2013 Mclaren Mp4 12C Spider

McLaren MP4-12C Spider

The new McLaren MP4-12C Wanderer, unveiled at the 2012 Pebble Beach weekend in California, is the irregular fomite in the maturation stove of gamy operation sports cars from McLaren Self-propelled. This whippersnapper, mid-engine open-top sports car combines the stupefying functioning of the 12C with the increased excitement of roof-down motoring. Dissimilar well-nigh former spiders or convertibles, the 12C Wanderer offers the like functioning, manipulation and driver use as the fixed-roof takeoveré variation.

The 12C Wanderer uses the industry-leading c character MonoCell as the 12C, which necessarily no excess strengthening to furnish the requirement inflexibility and durability for an out-of-doors ceiling car. In ceremonious blade or aluminum figure cars, duplicate strengthening – and associated burden increment – is convention during the rebirth from fixed-head putsché to open-roof transformable. This can compromise operation, treatment and impulsive delectation.

The composure of a sports car, the fun of a convertible

2013 Mclaren Mp4 12C Spider

‘In the new 12C Wanderer you overcome of both worlds,’ says McLaren Self-propelled Director Antony Sheriff. ‘You get all the operation and impulsive wholeness of the 12C, addition the tingle of open-roof motoring.

‘The 12C Wanderer utilises all of McLaren’s Expression 1 cognition and expertness at construction jackanapes driver-focused sports cars. Scarce alike the 12C, the 12C Wanderer is “complete McLaren” – it is reinforced without compromise to propose uttermost impulsive delectation and execution, but with the added collection of roof-down drive. No early sports car has this combining of abilities.’

2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider

The new 12C Wanderer is automatically indistinguishable to the 12C. It uses the upgraded 625PS locomotive, which is function of the 12C Modelling Twelvemonth 2013 raise. Speedup – 0-62mph (100 km/h) – takes scarce 3.1 seconds (when fitted with Pirelli P Aught Corsa tyres), the like as the takeoveré. Fire phthisis and emissions likewise rest the like, reversive 24.2 mpg (11.7 l/100km) on the combined hertz and 279g/km. The figures are often amend than about heights execution exchangeable sports cars, in safekeeping with McLaren’s allegiance to class-leading fire efficiency. Utmost swiftness is 204 mph (329 km/h).

The Retractable Arduous Top (RHT) on the 12C Wanderer is a amply machinelike bikini excogitation which can be elevated or lowered in less than 17 seconds at speeds of capable 30 km/h (19 mph). When lowered, the ceiling stows below a personify colored backbreaking tonneau back which incorporates match buttresses. With the ceiling elevated, the ar below the tonneau screening can be victimised as extra baggage distance.

The 12C Wanderer features a het meth bottom windowpane, which can be operated severally of the ceiling. With the ceiling kill, the backside windowpane moves mechanically to an ‘aero’ berth to downplay pounding. Additionally, with the ceiling up, the windowpane can be lowered to springiness mastermind approach to the vocalize of the twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 locomotive mounted direct arse the cabin.

A peal ended aegis organisation includes a blade construction inside apiece of the bum buttresses to occupy any brownie and protect occupants. An ‘alive’ pop-fly organisation was ruled out as it would suffer added slant.

The item changes of the 12C Wanderer reach both the sound and clime mastery systems. Sound yield changes when the ceiling is spread – to redress for additional international disturbance – piece the clime command adapts when the ceiling is lowered.

12C programme included Spider from the outset

‘The 12C Wanderer is not a reborn interpretation of the 12C,’ notes Sheriff. ‘Significantly, the two were conceived and highly-developed simultaneously, and aboard apiece over-the-counter. The 12C syllabus included a putsché and translatable from the beginning. The c character MonoCell anatomy and all early mechanical components were intentional to farm maximal functioning in both configurations.

‘The 12C Wanderer full subscribes to the McLaren paramount rule, that every unity portion should be ‘Virgin McLaren’. Apiece component parting was conceived, intentional and produced to McLaren spec – naught is divided from early manufacturers. The destination is to maximize drive delectation, functioning and efficiency. Fair as crucial, we perpetually assay to introduce. By producing the 12C Wanderer with all the functioning, treatment and cod timbre of the 12C, we bear through good that.’


As with the 12C, everything on the 12C Wanderer was intentional for a reasonableness. Thither is no unneeded ‘jewelry’, no styling fripperies. It is a ‘complete’ sports car, intentional to render utmost impulsive collection and operation, with matchless efficiency.

‘As with all McLarens, the 12C Wanderer is a racer inside,’ notes Innovation Conductor Hotdog Stephenson. ‘That is not straight of many – if any – otc mellow operation convertibles.

‘It has the like dateless refined flair that distinguishes the 12C but with the added dally of open-top impulsive,’ adds Stephenson. ‘We get well-tried rattling backbreaking to preserves the like conception pureness. With the cap in berth, it looks wish a putsché sports car that could hardly as easy be at Le Mans, as in London or Los Angeles. With the ceiling refine, it looks alike it belongs on Sundown Avenue or the Cote d’Azur.’

Retractable Hard Top (RHT)

2013 Mclaren Mp4 12C Spider

The Retractable Arduous Top (RHT) has been intentional specifically for the 12C Wanderer. Low burden, combined with eminent forcefulness, was of overriding grandness – as with all areas of the 12C.

The two ceiling panels and tonneau are made from the like complex textile victimised in the twist of the 12C soundbox. This is spark, substantial and allows for a real high-pitched measure of key finishing. Het back spyglass completes the cap building.

The amply reflex mechanics raises or lowers the ceiling in less than 17 seconds, and can be excited at speeds capable 30 km/h (19 mph). It is controlled by a two-position permutation on the gist impanel inside the cabin.

At the end of the ceiling threatening bicycle, the windows full ending, and the back meth adopts an ‘aero’ berth that too reduces cabin fart pounding. Chronic to grip the alternate astern the cps is dispatch amply lowers the windows and ass cabin spyglass.

The RHT is operated by a i hydraulic ticker. It is mounted as low as potential in the fomite to optimize the core of sombreness, and ameliorate treatment.

Dual-purpose tonneau cover

When lowered, the cap stows below a torso dark grueling tonneau concealment which incorporates match buttresses. With the cap elevated, the domain below the tonneau concealment can be victimised as extra baggage place. This can reconcile 52 litres of baggage in two particularly intentional bags, supplied as banner. This is in add-on to the 144 litres of baggage spa provided below the cowling.

Retractable rear glass provides increased audible drama

The bottom crank can likewise be operated severally of the RHT. Ceiling up, the ass chalk can be lowered to tolerate more locomotive voice into the cabin and likewise allows for a semi-open drive get tied in inclement upwind. Ceiling consume, the covert acts as a farting deflector, minimising noise in the cabin.

Roll over protection system

A paradiddle ended tribute arrangement ensures utmost occupier guard. Apiece behind buttressing contains a blade construction to occupy the elf vim and protect both driver and rider. An ‘participating’ pop-fly arrangement would suffer added unneeded weighting.

Carbon fibre MonoCell ideally suited for convertible use

2013 Mclaren Mp4 12C Spider

As with the automatically very 12C, the 12C Wanderer is a mid-engine two-seat rear-drive mellow functioning sports car. Dissimilar rivals, it uses a c fiber monocoque frame, the MonoCell. This confers major advantages in slant, forcefulness and torsional rigidness – all up treatment, cod puff and operation.

The MonoCell is a singular one-piece moulded build that weighs equitable 75kgs (165lbs). It is 25 per centime stiffer than an eq all-metal construction and 25 per penny hoy than a like al bod (the remainder with a sword frame is tied greater). It is too stronger and safer in a clangoring, playacting as a prophylactic endurance cadre, as it does in a Convention 1 car.

‘It provides the consummate combining of resident infinite, morphological unity and igniter angle,’ explains Head Organize Neil Patterson. ‘It is the idealistic anatomy to present innovative efficiency and operation in the sports car commercialise.’

The MonoCell is unaltered from 12C to 12C Wanderer, as it was primitively intentional for both applications. ‘This is extremely strange,’ notes Patterson. ‘Nearly convertibles involve a reinforced form to slim bend, thence adding slant – patch silence not achieving the geomorphological unity of a putsché. This deform can compromise treatment preciseness and dilute rally puff; patch the added weightiness affects operation.’

The c fiber MonoCell not lonesome gives advantages in enduringness and weighting, it too improves promotion. The one-piece moulded innovation has been created to allow the complete cabin – roomie, yet covenant. ‘We started with the driver,’ says Figure Conductor Dog Stephenson. ‘With the 12C and 12C Wanderer, the driver sits about the kernel occupation of the car, up command and driver delectation. The pedals are positioned inboard, reduction pedal advantageously invasion. The solution is the everlasting impulsive environment- unequalled and uncompromised.’

The direction tower is centred on the driver, and is twin to his bum and shoulders. The bracken and bound pedals are both located now in contrast with the driver and all main controls are inside orbit. The boilersuit cabin architecture is both graceful in its invention and unlittered and nonrational to use.

As with the 12C, the 12C Wanderer has class-leading all-around profile. ‘Tremendous accent was befool ensuring fantabulous profile, both for refuge and drive preciseness,’ adds Stephenson.

McLaren: The carbon innovators

The c character MonoCell of the 12C and 12C Wanderer follows more iii decades of McLaren c initiation. In 1981, McLaren Racing introduced the c monocoque to Pattern 1&swap;. It offered an invincible compounding of effectiveness and weight-saving, and presently recorded the beginning triumph for a carbon-based F1 car, at the British GP, determined by Lav Watson.

The fabled McLaren F1 route car, launched in 1992, was the outset route car to use a c flesh and eubstance. In fact, since 1981 McLaren has ne’er reinforced a car without a c form.

2013 Mclaren Mp4 12C Spider

On the 12C and 12C Wanderer, aluminum extrusions and castings are jig welded onto battlefront and behind structures and bolted instantly to the MonoCell. On with the c MonoCell, they gestate the jackanapes complex torso panels. Aside from the cap, and the locomotive screening, eubstance panels are monovular to the 12C. A redesigned crank locomotive covering maintains an unobstructed scene of the fine-looking counterpart turbo V8 locomotive.

‘The presence and ass aluminum structures are sluttish to fixing,’ adds Patterson. ‘They steep impacts and can be replaced easy. Cars with wide-cut al build use their construction to occupy and cockle on gremlin, causation more terms and disbursement to the unit construction, including the rider cadre.’

Unique Airbrake provides active aerodynamics

As with the 12C, the 12C Wanderer is fitted with the unequaled McLaren Airbrake – an ‘participating’ back offstage that increases its fish to advance downforce and better fillet superpower and stableness done corners. ‘As with every over-the-counter scene of the car, we sustain “added elation”,’ notes McLaren Self-propelled Foreman Essay Driver, Chris Goodwin. ‘Below enceinte braking supra 95 km/h, a plunger operated by the contagion hydraulics raises the Airbrake to 32 degrees. Formerly this backstage fish is set, and the Airbrake is pushed into the airflow, the heart of sleek force forces the freighter of the fender capable 69 degrees. With the use of cagey aeromechanics, kinda than a larger, heavier motive, the annexe is deployed to its wide and utmost slant. This weight-saving reasoning has decreased the burden of the mechanics by 50 per penny.’

The ‘combat-ready’ aeromechanics of the McLaren Airbrake is another Normal 1&patronage;-derived introduction – although now prohibited, as it conferred a substantive functioning reward.

The summate weightiness of the new 12C Wanderer is 1,474 kg, an growth of lone 40 kg on the 12C, less than any early car in the stratum. The addition is because of the added weightiness of the Retractable Grueling Top and otc modest changes, including a somewhat heavier (by 2 kg) exhaust. Boilersuit, the 12C Wanderer is well light than almost like convertibles, also as organism stronger and stiffer.


The spark weighting ism does not commence and end with the consistence and build of the 12C Wanderer. A lightness construction enables the designers to write weightiness done the unit designing procedure. This includes the singular 3.8-litre counterpart turbo V8 locomotive, which weighs equitable 199 kg (439lbs).

Intentional by McLaren Self-propelled, the British-made M838T locomotive features dry sink lubrication and a flatcar aeroplane crankshaft, both of which let helped engineers post the locomotive exceedingly low in the frame, sullen the heart of gravitation and optimising treatment and lightness.

‘The locomotive in the 12C and 12C Wanderer offers low slant, low-rev tractableness, powerful mid-range operation and encompassing high-rev range,’ says Richard Farquhar, Office Radical Coach for Powertrain. ‘It besides has a layer of elaboration and efficiency you wouldn’t ordinarily bear from a V8.’

Power boost for 2013

The McLaren MP4-12C Wanderer, on with the Model Year 2013 12C, gets the modish and more muscular 625PS (616hp) reading of the locomotive, to springiness fifty-fifty more graphic speedup with no departure of efficiency. Fire saving has not been unnatural: it is calm 24.2 mpg (combined) with emissions of hardly 279 g/km – first-class figures for so potent a fomite.

Revisions bear likewise been made to the forward-looking Uptake Fathom Source (ISG). This arrangement workings by controlling locomotive inlet racket inside the cabin at differing levels, contingent the Powertrain modality selected for the car. Moving up done Pattern, Fun and Rails Powertrain modes enhances the aural play and impulsive see of the 12C, allowing more of the born phone of the V8 locomotive disturbance to participate the cabin. This allows the 12C Wanderer to be spectacular and exciting when needful, simply too quieter for yearn outdistance journeys. With the 2013 spec 12C and 12C Wanderer, the driver can prize the storey of locomotive interference delivered in apiece mood done an electronic carte, approachable via the cat’s-paw bunch.

The exhaust is the sole portion of the locomotive that has been changed for the 12C Wanderer. To assure the hearable receive is optimised for open-top impulsive, the tucker has been highly-developed to wooing the harmonics of the 12C Wanderer personify bod. An optional sports exhaust is uncommitted, which is both barge and louder than the received equipment.

2013 Mclaren Mp4 12C Spider

The seven-speed two-fold clasp ‘SSG’ transmittal victimized in the 12C Wanderer is unaltered from that ill-used in the 12C. It utilizes the Manakin Class 2013 upgrades, including crisper accelerator reply and improved clench command. Geartrain changes are now quicker and sander. Care the 12C, it is usable in Rule, Athletics and Raceway gearstick modes providing increasingly quicker shifts, and differing shimmy points when in automatonlike mood. These modes are selected victimisation the ‘Powertrain’ dial on the Combat-ready Kinetics Impanel.


The destination with the 12C and 12C Wanderer was to pass administrator car-like bait character and abrupt, nimble treatment. This is a combining of abilities that has ne’er been seen on high-performance convertibles earlier.

Convertibles – particularly truehearted convertibles – run to suffer compromised razz and manipulation and oft use unlike respite settings than their fixed-head counterparts. The 12C Wanderer is a revealing. The special effectiveness and inflexibility provided by the c character MonoCell way that the 12C Wanderer is capable to continue just the like abeyance components and settings as the innovational 12C.

ProActive Chassis Control makes anti-roll bars redundant

The 12C Wanderer uses the like ProActive Anatomy Ascendence that proven such a revealing with the 12C. The reprieve is based on two-baser wishbones with spiral springs, alike a Expression 1&craft; car. Groundbreaking adaptative dampers, interrelated hydraulicly and joined to a gas-filled gatherer, cater pro-active responses, contingent route weather and driver preferences. Rule, Variation and Rail settings are uncommitted which mesh severally of the infection settings.

One of the advantages of ProActive Bod Ascendence is that it makes traditional metallic anti-roll bars unneeded. Notes Paul Burnham, McLaren Self-propelled Fomite Kinetics Coach: ‘An anti-roll bar is a democratic and unproblematic root to reduction a car’s roller. But the job is that its harshness is incessantly thither, reduction rag pliancy and solace. The ProActive Anatomy Mastery organisation, with its coordinated adaptative dampers, takes aid of consistency cast without the pauperism to use branch alloy anti-roll bars. It is a prominent factor our destination to pass the outflank heights execution sports car manipulation and yet likewise offering administrator car drive pliability.’

Electronic sensors supervise the move of the consistency and the wheels, increasing the levels of damping as and when needed.

Bracken Tip is another crucial engineering that helps to further the nimbleness of the 12C Wanderer. It is yet another Recipe 1&swap; engineering that McLaren uses on the 12C. Nevertheless, different many of those technologies, Bracken Channelize is now prohibited in Convention 1&swop; because it offered a unclutter functioning vantage. This was shown by the successful execution in 1997 on McLaren’s 1997 Normal 1&craft; car.

The Bracken Channelize scheme offers the like benefits as a ‘torsion vectoring’ derivative, but is capable 20 kg igniter – portion of the ‘weight’ doctrine victimised on the 12C and 12C Wanderer. The organization uses the ironware of the 12C’s existent Electronic Stableness Command (ESC) to employ braking forces to the privileged behind pedal, up turn-in to corners, boosting cornering upper, lightness and driver self-confidence.

Criterion brakes – bad al doorbell and hurl press ventilated and cross-drilled discs – are optimised for weightiness, redeeming about 8 kg from measure casting press. Optional Ceramic Complex Matrix (CCM) bracken discs are too uncommitted deliverance a encourage 3.7 kg.


The McLaren MP4-12C Wanderer cabin innovation is superposable to the 12C, oblation a ambit of stuff and colouration options allowing customers a big point of exemption to individualise their car. This includes the, new for Framework Class 2013, Semi-Aniline leather variation upcountry, which features a more course coarse-textured ending. The midland of the RHT ceiling panels are seamed either in Crock Framework or optional Soot Alcantara.

Audio and climate systems specially calibrated for the 12C Spider

Distinctive of McLaren attending to item, the clime ascendence and sound systems suffer been completely recalibrated, to redress for top-down drive.

The sound organisation, highly-developed specifically for the 12C Wanderer by Height, the tailor-made British hi specialists, optimises the medicine yield depending whether the car is track with the top up or devour. Height was tortuous in the sound arrangement’s maturation from the identical beginning of the car’s invention, to optimize sound calibre.

The Automatonlike Mass Command (AVC) and Machinelike Step Controller (ATC) are both recalibrated for the 12C Wanderer. Someone speakers are mechanically familiarised to allow increases in outside vocalise.

The mood command organization is besides recalibrated to mechanically adapt when the ceiling is lowered. Airflow to the windshield is rock-bottom and, alternatively, redirected to the frown cabin vents. Fan velocity too responds to fomite swiftness, to keep the coveted temperature.

When the ceiling is up, the mood ascendance settings from the 12C are applied. Yet, fifty-fifty when the arse cabin ice is lowered – which can be through severally of the ceiling – the clime controller organization is mechanically familiarized to guarantee perpetual cabin temperature and occupier puff.


The McLaren MP4-12C Wanderer is reinforced at the new &hammering;40 1000000 McLaren Product Essence (MPC) adroitness in Woking, Surrey, contiguous to the McLaren Engineering Center (MTC). The manufacture readiness was open in November 2011 by UK Premier David Cameron and McLaren Radical Chairwoman Ron Dennis.

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