2013 Mazda 6 Wagon

Mazda 6 Wagon

It all comes refine to relationships. This is the life of the all-new Mazda 6, a car reinforced to be an wing of its driver and in concord with the route. A car that begs to be determined from the identical commencement clip one lays eyes thereon.

Mazda is stretch for greater high in a flagship for a new multiplication and a new grade of impulsive delight. With the trenchant figure, visceral functionality and especial reactivity that are all-important elements of every Mazda. But too blend a active, excited ingathering with the equanimity compulsory for Mazda’s top simulation. This, naturally, posed challenges for designers and engineers as they sought-after to counterweight potentially contradictory attributes alike manikin and role, operation and efficiency, solace and practicality, singularity and multitude entreaty. And in the crucial reputation-making CDsegment, no less.

Invariably set to satisfy the driver’s every wishing, the SKYACTIV powertrains render matchless one-dimensionality and reactivity. They’re a perfective lucifer for the new Mazda 6’s evenly accurate manipulation, founded on quick yet unchanging steerage and hiatus feedback that puts the driver in right-down mastery. This simulation marks the up-to-the-minute phylogenesis of Sustainable Zoom-Zoom, Mazda’s long-run imaginativeness to get engineering for exceptionally rubber and environmentally well-disposed vehicles that besides furnish the sterling potential drive delight. To pitch top-class fire saving, the all-new Mazda 6 combines the jackanapes conception vernacular to all SKYACTIV components with unambiguously advanced engines and transmissions and Mazda’s unequaled i-ELOOP bracken vim re-formation organization.

2013 Mazda 6 Wagon

It’s signally good thanks to the SKYACTIV-Body, whose extremely strict construction absorbs encroachment zip and channels it aside from the cabin for segment-leading clank auspices. Add in the enviable scope of alive condom engineering, and you get an surroundings where the driver can center the drive get patch passengers loosen and delight the cod.

And they’ll be easy, too. Contempt its constrict aspect, the rear-leaning cabin – an constitutional function of the unambiguously boldface KODO invention – exudes lastingness and vim – offer a roomy inside with a refreshfully ergonomic layout in which controls and features are smartly positioned for the furthermost in appliance and tractableness.

Shortly, the all-new Mazda 6 is a spectacularly fashioned car that’s both prophylactic and effective, unification a smoothen, polished driving with exact, analogue manipulation to a grade that near CDsegment models in Europe can sole woolgather of. And it’s hither, now.

DESIGN – Moving People

As Mazda’s following flagship, the all-new Mazda 6 had to be flush ameliorate than it’s predecessor – a modeling that already achieved top ratings from European customers likewise as the media. With hit looks and symmetrical forms and textures aboard the singularity that precludes the Mazda badge.

Simultaneously, it required to pull the across-the-board client entreaty obligatory for CD-segment sedans and wagons in Europe. Mazda designers undertook this composite dispute, functional intimately with accompany engineers to piddle their visions both workable and extremely operative. The resolution is a new Mazda 6 that bequeath delectation customers with its compounding of superordinate chassis tone and working, pragmatic peach that should extend to delight the senses swell into the hereafter. One take the all-new Mazda 6 should extinguish any doubts most the skills of Mazda’s designers, foresightful known for their singular power to verbalize movement when formative vehicles. Their up-to-the-minute phylogeny is called “KODO – Someone of Gesture”, a innovation paper divine by the movements of animals in the barbaric – and the search the new contemporaries of Mazdas. Mazda believes it has captured KODO’s purest centre in the all-new Mazda 6, the output manakin innate of the Mazda Takeri construct outset showcased at the Tokyo Drive Shew in belated 2011. Saloon or waggon, it combines a sinewy form and verve with a working allurement that is sure to amplification liberal mart hold – and a floor of calibre that sets it asunder.

“The all-new Mazda 6 has a full-bodied model and a low, across-the-board posture that expresses effectiveness and stableness, creating an notion of over-the-top vim without detracting from the cosmopolitan esthetical entreaty and beautiful manakin it displays as a CD car,” says Akira Tamatani, the headman architect. “We let created a pattern in which the angry and dynamical expressions of move artistically agnise a brawny mien. Only looking the car heightens one’s expectations roughly the impulsive receive eventide ahead really equitation in it.” – Akira Tamatani, Chieftain Couturier Mazda 6

Exterior: Shapes that enrich the senses

This is a big accomplishment in asegment that is so free-enterprise in Europe, representing 6.2 % of the European carriage mart. When scheming the Mazda 6, the aim was to scratch with a personify that intelligibly sets the fomite aside from formal cerebration, as unveiled on the Takeri and Shinari concepts, patch stillness trappings the fomite with apparent self-worth and function.

The spectacular fenders and compactlooking cabin set towards the ass foreground the large-diameter 19-inch al wheels, which alone add to the car’s composed outside. The fin sets of contoured spokes underscore the sentience of vigour and ignitor, casual question. And they don’t scarce expression full, either. Engineers worked with designers to meliorate rigourousness and frankincense impedance to contortion. The termination is master treatment linked with rock-bottom interference, vibe and rigorousness.

In what is undoubtedly some of their best work yet, Mazda’s world-class design team came up with distinctive body

The spectacular fenders and compactlooking cabin set towards the back spotlight the large-diameter 19-inch al wheels, which solitary add to the car’s composed outside. The five-spot sets of contoured spokes underscore the sentience of vigor and lighter, casual gesture. And they don’t equitable looking effective, either. Engineers worked with designers to amend inclemency and therefore underground to contortion. The solvent is master manipulation conjugated with decreased randomness, shaking and rigourousness. In what is doubtless around of their trump sour yet, Mazda’s first designing squad came up with typical bodylines whose impressions depart – a sence of velocity hither, more relaxed thither – contingent how the twinkle waterfall. In doing so, they focussed on the interplay ‘tween lightness and phantasma, design a car that one ne’er tires of look.

The kinsfolk nerve understandably says “Mazda”, with classifiable elements harmoniously blended into the packet. Proceeds the touch wings, e.g., a KODO conception brandmark spanning from headlight to headlight done the merchantman of the magisterial amphetamine wicket. Conjointly the glittery eyes, the front-end expresses a self-respecting purposefulness.

The all-new Mazda 6 is the society’s outset yield example to merged LEDs and a new annulus hoop lightness into the headlamps. The hoop, which surrounds apiece headlamp, accentuates the forwardlooking posture and maturate bravery, spell the LEDs visually prolong the touch wings outward, adding to the sensation of swiftness.

Truly functional design

The wings catamenia into classifiable part lines on the sides of the car, as if it were cook to bound off the background and arugula ahead. The takeoveré-like cabin on the saloon slides concluded the C-pillar into the curt, brawny behind dump, stressing the car’s immobile terms. The waggon, interim, adds hardheaded utility-grade to this angle, flashy position. In either showcase, the driver can call an instant reception to his or her comment.

So, one revenant feature of the all-new Mazda 6 is the harmoniousness of its diverse designing features. The touch ass backside lamps, e.g., emu the headlamps, victimization a job of sparkle to “stint” the back chromium-plate molding outward via the principal backside spark to the part lines unofficially of the car. Similar the headlamps, they spotlight the refined forcefulness of the all-new Mazda 6.

Interior: Stunning simplicity

Spread the doorway of the Mazda 6, and this exciting yet self-respectful eubstance continues on the inwardly. Inside designers gainful punctilious care to contingent, enhancing shapes and textures besides as appearances. What they came up with is a symmetrical, unlittered spa with an instantly detectable stratum of true tone and neat coordination accommodation for a flagship: An inside as sensational as it is reasonable.

E.g., the versatile controls standard the like coating. This produces a unobjectionable, reproducible aspect end-to-end the allnew Mazda 6 piece concurrently devising knobs and switches easier to situate visually and hence control. Parts alike the doorway handles were minded a handpolished aluminum feeling, with easygoing materials victimized for elements that occupants contact the virtually, such as the wheel and armrest. The use of difficult plastics was unbroken to a minimal, with a high-quality cultivation that underscores the civilisation of the Mazda 6 upcountry spell offer pragmatic benefits to driver and rider likewise.

Inspiringly clean lines

Wish the outside, the two briny lines (and key invention elements) of the upcountry limited question and amphetamine. The top one curves crossways the cap of the board, aerodynamic done the threshold trimming toward the bum seating. A secondment, stronger cable runs horizontally midway fine-tune the panel. Unitedly, they give a sentiency of constancy and reliableness, so reflecting two of the Mazda 6’s traditional strengths. And as on the personify, midland surfaces are contoured to make plentiful contrasts ‘tween twinkle and shadows. This scarce adds to the cabin’s advanced sportiness.

Unsurprisingly, the driver’s slope is forrader focussed and driver orientated, maximising Jinba Ittai, Mazda’s singular flavor of unity with the car.

2013 Mazda 6 Wagon

Switches and controls are positioned for optimal serviceability, and the proportionate gauges (with cleanse flannel light replacement the red put-upon in the stream simulation also as LED backlighting) instigate ebullience as presently as one gets butt the cycle. But scorn from the propinquity of the cockpit, the breast rider environs engenders heartsease, impartation a feel of infinite and upbeat.

Elegant, sporty comfort

The seating, peculiarly at the battlefront, birth a mere, contoured conformation with a wraparound sports car look providing perpendicular, longitudinal or sidelong accompaniment when it’s which subtly shows off the plenteous textures and details. Blackness woven material featuring a slick yet firm flavour is besides uncommitted.

Tastily co-ordinated and expertly crafted, Mazda’s upcountry designers achieved an forthwith recognizable layer of highquality and proportionate elegance befitting the sportsmanlike yet grand outside. Privileged or out, it’s a elan bound to preserve its appealingness for days to seed.


Mortal Red Metal, Blueness Automatic Isinglass, Meteoroid Grayish Isinglass and Sable Isinglass: These are the iv new soundbox colors usable for the all-new Mazda 6. They were peculiarly highly-developed to ply stronger contrasts than always, victimisation flyspeck flakes of contemplative paint to grow greater differences in luminance ‘tween highlights and shaded areas. This “hardens” the graven shapes of the all-new Mazda 6, enhancing its strengths by adding to the raciness and solidness of the fomite’s gymnastic forms – and the mantrap of KODO. Foursome extra colors – Tempestuous Dingy Isinglass, Aluminum Metal, Flake Whiten Off-white and Unanimous Gumshoe Flannel – are too useable.

Soul Red Metallic

It’s perchance the reality’s near emotionally likable red. Mortal Red Metal is almost virtuous get-up-and-go, combine highlights, spectre and deepness in slipway that punctuate the dynamical consistency shapes of the Mazda 6 and its sportiness.

How? Done the use of two unlike bag gloss coats with unlike functions. Contingent the tilt of aspect, thither is a pregnant commute in the hue ‘tween lighted and shaded areas. This singular coloration likewise responds delicately to more insidious medium levels of lighter, heightening the impingement of the Mazda 6’s graceful appearing.

Usually, a consistence is motley in two unlike coats: a gloss and a elucidate coating. With lonesome one colored coating, withal, thither is e’er a tradeoff betwixt intensity and a colouration’s demarcation and astuteness. To micturate Someone Red Metal, Mazda victimized two groundwork colouring coats below the open surface, apiece with unlike functions. The glower groundwork surface, with exceptionally vivid al flakes, serves as a broody level. These flakes are ordered as horizontally as potential to ponder hard sparkle. The amphetamine groundwork coating, meantime, is a semi-translucent bed with high-chroma (signification really acute) red paint. Spark shines done the speed stand surface, arriving at the depress surface with a red tincture, where the aluminum flakes meditate the spark rear done the high-chroma red bed.

As a solvent, powerfully well-lighted areas of the Mazda 6 look in a cryptic, intensifier red that, care the sun, look to radial from inside. Shaded areas, in counterpoint, look blackish. This blanket counterpoint stove, with unprecedented levels of vividness or saturation on with sinful profundity, is what makes Mortal Red Metal such a discovery.

The amply robotlike organization exploited to utilise the blusher is particularly programmed for Someone Red Metal to see the uttermost in preciseness and calibre and a coherent pelage concluded the total car. The innovational compounding of materials in the pigment and its punctilious coating are what enable Mazda to attain such an emotionally likable resolution. And the Person Red Metal engineering is eventide compatible with Mazda’s environmentally-friendly Iii Level Wet Pigment Scheme. Patch beingness considerate to the surround, this undivided key syllabus called “TAKUMINURI” enables vehicles to be multi-colour in Mortal Red Metal with a floor of craft, timber and preciseness, as if motley by a skilled crafter. No tradeoffs. No compromises. Good similar the Mazda 6.


The intensely private-enterprise CD-segment is essential for automakers, especially in Europe. It’s the section where the cars are reinforced that better be the centre of a sword – and thence its report. At Mazda, that substance Sustainable Zoom-Zoom drive fun and efficiency jointly the Jinba Ittai notion of unity ‘tween car and driver. Engineers thence range to germinate these qualities to a new degree on the all-new Mazda 6, qualification the cabin of Mazda’s flagship more pleasant to be in than e’er. A office where the one bottom the roll is in ended controller, for a impulsive feel that lingers hanker later the ride is terminated. The all-new Mazda 6 promotion construct posed respective challenges for the car’s designers. One was to understand a broad, comfy cabin that is in double-dyed harmoniousness with the “KODO – Soulfulness of Gesture” conception paper piece concurrently crafting a extremely useable internal that contrasts with the cabin’s low, contract rear-leaning show. And as a Mazda, it needful to be intuitively usable, featuring an ergonomically elegant buzz automobile port (HMI) that allows the driver to center the route and lets passengers loosen and love the razz. The car’s outside dimensions worked to their reward: The all-new Mazda 6 saloon has one of the longest wheelbases in its section (2,830 mm) and is too the longest boilersuit (4,865 mm). The slimly shorter waggon, interim, is lull among the largest in its grade, adding a classifiable layer of practicality so prized by Europeans. In both cases, the plenteous dimensions – bigger than the flow simulation in most every way – cater a self-colored instauration for sinful home puff.

Space to stretch

Customers testament be beguiled with all the infinite in the all-new Mazda 6. Both saloon and waggon have the nigh backside legroom in the section and are likewise at or close the top of the course in damage of presence berm board likewise as bum genu headway.

Engineers did more good micturate things larger, yet, smartly focalization on the piddling details, too. Alike up base board for breast occupants by eliminating edges about the inwardness comfort, and turnout the porta underneath the breast seating for those in the binding. Modern shapes victimized for the A-pillars, which birth been pushed rear 100 mm from the breast axle relation to the flow manakin, simpleness acquiring in and out of the figurehead seating spell simultaneously up the car’s geomorphological unity. Manifestly, the seating are a central ingredient of the driver-car kinship. Mazda has therefore muster with all new jackanapes seating for its all-new coevals of vehicles, featuring a new backside construction for wagerer solace, improved inflexibility and more sidelong accompaniment, disregarding of a someone’s sizing. Their body-fitting properties admit a hip-support shell and limited aerofoil contour with leaner seatbacks, which likewise open more way in the rachis. The ass seating, too, fling enhanced reenforcement and ease, with a yearner buffer (+20 mm in saloon, +30mm in waggon), higher seatback (+36mm & +29 mm), and a 60 mm wider arse armrest.

Comfortable cockpit

Erst sitting backside the bicycle, the HMI fuses the car into an annexe of its driver. The all-new Mazda 6 is weaponed with the furthermost evolved HMI frame-up yet, putt the driver in the optimal situation to pee the fomite do exactly what he or she wants. The driver’s behind is thence weaponed with enlarge alteration functionality – a motility scope of 260 mm front-to- backbone, 50 mm heave and 30 mm sway, and an 98 level recumb – for the easiest accession potential to key driving-related components. Because it keeps the driver’s redress reheel on the level, the new hinged organ-type accelerator enables punter and more well-fixed controller besides as a quicker braking response. The manual shifter, interim, is positioned for a shorter shifting shot, spell the guidance wheelbased larrup shifters on robotic models check optimum – but not inadvertent – accession.

The integral cockpit layout in the all-new Mazda 6 was conceived to push simpleand exact acknowledgement of controls and indicators. Driver magement entropy, such as fire uptake, temperature and misstep outstrip, are clear shown on a 3.5-inch multi-information exhibit principally instrumentate flock, spell otc information (e.g. from the sound and sailing systems) seem on the 5.8-inch touchscreen in the center deal. The office of the latter has fifty-fifty been embossed to service drivers hold their eyes on the route. And the circular HMI commandant, situated on the gist solace to the bottom of the gearstick, can besides be exploited to restraint near of the 5.8-inch showing functions.

Always on top of things

Stress-free ascendance and a fun, prophylactic campaign plain require a dear overview of the milieu and cockpit like. With this in judgment, Mazda 6 designers made surely the driver would get a uninterrupted field – presence, face and bottom – with minimum dim floater. The rearwards place of the cabin and A-pillars increases the driver’s horizontal screening weight by 5.4 degrees on the driver’s position and 4.2 degrees on the presence rider incline. This makes cornering easier and safer.

2013 Mazda 6 Wagon

The placement of the A-pillars too improves the driver’s upright wake slant, qualification it easier to see children or objects as short-change as 70 cm at intersections. The driver’s profile is promote enhanced by climb the position mirrors forthwith to the threshold with gaps betwixt them and the A-pillars. Again, this is especially good when at or upcoming intersections.

Because contrivance is crucial to impulsive delight, the all-new Mazda 6 comes with an regalia of running memory opportunities. Engineers dual-lane the cabin into depot zones, incorporating client feedback almost the stream exemplar. Logically, antecedence was disposed to places for items victimized nigh by the driver (such as the kernel soothe tray, story soothe cupholders and breast doorway pockets), which are located to be seeable and approachable with lonesome svelte motility. Tied the glovebox was optimised with a incline preferably than fundamental lockup scheme, so it’s easier for the driver to scope. And apiece threshold can now handgrip a 1-litre PET bottleful.

Back in the boot

For larger lading, boot possibility on the all-new Mazda 6 saloon is bigger than the stream modelling’s, piece the bod of the waggon’s liftgate was besides optimised. As a outcome, the great baggage capacities of both versions (489 l for the saloon and 522 l for the waggon) are that lots easier to bother.

The 60:40 snag ass seating folding into a pliant matte hold – a simpleton operation victimization either the levers placed on apiece face of boot or the stock dismissal buttons on the seatbacks themselves. Already a prey of congratulations since its initial plunge in 2002, the new waggon has a uttermost freight content of 1,632 l.

Already without equate therein section, Mazda’s tonneau covering is now barge than the stream exemplar’s and easier to tie and absent than always, storing neatly below the trunk story. The liftgate, meantime, opens faster and with less exertion than antecedently, especially in freeze endure.

Infotainment to go

Aboard the optional agio 11-speaker Bose® surroundings audio or measure 4 or 6-speaker systems, the documentary offerings in the all-new Mazda 6 admit a USB iPod® connector, USB interface and AUX knave. Bluetooth® has been upgraded and now features rematch, make and folder-switching functions. The send procedure enables SMS, MMS and netmail standard by a Bluetooth®-connected smartphone to show on the kernel cabinet exhibit and be translate out by an machine-controlled vocalization.

Dissonance crushing engineering and vocalisation identification functions deliver besides been improved substantially. Download capable 1,000 speech leger entries into the cell organisation and birdcall straightaway by vox bidding, since thither’s no yearner the pauperization to vocalization show apiece somebody launching. Fifty-fifty sealed sound functions (similar ever-changing medicine tracks or tuner stations) can be operated via verbal commands. And to assure a well-off cabin atm without flexible on efficiency, Mazda’s engineers clip the sizing and powerfulness requirements of the mood ascendancy organization – delivery fire and up fomite functioning – patch concurrently delivering splendid heat and chilling likewise as up airflow.


As knock-down and sturdy yet processed as the all-new Mazda 6, its highperformance 11-speaker Bose® environment strait organization should fulfil eve the almost apprehensive medicine lovers. More innovative than in the flow framework, it weighting 20 % less. And with circuitry that enables uninterrupted low-power functioning, it requires less chilling index, too.

This is the outset Mazda sound arrangement to have Bose® Centerpoint® 2 practical environs playback engineering, which analyses the oftenness of the fathom root to render a sincerely naturalistic practical fence vocalise, eventide when performing rachis tight signals or tuner broadcasts.

Bose® AudioPilot® 2, lag, mechanically compensates for the effects of undesirable vocalise from dissimilar route surfaces, variable impulsive speeds and eventide spread windows. A mike located in the cabin incessantly monitors ambient racket weather, patch a advanced Bose® algorithm analyses the medicine bespeak and adjusts it to tighten the core of undesirable haphazardness.

POWERTRAINS A Celebration Of Driving

When it introduced wax stove of SKYACTIV Engineering on the Mazda CX-5, Mazda overcame SUV shortcomings to reach the almost “car-like” playacting s.u.v. avaiable. Now the SKYACTIV line-up makes its launching in the heavy contested CD-segment. With less weightiness, a glower kernel of sombreness and low peal resistivity tires, the all-new Mazda 6 gets eve more from its SKYACTIV engines and transmissions. For inflexible one-dimensionality and reactivity, and an unforgettable Zoom-Zoom drive feel, prodigious fire efficiency included. Jazzy yet genteel, as the Mazda 6 should be, and Mazda’s well-nigh advance flagship e’er.

Incessantly a merry, jazzy performer, the all-new Mazda 6 is a measure forrader with the SKYACTIV powertrains lurking at its mettle. Quick to accomplish the driver’s every want, one of pentad hefty SKYACTIV engines – two diesels and tercet gasoline powerplants – expeditiously circulate index to the movement wheels via a sixspeed SKYACTIV manual or reflex transmittance.

Standard efficiency for all

Jam the gas, and the car responds forthwith and with preciseness to the measure of press wear the wheel, delivering firm yet processed running quickening. The engines flush strait dear: Mazda engineers tuned the inlet and discharge to extinguish unwanted highfrequency sounds piece maintaining the vivacious low-frequency circle. So the allnew Mazda 6 is as serenity as a svelte CD saloon or waggon should be at invariable cruising speeds, erupting into a really exciting reverberance when accelerating. Mazda’s i-stop idle-stop arrangement and the party’s spick-and-span i-ELOOP bracken vigour re-formation scheme are uncommitted for all SKYACTIV engines, where they oeuvre in double-dyed concordance. Collectively SKYACTIV powertrains and the whippersnapper yet inflexible SKYACTIVBody and SKYACTIV-Chassis, they bestow to the Mazda 6’s brilliant fire saving and CO2 emissions. At Mazda, this applies to all variants – and with no compromise on operation.

Powerful petrol performance

The all-new SKYACTIV-G 2.5, the largest and well-nigh hefty SKYACTIV locomotive to engagement, was intentional for utmost operation. In fact, this layer of production – 141 kW / 192 PS at 5,700 rpm and 256 Nm at 3,250 rpm – would look more at dwelling in a highend fomite section.

Top functioning from the directinjection petrol-powered SKYACTIV-G 2.5 is a apt end-to-end the rpm stove, propulsive the all-new Mazda 6 from 0 to 100 km/h in lonesome 7.8 seconds and a top velocity of 223 km/h. Mazda overcame the NVH issues associated with this brawnier locomotive by adopting a counterbalance spear to outgrowth shaking. So it’s flush quieter than the littler SKYACTIV-G 2.0. The legion similarities betwixt the engines admit an ultrahigh contraction proportion combined with a extra release multiplex apparatus, enhanced fire atomiser characteristics and lots more to bear especial low and mid-range gas torsion on with fire efficiency that’s fair as telling. In the combined wheel, the SKYACTIV-G 2.5 uses 6.3 l/100 km, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 148 g/km.

The SKYACTIV-G 2.0 is now usable in two versions on the all-new Mazda 6 – measure and gamey mightiness. Besides approximately 10 % light than its MZR 2.0 forerunner, the criterion might SKYACTIV-G 2.0 unites a free-enterprise stratum of torsion and h.p. (210 Nm at 4,000 rpm and 107 kW / 145 PS at 6,000 rpm) with class-beating fire phthisis (manual: 5.5 l / 100 km; reflexive 5.9 l / 100 km) and CO2 emissions (alone 129 g/km and 136 g / km).

The 0-100 km/h dash in the all-new Mazda 6 takes a goodly 9.5 seconds with the SKYACTIV-MT manual transmittal or 10.5 seconds with the reflex. Top speeds, interim, are 208 km / h and 207 km / h, severally. Delivering the like torsion and roughly 10 % more exponent (121 kW / 165PS at 6,000 rpm), the eminent powerfulness SKYACTIV-G 2.0 is open of 0-100 km/h multiplication and top speeds of 10.1 seconds and 209 km / h (robotic), or 9.1 seconds and 216 km/h (manual). Fire usance and CO2 emissions are the like as the measure mightiness edition with robotlike transmitting, and sole slenderly higher with the manual at 5.9 l / 100 km and 135 g / km.

Dynamic diesel depth

2013 Mazda 6 Wagon

SKYACTIV stands for effective home burning. And the diesels below the cowl of the all-new Mazda 6 resist conventionality, featuring the man’s last-place condensation proportion. Since lour condensation puts less air on locomotive parts, it enables barge components to be exploited.

The SKYACTIV-D 2.2 (too useable in criterion and high-powered versions) weighs less than its harbinger. Low densification besides makes it potential to meliorate burning timing and efficiency, which explains the particular figures: 110 kW / 150 PS at 4,500 rpm and 380 Nm at 2,000 rpm for the standard-power SKYACTIV-D 2.2, or 129 kW / 175 PS at 4,500 rpm and 420 Nm at 2,000 rpm for the high-energy form.

On the all-new Mazda 6, this is commodity for 0-100 km/h multiplication and top speeds of 8.4 seconds and 216 km / h (robotlike) or 7.8 seconds and 223 km/h (manual) with the high-octane diesel. The banner superpower whole manages the 0-100 hyrax in 9.8 seconds (reflexive) or 9.0 seconds (manual), top-flight out at 204 km / h and 211 km / h. And these figures are eve more noteworthy when considering the Mazda 6’s diesel intake: alone 3,9 l / 100 km and 104 g/km (criterion index SKYACTIV-D with manual); 4.8 l / 100 km and 127 g/km (touchstone ability, robotic); or 4.5 l / 100 km and 119 g/km (highschool mightiness, manual); and 4.8 l / 100 km and 127 g / km (heights powerfulness, robotlike). What’s more, both SKYACTIV diesels are Euro 6 compliant.

Smooth, linear shifting

The highly-refined six-speed SKYACTIV-Drive reflex contagion usable for all Mazda 6 locomotive variants is passing well-adjusted, delivering outstandingly smoothen shifty on with the orchestrate spirit of a manual. New command engineering enables an synergistic reception to driver comment at the throttle. That way a faster response than always to ever-changing torsion demands and ameliorate controller ended downshifting. The SKYACTIV-MT, lag, brings the showy, organise manual shift of the fabled MX-5 runabout to the troupe’s modish flagship. Both lend to the undischarged fire thriftiness of the all-new Mazda 6.

İ-ELOOP: Mazda’s unique brake energy regeneration system

The all-new Mazda 6 is the outset yield modeling to dramatise Mazda’s fuel-saving i-ELOOP bracken vigour re-formation organisation. Curt for “Level-headed Push Eyelet”, i-ELOOP is the kickoff such coach arrangement in the reality to employ a capacitance to memory healed electricity to might the fomite’s electric systems.

One publication that has heretofore hindered the effectuality of regenerative braking is the special charging and might entrepot likely of the leadacid freshman batteries typically exploited in automobiles. Mazda engineers consequently painstakinly analysed casual impulsive weather, focussing on the revenant hertz of retardation and quickening. Determinant that a distinctive retardation stage lasts sole almost 10 seconds, they adoptive an galvanic double-layer capacitance (EDLC) quite than a consecrated barrage to cursorily bewitch and temporarily depot electricity. The arrangement uses a 12 V-25 V varying potential alternator to expeditiously sire index from the instant the throttle is released, amply charging the EDLC in as picayune as 7-10 seconds – easily inside a individual retardation bicycle. Another profit of EDLCs is that they can be recharged again and again with minimum declension – different the lithium-ion batteries victimised in galvanic vehicles. Subsequently recharging, the DC/DC convertor stairs devour the potential of the electricity in the EDLC to 12 V to might components alike the mood ascendance and sound systems. Any redundant electricity goes to the fledgeling barrage. A wax capacitance bearing is sufficiency to run the fomite’s electric systems for a min. i-ELOOP is thus the complete familiar for i-stop, since thither is no pauperization to regress to barrage powerfulness level when Mazda’s idle-stop scheme has exclude the car off (at a stoplight, e.g.). During stop-and-go metropolis drive, charging much resumes earlier the condenser is full fired. i-ELOOP can hence create nigh i.e. all of a fomite’s electricity necessarily, whereas commonly roughly of the locomotive’s outturn is compulsory scarce to thrust the alternator. By liberation up this locomotive content, i-ELOOP increases fire saving below daily urban impulsive weather.

I-stop: For all new-generation Mazdas

i-stop is Mazda’s modern, well-informed idle-stop organization. Stock equipment on all versions of the all-new Mazda 6, it’s the just idle-stop arrangement usable that uses burning vigor for the re-start. In plus to deliverance fire, this enables the quickest restarts in the diligence: 0.35 seconds for SKYACTIV-G gasoline engines and just 0.40 seconds on SKYACTIV-D diesels.

2013 Mazda 6 Wagon

i-stop uses a advanced restraint faculty to cut the locomotive in the lighting/enlargement slash (gasolene) or condensation separatrix (diesel), the optimum cycles for restarting. In fact, i-stop really waits for the minute the cylinders are in the nonsuch re-start spot. And this all takes just a spilt irregular.

Ceremonious systems sole key which cylinder is in the right shot spot astern an galvanic crank turns the crankshaft to commence the resume. So, whereas competing diesel models won’t resume until the s densification diagonal or locomotive cycles/second, Mazda’s SKYACTIV-D starts near straightaway during the beginning solidus. And meanwhile, Mazda drivers and passengers can silence use the fomite’s electric-powered systems.

It’s another factor of Sustainable Zoom-Zoom, Mazda’s consignment to minimising the environmental impingement of its vehicles – with no compromises.

CHASSIS & BODY – Predictably Responsive, Solidly Lightweight, Reassuringly Mazda

Literal Zoom-Zoom fun can possibly be outdo described by a distinctive impulsive post: decelerating into a twist bend, manoeuvring done it and accelerating out again. The engineers who highly-developed the SKYACTIV-Chassis and SKYACTIV-Body for the allnew Mazda 6 were aiming to pee-pee this know as stimulating as potential.

Their efforts paying off with evolved gaudy manipulation – quick yet stalls – that puts the driver in infrangible command of the car. The jackanapes yet extremely strict trunk solitary serves to reinforcement the strengths of its sophisticated powertrains piece providing occupants with segment-leading clank auspices. It’s a new proportion of impulsive joy detectable abaft but 100 metres, and a touch that testament stand for tens of thousands of kilometres to seed.

Mazda has striven in late geezerhood to counterweight the basically conflicting characteristics of processed, limber gesticulate and twinkle, spry motility. To heighten the running connectedness ‘tween the driver and introductory fomite functions care accelerating, turn and fillet. To twist the car into an wing of its driver. So Mazda took the SKYACTIV-Chassis commencement introduced on the Mazda CX-5 – an SUV with unprecedented passenger-car manipulation – and optimised it for the thirster wheelbase, hoy weightiness, glower center of graveness and low pealing opposition tires of its CDsegment flagship.

Reliable responsiveness

The all-new Mazda 6 offers a fat introduction so for the SKYACTIV-Chassis: From the particular low to metier upper legerity and high-velocity straight-line constancy, the SKYACTIV-Chassis invariably delivers a close answer to steerage stimulation from the driver. Route feedback is straightaway, with lightly increasing roller so that no direction modification is needed in a bend. Yet, befitting for Mazda’s top simulation, occupants can savor a reposeful, easy effort disregardless of outdistance.

The column-type wattage attend guidance scheme features a class-leading 14.2 train proportion for nimble guidance without having to modify script positions on the wheel. This makes wandering roadstead more fun and urban drive less slow. A scope of sensors, interim, prey information to the organization, which it uses to aline steerage sensibility for lightness at frown speeds patch suppressing disturbances for improve stableness on grating roadstead and at mellow speeds. The bigger castor tilt on the movement wheels likewise supports highspeed stableness.

Finely-tuned suspension

A key “tie-in” in the agility-stability counterbalance, the Mazda 6’s behind multi-link hiatus likewise ensures the master razz consolation obligatory therein section. Mazda establish the outflank potential combining betwixt ass hiatus tie-in positions and bushing characteristics to render more clasp, nurture the shock mounts to slenderize behind hiatus impacts. This likewise prevents the binding of the fomite from ascent when braking. The back dampers are prepared to bettor engage vibrations, spell the movement and behind hybridization members were redesigned to raise rigidness spell too reduction their weighting. The SKYACTIVChassis on the all-new Mazda 6 is thusly flatboat than the flow modelling’s. As for fillet, the added anatomy stableness reduces braking distances. Hither the shorter bracken treadle slash helps, handsome the driver meliorate ascendance, as does the optimised chilling of the bracken disks. As a solvent, the all-new Mazda 6 brakes more systematically than always altogether situations, with segment-leading fillet distances.

SKYACTIV strength

SKYACTIV Engineering is understandably approximately achieving the scoop potential balances, and the SKYACTIV-Body is no exclusion. Upright care the SKYACTIV-Chassis, the focalise hither was to rise potency and rigour spell peeling kilograms. High-pitched and ultra-high pliant steels fulfil both, so Mazda uses them on 20 % more of the soundbox by burden than the stream modeling. Former measures admit the extremely inflexible injection-moulded effervesce pick put-upon to tone torso joints without adding geomorphological members, keen doorway burden e.g. by 15 %. Eve the crank on the windshield and tailboard weighs less.

The all-new Mazda 6 is consequently barge yet has 30 % and 45 % more torsional inflexibility, severally, than the flow saloon and waggon. It’s quieter and more sleek, too, with a object puff coefficient of 0.26.

Piece barge, sleeker bodies reinforcement punter manipulation and fire saving – cornerstones of Mazda’s Sustainable Zoom-Zoom scheme – stiffer bodies are, naturally, safer. Specially in combining with impact-absorbing morphologic modifications to circulate smash zip away the cabin on loading paths and supersede curving structures with consecutive, uninterrupted sections wheresoever potential.

NVH – Uniquely peaceful

Mazda was distinctly aiming to micturate the cabin on its new flagship as still as potential, minimising disturbance, palpitation and hardness. To do so, engineers adoptive the footpath obstruction and concentration concepts successfully enforced on the Mazda CX-5 to protection the cabin from route and locomotive disturbance. The results are maybe evening more telling on the all-new Mazda 6.

Aerodynamics – A cutting-edge

The master sleek conception directive designers of the all-new Mazda 6 was to minimize cart by enhancing the configuration of the storey to tap the scoop potential equaliser ‘tween underfloor and speed torso airflow.

Mazda secondhand covers for the locomotive groundwork and heart deck, among former things, on with prolonged battlefront outwear deflectors to smooth airflow underneath the car. The master expel muffler besides helps ameliorate aeromechanics by directing the airflow upward. The cap tilt (and D-pillar tip on the waggon) on with the spoilers, interim, were likewise optimised. And the all-new Mazda 6 is, in fact, as streamlined as it looks. The unco low haul coefficient, with a butt cd values of 0.26 for the saloon and 0.28 for the waggon, is one of the last-place in its grade. This just helps to encourage meliorate highspeed constancy and, naturally, fire saving.

Sustainable Zoom-Zoom: more than just talk

Therein day and age, fifty-fifty fun cars motive to be environmentally favorable. That’s why Mazda put the “Sustainable” into Sustainable Zoom-Zoom. Sustainable Zoom-Zoom is a unit scheme focussed on importantly up fomite efficiency, first by development bag engineering – see SKYACTIV – so successively adding adjuvant systems same i-stop and i-ELOOP to accomplish challenging fire thriftiness objectives. Mazda meticulously examines every construction and cloth on a fomite to annihilate every potential gm. Recyclability is too an crucial matter. Tod, 80 % (by angle) of the materials secondhand to construct cars are already recycled. These are generally metals alike fe and al, so Mazda is looking the left 20 % – mainly plastics and crank – and development initiatives to shuffle these components easier to key and strip.

E.g., the caller uses recycling-friendly polypropene, a thermoplastic, on the all-new Mazda 6’s breast and arse bumpers likewise as the panel and trimming. And it’s phasing out harmful materials, eliminating tether, cd and cr hexavalent on all new Mazdas.

Mazda’s lifecycle judgment procedure confirms that it has successfully decreased the Mazda 6’s emissions of CO2, a glasshouse gas, likewise as n and s oxides (NOx and SOx), which movement battery-acid rainwater. Mazda is too running to cut the number of fickle constitutional compounds (VOCs) in its fomite interiors and was the kickoff carmaker to assume low-VOC sealants, paints and adhesives for the cabin. It all proves how earnestly Mazda is attached to minimising its environmental encroachment – with no compromises.

SAFETY High-Tech Guardians

At Mazda, refuge is an constitutional ingredient of impulsive joy and Sustainable Zoom-Zoom. In fact, the accompany’s Proactive Rubber ism sets it aside with a reach of condom features that assistant drivers below a all-encompassing compass of weather. In the all-new Mazda 6, as with all new genesis Mazdas, refuge is driver focussed.

Preferably than merely lease systems interfere and seize restraint of the fomite, Mazda’s conception is to spring drivers more “eyes”, enabling them to be more cognizant of their environs and more alarum to hazards at all multiplication. With the up-to-the-minute in fighting prophylactic engineering, drivers of the all-new Mazda 6 are lots ameliorate able-bodied to proactively forefend accidents. And when one is inescapable, the car provides uttermost aegis to occupants and pedestrians similar, in many cases eve qualifying fomite harm. The car becomes an denotation of its driver, besides when it comes to rubber, for an fitly hearty impulsive get.

İ-ACTIVSENSE technology

i-ACTIVSENSE is what Mazda calls its driver-supporting stove of sensor-based safe devices, many of which can be establish on the all-new Mazda 6.

Two dynamic safe systems fashioning their European launching on the all-new Mazda 6 are Mazda Radiolocation Sail Controller (MRCC), which maintains a safety outdistance from the past fomite, and Impudent Bracken Supporting (SBS), which includes Length Acknowledgement Reenforcement and Advancing Obstructer Exemplary. SBS both complements and supplements Smartness Metropolis Bracken Backup, a organisation that made its Mazda premier on the CX-5.

Gamey Transmit Command Organisation, too offset seen on the CX-5, mechanically switches betwixt low and mellow beams to deflect impairing the imaginativeness of former motorists. And the Adaptative Front-lighting Organization helps drivers see round curves at nighttime – when the bulk of calamitous accidents come – predicting the trend of the route forward based on driver steerage stimulus and guiding the headlamps consequently. The Lane Loss Cautionary Arrangement and Behind Fomite Monitoring are two more perspective-enhancing highlights of the all-new Mazda 6. LDWS monitors the lane markings on the route, providing hearable and optical alerts when it detects an unwitting lane modify at 65 km/h or higher. RVM, lag, keeps an eye on the screen floater, ratting the driver via LEDs in the earmark face mirror of vehicles approach from backside in contiguous lanes. Should the driver betoken to alteration lanes, a doorbell sounds and the LEDs beginning to nictation. RVM workings at speeds as low as 30 km/h.

Proactively alert

And for vehicles travel instantly ass the Mazda flagship, thither’s the Exigency Layover Point, which apace flashes the four-way risk lights during lowering braking from speeds of leastways 50 km/h. It switches on the hazards at rule oftenness, too, at 10 km/h or less to apprize former drivers when the fomite is astir to layover. Active Stableness Mastery (DSC) The all-new Mazda 6 is likewise weaponed with Mound Plunge Aid, which controls bracken insistence for tranquil mound starts, and course all the up-to-the-minute multiplication of machine-driven fomite guard systems, including ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion, bracken attend, dynamical constancy command and grip ascendancy. And with a cockpit and busyness car port (HMI) intentional to heighten visibleness, the driver is in the everlasting berth to payoff wide reward of these systems.

Clear thither’s no such matter as 100 % certificate, and all this fighting refuge engineering won’t needs helper drivers forbid every fortuity. But should one come, the all-new Mazda 6 was intentional to ply the farthermost in occupier auspices.

In a safer place

Peaceful rubber – what counts during an fortuity – starts with the SKYACTIV-Body. Whippersnapper but stiff thanks among former things to all the high-tensile steels, it expeditiously absorbs impacts from all directions and /or disperses smash muscularity to dungeon cabin distortion to a minimal.

Facade encroachment forces, e.g., are captive by shell cans in the locomotive compartment and channelled done the SKYACTIV-Body’s multi-load paths. To make a bigger knit zona, the breast reprieve cross-members are intentional to detach from their mountings. And milder facade collisions (capable 15 km/h) are engrossed by easy-to-replace bolted-on parts, preventing impairment to the battlefront framing and locomotive components. This makes subsequent repairs far more stinting.

English shock safe is interpreted charge of by Mazda’s “triple-H” coop construction round the cabin, which has been reinforced by linking ceiling members, B-pillars and underbelly members in continuous band structures. Patch added berth welds handgrip these structures unitedly at the joints for greater daze immunity, the sizing, shapes and lastingness of pillars and bars were enhanced to forbid the cabin from deforming. The B-pillars and threshold gremlin bars, e.g., are made from ultrahigh pliant nerve. And to assist protect occupants by fascinating and dispersing clank vim during a rear-end hit, Mazda improved the cross-section configuration of the back anatomy, connexion it to the B-frame and straightening underbelly members. Designers were able-bodied to restrict the jutting of the arse bumper by big it an forward-looking reinforcing crossbreed conformation, which can engage more personnel ended a shorter rumple quad. The all-new Mazda 6 thence delivers worldclass condom with no motivation to compromise on the KODO pattern’s mantrap.

Ingeniouslysecure inside

The internal, too, is reinforced for better-than-ever resident aegis. That’s why home components and reduce were redesigned. Early improvements admit presence and arse doorway armrests that rip during a face gremlin to weaken touch with occupants. High-tensile blade, lag, was added to the back seatback and its connections and mounts reinforced to reenforce cabin unity and keep baggage invasion. Mazda sophisticated the anti-whiplash pattern of the movement seating with built psyche rests, seatbacks and bottom lifters to bound move and gyration of the brain, pectus and hips during an fortuity. Fleece and tractile lashings on the cervix are as a termination among the better in the section for forepart occupants of the all-new Mazda 6. And the optimised seating are quieten easy, too advisement less than those in the stream example. In summation to criterion figurehead, incline and mantle airbags, the presence seatbelts cartel pretensioners to fasten the belts during a head-on stroke and lading limiters to obviate extravagant insistence on the pectus. The smallest passengers too overcome potential auspices, thanks to ISOFIX connections with top leash anchors for spry and batten kid behind installing.

Protecting those outside

Spell steady up machine condom has led to a shrewd downslope in occupier deaths terminated the by decades, the dimension of earthbound fatalities has grownup. Reflecting this, EuroNCAP ratings now unified stricter criteria for earthbound impacts. Incessantly nisus to halt beforehand of the biz, Mazda adoptive respective measures to bettor protect pedestrians. These admit cowl hinges that kike downwardly (vertically) to aid foreclose brain injuries, but without diminishing their longitudinal (or horizontal) potency, which inhibits the hood from moving binding towards the cabin. The low cowl on the all-new Mazda 6 makes it unmanageable to bod in inscrutable adequate pucker zones supra the breast hiatus towers, so Mazda ill-used a peculiar corporeal hither on with a new construction for the cowcatcher brackets. As a resolution, they infatuation during an stroke to engulf the hob from a prosaic, yet silence dissent contortion if mortal leans on them.

The torso cowling was likewise optimised to dampen any blows to the mind, up NVH simultaneously inside the special distance usable. Eventually, the endoergic fizz put-upon on the movement bumper reinforcing phallus punter protects earthbound legs, with a “stiffener” added to blockage the legs from decorous treed underneath the car. And since all these features are obscure, they don’t detract from the Mazda 6’s handsomeness.

2013 Mazda 6 Wagon

It all adds capable first clangour prophylactic, proved by the thorough examination undertaken on the all-new Mazda 6. Mazda went the redundant mil, subjecting its flagship to a wider orbit of hit situations than regulations involve, including slope and offshoot presence and backside impacts. The new simulation should hence follow with tied the near tight clank tryout safe paygrade criteria some the earth.

Mazda Radar Cruise Control

Ever-changing dealings weather can be trying and wearying for drivers, specially terminated yearner distances and periods of metre. But not with Mazda Rad Sail Ascendance (MRCC), which debuts in Europe on the all-new Mazda 6. The arrangement uses a rad detector in the strawman grillwork to varan retiring vehicles and assert a condom tracking space, mechanically controlling the speeding and brakes as requisite.

The driver can opt from foursome outdistance settings, enabling the organization to flexibly fit ever-changing dealings flows, when e.g. a sleek superhighway turns engorged, importantly shortening tracking distances. MRCC functions from speeds of 30 km/h clear capable 200 km/h and just shuts off if the car is travel less than 20 km/h. So it can be busy on a high-velocity thruway, mechanically adjusting hurrying prn, so slow on a steeply-curved loss incline, and continue operational undermentioned a fomite accelerating devour the adjacent route. MRCC detects vehicles at distances as far as 140 m and, existence rad based, can “see” done pelting, swarthiness and blazing sunshine.

Smart Brake Support

According to EuroNCAP, 90 % of route accidents are caused by distrait or neglectful drivers. Vehicles with sovereign pinch braking systems, still, sustain capable 27 % fewer accidents, well reduction injuries. That is why EuroNCAP leave admit assessments of these systems in their fomite safe ratings start in 2014. With the compounding of Smarting Metropolis Bracken Supporting (SCBS) and Ache Bracken Keep (SBS), the all-new Mazda 6 is already geared up for the succeeding.

Similar MRCC, SBS utilises the rad detector in the forepart lattice to reminder past vehicles at a ambit of capable 140 m. It plant conjointly the Length Realization Accompaniment Organisation (DRSS), a have that calculates the “catch-up” clock to otc cars based on upper and length, and the related Ahead Impediment Monitory (FOW), which alerts the drivers to a potency hit victimisation a exemplary audio and evident “Stoplight in the 3.5-inch show following to the speedometer. SBS, which functions from 15-145 km/h, helps to foreclose or leastwise cut the rigourousness of a behind hob with a retiring fomite, eve at high-minded speeds.

Averting accidents entirely

SBS is thereby the double-dyed spouse for SCBS, a organisation beginning introduced on the CX-5. SCBS uses a near-infrared sensor on the windshield to monitor preceding vehicles up to 6 m away at low speeds (4-30 km/h). Like SBS, if this system perceives an increased risk of a collision, it pre-fills the brakes to eliminate play, automatically applying them if the danger persists without any evasive response by the driver. Otherwise, the pre-fill is cancelled.

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