2013 Mercedes Benz Citan

Mercedes-Benz Citan

Hefty yet with compress dimensions fashioning it particularly worthy for metropolis use – first, the Mercedes-Benz portfolio of vans features a consecrate rescue fomite for the urban environs. With its telling timbre and impulsive kinetics, emblematic rubber and thriftiness, and gamey grade of versatility and validity, the new Mercedes-Benz Citan is a really pro urban deliverance van.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan testament be unveiled to the populace first at the IAA Commercial-grade Fomite Display in Hanover in September 2012.

Choice of three lengths and three model variants

Due to its versatility and adaptability, the new Mercedes-Benz Citan fulfils a liberal reach of commercial-grade applications. Based on a venire van, this urban bringing van is uncommitted in iii unlike lengths: 3.94 m, 4.32 m and 4.71 m.

Thither bequeath likewise be a varying, five-seater Citan Mixto fomite with fold behind bum workbench, electrify net sectionalization separating the payload compartment, and two sliding doors. This mixed-use fomite is based on the extra-long edition. The 3rd canonic pattern is the Citan crewbus, which is likewise a five-seater fomite with fold bum buns ben and optional sliding doors on apiece incline, but this metre with a farseeing wheelbase. Contingent the modeling, thither are likewise iii unlike weights ranging capable a uttermost allowable crying fomite burthen of 2200 kilograms.

2013 Mercedes Benz Citan

As an option to the stock rear-end doors, Mercedes-Benz leave be supply the Citan with a wide-opening tailboard. Optional ceiling track supercharge flexibleness as does the optional ravel incubate for the jury van to alleviate the expatriation of extra-long items.

2013 Mercedes-Benz Citan

Comprehensive safety equipment

2013 Mercedes Benz Citan

As is the lawsuit with every Mercedes-Benz fomite, safe plays a big use in the new Citan. The urban speech van comes with the Electronic Stableness Plan Adaptative ESP® as touchstone, which takes the fomite freight into condition. This groundbreaking dynamical manipulation ascendance scheme in the new Citan combines the functions of the anti-locking braking organization ABS®, VDC® (Fomite Dynamical Ascendance) which counters over- and understeer, and TCS® (Grip Controller Scheme). It likewise includes ASR® (quickening slue ascendancy) and campaign and braking torsion controller.

Up to six airbags onboard as standard

2013 Mercedes Benz Citan

Kickoff Assistance, day functional lamps, height-adjustable arse belts, bang tensioners and bang force-out limiters for the driver and breast rider, a seatbelt admonisher and driver airbag all seed as criterion. Amongst otc received features, the Mercedes-Benz Citan crewbus (with M1 homologation) additionally has a movement rider airbag, pectus sidebags and windowbags for the driver and strawman rider.

In the impanel van, a wide segmentation fence protects the driver and strawman rider from heaps sliding or tipping terminated. Thither are rings in the ass for securing the freight. A fictile storey cover and fond shave preclude items with crisp edges from detrimental the trunk in the consignment compartment.

Characteristic brand look with prominent radiator grille

The Mercedes-Benz Citan is now placeable as a Mercedes-Benz thanks to the fomite’s feature sword expression. Providing the sword touch, the chromed maven is self-assuredly set against the outstanding, racy grille with ternary jazzy pierced louvres. The Mercedes-Benz Citan’s boldface headlamps and the marked V-shape to the cowling with its distinctly outlined edges are evenly hitting.

The trapezoidal configuration of the air inspiration in the bumper emphasises breadth and the hefty printing made by the Citan. Again, this boast is one of the steel’s distinctive flair elements at the nowadays clock, from the up-to-the-minute Mercedes-Benz cars in the constrict year done to the new Actros.

A distinctive tail end styled in detail

Besides emphasising breadth, the angulate lour sharpness of the bum windowpane mirrors the cable of the vertically mounted backside lights, the particular of the new Citan reflecting the skillful give of Mercedes-Benz designers. On variants with rear-end doors, the numberplate is affixed on the wider, left position of the asymmetrical doors. When buyers club their Mercedes-Benz Citan with a tailboard, the numberplate is positioned centrally.

The new Citan is a compelling urban bringing van with a alone show and fits seamlessly into the portfolio aboard the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Vito vans.

Equipped to a high standard for ergonomic and comfortable working

Scarce as typical, the upcountry of the new Mercedes-Benz Citan is furnished to a gamey criterion. Both the driver and figurehead rider profit from evenly immobile, well cushiony seating. The form-fitting configuration of the backrests particularly provides sidelong supporting, thereby ensuring solace and rubber. Draught on the sword’s distinctive pattern parlance, the textile concealment on the seating is skin-friendly and breathable, besides as wanton to cherish and perdurable.

As sinewy and hit as the outside of the new Citan, the panel is intentional some the driver. The airfoil has a leather-like ingrain for an attractive flavor and look.

Drivers of any early Mercedes-Benz volition directly tone at house in the cockpit of the new Citan and not scarce due to the associate champion on the wheel: the combining switches, gearknob, lightness switches and keys on the panel all adjoin Mercedes-Benz’s common standards for the driver’s country in footing of layout, flavor and part. Reduce ended the mitt compartment enhances the upcountry advance.

Focus on functionality

The Mercedes-Benz Citan is all astir encounter the challenges faced in daily operations. Working features admit a expectant mitt compartment, a storeroom compartment ‘tween the breast seating and a utile smash storeroom compartment crossways the intact breadth of the windshield to conciliate all those items that drivers keep paw on a everyday ground. The pragmatic, stock equipment for the new Citan includes a height-adjustable wheel, primal lockup with remote and outside mirrors which can be familiarised from indoors.

Engines covering all requirements

The option of engines is liberal. Trey high-torque, turbodiesel direct-injection engines with outputs from 55 kW (75 hp) to 81 kW (110 hp) and a crisp, charged gasolene locomotive generating 84 kW (114 PS) back all banner requirements. All the diesel engines deliver a particulate strain as criterion. Cinque and six-speed transmissions with a stick gearstick positioned inside soft ambit on the kernel cabinet channelise superpower to the movement wheels.

Handling as expected of the brand: safe and smooth

The developers of the Mercedes-Benz Citan sustain nonrecreational specific tending to ensuring that the manipulation is as expected of the make, delivering a compounding of impulsive kinetics, nimbleness and tantalise comfortableness. The Direct-Steer scheme is precise and raw, spell the abeyance, damping and stabilizer bars bear been cautiously attuned to apiece over-the-counter.

2013 Mercedes Benz Citan

Whether empty-bellied or cockeyed, the new Citan is a veritable Mercedes-Benz, oblation preciseness, impulsive safe and the quiet manipulation that drivers are wonted to from the Sprinter and Vito.

Economical thanks to low fuel consumption

Owing saving is another brand of the new Citan. In gain to yearn serve intervals of capable 40,000 km or two days, this extends to fire uptake. Factors hither are the scotch crusade arrangement conjointly the banner electrohydraulic direction.

A gearstick indicant as measure helps drivers of the new Mercedes-Benz Citan to acquire an scotch impulsive manner. Swift operators are capable to increment the efficiency of the new Citan stillness promote by way of upper limit set ex manufactory.

BlueEFFICIENCY package reduces consumption further

The petrol-engined Citan comes with a BlueEFFICIENCY parcel as touchstone, which is optional for the diesel versions. Amongst otc features this includes the ECO starting/closure office, barrage and author direction, summation optimised low pealing impedance tyres contingent the variate which again slim fire uptake.

Options allow the Citan to be adapted fully to customer requirements

Thanks to a ambit of individuation options, the new Mercedes-Benz Citan can be trim with informality to a customer-specific deployment scenario. In summation to rubber and comforter options, thither are besides legion operative extras to opt from.

2013 Mercedes Benz Citan

Dissimilar sectionalisation systems, a foldable presence rider ass to dilate the shipment compartment, versatile threshold and windowpane configurations and cargo compartment clipping options are hardly a pick from the broad scope. Accessories that can be supplied ex manufactory admit cap racks, bearer systems and load-compartment tubs. As an option to person options, Mercedes-Benz Citan buyers bear accession to diverse peculiarly created packages.

The new Mercedes-Benz Citan is turn bent be a genuine transfer pro in every point. Limited superstructures made by bodybuilders can be altered to the fomite engineering with the assistance of a particular port and a parameterisable extra faculty.

Tailor-made service portfolio

Attractive, tailored funding and overhaul offerings are existence fain for the new Mercedes-Benz Citan. These aspects are identical authoritative to customers so the new Mercedes-Benz Citan gobs extremely thanks to the merged expertness of Mercedes-Benz Vans.

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