2013 Lexus Rx 450H F Sport

Lexus RX 450h F Sport

The Lexus RX 450h introduced the arcsecond propagation Lexus Loan-blend Campaign engineering, and is the thirdly contemporaries of the master sumptuousness SUV.

Lexus has worn on more a declination of have fully intercrossed powertrain engineering to produce improvements in every prospect of the fomite’s Lexus Loanblend Driving organisation.

As a resultant, the Lexus RX 450h’s real-world efficiency has been importantly improved, with a 10 per penny gain in locomotive powerfulness, a 28 per centime decrease in combined bicycle fire ingestion, a 30 per centime melioration in cold-blooded conditions fire efficiency and an unequalled decrease in CO2 emissions.

The manakin underwent its get-go substantial revisions, the changes led by a redesign of the forepart that incorporates the new hallmark Lexus fusiform lattice system. Equipment specifications were improved crossways the panel and a new F Athletics adaptation was added to the reach – the low sentence the RX has been offered in Lexus’s sport-themed trimness.

Likewise as flashy styling elements for the outside and the cabin, the F Mutation is equipt with a sidelong muffler organisation for cardsharp treatment and a improve drive.

Lexus Hybrid Drive

Different soft hybrids, which use subsidiary galvanizing drive powerfulness merely to rise the execution of the gasolene locomotive, the RX 450h is a entire intercrossed, open of surgery in both gasolene and galvanizing modes unequalled, or in a combining of both. It combines the fire efficiency and decreased emissions benefits of a serial cross with the quickening benefits of a analog cross.

2013 Lexus RX 450h F Sport

It uses a serial/analog loan-blend arrangement, employing a extremely effective V6 gasoline locomotive and two brawny galvanising motors workings tandem to allow an ‘thinking’ 4wd potentiality.

Aggregate powerfulness outturn is 295bhp (220kW), enabling a top fastness of 124mph and zero to 62mph quickening in 7.8 seconds. Conversely, the RX 450h has a combined wheel chassis of 44.8mpg and its CO2 emissions are besides unmistakably low at 145g/km.

The 3.5-litre DOHC gas locomotive has been altered specifically for use in the crossbreed powertrain. It produces a uttermost 246bhp (183kW) at 6,000rpm and 317Nm of torsion at 4,800rpm, and features deuce-ace Lexus intercrossed ‘firsts’ to optimize the fire efficiency: Atkinson Wheel, Cooled Discharge Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Tucker Hotness Convalescence (EHR).

The crossbreed campaign scheme benefits from refinements in drivability done expanded galvanising drive utmost torsion bands and an AI-SHIFT contagion ascendence scheme to optimize locomotive efficiency.

Selectable impulsive modes, Eco, EV, Snowfall and Play, advance meliorate the organisation’s fire efficiency and impulsive execution. EV way, usable alone with the entire loan-blend capableness of Lexus Loanblend Campaign and not uncommitted to drivers of balmy crossbreed vehicles, allows the car to be compulsive nether wattage lonely, with minimum haphazardness and naught CO2 and NOx discharge emissions.

Driving Dynamics

The RX 450h was intentional specifically to fulfill the active treatment requirements of the European marketplace. It delivers the high-velocity cruising comfortableness and calmness of a bounty taproom, reactive treatment and lightsomeness on wandering roadstead and, done its galvanic 4wd organization, unchanging and long operation.

A doubling wishbone arse hiatus shape, confederate to an addition in wheelbase duration and rail breadth, improves consistence bowl and tar controller. The breast dangling has likewise been extensively re-engineered, with new daze absorbers, optimised springs, anti-roll bar and ingredient geometry.

Electronically Controlled Hanging (criterion on the Premiere exemplar) gives the driver a option of quadruplet fomite meridian settings ended a 60mm stove and mechanically lowers when travel at hurrying to optimize flowing execution, stableness and fire saving.


The RX 450h underwent substantial changes to its front-end figure, creating a cardsharp and more typical looking, led by the espousal of a fusiform organisation of the speed and glower grilles – a exchange factor in the up-to-the-minute ontogenesis of Lexus’s L-finesse pattern speech

The essence is eve more marked in the F Variation simulation, which has a deeper, more perpendicular movement bumper and a consecrate meshwork intervention for the speed and frown grilles. All models increase new-look taillight clusters.

The Lexus RX 450h combines the route bearing of a agiotage SUV with the well-nigh compress publicity potential. It is 15mm yearner, 40mm wider, 10mm higher and has a wheelbase that is 25mm yearner than its predecessor, increases that birth been unbroken to a minimal in edict to save the car’s lightness and town-friendly maneuverability.

The reducing of empanel gaps and the direction of airflow nether the fomite trust with various multi-function sleek elements to downplay upheaval and pay the RX 450h a draw coefficient (Cd) of 0.32.

Within the fomite, the cockpit conception showcases legion advance features. The fascia is shared into two clear-cut zones: an amphetamine Exhibit Partition, which includes the Head-Up Exhibit and an eight-inch LCD multi-display concealment; and a depress Process Partition, which contains scheme controls such as the steerage wheel-mounted multi-information permutation and Outback Contact ascendance. The cabin benefited from a act of modest but impressive tweaks to the cut details and the anatomy and functionality of roughly of the controls.


The Lexus RX 450h pronounced the introduction of Distant Signature ascendance, an intact parting of the Lexus Piloting Scheme. It operates on the like canonic principles as a mouse, and is spry and nonrational to use, with icons presented on the exchange multi-display cover that commit entree to correct the sound, piloting, airing, earphone and set-up systems. The scheme’s surgery was encourage processed to pass flush more elementary and nonrational to use.

The Head-Up Showing (F Play and Premiere grades) presents key impulsive information in the driver’s demarcation of survey at the foundation of the windshield. Data is shown in whiteness for perfective pellucidity altogether weather, and includes fomite velocity, turn-by-turn piloting instructions, sound entropy and, where fitted, Adaptative Sail Ascendance and Pre-Crash Rubber scheme position.

A multi-information toggle on the wheel lets the driver trip and customize legion fomite functions and data systems without winning a paw off the bike. The ascendancy is coupled to a tweed OLED multi-information showing set inside the cat’s-paw binnacle.

Early key features admit a Impertinent Incoming and Beginning organisation, robotlike moving of the driver’s ass and wheel for wanton launching and departure, dual-speed powerfulness windows and a high-efficeincy dual-zone mood mastery organization.

Lexus builds on its naturalized gamy standards in in-car hectogram with 3 muscular sound systems for the RX 450h. These admit a top-of-the-range 15-speaker Crisscross Levinson Bounty Circumvent Organization that gives everlasting 7.1-channel surroundings phone. Exploitation the piloting arrangement’s Difficult Disk Campaign, the sound organisation has a ‘vocalise library’ adroitness that uses Cd Information Pedestal engineering to carry-over and memory capable 10Gb of euphony files.

The pilotage scheme, accessed by the Outside Touching command, has a 40Gb HDD capacitance, qualification it one of the quickest and about exact on the commercialize. It covers the unanimous of Europe and includes dealings entropy base and 3D map.


The RX 450h’s Pre-Crash Refuge (PCS) arrangement – an alternative on Chancellor course – sets a benchmark for prevenient, incumbrance guard. Operational at speeds supra 3mph, it uses a millimetre-wave radian detector to notice objects before, determines the hit adventure and helps the driver tighten the chances of an stroke occurrent.

If PCS judges a hit to be extremely potential, it testament alarum the driver and, when he or she begins to bracken, it leave trip Pre-Crash Bracken Assistance to supplementation the driver’s braking exertion. If the driver does not bracken and a hit is inevitable, the Pre-Crash Bracken testament mechanically utilise the brakes to slim shock amphetamine. The Pre-Crash Seatbelt is likewise excited nether exigency braking, or if thither is a adventure of a passing of fomite stableness.

Adaptative Sail Command (ACC) plant tandem with PCS at speeds ‘tween 31 and 106mph (50 to 170km/h), mechanically maintaining a selected outstrip from the fomite ahead, and reversive to the pilot cruising upper formerly the route leading is elucidate.

Lexus’s Fomite Kinetics Incorporate Direction (VDIM) scheme processes fomite condition information from sensors placed done the car, integration the part of the ABS, grip ascendence (TRC), Fomite Constancy Ascendence (VSC) and Electronically Controlled Brakes (ECB) with the wattage guidance, and too co-ordinating command of the Lexus Loan-blend Driving and galvanic 4wd systems.


The RX 450h’s Lexus Loan-blend Ride Arrangement represents a pregnant developing of the humans’s commencement high-performance, wax loanblend crusade. Introduced in the RX 400h, this organisation was the kickoff to successfully add a genuine execution property to the traditional loanblend advantages of fire thriftiness and low emissions, an accomplishment that revolutionised powertrain engineering in the agiotage section.

Lexus has careworn on more a decennary’s see fully loan-blend powertrain engineering to amend in every facet of its indorsement coevals Lexus Loan-blend Crusade. The solution is a pronounced growth in locomotive superpower, a important melioration in fire thriftiness and an unique step-down in CO2 emissions.

The arrangement’s real-world efficiency has besides been comprehensively re-evaluated. It benefits from strong improvements in inhuman brave functional efficiency, detectable refinements in driveability thanks to wider utmost torsion bands for the galvanizing centrifugal, and a new transmittance mastery scheme to optimize locomotive efficiency. 4 drive modes, Eco, EV, C and Fun, farther better fire efficiency and impulsive operation.

Second Generation Lexus Hybrid Drive

The RX 450h is a wax serial/analog cross, able of surgery in both gasoline and galvanising modes unequaled, or in a combining of both.

It combines the fire efficiency and minimum emissions benefits of a serial intercrossed with the quickening benefits of a analogue loanblend, piece avoiding any of their several disadvantages. As a answer, it delivers operation on a par with ceremonious powerplants with a bigger three-dimensional content, spell reverting fire phthisis and emissions figures like to those of often littler engines.

It shares the RX 400h’s drivetrain conformation of a serial/latitude cross organization, employing a extremely effective gasoline locomotive and two brawny galvanic motors operative tandem to cater an ‘sound’ 4wd capacity.

Withal, comp improvements to every scene of the Lexus Intercrossed Campaign scheme dramatically improved boilersuit efficiency, realising a 10 per penny gain in locomotive might and a 28 per centime reducing in fire uptake.

Lexus’s foresighted know fully loan-blend engineering has been underlying to achieving these improvements, almost notably in the study of gas locomotive efficiency, electricity direction and shelling engineering.

Improvements to the irregular multiplication Lexus Loanblend Campaign admit:

  • Atkinson burning bicycle for improved fire thriftiness
  • Canonical locomotive improvements for increased ability and fire saving
  • Cooled Release Gas Recirculation (EGR) for improved fire thriftiness
  • Beat Passion Retrieval (EHR) for improved fire thriftiness
  • Decreased loanblend transaxle rubbing losings for improved fire saving
  • AI-SHIFT controller (Ai – Shifting) for improved execution and drivability
  • New Exponent Ascendence Whole for improved functioning and fire thriftiness
  • Increased presence and back motive torsion for improved execution
  • Eco and EV drive modes for improved fire saving
  • Snowfall drive style for improved functioning and drivability
  • Mutation fashion for quicker confine and direction reaction
  • Tally powerfulness production is 295 bhp (183 kW), enabling a top fastness of 124 mph (200 km/h) and zero to 62 mph (0-100 km/h) quickening in 7.8 seconds. Conversely, the Lexus RX 450h has combined cycles/second fire thriftiness of number of 44.8mpg. CO2 emissions are 145g/km (VED Stripe F).

    Hybrid Drive System Configuration

    The wax crossbreed effort organization combines two discrete breast and ass drive units, with their unseamed high-velocity interaction managed by the powerfulness ascendance whole (PCU).

    The presence driving whole is a serial/latitude crossbreed organization featuring a 3.5-litre V6 gas locomotive, brawny electrical motive, source, heights functioning barrage, exponent command whole and a ability cleave twist. The powerfulness cleave twist uses a world appurtenance set to trust and reapportion index from the locomotive, galvanising motors and author, prn.

    The galvanising drive, source, exponent rent world gear and motor-speed step-down gear are all housed in a individual, whippersnapper, extremely contract contagion case. This promotion, like in sizing to a schematic gearbox, is cardinal to the successful induction of the Lexus Loanblend Campaign organization in a front-engine SUV program.

    The back whole provides 4wd via a irregular galvanic motive. It is automatically main from the figurehead whole and is excited and unceasingly familiarized by the Fomite Kinetics Unified Direction (VDIM) organisation, functional in continuative with the PCU.

    V6 Petrol Engine

    The 3.5-litre DOHC gas locomotive is altered for use in the crossbreed powertrain. It produces a utmost 246bhp (183kW) at 6,000rpm and 317Nm of torsion at 4,800rpm, and features iii Lexus loan-blend ‘firsts’ to optimize fire efficiency: Atkinson Cycles/second, Cooled Beat Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Discharge Passion Recuperation (EHR).

    In schematic four-cycle gas engines, fire enrichment is sometimes necessity to coolheaded the tucker gases to forestall abjection of or terms to the catalytic converters. In an Atkinson cycles/second locomotive the valves finale former, delaying densification. This creates a highschool enlargement proportion for less compaction, reduction inlet and tucker muscularity losings and converting burning vigor into locomotive ability more efficaciously. As a solution the expel temperature is depress than in ceremonious engines.

    EGR reintroduces just metered eject gas – cooled from 880°C to 150°C – into the consumption arrangement, foster reduction the locomotive’s operational temperatures and, simultaneously, reduction locomotive pumping losings done a diminution in inlet void insistence.

    Unitedly these technologies downplay the situations where fire enrichment is requisite to protect the catalytic convertor from overheating terms, thereby up fire thriftiness and reduction emissions.

    The EHR organisation uses eject gas oestrus to tender the locomotive coolant at start-up. This reduces the clock the locomotive takes to warm, allowing it to be exclude off sooner for yearner galvanic motor-only procedure, especially in overwinter. In tests conducted at -5°C, locomotive shut-off occurs more Fifteen originally than in the RX 400h. As a answer, the RX 450h achieves an growth of more 30 per penny in inhuman brave fire efficiency compared to its forerunner.

    Hybrid Transaxle

    At the ticker of Lexus Crossbreed Cause is a unco squeeze crossbreed transaxle, which incorporates respective improvements. The acceptance of an oil slinger has decreased oil ticker campaign losings; an oil tank has been fitted; low detrition bearings bear been installed at key points; and legion components deliver been tuned and re-profiled. These modifications combining to increment torsion capacitance and boilersuit transaxle efficiency.

    An improved flywheel muffler, with a two-stage, torsion gripping muffler, absorbs torsion fluctuations and besides the jolt of locomotive stop-and-start. This importantly reduces shaking and dissonance, notably in urban impulsive when the locomotive michigan and starts virtually ofttimes.

    Ai AI-SHIFT ascendance has been adoptive first on a cross fomite. The scheme determines whether the fomite is traveling up or downward-sloping by comparison fomite amphetamine with throttle fish. The transmittance so selects the seize chemise scope – from tierce to 6th – to sustain locomotive rpm at an optimal amphetamine for either acclivitous speedup or declivitous locomotive braking.

    Successive shift-matic restraint is likewise uncommitted, by selecting ‘S’ in the infection slip rod. Therein style the driver can take any of six speeds to addition more antiphonal execution, or to add locomotive braking assist.

    Electric Motors

    Although mightiness from the battlefront and behind galvanising motors cadaver the like as it was on the RX 400h, at 165bhp (123kW) and 67bhp (50kW) severally, the improved chilling of the PCU has increased their uninterrupted uttermost torsion bandwidth. This gives meliorate functioning, peculiarly from a standing scratch.

    The strawman and arse motors have increased maximal torsion of 335Nm and 139Nm from nix rpm severally, patch the reach of the battlefront motive’s maximal torsion is drawn-out by 9mph and that of the bum by 22mph.

    Power Control Unit

    The Superpower Restraint Whole is primal to the gamey speeding surgery of Lexus Loan-blend Campaign. It combines various all-important functions, including boosting bombardment emf from 288 to 650V DC; converting loanblend barrage potential from DC to AC to might the campaign motors; controlling drive/source surgery; and converting intercrossed bombardment potential to 14V to provision accouterment superpower and commission the supplemental barrage.

    The PCU is furnished with a new inverter and has been rock-bottom in book from 30 to 18.2 litres, with weightiness cut from 30 to 22kg. A more effective, busty inverter twist allows for chilling on both sides and this improved efficiency has helped growth the ability compactness by 40 per centime. PCU ability losings get been decreased by more 10 per penny to amend fire saving.

    Changes in the switch frequence of the process tour dilute switch losings then promote amend fire thriftiness, spell higher process frequencies cut inverter stochasticity.

    DC/DC Converter

    In a established, non-hybrid fomite, the accessory shelling is aerated by an alternator. Because an alternator cannot mesh during locomotive cut-off, a good intercrossed fomite inevitably an choice arrangement. The Lexus Loan-blend Effort PCU incorporates a DC/DC convertor to slim the gamey emf of the 288V arrangement bombardment to 14V, capture for supply ability to the accessary systems and charging the adjunct shelling.

    The execution and functions of the RX 450h’s DC/DC convertor let been upgraded: the controller method has been revised; an upgraded switch frequence is exploited; and an sole coolant route is provided, combine a higher ability outturn with a more constrict innovation.

    High Voltage Battery Pack

    The three-block bombardment construction has been carried terminated from the RX 400h, but it has a more contract, whippersnapper pattern. It is mounted below the sec row seating, without obstructive their sliding or foldaway flexibleness.

    The 288V camp is dual-lane into 3 packs, apiece comprising 10 modules of octad cells. The shelling gang, bombardment monitoring whole, colligation stoppage, servicing stopper and 3 chilling blowers are housed in a rag metallic vitrine. The blowers circulate air from the cabin done the construction, exploitation contract but extremely effective and lull fans.

    Lexus Hybrid Drive in Operation

    In the line of any travel, Lexus’s entire crossbreed organization leave maneuver in unlike modes to maximize boilersuit efficiency. Deceased, the locomotive newmarket mechanically to preserve fire. Below weather of low locomotive efficiency, such as at start-up or low to mid-range speeds, the fomite runs on the electrical motive lone, eliminating CO2 and NOx eject emissions. In convention drive weather, index apportioning is forever familiarised betwixt locomotive and galvanic drive to cartel optimal execution with uttermost fire efficiency.

    In a lineament unequalled to the RX 450h’s Lexus Loanblend Thrust, the back wheels are determined by a endorsement galvanizing drive to allow an ‘thinking’ electrical 4wd capableness. Controlled by the Fomite Kinetics Merged Direction (VDIM), running in continuative with the PCU, 4wd is mechanically occupied via perpetually familiarised figurehead and backside electrical drive torsion nether grueling quickening (both from tie-up and done the gears), when impulsive done aeroembolism and whenever the breast wheels mislay grip.

    During slowing and below braking, the locomotive switches off and both electrical motors act high-output generators, compulsive by all four-spot wheels. This regenerative braking organisation optimises vim direction by convalescent k.e. that would commonly be bony as heating as electricity for store in the gamy operation bombardment.

    The Lexus Intercrossed Cause arrangement monitors itself at all speeds for optimal execution and fire efficiency with minimal emissions, either operative the galvanic motors in isolation, the locomotive in isolation, or a combining of both. Moreover, the barrage index stratum is always managed via the engine-driven source, so thither is no demand for it to be recharged victimisation an extraneous seed.

    Four Driving Modes

    The fire efficiency and execution of the RX 450h’s crossbreed effort organisation are promote enhanced by 4 impulsive modes: Eco, EV, Hoodwink and Mutation.

    Joined to an indicant in the speedometer, ECO modality modifies gas reply to driver inputs for sander, fuel-efficient drive. The air conditioning consignment on the locomotive is rock-bottom acutely below quickening, boost adding to fire efficiency.

    The RX 450h mechanically operates in EV (galvanizing fomite) mood from start-up and at speeds capable 25mph, with fomite orbit determined by the grade of barrage care. EV modality can besides be excited manually, via the crusade modality transposition on the wheel. In EV mood the fomite can be compulsive about township with minimum dissonance and cipher tailpipe emissions. As the gas locomotive is switched off, EV way can add to an boilersuit step-down in fire expenditure.

    Snowfall fashion helps inflect use of the throttle and amend fomite stableness when pull outside on coke or over-the-counter slippy route surfaces. Wheel inputs are mechanically familiarised to tighten impulsive torsion and downplay wheelspin; should thither be any wheelspin, the back galvanising drive engages to better grip.

    Selecting Mutant (victimisation the ride manner shift on the wheel) modifies the bound and wattage guidance settings to profit quicker responses, and likewise programmes the Fomite Stableness Restraint and grip command for less intrusive process, rental the driver full effort the car’s dynamical abilities.

    The shifting to Fun mood is reflected in the ambient illuminance of the panel ever-changing to red.


    The RX 450h was intentional to fill the dynamical manipulation requirements of the European marketplace. It delivers the high-velocity cruising quilt and calm of a bounty pothouse, antiphonal manipulation and lightsomeness on wandering roadstead and, done its galvanic 4wd organization, unchanging and coherent execution.

    A new two-baser wishbone ass abeyance form replaces the strut-type scheme secondhand in the RX 400h. Confederative to an gain in wheelbase distance and rails breadth, this enhances personify bowl and slant mastery. The strawman hiatus has besides been extensively re-engineered, with new cushion absorbers, optimised springs, anti-roll bar and ingredient geometry.

    Electronically Controlled Air Abatement (criterion on the Premiere framework) gives the driver a alternative of quatern fomite acme settings terminated a 60mm scope and mechanically lowers when traveling at swiftness to optimize sleek operation, stableness and fire thriftiness.

    High Rigidity Bodyshell

    An all-new bodyshell with heights torsional rigidness gives the RX 450h a 20mm addition in wheelbase and 70mm growth in running compared to the RX 400h. Xviii or 19-inch wheels ameliorate constancy, tighten consistence cast and lend to meliorate NVH execution. The locomotive is positioned depress, sullen the fomite’s heart of gravitation and up boilersuit fomite burden dispersion.

    All-New Double Wishbone Rear Suspension

    The RX 400h’s strut-type ass reprieve has been replaced with a new tracking arm, duplicate wishbone conformation that features high-tensile pressed nerve components that are jackanapes but extremely unbending. The organisation’s wider arm bridge and unbending tracking arm and bearer joints bestow to a highschool storey of legerity and constancy, piece deliberate care to promotion, including location the springs nether the fomite storey and low, angled cushion mountings, minimises reprieve violation into the baggage storey. As a solution the loadspace story breadth has increased by 150mm.

    Dynamical characteristics, such as conformity channelise, guidance underground and extrusion bullock bear been presumption an optimal symmetricalness that communicates guidance inputs direct to the tyres to springiness extremely antiphonal manipulation. The consignment stimulant deference has been trim by exploitation oversize, seated-type bushes to thin hardness and devote prominent drive comforter.

    Optimised additive stance below braking has been achieved by up anti-lift and anti-squat ratios, reduction nosedive nether braking and buns diddlysquat nether speedup. A elongate toe curvature farther stabilises sprung weightiness kinetics, ensuring unchanging, controlled, saloon-like cornering with minimal peal.

    Front Suspension

    The MacPherson cock forepart respite has been comprehensively retuned for improved lightsomeness, constancy and bait puff, gaining new jar absorbers and revised geometry, springs and stabilisers.

    The two presence springs are reciprocally offend, compression in antonym directions to scrub torsional forces and raise maneuverability. The diam of the movement anti-roll bar has been increased, up cornering stableness.

    Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

    The RX 450h Premiere is furnished with a new engineered, electronically controlled air suspension. This has a revised structure, combination pneumatic cylinders with high-capacity jounce absorbers to render matte and lissome tantalise quilt with higher-ranking road-holding.

    The organisation mechanically maintains a layer fomite bearing, irrespective of how many multitude or what sizing cargo is aboard. Foursome hanging high are usable, selected exploitation a restraint transposition by the driver’s buns: Convention, Gamey (+30mm), Low (-20mm battlefront, -5mm bottom) and a Cargo mood (-30mm), useable only the fomite is stationary. For contraption, a endorsement Load modality switching is situated unofficially fence of the trunk, and the purpose can silence be victimised when the loanblend scheme is switched off.

    Pattern way is mechanically selected at fomite start-up and is desirable for routine impulsive. When traveling at superhighway speeds, the arrangement bequeath mechanically frown the hanging to a altitude eq to Low modality to amend aeromechanics, stableness and fire efficiency.

    The breast hanging features MacPherson swagger air springs with cylinders structured in the impact absorbers. The air plunger is situated off-centre on the bloc of the cushion, to concentrate shipment on the impact. The organisation incorporates a urethane saltation beaver and flexile disperse blanket to protect the midriff. By exploitation a multi-leaf additive ascendance valve, damping effect characteristics suffer been improved, conducive to greater cod puff, maneuverability and stableness. Adding a rally springiness suppresses in-turn spirited and farther reduces roller fish when cornering.

    The backside respite has an main cushion/air give layout. The air plunger has a tapering visibility for nonesuch bounce characteristics. As at the figurehead, a saltation show-stopper and elastic junk back are put-upon.

    A arrangement compressor and drier are corporate into the right english of the bum bumper, with a double-layer climb ensuring minimum racket and quivering are transmissible into the cabin. The air in the compressor is dehumidified to forbid the scheme freeze in inhuman upwind, with dehumidified air replenishing the arrangement apiece metre the fomite is lowered. The drying factor has been changed from ceremonious silica gel to a more efficient synthetical zeolite, which improves air discharge operation and reduces the meter interpreted to depress the fomite.

    An extra low press cooler is exploited to frown the fomite as cursorily as potential when Load mood is selected. The range at which highschool insistence air can be vented is contingent the regenerative capacitance of the drier, so in fiat to step-up threatening fastness, air from apiece cylinder is offset sent to the frown press tankful, so vented at an optimal grade. At this head air is regenerated in the drier and released into the atm at a metre when fomite acme is not existence familiarized.

    Lateral damper system

    The Lexus RX 450h F Sportsman is not about sportier looks, it besides offers sharpie drive kinetics thanks to a sidelong muffler arrangement that increases constancy and improves cod consolation by fascinating belittled vibrations.

    The organisation, standardised thereto introduced in the CT 200h F Play, uses a figurehead sidelong muffler in billet of the common set brace betwixt the remaining and compensate abeyance towers. A arcsecond muffler whole is deployed at the bum, connecting apiece english of the depress rachis impanel. The units are intentional wish a monotube abeyance muffler and adapt in pipeline with changes in the consistence rigidness, interference and shaking of their milieu to pay the outdo potential preoccupation of consistence crookedness, crimp and mulct vibrations.

    Electric Four-Wheel Drive

    The RX 450h’s back wheels are determined by a irregular centrifugal to render galvanising 4wd nether sure impulsive weather, up grip and fomite stableness. Surgery is controlled by the Fomite Kinetics Structured Direction (VDIM) organization, with robotic battle via incessantly familiarised movement and arse galvanizing centrifugal torsion nether heavy quickening both from impasse and at any speeding, when impulsive done corners and whenever the strawman wheels misplace grip.

    Electric power steering

    Improved arse stableness delivered by the new reduplicate wishbone bottom hiatus allows for a faster steerage proportion to be victimised than on the RX 400h. Hence the guidance gearing proportion has been decreased to 14.8, encourage up legerity. Wattage direction is fire effective, kinder to the environs and peculiarly liberalist and antiphonal operational. Guidance burden is seamlessly familiarized as fomite velocity increases, gift easiness of use at parking speeds and goodness tone and command and heights cruising speeds. In maliciousness of the yearner wheelbase and wider racetrack, the turn spoke is unaltered at 5.7m.

    A new never-ending ball-slide intercede calamus has been highly-developed to ameliorate direction editorial inflexibility. The never-ending slideway use allows the dick to aline its distance according to steerage inputs, gift a sander guidance look.

    EPS is mere and concordat in its structure, with the centrifugal, simplification train and torsion detector unified in the direction tower. As thither is no hydraulic smooth to keep, the organisation is more environmentally effective, with no jeopardy of leaks and no recycling issues.

    Formal hydraulic mightiness guidance systems birth to run invariably to uphold pressing, but EPS uses flow from the drive to supply aid torsion only needful. This leads to a meaning diminution in get-up-and-go usance in impulsive weather where picayune steerage stimulation is needed, e.g. on hanker throughway journeys. Compared to a ceremonious hydraulic scheme, EPS can potentially return a advance of about deuce-ace per centime in fire saving.

    In plus to unified VDIM steerage controller, the boost benefits of EPS admit a 30 per centime simplification in steerage disruption, 40 per penny step-down in direction impulsion and capable leash per centime less CO2 emissions.

    The wheel itself is a new 382.6mm diam three-spoke innovation. The clutch interbreeding incision has been revised for added consolation and the hand-stitched leather covering has an fantabulous tactual tone. Wheel rakehell can be familiarized done 48mm and compass done 40mm.

    On with the driver’s bum, the wheel is corporate in the impulsive post store organisation. Trey positions can be programmed or recalled with one touching. An automatonlike out/restoration purpose makes accession to the driver’s bum light: the organization retracts the wheel to its highest and furthermost forward-moving situation when the locomotive is switched off, reverting it to the premature retention office when the fomite is restarted.

    Electronically Controlled Braking (ECB) System

    Lexus engineers optimised the RX 450h’s braking strength, controllability and inflexibility. The second-generation Electronic Bracken Restraint arrangement has an autonomous ability add and workings with VDIM to commit improved bracken treadle look and one-dimensionality, optimal four-wheeled mugwump brakeforce dispersion, braking aid and maximised vigor re-formation. Ventilated discs are put-upon presence and arse, those at the battlefront increased to 328mm diam and those at the bum measure 309mm crosswise. An main three-plunger-type ability provide gives quieter surgery.

    Lexus Loanblend Thrust provides all quadruplet wheels with regenerative braking during retardation and braking, convalescent k.e. that would unremarkably be baffled as rut, as electricity for memory in the scheme’s high-performance shelling.

    Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)

    Extra care has been nonrecreational to reduction NVH levels in the Lexus RX 450h’s structure, to see a tranquillise cabin surround at all fomite speeds.

    Isolated from the NVH crushing measures constitutional in the polished styling, structure and ultra-quiet Lexus Cross Ride scheme, pronounced improvements in high-velocity fart disturbance step-down sustain been achieved by victimisation a three-layer, flush-mounted acoustical crank windshield, high-performance weatherstripping doorway seals and gumshoe cowl seals.

    Comp use of high-performance soundproofing materials passim the locomotive and rider compartments has strictly smothered route and locomotive haphazardness. These are strategically set to slenderize burthen and curbing fathom contagion inside the cowl, cowcatcher cachet, panel, outer and intimate splashboard surfaces, cabin story, breast and bum footwells and cap headlining.

    Felt-type rack mischievous liners boost understate route dissonance, and extra sound-absorbent materials birth been deployed in the cross-sections of the A, B and C-pillars to concentrate randomness contagion done the bodywork.

    Tercet damping brace on the breast bonnet both amend prosaic auspices and subdue windshield palpitation. A caulk sponger is applied betwixt the bonnet and windshield which adds to rubber operation and cabin quietude. The underbelly is extensively toughened with a extremely unbending palpitation damping finish, which both reduces slant and rag disturbance.


    The RX 450h showcases legion sophisticated features and brilliant functionality that focuses on nonrational, user-friendly ascendancy functioning for both driver and forepart buns rider.

    The fascia is dual-lane into an speed Expose Zona and lour Surgery Partition, which places all the arrangement controls inside loose ambit of driver and presence rider.

    Remote Touch

    Lexus’s Outback Contact, an entire portion of the Lexus Piloting Organisation, is a multi-function twist that offers visceral controller of the sound, sailing, clime, headphone and fomite set-up systems, placed now before of the center comfort.

    It is radically dissimilar from removed devices offered by over-the-counter manufacturers, operational on the like canonical principles as a mouse. The adjustable controller node has a beneficial ergonomic calibre, big the exploiter tactual feedback, and allows the pointer to be stirred rapidly crosswise a scope of icons on the multi-display cover.

    To arrive easier to prime an picture, the arrangement mechanically ‘pulls’ the pointer to an picture if it passes approximately it. This makes the organisation fasting and wanton to use, minimising driver beguilement meter. The way Removed Ghost workings was boost tasteful to pass tied simpler and more visceral to use.

    Head-Up Display

    Exploitation engineering that was earlier highly-developed for use in hero jets, the Head-Up Expose (HUD) projects key impulsive information into the driver’s cable of ken at the bag of the windshield, including fastness, seafaring commands, sound and (where fitted) Adaptative Sail Controller and Pre-Crash Organization condition. The arrangement is fitted as measure to F Mutant and Chancellor models.

    Nigh head-up displays on the commercialise use green-coloured read-outs, with whiten jilted as a gloss option because of the muzzy essence that can be created against the outside backcloth. The albumen read-outs secondhand by Lexus apply high-intensity LEDs to keep lucidness and profile altogether drive weather, well-tried onward of yield on blow covered roadstead.

    The showing post and firing loudness can be familiarised and the lighter grade can besides be mechanically familiarized in business with ambient firing weather.

    Lexus Navigation System

    The Lexus Seafaring Arrangement, accessed via the Outside Feeling command, has a 40Gb HDD capacitance qualification it one of the quickest and nearly exact systems on the commercialise. It covers all of Europe and includes accession to the dealings data substructure of apiece nation.

    OLED combination meter

    The RX 450h features a flannel Constitutive Twinkle Emitting Diode (OLED) multi-information exhibit. Set betwixt the principal instrumentate meters, it is seeable from a full tip, so the forepart rider can too take entropy on the covert.

    When the driver opens the threshold, the acrylic panels are excited and light with increasing volume. When the Lexus Cross Cause arrangement is switched on, the needles and markings on the gauges crystalize, followed by the multi-information exhibit. When the driver leaves the fomite, this elucidation episode is converse, gradually attenuation out the orchestration segment by department.

    Hybrid system indicator

    A new loan-blend organisation index replaces the tach put-upon in late RX models. Besides as Powerfulness and Mission zones, which read arrangement production and regenerative charging, the new m has an Eco drive partition and Eco Drive Indicant ignitor. Thither is besides an Eco Impulsive Indicant District bar chart exhibit, which lets the driver admonisher how economically he or she is impulsive in substantial metre. Unitedly these tercet systems step-up environmental and fire efficiency consciousness and advertise a drive fashion that is kinder to the surround. Multi Entropy Switching

    The multi-information transposition on the wheel is coupled to the multi-information expose and dramatically reduces the driver’s demand to use switchgear on the splasher. This successively permits a less littered splashboard excogitation. Victimization a toggle, the driver can spark and customize legion fomite functions and entropy systems without lifting a manus from the roll.

    The alternate offers iv modes: Substitution, Measure Advise, Exploiter Customised and Sail Data.

    In Substitution manner, the parking sensors, I-AFS headlamps and drive modes can be switched on or off. In Exploiter Customised fashion the circumstance of functions such as the doorway locks, lights and meters can be individualised. If, e.g., the locomotive is switched off and a windowpane leftover out-of-doors, the M Intimate manner volition devote an watchful. Sail Data mood lets the driver permutation betwixt dissimilar entropy displays, including mean fire use and estimated impulsive reach.

    Smart Entry and Start system

    Unseamed Expectancy – discerning hospitality that anticipates the exploiter’s inevitably – is another rule key to the L-finesse conception ism and one which can be witnessed in the ache keyless entree to the RX 450h and its sequenced miniature.

    Too as phased outside and national firing, the needles, markings and multi-information show likewise clear in successiveness when the RX is switched on. And when the driver leaves the fomite, this illuminance successiveness is converse. The pawn binnacle has cross blueing firing.

    Easy exit and entry

    This discerning hospitality is too discernible in the electrically operated driver’s ass, which has an reflexive restitution and out scheme, in co-occurrence with a billet retentivity routine. When the fomite is switched off, the wheel tilts up and onwards to its highest and farthermost ahead post and the driver’s bum simultaneously slides rear 50mm to survive promiscuous to arrive and out of the fomite. When the locomotive is switched on again, they restitution to their remembering positions.

    Dual-speed windows

    The dual-speed windows mechanically decelerate at the commencement and end of their orifice and shutdown succession, reduction haphazardness and vibe and reinforcing the all-around signified of sumptuousness.

    2013 Lexus Rx 450H F Sport

    Air conditioning

    The Lexus RX 450h has robotlike air conditioning with main unexpended and rectify temperature ascendence. The arrangement uses a new compressor, a extremely effective warmth exchanger and an anti-vibration capacitance mechanics that improves both chilling and warming functions and reduces operational racket.

    The compressor has a humidness detector that improves scheme efficiency by fetching ambient humidness grade into explanation, contributive to a 0.8 per centime win in fire saving.

    Fan and outlet haphazardness levels suffer been well decreased and a pick air dribble prevents pollen and debris from ingress the cabin. An tucker gas-detecting recirculation procedure mechanically switches betwixt wise and recirculated air modes to assert beneficial cabin air calibre.

    Lexus audio systems

    Intentional on the rationale of “clearer caliber done an stress on mastermind voice”, the iii new sound systems for the RX 450h shew Lexus edifice on the prodigious standards it has already achieved in in-car howdy. Every prospect of utterer layout has been re-evaluated. E.g., originative location and angling of the tweeters and squawkers dead cross-channels vocalize to the occupier on the inverse english of the fomite, creating a elucidate, scrunch acoustical environs.

    The entry-level arrangement (SE course) comprises a six-disc in-dash CD modifier, steerage wheel-mounted controls and ennead speakers. DAB-ready, it provides USB and sound laborer stopper connections for full controlled use of portable medicine players such as iPods, and Bluetooth cellphone connectivity with an sound/picture cyclosis use.

    A 12-speaker organisation is too uncommitted, with all the supra features and the Lexus Seafaring Organisation, fitted as criterion to the Sumptuosity and F Sportsman models. The figure includes a tweeter mounted in apiece doorway to devote improved strait clearness for the behind seating and circumvent voice effects in the forepart seating, producing a copious, raw flavor. In accession, the 20cm certain box subwoofer in the behind trunk has an cunning L-shaped visibility to warranty decent intensity and accomplish deeper, more sinewy deep notes.

    Mark Levinson Premium Surround System

    The top-of-the-range 15-speaker Crisscross Levinson bounty besiege phone organisation (received on Pm mark) allows RX owners to relish everlasting plate theater 7.1-channel environs vocalise from selected CDs and DVDs. It besides makes use of the seafaring scheme’s difficult disc thrust (HDD) to render a phone library adroitness, victimisation cd Information Groundwork engineering to transportation and memory medicine files capable a 10Gb capacitance.

    The organization has respective unequalled features that warrant alone audio timbre. A inwardness channelise coaxal loudspeaker, comprising a 90mm metallic strobilus mid-range and 16mm tweeter, widens the range of supported frequencies to create vocals and instrumentals with a greater grade of preciseness than that of a ceremonious organization, piece likewise twin harmonics betwixt the movement rightfield and left-hand channels.

    A 200mm Scratch Levinson subwoofer in a 19-litre enclosing is severally powered by a 100-Watt Score Levinson amplifier, allowing it to get passing cryptic basso and vocalise effects with rest.

    A 65mm Score Levinson talker is reinforced into apiece D-pillar to offer the capture rightfulness and leftover strait channels. Voice dispersal has been optimised so that everyone aboard can savor the like sound tone.

    In Car Entertainment (ICE) package

    For advance amusement options when on the go, RX 450h is uncommitted with an optional ICE parcel comprising two tablets firmly mounted to the behind seatback of the presence seating. Apiece pad comprises an eight-inch WVGA screenland, incorporate DVD instrumentalist, USB 2.0 lector and SD scorecard subscriber. The screens control severally of apiece former, so one rider can ticker a saucer piece the early plays estimator games.

    The parcel includes two pairs of infra-red headphones, sized so that they leave well fit untested children, summation a remote. The USB 2.0 connectedness and SD carte reviewer tolerate television clips, medicine and photos to be viewed from a retentivity reefer or board.

    It is usable as an selection on all grades.

    Side and Rear View Parking Monitors

    A new Position Supervise makes its launching in the Lexus RX 450h, in gain to the Bottom Horizon and Parking Attend monitors.

    The arrangement, fitted to the Premiere modeling, uses Supercharged Conjugated Twist (CDD) cameras reinforced into the rider threshold mirror and the bum of the fomite, which sour in connective with the figurehead and bottom parking sensors to pay a horizon of areas round the fomite that are unmanageable to see from the driver’s buns. Real-time images are shown on either the fundamental exhibit (on models equipt with the Lexus Piloting Scheme), or the midland rear-view mirror. For added protection, the doorway mirror camera leave cover to study eve if the mirrors are folded backrest when negotiating a constringe blank.


    The RX 450h combines the route front of a crosswalk with the nearly press promotion potential. It is 15mm yearner, 40mm wider, 10mm higher and has a wheelbase that is 25mm yearner than its forerunner, but these increases get been unbroken to a minimal in gild to conserve the car’s lightness and town-friendly maneuverability. RX maintains its 5.7m turn circuit.

    Styling changes are led by fusiform organisation of the amphetamine and glower presence grilles that is a exchange ingredient in new Lexus invention, as likewise seen in the fourth-generation GS saloon and the multi-award fetching LF-LC concept coupe. The effect is to give RX 450h a much stronger and individual street presence, a character that is even more pronounced in the new F Sport model. This has a deeper, more vertical front bumper and a dedicated mesh treatment for the upper and lower grilles, which together make the new spindle grille shape an even stronger feature.

    The cab-forward silhouette preserves the classic look of a crossover, while the clear axis of the shoulder and distinct crease along the C-pillar form a new architectural framework. The pronounced wheel arches flow seamlessly into both bumper and doors, and the vehicle’s taut rear corners are emphasised by the smooth integration of the bumper.

    Distinctive side window mouldings adopt the L-finesse arrowhead shape, following a subtly concave line across the A and C-pillars before extending at either end. The plated door base mouldings increase in thickness towards the rear of the vehicle, giving a sense of strength and lowered centre of gravity.

    Aerodynamic multi-function design elements

    The reduction of panel gaps and the management of airflow under the vehicle combine with several multi-function aerodynamic elements to minimise turbulence and give the Lexus RX 450h a class leading drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.32.

    These elements include highly sculpted door handles with a touch sensor smart switch in place of a button release on the front doors. The large, multi-function door mirrors also have a sculpted appearance, combining a rounded upper surface with a cut-away lower surface. This new design reduces wind noise by 20 per cent compared to those on the previous RX. The mirrors incorporate LED turn indicators that also function puddle lights and, where specified, a parking camera on the passenger side.

    The rear wiper is concealed beneath the spoiler, which has a blacked-out underside to give a sleek appearance. As well helping reduce the vehicle’s Cd value, it also houses a high-mounted stop lamp and radio antenna.

    Hybrid-exclusive Design Features

    A number of exterior design details identify the RX 450h as a Lexus hybrid model. At the front, the grille has a blue-tinted Lexus emblem and the bumper is reworked to include an extra intake. The headlamp clusters are also blue-tinted. To the side there are blue scuff plates and a hybrid logo and at the rear the lamp clusters are again shaded blue and there is further hybrid badging.

    Interior design

    Interior width has been increased by 52mm between the armrests, the front-to-rear couple distance is 10mm longer, and the length of the boot space is 10mm longer, compared to the RX 400h. This contributes to a spacious and comfortable cabin environment.

    Dual-zone cockpit

    The cockpit design addresses the need for drivers to take in a lot of visual information without losing attention on the road ahead.

    The space is divided into two distinct zones: an upper Display Zone, which combines a head-up display (F Sport and Premier grades) with an eight-inch colour LCD multi-display screen, and a lower Operation Zone, which gives access to controls such as the multi-information switch on the steering wheel and Remote Touch. All functions are arranged so that they can be operated by both driver and front seat passenger.


    The full-leather, electrically adjustable front seats are more comfortable thanks to increased backrest height and width and cushion thickness and width. Electric cushion length adjustment is included in the 10-way seat control for the front seat in the RX 450h Premier. New heaters provide heat at different temperatures across different parts of the seat.

    The rear seats maintain the proven 40:20:40 split-folding configuration, which offers more flexibility and practicality than the usual 60:40 format. The seats can be slid forwards and backwards to increase legroom or luggage capacity, and can also be reclined.

    Storage and Luggage Compartment

    The interior is designed to provide flexible and practical storage space. There are numerous compartments, including cup, coin and card holders; various trays; a locking glove box; capacious front and rear door pockets; an overhead console; and a multi-compartment centre console, which has 12V power outlets and is large enough to store the owner’s manual and provide an additional 21 litres of space.

    The adoption of a double wishbone rear suspension design reduces the degree of intrusion into the luggage compartment, increasing loadspace floor width by 150mm and overall volume to 446 litres. New levers are located on the side wall of the load area to enable remote one-touch folding of he rear seats. Models fitted with air suspension also have a vehicle height switch on the side wall for easy adjustment when loading or unloading.

    Colours and Trims

    The Lexus RX 450h is available in nine exterior colours: Starfire Pearl, Mercury Grey, Velvet Black, Celestial Black, Vanilla Mist, Burgundy Red, Atlantic Blue, Satin Silverand Sienna Brown. Interior trim choices are ivory, light grey, saddle tan or black leather (high quality semi-aniline leather on Premier grade) with dark grey gloss trim. Black leather is standard on the F Sport model. An optional Wood Pack providing wood trim inserts and a wood-trimmed steering wheel, is available for Luxury and Premier grades, the latter including a heated steering wheel.


    The RX 450h sets high standards for active, passive and preventive safety with impresive body strength, award-winning safety innovations and driver support systems.

    Lexus aims to offer a maximum content of safety features that are effective in real-world situations. It performed 233 crash tests during the vehicle’s development, data from which helped produce a range of advanced safety technology that redefines occupant protection through unprecedented synergies between driver intent and vehicle response.


    The dual-zone cockpit design provides excellent ergonomics and maximum instrument clarity, helping drivers to concentrate on the road ahead. The head-up display combines with the multi-information screen to keep all essential data within the driver’s field of view, and a multi-information switch lets the driver monitor vehicle information while keeping both hands safely on the wheel.

    For safer night driving, the Intelligent Adaptive Front-lighting System (I-AFS) works in conjunction with the low beams of the LED headlamps and both the high and low beams of High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps. When entering a corner, the system calculates where the vehicle will be in three seconds’ time, based on vehicle speed and steering angle, adjusting the lateral aim of the lamps accordingly.

    Pre-Crash Safety System

    The RX 450h’s Pre-Crash Safety (PCS) system (an option for the Premier grade) sets a benchmark for anticipatory, preventive safety. Operating at speeds above 3mph, it uses a millimetre-wave radar sensor to detect objects ahead, determines the collision risk and helps the driver reduce the chances of an accident happening.

    If PCS judges a collision to be highly possible, it will alert the driver and when he or she begins to brake, it will activate Pre-Crash Brake Assist to supplement the driver’s braking effort. If the driver does not brake and a collision is inevitable, the Pre-Crash Brake will automatically apply the brakes to reduce impact speed. The Pre-Crash seatbelt is also activated under emergency braking, or if there is a risk of a loss of vehicle stability.

    Adaptative Cruise Control

    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works in tandem with PCS at speeds between 31 and 106mph (50 to 170km/h), and forms part of the combined option offered on the Premier grade. ACC automatically maintains a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front, returning to the original cruising speed once the road ahead is clear.

    Hill Start Assist Control

    The Lexus RX 450h also features Hill-start Assist Control (HAC), which functions both when driving forwards and reversing. HAC briefly maintains brake pressure as the driver moves his or her foot from the brake to the accelerator, to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards on an incline. Because the system requires less accelerator input, it reduces wheelspin and gives smoother pulling-away performance.

    Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management

    Lexus’s Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system processes vehicle status data from sensors located throughout the car, integrating the function of the ABS, Traction Control (TRC), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Electronically Controlled Brakes (ECB) with the electric power steering, and also co-ordinating control of the Lexus Hybrid Drive and electric four-wheel drive systems.

    Through its integrated control of all the elements relating to vehicle movement, including motor torque, brakes and steering, VDIM not only optimises activation of braking, stability and traction control systems, it further improves the vehicle’s overall dynamic performance.

    For example, when braking on a surface with unequal grip, VDIM automatically counteracts the different left and right-side braking forces to maintain straight-line braking. In the event of under or oversteer, VDIM seamlessly combines engine output and braking control to stabilise the vehicle.

    Moreover, via the EPS actuator, VDIM will augment VSC operation by providing steering assistance to reduce torque steer under braking on surfaces with varying grip. It will also introduce steering torque assistance in under and oversteer conditions to help the driver optimise the front wheel steering angle and maintain vehicle stability with minimum input.


    The RX 450h has been engineered with the express aim of achieving the highest safety performance in terms of full-frontal, offset, side and rear collisions. Beyond securing the safety of its occupants, it has been designed and rigorously tested for optimum collision compatibility with vehicles of varying height and weight, and class-leading pedestrian impact protection.

    Forty-two per cent of the body mass comprises high tensile sheet steel, which combines light weight with very high rigidity. In the event of a collision, impact energy is absorbed by the front side members, then dispersed through the floor members, doors and pillars.

    A wing bracket structure provides rigidity with effective absorption of collision impact energy. The wing brackets and radiator support upper brackets are designed with bend points to optimise their impact absorbing efficiency, and the heights of both the wing and bracket have been calculated to create a structure that will deliver effective energy absorption.

    A-pillar reinforcements have been increased with inner reinforcement extended rearwards. This has increased buckling strength and improved load sustainability when buckled, restricting deformation of the body around the A-pillars.

    The inside of the B-pillars, rails and rocker panels have been reinforced with high tensile sheet steel, while cross-member reinforcement in the roof, roof header and floor provides further protection against cabin structure deformation.

    Pedestrian Impact Protection

    The Lexus RX 450h features an impact-absorbing bonnet with a longitudinal frame structure with excellent energy absorption characteristics, achieving the highest level of pedestrian impact protection in the premium SUV segment.

    The strength of the bonnet lock reinforcement has been optimised through pitch reinforcement and lightening holes. An ample crush stroke has been incorporated, further improving protection while maintaining dent resistance and quiet closing quality.

    Ten Airbags

    The Lexus RX 450h is equipped with 10 airbags, including knee airbags for both front seat occupants, front and rear side airbags and full length curtain shield airbags. The front passenger is protected by a dual-stage, twin-chamber airbag, shaped like a baseball catcher’s glove to safely cradle the face and shoulders. This innovation won a breakthrough technology award in the USA.

    Active Headrests and Rear Occupant Protection

    Active headrests add to the protection provided for driver and front passenger. In the event of a rear collision, the occupant’s lower back presses on a mechanism built into the seatback, popping the headrest up and moving it forwards. This closes the distance between the person and headrest, minimising the risk of whiplash.

    The rear seats are equipped with seatbelt fastening reminders, pretensioners and force limiters.


    The RX 450h is built at Toyota Motor Kyushu, where, in 2008, the Kokura plant started operations as the world first factory dedicated to hybrid unit production. The plant maintains the highest standards of manufacturing quality by combining innovative production quality with the skills of takumi – the Lexus master craftsmen.

    Each of these elements alone is indispensable, but TMK is pursuing a synergy of the two through computerisation of master craftsmanship. By programming the sophisticated processing abilities of the skilled technicians into robots, even higher production precision is achieved. Other technologies under development include programming the takumi’s sensory perceptions into measuring devices.

    TMK is committed to reducing inconsistencies throughout the Lexus RX 450h production line. In each process, from stamping, painting and assembly, through to inspection, precise data are measured collated and managed. Measurements for each vehicle are recorded in its individual production history. By monitoring measurements in real-time, any inconsistencies or abnormalities can be instantly detected. Cross-checked against design parameters, this information is then used to hone assembly operations to achieve even greater precision.

    Although robots, digital devices and testing equipment are used for many of the tasks and inspections in the RX 450h assembly process, there are still many areas of manufacturing where human skills exceed even those of the most sophisticated automated systems. TMK acknowledges this by integrating Lexus manufacturing quality with a human focus on subliminal quality; those aspects of a car which cannot be measured or quantified mechanically, but which are fundamental to achieving the highest levels of perceived quality.

    For instance, skilled technicians are able to spot subtle imperfections that are undetectable by machines, such as small scratches, dull surface patches and gaps or misaligned panels, and meticulously put them right, one vehicle at a time.


    Thorough maintenance of the stamping dies is essential to the creation of a flawless bodyshell. In the stamping process, high pressure is applied to a sheet of steel sandwiched between top and bottom dies to form various body panels. If dust or other airborne particles adhere to the die surface, they can leave scratches on the panels that would be difficult to repair later in the production process. A dust particle need only measure 20 microns – about the size of a grain of pollen – to have an adverse affect on stamping quality, so stringent controls are essential to keep dust away from the stamping line.

    Twice a week the dies are sanded and washed at a dedicated maintenance area. This process generates large amounts of dust and to ensure this does not get into the stamping shop, the maintenance area is surrounded by a three-metre high net – nicknamed Niagara – across which there is a constant flow of water to catch any airborne particles. Using this net has reduced the level of airborne particles by more than 90 per cent, resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of stamped panels.


    The RX 450h’s driving performance, ride comfort and quietness are underpinned by a high degree of body rigidity, a quality achieved through developments in high-precision advanced welding technologies.

    The bodyshells are created by the spot welding of around 300 stamped parts at 4,000 to 5,000 different points. The welding is performed by robots moving in and around the vehicle body as it is held in place by a series of jigs. The rigidity and precision of the body is determined by the number of spots the robots can reach and weld.

    The process for the Lexus RX 450h marks a substantial increase in the number of weld points, achieved by introducing new slim robots between the standard units. For example, in the floor and side panel tack welding process, 14 robots previously made spot welds at 70 to 80 points. Adding slim robots into this task has more than doubled the number of weld points.

    Careful analysis ensures the most appropriate number of welds is used for each area, not only improving body rigidity, but also sharply reducing inconsistencies in bodyshell precision.

    Gaps between body panels, as well as the alignment of the body and lamps, are measured on the production line with precision digital callipers. The measurements are displayed on a monitor beside the line and the vehicle body cannot proceed to the next stage until all measurement results are within the required parameters.


    The unparalleled surface quality of the Lexus multi-coat painting process is the product of lengthy research in coating materials and methods. Depending on the chosen colour, the number of coats and the properties of the paint used can be changed to achieve shades and depths of colour that are unique to Lexus.

    High quality is also achieved through meticulous cleanliness in the application process, particularly in the topcoating booths in the latter stages. Eradication of airborne particles is crucial to successful paint application. Conventional environmental control methods focused on preventing contamination at the entry and exit points to the booth, using air intake and discharge equipment. TMK has introduced a system like those used in semi-conductor factories, using a number of small, one-way air outlets to pressurise the area prior to the topcoat booth, so forcing air away from it. This approach has yielded a significant reduction in the infiltration of airborne particles.

    To prevent water leaks and rusting, the painting process involves sealing all body seams before intermediate coat application. Lexus’s legendary attention to detail runs to applying sealant even to areas that are rarely seen by owners, such as inside the engine compartment and doors and beneath load space and cabin floors.

    To maintain an outstanding surface quality throughout the finishing process, the production line combines the latest robotised technology with hand polishing by master craftsmen. Vertical surfaces are water polished with a plane sander after the intermediate coat is applied, and checked both by eye and digitally.

    Hybrid Unit

    TMK is the world’s only dedicated hybrid manufacturing facility, designed to provide the perfect environment for making hybrid components.

    2013 Lexus Rx 450H F Sport

    Once again, minimising contamination by fine airborne particles is of paramount importance. This is achieved by atmospheric pressure control, a measure helped by the building’s low ceiling design.

    Introducing positive air pressure inside the plant means air is constantly being forced outside the building, helping prevent airborne particles from entering. Inside, air pressure is modulated between different areas to create an air flow in the opposite direction to the manufacturing sequence. Components are conveyed to downstream processes on shuttered conveyor routes; the further downstream the process, the higher the air pressure becomes, with maximum pressure reached in the assembly process itself.

    Temperature and humidity are also rigorously monitored to maximise the stability of the manufacturing environment all year round.

    Double measures are in place at the shipping exit to prevent any foreign matter from infiltrating the plant. The loading dock is completely enclosed and a conveyor transports parts to the receiving door via an airlock. The personnel entrance is also subject to strict entry and exit controls. Workers must wear pocketless, anti-static clothing and wash their shoes. They are also prohibited from bringing in any metal items with them.


    Numerous ‘clean and silent’ initiatives are being undertaken in all TMK plants. Using a friction-driven conveyance system in the assembly process is a key contributor to a quiet factory environment. The conventional chain-driven conveyor has been replaced by a system that uses urethane rollers to move bodyshells along the assembly line; as well as being quieter, this consumes less energy and is easier to maintain.

    The resultant dramatic reduction in noise improves technicians’ concentration, leading to improved work efficiency and precision. It also helps the technicians hear more clearly the sound their tools are making, and the sounds made when fitting connectors, which encourages greater quality and accuracy. Conversely, noises that may indicate problems are easier to discern.

    Air tools that are typically used for engine and underbody mounting processes have been replaced with electric nut runners, which give greater precision. Air tool technicians judge part tightening by changes in sound and vibration, but electric nut runners automatically adjust to a pre-set torque to give consistent precision and enhance body rigidity. The electric tools are also quieter and vibrate less.

    The RX 450h assembly process involves fitting several thousand parts to the bodyshell. Traditionally technicians collect components for fitting from racks alongside the line. By adopting the Set Part System (SPS), Lexus has eliminated the problems associated with picking the wrong parts and reduced the amount of walking necessary, thereby increasing working efficiency.

    With SPS, all parts required for the assembly travel along the line with the vehicle. Time spent collecting parts is minimised and the system can respond flexibly to complex part combinations. SPS has evolved further in the RX 450h door assembly line, where a gondola-type parts conveyance rack has been introduced. On a sub-line, a technician fills the gondola with the parts needed for one door, after which the gondola merges with the main assembly line, travelling along with the door to which the parts are to be fitted.


    Cutting-edge measuring technology is again combined with the skills of the takumi in the meticulous inspection process. Technicians conduct automated in-line measurements and quality gate checks throughout the body welding and assembly processes. Checks carried out at earlier stages are followed by a final fitting inspection in which panel gaps and alignment are checked by hand and eye. The inspectors who do this work undergo daily training and testing to maintain their skills levels.

    In a unique door closing speed inspection, the inspector closes all doors at a gentle speed to ensure they close firmly. The speed of closing is set at a maximum 1.2m per second and monitored by laser equipment. This speed is the equivalent of gently pushing the door with the fingertips. Lexus build precision ensures the doors can be closed firmly, even with such light pressure.

    After comprehensive road testing, every Lexus RX 450h is transferred to a shower test booth to be checked for leaks. This booth simulates rainfall of 200mm per hour, with water stirred to replicate storm conditions. Even a severe typhoon generates no more than 100 to 150mm of rainfall an hour, so Lexus can be confident the vehicle will not leak in even the most severe weather conditions.

    UK Model Range Specifications

    A new grade structure was introduced for the RX 450h with four trim levels: SE, Luxury, F Sport and Premier. All marked improvements in equipment specifications compared to the previous models.

    Entry point to the range is SE grade, with features including leather upholstery, heated and electrically adjustable front seats, dual-zone climate control, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, nine-speaker sound system with six-CD changer, 18-inch alloy wheels, 10 airbags, HID headlamps, rear parking monitor and automatic windscreen wipers. The Lexus Navigation System and premium ICE package are available as options.

    Luxury grade adds Remote Touch control, electrically operated tailgate, front and rear parking sensors, Lexus Navigation System, 12-speaker audio system and 19-inch alloy wheels. Options include a sunroof, premium ICE package, DAB audio and interior wood inserts.

    The top-of-the-range Premier version comes with air suspension, head-up information display, semi-aniline leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, LED headlamps, illuminated front scuff plates, smart keyless entry and push-button start, side view camera, 15-speaker Mark Levinson audio with six-DVD changer and DAB module for digital radio reception. Options include the Wood Package, panoramic sunroof and premium ICE. Lexus’s Pre-Crash Safety system and Adaptive Cruise Control, sunroof, and Head-Up Display, with the Wood Package optionally available.

    F Sport grade

    The RX 450h adopts a whole new sporty persona with the introduction of an F Sport version to the RX range for the first time, offering both sharper looks and performance.

    Style-wise the F Sport stands out with a deeper, more vertical front bumper and a dedicated mesh treatment for the upper and lower grilles, which together make the new spindle grille shape an even stronger feature.

    There are also dark-finish 19-inch alloy wheels and F Sport badging on the exterior, while in the cabin the model’s distinctly sporting character is reflected in aluminium-effect sports pedals and trim inserts, F Sport smooth leather upholstery and scuff plates with the Lexus logo in black. There is also a black roof lining and a bespoke steering wheel with a stitched leather trim.

    Other equipment features include a head-up display, and LED headlights with the I-AFS adaptive system that angles the light beam in line with the vehicle turning angle through bends and at junctions.

    Cost of Ownership

    The Lexus RX 450h’s 145g/km CO2 emissions yield on-going benefits for both private and fleet/company car drivers, breaking new ground for the premium SUV section by qualifying for road tax/Vehicle Excise Duty of just £125 for the first year of ownership (Band F rating).

    It also qualifies for a Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax rate for company car drivers of 20 per cent

    Fleet operators have the added advantage of a 20 per cent Write Down allowance which, together with better fuel economy and the favourable BiK rate can produce significant savings over three years or 60,000 miles compared to its principal competitors.

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