (instead genuine lightlessness leather upholstery). Otc components are the 3-spoke multifunction wheel in nappa leather, threshold heart panels in ARTICO semisynthetic leather with bias sewing, slip pry in nappa leather with chromium-plate circumvent and sports pedals in napped stainless.

    Infotainment: better entertainment, better information

    The GLK is fitted with the Audi 20 CD tuner as measure, with the followers functions:

  • Similitude radio
  • TFT exhibit with 14.7 cm (5.8″) slash
  • mp3/wma/aac-compatible CD ride
  • USB port incl. CD masking expose
  • AUX-IN socket in the essence armrest
  • Bluetooth® port with hands-free purpose and sound cyclosis for medicine conveyance
  • Call keypad
  • The GLK goes on-line with especial documentary offerings, offers its occupants concert-hall acoustics and provides new amusement facilities for back passengers:

  • COMAND On-line multimedia: truehearted hard-disc pilotage with high-resolution 17.8 cm gloss show, disengage use of the structured Mercedes-Benz apps and call-up of cyberspace sites, LINGUATRONIC voice-operated ascendence organization, USB port and AUX-IN socket in the inwardness armrest, call faculty with Bluetooth® (SAP‑visibility) in the armrest for telephone and cyberspace connectivity, Mercedes-Benz eCall exigency shout organisation.
  • In conjunctive with COMAND, a TV radio for digital TV receipt (DVB-T) is organism offered in the GLK first
  • Harman Kardon® Logic 7®fence fathom scheme including 7-channel DSP amplifier and 2-channel admirer with a totality turnout of 510 W in junction with 12 high-performance loudspeakers, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS.
  • Becker® MAP Aviate: full structured seafaring faculty with 2D/3D map show, pilotage info shown on the show of the Sound 20 CD, process via key control and acoustical yield of impulsive recommendations via the fomite’s loudspeakers
  • Cardinal semblance show in the tool bunch oblation photorealistic calibre
  • Apple iPad® behind integrating Positive. The commodious, ergonomic and crash-safe moorage send for the iPad® is optionally uncommitted in the bottom of the GLK. The wax can be leaning and sour by 180°, all connections left approachable. In plus, the barrage can be aerated via an unified USB port with the aid of a charging lead-in
  • Ternary new apps are uncommitted for COMAND On-line – for word, part prices and aid in determination a parking distance. It is plotted to insert some a xii new apps annually. Daimler has order an App Growth Grouping specifically for this role in Palo Countertenor, California/USA and Bangalore, India.

    Active safety: Assistance systems take the GLK to the top of its market segment

    Assist systems conversant from the S-Class and E-Class boast as touchstone to enable an betterment in participating rubber and driver-fitness prophylactic and contract the concordat SUV to the top of its commercialise section. Galvanising direction with Channelize Mastery as measure, which supports the driver in fluid impulsive weather by triggering an pulsation which can be matt-up on the wheel, prompt countersteering by the driver in the right management

    Bracken Assistance (BAS), which provides extra bracken might when exigency braking is detected, and Adaptative Bracken featuring Hill-Start Attend, Clasp routine, bracken drying in the wet and ground of the brakes when exigency braking is detected all keep the driver. The eminent stock of combat-ready rubber is ensured by the Legerity Command hanging with selective damping organisation, the ESP® Electronic Constancy Platform with unified dawdler stabilization and tire insistency departure admonition and, on the 4MATIC models, by perm all-wheel campaign and the 4ETS electronic grip arrangement.

    Optional equipment includes the Attending Help somnolence sleuthing organization or the PRE-SAFE® prevenient safe scheme. Extra aid systems, including fighting variants, are optionally useable. One exercise hither is Alive Parking Aid, enabling machinelike manoeuvring into and out of parking spaces. To help manoeuvring when profile is misfortunate thither is a accompaniment camera with guidebook lines or – first from Mercedes-Benz – a 360° camera. This lineament uses ikon data from four-spot cameras in the strawman and ass areas and in the outside mirror trapping to give a boo’s eye survey of the fomite and its environment. The undistorted effigy is presented in substantial sentence on the cardinal COMAND expose. In increase to the functions of the backing camera, it likewise enables monitoring of the areas to the slope of the fomite and before of the fomite, therefore portion to annul accidental collisions during manoeuvring. Pathfinder lines supply extra assist, the 360° camera marker the fomite’s campaign reach according to the wheel weight.

    2013 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

    Extra systems are optionally usable as single items or in particular packages. The Impulsive Help box Summation comprises DISTRONIC Asset including BAS Summation, PRE-SAFE® Bracken, Participating Lane Holding Help and Alive Dim Stain Serve. The Parking packet combines the described 360° camera including Participating Parking Assistance for robotlike manoeuvring in and out of parking spaces and PARKTRONIC. The Lane Trailing parcel includes Lane Holding Assistance and Screen Berth Help.

    The right direction: recommendations from STEER CONTROL

    The rhytidoplasty provides the GLK with electromechanically aided organise guidance. This form employs a varying direction proportion which becomes observably more organise as the wheel lean increases. This provides the driver with ameliorate feedback from the route and reduces the necessity direction ferment. Successively, this results in improved manipulation and lightness. The galvanic steerage scheme additionally offers speed-sensitive superpower aid, providing for enhanced guidance puff end-to-end the total velocity reach.

    The standard-fit Tip Ascendence organization becomes dynamic when the help systems get diagnosed unsound impulsive weather which can be eased by dim-witted steerage movements. To this end, an capture story of wheel torsion is dictated on the wheel in accord with the presumption drive weather and punctually set by the galvanic steerage aid arrangement. In causa of oversteering – with the bum of the fomite push towards the border of the retire the route – Wind Ascendance prompts the driver to bullock in the opponent centering until the fomite regains constancy. Correspondingly, in showcase of understeering – with the forepart of the fomite push towards the boundary of the turning – the driver is prompted to increment the wheel fish. The organization can besides service to remunerate yaw when the GLK brakes on a route airfoil offer dissimilar levels of detrition on the rightfulness and unexpended, e.g. on overwinter roadstead which are covered in ice on one slope. Channelise Restraint so prompts the driver to routine the wheel in the capture guidance to remunerate the yaw.

    Tied if the driver ignores Lead Ascendancy’s recommendations, sufficient militia stay useable to steady the fomite with the active treatment ascendance systems such as Adaptative Bracken, ESP® or 4ETS. Hint Command invariably supports the driver in an “consultative” part, ne’er overruling them.

    Stability pact: AGILITY CONTROL – suspension with selective damping system

    With the Lightness Command hiatus the GLK demonstrates a gamey banner of tractability and is capable to resoluteness the struggle betwixt the dissimilar aims chased in scheming SUV suspensions: on the one handwriting, form and hanging engineers assay to make a fomite which is jazzy and nimble spell simultaneously offer a well-heeled and flabby cod and likewise playacting easily on off-road terrain. When the load is on showy, adaptative treatment, the springs and supra all the jounce absorbers command a sealed rigorousness. This, successively, rules out the craved hanging comfortableness which is distinctive of the steel and imposes restrictions on off-road capabilities. If the fomite is fitted with softer dampers in avocation of abeyance comforter and off-road functioning, this testament course decrease the impulsive kinetics. “Stroke-dependent damping” provides a outlet hither. The shock is configured such that its padding forces are applied in a elastic way. During rule impulsive ended reasonably contoured roadstead or on retard cross-country trips the organisation responds in subdued manner, to the profit of the occupants’ upbeat and the fomite’s off-road execution. In rescript to insure that this eudaimonia is too well-kept when the driver adopts a bolder flair or in sharp evasive manoeuvres, the dampers so transposition to a harder manner to allow for a mellow storey of impulsive stableness in such situations.

    To avert any unpleasant consequences in the effect of tire scathe, all GLK models unified a tire coerce deprivation monitory arrangement. This organisation detects sudden force losings in a tire and triggers a comparable monition in the instrumentate flock. Tire insistence monitoring is optionally uncommitted to farther meliorate prophylactic therein expanse. Wrong tire force or “creep” imperativeness losings are indicated by the monitory “Baulk tyres”, piece speedy coerce losings trip the content “Circumspection Tire misfunction”. The tire pressing monitoring arrangement identifies fresh fitted wheels mechanically.

    “Offroad Engineering package” enables superior off-road performance

    The Offroad Technology box continues to be uncommitted, ensuring that the fomite is wellspring capable to verify itself off from paved roadstead with Downward-sloping Amphetamine Regularisation (DSR), off-road drive curriculum (adaption of transmittal slip points and gas feature), hooligan underguard and a brocaded reprieve.

    When the “Offroad Technology bundle” is aboard, the supposed “off-road replacement” in the gist comfort enhances the GLK’s capabilities in hard terrain. At the feeling of a push a peculiar thrust program is started which varies the slip points of the 7G-TRONIC, “softens” the catalyst characteristics and activates the ESP® off-road functions with off-road ABS and a particular off-road 4ETS scheme. Locomotive ascendancy interposition is later rock-bottom and the organization additionally permits higher cycle parapraxis values. This command scheme improves off-road grip particularly on surfaces offer low detrition levels, such as moxie, beat or debris. The GLK’s off-road ABS was premiered in the stream M-Class. It identifies the nearly various undercoat weather via the uninterrupted compare of bicycle miscue models. This results in the outflank potential retardation strategies for off-road trips on shake, moxie, debris, flummox or splash.

    Therein equipment form with Offroad Technology bundle, is provided with a manual campaign program (M) in which the person gears can be selected via paddles on the multifunction wheel. This operational fashion guarantees maximal off-road drive use. An extra permutation activates Declivitous Fastness Ordinance (DSR), which mechanically maintains a predetermined fastness ‘tween 4 and 18 km/h on absorb downward-sloping stretches. The driver is capable to motley the speeding at any meter by substance of the sail ascendance prize.

    The reason headway of 210 millimetres and the minimum eubstance overhangs (824 mm at the breast, 957 mm at the behind) results in an approaching tilt of 23 degrees and a exit tilt of 25 degrees; the rage lean stands at 19 degrees. The GLK is capable to negociate gradients of capable 70 percentage; the uttermost inclination is 35 degrees. Conjointly the comparatively constrict wheelbase of 2755 millimetres and the relatively low fomite burthen, this ensures that the GLK is able-bodied to brand goodness build level in topographically unmanageable terrain.

    Offroad Light for better off-road visibility

    When traveling at low speeds in perplexing off-road terrain, the broadest and brightest potential clarification of the ar before of the fomite is expedient to enable more effectual and quicker identification of obstacles. As for the GL, a extra Offroad Lighter is frankincense besides useable for the new GLK in connective with the Offroad Technology bundle and the Thinking Sparkle Organisation (ILS). The Offroad Ignitor goes on mechanically when the driver activates the Offroad driving curriculum piece the headlamps are on. To this end, the bi-xenon headlight modules pan outward by 6 degrees, the lambent ability of the xe burner is increased by 3 W and a harmonious twinkle dispersion is set. In gain, the LED cornering lights on both sides are switched to permanently lit manner, piece active curvature clarification and stove allowance are deactivated. These settings control broader and brighter light of the region straightaway ahead of the fomite in comparing to ILS, which is optimised for on-road use, enabling any obstacles to be recognized more speedily.

    The Offroad Lightness is fighting capable a fastness of 50 km/h. Upon the driver falling infra this brink, the ILS mechanically reactivates the sparkle functions which are optimised for on-road use.

    Passive safety: Exemplary safety as standard

    The revamped GLK-Class incorporates the inherent prophylactic construct in holding with Mercedes-Benz’s blade ism, which is based get-go and firstly on veridical stroke scenarios. The GLK’s extremely racy resident cellphone provides an efficient footing for the occupier auspices systems in connective with the strawman and backside contortion zones.

    In development the alive and inactive condom of the new GLK, Mercedes-Benz has worn on the findings of its in-house accident-research activities, which began o’er 60 age ago and retain to gambling an instrument in the on-going phylogenesis of self-propelling condom. This stock of noesis is complemented by the modish findings from veridical stroke scenarios, elaborated simulations and encompassing examination serial. The sum of all this noesis is merged into the growing treat and applied in concrete security measures.

    The holistic access which is chased in the sake of a heights criterion of prophylactic is manifested particularly in the intact safe construct, which Mercedes-Benz has too completed for the new GLK. Bey simple conformation with clank tryout regulations, this pioneering guard doctrine focuses on all aspects of drive which are of grandness to the condom of the occupants and former route users. The Mercedes rubber construct divides these aspects into 4 phases:

  • Secure drive: avoiding risk, admonitory and assisting in blast
  • In showcase of peril: playing in an prevenient way with PRE-SAFE®
  • In an stroke: capture shelter
  • Afterward an fortuity: palliation of consequences, fleet help
  • The GLK comes with the followers standard-fit items of equipment to protect its occupants:

  • Airbags for driver and forepart rider, kneebag for driver, hip bags for driver and forepart rider, sidebags for driver and figurehead rider, windowbags for driver, forepart rider and arse passengers
  • Arse occupation realization for battlefront rider backside
  • Crash-responsive pedals
  • ISOFIX tiddler arse anchorage points in the behind and Top Leash adhesion points on the backside of the backside bottom back
  • 5 header restraints, height- and tilt-adjustable for driver, battlefront rider and in the bottom, crash-responsive NECK-PRO mind restraints for driver and figurehead rider
  • 3-point bottom belts including mechanical whack tallness modification and whang strength clipper for driver and figurehead rider asset reflexive bash elevation accommodation on the outer backside seating, whack condition show for back seating in the pawn clustering
  • Footer tribute with dynamic hood
  • Sidebags are optionally useable for the backside passengers.

    2013 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

    Mercedes to the rescue: Mercedes-Benz emergency call system “MB eCall”

    When the new GLK is fitted with COMAND On-line, the eCall reflexive exigency shout scheme from Mercedes-Benz is aboard mechanically. Afterwards a grievous fortuity the deliverance services can be notified mechanically and are provided with comp entropy inside a affair of proceedings, including details such as the stroke position or the fomite exemplar. How it plant: if airbags or rap tensioners are excited in a smash and COMAND On-line is affiliated to a cellphone, eCall testament relay the fomite’s precise GPS berth and its number (VIN). This entropy is sent via SMS to the Communicating Essence’s exigency birdcall and avail billet, with the berth information too beingness genetic victimization the DTMF method (dual-tone multi-frequency). Fifty-fifty if the occupants are unconscious or incertain of where they are because they are on a clientele tripper, e.g., the pinch services alerted by the Communicating Plaza testament be notified promptly, receiving exact entropy.

    The fomite bequeath too promptly demonstrate a vocalism connectionwith the Communicating Mall. Communicating takes situation not in the nomenclature of the nation in which the fomite is situated, but in the words which the driver has set for COMAND On-line. It is too potential to pee an pinch birdsong manually because “Mercedes-Benz exigency song” is ever the get-go incoming in the phonebook. eCall bequeath be introduced in various stages: on 1 June 2012 the reflexive exigency vociferation arrangement testament be introduced in ennead European countries – Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Enceinte Britain, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. A encourage 19 countries testament be added at the end of 2012. All Mercedes models which are launched aft 1 June 2012 volition crack the Mercedes-Benz pinch birdsong organisation in combining with COMAND On-line. Aside from potential cell charges, Mercedes customers testament not get any costs for the Mercedes-Benz eCall organisation.

    Drive system: Efficient, clean, powerful: the GLK’s drive system

    The bodoni grasp of engines in co-occurrence with the comp BlueEFFICIENCY measures provides for ride comfortableness and attractive functioning altogether GLK models combined with low emissions and fire ingestion.

    Altogether, thither is a alternative of six diesel models and one gasoline locomotive. The GLK 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC boasts the about potent four-cylinder diesel in the SUV reality. The direct-injection locomotive rated at 150 kW (204 hp) and generating 500 N metres of torsion from 2143 cc enables the GLK to execute wondrous. Key merits are the locomotive’s torquey part, its top amphetamine and its flexibleness. Disdain its unnerving operation, this simulation is highly economical when it comes to fire phthisis: on modal, the compression-ignition locomotive consumes 6.1 to 6.5 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres (combined NEDC fire ingestion). CO2 emissions bandstand at 159-169 grams per kilometer. Likewise to the GLK 220 BlueTEC 4MATIC simulation, it likewise complies with the EU6 emissions stock and the US BIN‑ 5 stock.

    The two rear-wheel campaign models GLK 200 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY and GLK 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY with six-speed manual infection are eve more fire‑effective. Both versions grapple on 5.5 – 5.6 litres of diesel per century kilometres (143 – 147 g CO2/km). The top performer among the diesel versions is the GLK 350 CDI 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY. 620 N metres of torsion cater the V6 compression-ignition locomotive with special mightiness speech from low revs. Contempt the 25 kW/35 hp index increment, the top diesel modelling runs on round 17 pct less diesel fire, at 6.9 – 7.0 litres per 100 kilometres (179-183 g CO2/km, NEDC combined mood).

    The GLK 350 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY petrol-engine manakin makes its scar with the innovative engineering of the lead genesis of V engines from Mercedes-Benz. At the spirit of the BlueDIRECT engineering box lies the third-generation spray-guided aim gasoline locomotive with piezo injectors. In compounding with multi-spark firing, this engineering offers farther potency for fire savings.

    BlueEFFICIENCY measures for further reductions in fuel consumption

    The first-class fire saving of all GLK models is underpinned by a comp bundle of BlueEFFICIENCY measures too as the state-of-the-art locomotive engineering. In gain to the ECO beginning/occlusion procedure that comes as banner, these measures admit the seven-speed 7G-TRONIC Addition automatonlike transmitting. Low-friction axle drives, galvanic steerage and tyres with low rolled impedance likewise caper their portion in reduction fire usance.

    2013 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

    7G-TRONIC Summation, criterion on all 4MATIC models of the GLK-Class, boasts tied lour convertor eluding and optimised efficiency. A primal persona is played by the new tortuousness muffler, which efficaciously eliminates torsional eccentricities and vibrations in the contagion. The glower the rpm and the depress the bit of cylinders, the more dangerous these can be. This results in a struggle of aims ‘tween ease and fuel-efficient surgery. Mercedes-Benz developers single-minded this by exploitation what is known as a twin-turbine muffler, which is likewise fitted with a motor pendulum on the diesel models. Contingent the rpm, this moves the kernel of bulk and allows well-situated functioning fifty-fifty in the almost stinting operational orbit. Moreover, the optimised damping allows a pronounced step-down in the miscue of the torsion convertor locking hold fifty-fifty nether low heaps, which likewise contributes to fire savings. This engineering likewise allows an eve quicker reaction to driver commands via the accelerator. Friction-optimised bearings and new transmittance oil caloric direction too service concentrate fire use.

    The standard-fit ECO show in the cat’s-paw bundle advance enables the driver to bridle the effects of his impulsive panache on fire usance, and to change his impulsive demeanour as essential. The ECO exhibit visualises the fire efficiency of the driver’s panache by substance of deuce-ace bar diagrams. Moderationist speedup, sweetie drive and a longsighted, prevenient fashion triggers a upgrade in the case-by-case bars, which invariably base at 50 percentage when the fomite is started up. Conversely, lowering quickening, major variations in amphetamine or patronize braking in coitus to coasting fine-tune without braking drive the bar values to drop-off. Drivers who speedily meet the bars and donjon them at 100 percentage hence show a especially energy-efficient panache of drive.

    2013 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

    4MATIC: powerful all-wheel drive with cutting-edge control systems

    The 4MATIC cause organisation in the GLK-Class is among the virtually knock-down all-wheel effort systems thither is; its ascendence systems jailbreak new primer. Advantages o’er early systems with a transversally installed crusade whole are achieved thanks to the staple covenant, lightness and friction-loss-optimised excogitation with its lengthwise positioned locomotive and structured briny and transportation vitrine. Fire use, e.g., is at the like story as that of a like, conventionally impelled fomite, whilst haphazardness and quiver levels are on a par with those in higher fomite categories.

    In compounding with the ESP®, ASR und 4ETS dynamical manipulation restraint systems, the staple 45 : 55 percentage dispersion of thrust torsion betwixt presence and back axle provides for superordinate and understandably predictable treatment. The new highly-developed multi-disc batch in the primal derivative supports the organisation when especially low rubbing values implement betwixt tyres and route aerofoil, such as on hoodwink or ice. A staple lockup burden of 50 N metres betwixt presence and bottom axle results in a pregnant step-up in grip piece maintaining a mellow degree of impulsive stableness.

    Model range and equipment: Comprehensive scope of standard equipment and appointments, attractive packages

    The GLK-Class offers a stock of equipment and appointments on a par with the bounty section, including details which are loosely the reservation of higher classes of fomite. With a summate of septet modeling versions, the GLK-Class moreover offers one of the almost comp example ranges in the press SUV section. All models arrive as measure with a comp ambit of equipment and appointments intentional to optimize safe, comfortableness and legerity for the occupants or to exempt the tenor on the driver both on foresighted trips and in urban dealings.

    The range of individuation options for the new GLK covers nearly every imaginable wishing, specially with heed to the across-the-board quality of metal and non-metallic paints and the huge orbit of internal options. Altogether, thither is a selection of ten metal and non-metallic paints positive two especial pigment finishes. The national guarantees the earmark congenial Mercedes aura and can be appointive in a change of styles ranging from sporting to classically graceful.

    Equipment for maximum comfort and comprehensive safety

    All models seed as criterion with a comp compass of equipment and appointments intentional to optimize guard, quilt and lightsomeness both on longsighted trips and in urban dealings. Overview of the comp banner oscilloscope of equipment:

  • 43.2 cm (17″) light-alloy wheels in 7-spoke pattern with 235/60 R 17 on 7.5 J x 17 ET47.5
  • Adaptative Bracken including Hill-Start Serve, Grip use, bracken drying in the wet and primer
  • Lightness Ascendence abeyance with selective damping organisation
  • Airbags organisation: airbags for driver and battlefront rider, kneebag for driver, hip bag for driver and presence rider, sidebag for driver and presence rider, windowbag for driver, battlefront rider and bum passengers, arse occupation identification for breast rider ass
  • Speedup Shoe Command (ASR)
  • Sound 20 CD wireless with threefold radio, TFT showing with 14.7 cm (5.8-inch) covert slash, MP3/WMA/AAC-compatible CD musician, USB port incl. CD screening presentation and AUX-IN socket (in the inwardness armrest), Bluetooth® port with hands-free use and sound cyclosis for euphony transference, phone keypad

  • Bracken Aid (BAS), assisting the driver with extra bracken might when exigency braking is detected
  • Crash-responsive pedals
  • Organise Choice shifter organisation, extra wheel chemise paddles (when 7G-TRONIC Addition is installed)
  • Direct-Steer scheme with speed-sensitive ability aid and varying steerage proportion, Tip Mastery
  • ECO startle/stoppage office
  • Electronic Constancy Platform (ESP®) including ESP® dawdler stabilization
  • Headlight Assistance with automatonlike headlight activating
  • Foldaway bottom arse backrests (1/3:2/3) and lockup denotation
  • Walker shelter with combat-ready hood
  • ISOFIX tiddler bottom anchorage points in the bottom and Top Lead fastening points on the bum of the backside arse back
  • THERMATIC reflexive clime controller with two zones, reprint temperature regularization for driver and figurehead rider, compounding excited fusain trickle to dilute disperse and odours, recirculation switching with gizmo procedure, sun detector and behind vents
  • 4MATIC perm all-wheel ride with 4ETS electronic grip arrangement (demur for GLK 200/220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY)
  • Sail controller with SPEEDTRONIC varying hurrying clipper (omit for GLK 200/220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY
  • Attractive equipment and appointment packages

  • AMG Outside Sports box
  • AMG forepart and bottom aprons, grille with two chromium-plate slats, AMG-specific LED daylight working lamps, 48.3 cm (19-inch) AMG light-alloy wheels in a 5-spoke excogitation, flashy dangling tuning and Chromium-plate bundle.
  • Outside Chromium-plate packet
  • Cap track in electropolished aluminum, chromium-plate underguard at presence and bum, grille featuring two slats with chromium-plate inserts, chromium-plate sill shielder, chromium-plate beltline clipping slip, chromium-plate rub funnies, incline skirts multi-colour in trunk coloration
  • Offroad Technology bundle
  • Downward-sloping Swiftness Regulating (DSR), off-road drive broadcast (adjustment of contagion sack points and throttle feature), faux Gemtex underguard, abeyance embossed by +30 mm, Offroad Lighter and luxuriousness multifunction wheel
  • Parking software
  • 360° camera including Combat-ready Parking Assistance with robotlike procedure to aid manoeuvring into and out of parking spaces, PARKTRONIC
  • Inside Sports bundle
  • 3-spoke sumptuousness multifunction wheel with punctured clutch arena and 12 buttons, anthracite cat’s-paw bunch with tubes, gabardine scope and 11.4 cm TFT show, sports seating before, ARTICO synthetic leather/DINAMICA microfibre upholstery in lightlessness with sewing in shadow alp grayness or inkiness leather upholstery with sewing in night alp gray-haired, switching jimmy in nappa leather with chromium-plate environment, fleecy al cut in splasher and round doorway openers, sports pedals in napped stainless with lightlessness condom studs, doorway essence panels in ARTICO semisynthetic leather with stroke sewing for driver’s, battlefront rider’s and back doors, two-sided mat in trunk and corduroy coldcock mats for 1st and 2nd bottom rows
  • Individual options for customers’ individual requirements

  • EASY-PACK tailboard with galvanizing hatchway and shutting
  • Healthy Twinkle Organization – bi-xenon headlamps with varying lighter dispersion and dynamical orbit registration for nation roadstead, motorways and expectant fog, Adaptative Highbeam Assistance, combat-ready bend lights and headlight cleanup organisation
  • THERMOTRONIC robotic clime ascendance with trey zones, including rest warmth manner, branch temperature extract for driver, breast rider and behind with exhibit, combined junk and excited charcoal-gray dribble, sun and air character detector
  • Two-tone designo leather upholstery including metallic designo badge, velours storey mats with edging in inkiness designo leather and designo framework cap liner in blackness
  • Leather upholstery including steaming and mechanical lumbar reinforcement for driver and battlefront rider
  • ARTICO semisynthetic leather upholstery
  • Reversing camera
  • Behind sidebags on the unexpended and compensate
  • Climatised seating for driver and forepart rider, including ass warming
  • and respiration (with reversion menstruum part) and pierced leather
  • Sports dangling with sporting tuning and calculate guidance
  • Solicit reduce in high-gloss blackness ash or high-gloss chocolate-brown bur walnut
  • Winning combinations: The colour spectrum of the GLK range

    The telescope of individualization options for the new GLK models covers about every imaginable care, specially with compliments to the tolerant option of metal and non-metallic paints and the immense ambit of internal options. Altogether, thither is a prime of xii key finishes:

  • Non-metallic: girasol, frigid ovalbumin or melanise
  • Metal: cavansite amytal, cuprite browned, rhomb fluent, ir eloquent, obsidian nigrify, pd ag or tenorite grayness
  • Limited key finishes: infield ovalbumin metal Vivid or luzonite gray
  • The midland guarantees the trademark congenial Mercedes atm and can be appointive in a diversity of styles ranging from clean to classically graceful.

    The spectrum of single-tone home appointee options:

  • alp grayish
  • corteccia
  • macadamia ecru
  • almond ecru
  • mocha ecru
  • sahara ecru
  • inkiness
  • The two-tone designo leather appointments enter blacken/corteccia, inkiness/porcelain or melanise/lighter embrown. The trimming cuts a refulgence either in aluminum with igniter longitudinal cereal or in high-gloss nigrify ash woo and browned bur walnut.

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