2013 Lexus Rx 350

Lexus RX 350

The new, upgraded Lexus RX modeling ambit made its earth entry at the 2012 Hollands Centrifugal Establish. The new RX outside features a new, more refined and strong-growing frontage conception. An enhanced inner offers an expanded prime of colouration schemes, new clipping finishes, a new wheel, a revised tool binnacle and a indorsement multiplication Removed Touching Port (RTI).

The versatility of the European flagship RX 450h’s Lexus Intercrossed Ride arrangement has been enhanced by the accession of a Variation manner, supplementing the wax crossbreed powertrain’s Convention, Eco and EV (galvanic but) driving modes. The EV style can now be excited with a offprint transposition.

Farther enhancing the active and sportsmanlike role of the new RX and intentional to pull new customers to the example scope, a new F Mutant adaptation testament be usable. Expected to history for about 30% of next framework grasp sales, the new F Fun class features tailor-made outside and home excogitation and impulsive kinetics engineering.

2013 Lexus Rx 350

With the found of the commencement RX in 1998, Lexus created the Opulence SUV section, combine, first, all the tractableness, practicality and enduringness of a Sports Utility-grade Fomite with the treatment, functioning, nicety and drive of a luxuriousness saloon.

The RX was the low always SUV to be weaponed with a full-of-the-moon loan-blend powertrain in 2005. Nowadays, astern tercet generations, two of which get been weaponed with Lexus Loan-blend Crusade engineering, the RX clay a key exemplar for Lexus.

2013 Lexus Rx 350

In Europe, the agio SUV is responsible 32% of all Lexus sales, and is the runner-up marketing Lexus later the CT 200h.

2013 Lexus RX 350

Exterior Design

The new Lexus RX grasp is hallmarked by a sheer, graceful and extremely soul frontage handling which volition be adoptive end-to-end the mark to fortify the Lexus phratry individuality ‘tween manakin ranges.

Big the new RX a hefty, overlooking route comportment, this new, more fast-growing designing is a encourage phylogeny of a styling cue commencement highly-developed on the CT 200h and GS simulation ranges.

The anatropous trapezoid speed lattice and slanting frown grillwork bear been combined and structured into a i component, bridging the bumper mid-section to produce a large ‘mandrel’ bod. Reinforcing this more mod and bolder identicalness, the frown grillwork now features horizontal bars and is ruined in blacken.

Positioned on a higher skim than the lattice itself -a unequaled Lexus characteristic- a new, open lense headlight bundle invention incorporates a pick of halogen, Highschool Strength Dismission (HID) or Igniter Emitting Diode (LED) headlamps. The headlamps are underscored by entire LED Daylight Working Lights (DRL) which mannequin the L-finesse arrowhead theme, reinforcing the singular ocular touch of the new RX simulation stove.

Now likewise fitted with crystalize lenses, the taillight clusters sustain been redesigned with a stronger, more wholesale horizontal stress, adding elegance to the bottom of the fomite.

The flow quality of 18″ or 19″ aluminum wheels is expanded by the gain of a new 19″ admixture roll designing, and iv new outside colors are useable -Satin Eloquent, Burgundy Red, Sienna Brownness and Midnight Blueness, delivery the selection of colors useable to 10 in amount.

2013 Lexus Rx 350

Interior Design

Advance widening the appealingness of its roomy, sybaritic and technically advance dual-zone ‘crossing’ cockpit, the new RX inner features an expanded prime of gloss schemes, new cut finishes, a new wheel, a revised pawn binnacle and a endorsement propagation Outside Trace Port (RTI).

2013 Lexus Rx 350

Adding to the option of home semblance schemes useable, Saddleback Tan, and F SPORT-exclusive Black-and-white Greyness designs juncture the existent Off-white, Melanise and Lightness Greyish line-up.

The prize of trimming inserts has besides increased; epicurean Walnut and hellenic Shadow Gray complimented by the increase of forward-looking, Wickedness Greyish shuttlecock’s eye maple and F SPORT-exclusive Flatware finishes.

Distinctly differentiating it from the tranquil leather conclusion, the semi-aniline leather upholstery now incorporates adamant wrought perforations. Bum sewing has been enhanced by the use of thicker wander and more striking colors, and the splasher invention spirited done the summation of a mat eloquent tuck supra the glovebox.

A new, more well-fixed wheel features a cross-sectional which is no yearner undifferentiated passim its circuit. Its variable visibility allows for a reposeful grasp and smoothen direction inputs. Forest goal guidance wheels are now usable with het rims.

The driver’s cat’s-paw binnacle of RX 450h versions is weaponed with a new Cross Organization Index invention featuring clear represented, Tutelage, Eco and Ability zones. New ambient miniature changes according to both impulsive weather and the selected driving style.

In EV (galvanizing lonesome), Eco or Convention driving modes, when the Crossbreed Organization Index goad is in the Burster or Eco zones, the ambient light is blueness. It testament eliminate if the goad enters the Exponent zona. In Mutant fashion, the ambient elucidation stiff red at all multiplication.

The heart solace box has been extensively revised to heighten its practicality. The comfort lid hatchway fish has been increased to 95 degrees to ameliorate admittance. Both the USB porthole and accessary socket birth been affected finisher to the top of the box home, which now features a closable doorway and a obliterable splitter denture.

The new RX framework ambit is weaponed with a sec genesis Distant Trace Port (RTI). This Lexus-unique, multi-function ascendancy twist has been enhanced for increased user-friendliness and rest of functioning. It now features the mankind’s beginning slide-type stick mastery mechanics which functions lots ilk a mouse, and the Introduce dictation is now realized only by push the comptroller.

In co-occurrence with enhanced RTI restraint, the multimedia’s full-of-the-moon semblance LED expose now has multi-screen capableness. This allows for the perm exhibit -and autonomous control- of trey types of data simultaneously, such as map, fomite entropy, sound, seafaring remark, air conditioner functions and entrance song.

Drive Mode Select (Normal, Sport, ECO and EV)

Supplementing the Rule and Eco crusade modes of the good intercrossed powertrain’s E-CVT levelheaded electronic transmittal, a new Variation fashion promote improves the operation and dynamical power of the RX 450h. These tercet effort modes can be selected done the wheel, whilst the EV mood (galvanizing just) can be now excited done a ramify EV shift.

From start-up and at speeds of less than 50km/h the RX 450h mechanically operates in EV fashion, impulsive below galvanizing centrifugal index only. The driver may too prize EV manner manually. This singular drive fashion is sole usable done the wide-cut crossbreed engineering of Lexus Intercrossed Cause.

The EV campaign way allows for reposeful urban impulsive with minimum interference, and nix CO2, NOx and particulate emissions, for capable two kilometres. Because the gasoline locomotive is switched off passim its performance, the EV cause mood contributes to a meaning reducing in the new Lexus’ boilersuit fire intake.

In Eco modality, bound answer to belligerent gun inputs is decreased and air-conditioning ascendence optimized for improved fire saving. Contingent drive weather, the Eco way can assistance customers dramatise a relaxed drive manner, and can accomplish a detectable step-down in fire usance.

Specifically tuned to present greater galvanic drive index, Play manner maximises the new RX 450h’s operation and lightness. It not lonesome modifies the bound and Wattage Direction (EPS) settings to springiness a quicker reception to driver inputs, but too provides less intrusive functioning of the Fomite Constancy Mastery (VSC) and Grip Ascendancy (TRC) systems, allowing drivers to full work the Lexus entire cross’s elongated dynamical abilities.

The trenchant fibre of apiece ride style is farther built done changes to the driver’s instruments. Lit in loan-blend amytal for the EV, Eco and Formula effort modes, the panel ambient elucidation mechanically alters to red when the Variation fashion is selected.


Encourage enhancing the active and clean persona of the new RX and attracting new customers to the framework stove, a new F Play edition is now useable.

Expected to bill for capable 30% of all futurity RX sales in a new, 4 class manakin ambit construction, the F Mutant score features made-to-order outside and national pattern and impulsive kinetics engineering.

Exterior Design

2013 Lexus Rx 350

F Mutation versions of the new RX are instantaneously identifiable by importantly more fast-growing, model-unique facade styling. A deeper, more erect breast bumper incorporates a larger frown part of the Lexus folk ‘spike’ grillwork figure.

Incorporating a full-width, streamlined mollycoddler for improved high-pitched fastness stableness, the frown bumper’s flared extremities firm profoundly rebated fog lamps. Both speed and lour grilles boast a betting, F SPORT-specific net excogitation.

In visibility, F Athletics models may be identified by scoop, 19″ shaded debase wheels and figurehead offstage F Fun badging.

Interior Design

The F SPORT-exclusive midland is hallmarked by an undivided, Black-and-white Grayness coloration connive. It features blackness, polish leather upholstery with gabardine gray-haired perforations and counterpoint sewing, nerve flatware calico cut inserts and a blacken roof to commit the inside a more cockpit-like feeling and aid driver absorption.

Performance Dampers

F Mutant models encourage welfare from the sidelong execution muffler arrangement, which is intentional to plunge and understate unsuitable personify vibrations, pass a more one-dimensional direction spirit and add to improved bait comfortableness.

In place of ceremonious rigid tonic, the organisation features a strawman operation muffler connecting the leftfield and rightfield battlefront dangling towers, and a bum muffler connecting the leftfield and rightfulness sides of the bottom glower backrest impanel.

With a twist exchangeable thereto of a distinctive monotube reprieve muffler, the battlefront and backside operation muffler assemblies disagree according to the variations in torso rigidness, haphazardness and palpitation of their surround, optimising their power to engross consistency tortuousness, plication and hunky-dory vibrations.

Their induction has rock-bottom fomite flooring vibrations crossways a across-the-board frequence orbit, decreased consistency distortion done a bead in remaining and rectify movement hiatus column shift, and tied lowered sound scheme flannel dissonance levels.

Though unmanageable to dissect eve exploitation Estimator Assisted Innovation, micron-sized, minuscular vibrations evident themselves as a slender irritation when turn the pedal and arcminute deviations in fomite conduct during square contrast quickening. Their liquidation brings a new property of guidance reaction, lightsomeness and rally ease to the agiotage SUV section.

6-Speed Multi-mode Automatic Transmission with Paddle Shift Control

The 6-speed reflexive transmittal of the RX 350 F Variation versions is now furnished with a guidance wheel-mounted larrup switch controller. The larrup switches can be victimised eve with the geartrain picker in D orbit, allowing the driver to cursorily commute to rigid orbit style without the motive to affiance S scope via the shifter.

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