2013 Lexus Rx 350 F Sport

Lexus RX 350 F Sport

Fashioning its N American unveiling at the 2012 New York External Motorcar Appearance, Lexus revealed the all-new 2013 RX 350 F Variation.

Useable in All-Wheel Cause (AWD), the Lexus RX 350 F Mutation features an eight-speed reflex transmitting with totter shifters, F Sport-tuned abatement, unparalleled athletics breast bumper and meshing wicket, 19-inch rent five-spoke wheels in a Iniquity Plumbago ending, and single upcountry enhancements.

“The RX 350 F Fun challenges pre-conceived notions approximately sumptuosity crosswalk utility-grade vehicles,” aforementioned Cross Templin, Lexus radical v.p. and oecumenical coach. “RX F Fun is not hardly an show box, but a full-fledged operation bundle.”

2013 Lexus Rx 350 F Sport


The Lexus RX 350 F Mutation teams a 3.5-liter V6 locomotive with an eight-speed Electronically Controlled Transmitting with tidings (ECT-i) for an turnout of 270 hp at 6,200 rpm. Two-fold Varying Valve Timing with news (VVT-i) is victimized to ascendance both consumption and release camshafts severally; optimizing locomotive operation at many speeds and lots.

The Lexus RX 350 F Mutant’s eight-speed automatonlike contagion has larrup shifters as stock equipment. It yields warm shift reception with assistance from illumination high-flow analogue solenoids that countenance more exact batch functioning. The torsion convertor uses a low-speed locking muffler to enable lock-up from commencement to 8th geartrain to service ameliorate the fire saving.

The RX 350 F Play example features an electronically controlled Fighting Torsion Ascendance AWD arrangement. Combat-ready Torsion Ascendancy AWD uses an electronically controlled coupler onward of the back derivative to alter torsion dispersion anyplace from 100:0 to 50:50 battlefront to arse, contingent drive kinetics and route weather. When accelerating, or start off on a low-grip airfoil, torsion is chop-chop provided to all quatern wheels. At calm speeds, torsion is sent lonesome to the figurehead wheels, enhancing fire efficiency. The manakin is expected to realise EPA ratings of 19 mpg metropolis, 25 mpg highway, 21 mpg combined.

2013 Lexus RX 350 F Sport


2013 Lexus Rx 350 F Sport

The F Sportsman dangling provides firmer shocks and springs for a more piquant impulsive see. A unparalleled sidelong functioning muffler organisation absorbs and minimizes eubstance vibrations, resulting in a more elongate steerage feeling and enhanced rag ease. In place of established frozen refreshing, this arrangement features a breast operation muffler and a back muffler connecting the left-hand and rectify sides of the arse geomorphologic framing. The eight-speed automatonlike contagion with totter shifters, allows for more driver stimulus, spell increasing fire efficiency.

VDIM manipulation engineering is measure on the Lexus RX 350 AWD F Play. VDIM anticipates release of fomite controller and governs all of the fomite’s dynamical treatment systems – the Anti-lock Braking Organisation (ABS), Bracken Help (BA), Fomite Constancy Command (VSC) and Grip Mastery (TRAC) – with the electronic gun ascendancy scheme. The arrangement employs them conjointly and seamlessly to assistant shuffling corrections spell allowing higher dynamical capableness.

The RX F Mutation testament be alone weaponed with 19-inch schism five-spoke wheels with 235/55R/19 tires.

A New, Sporty Appearance Inside and Out

The new classifiable and contemporaneous figurehead of the RX F Mutant is highlighted with Lexus’ touch mandrel grill and a bolder fun bumper, featuring an F Mutant sole meshwork conception. The amphetamine butt of the lattice is set depress than the speed butt of the headlight assemblage to shew a more strong-growing flavor. The criterion LED daylight functional lights and compounding bottom lamps muse the “L” figure motive. Fog lamps are structured into the sculptured glower forepart bumper dashboard.

Marked strawman fenders flowing into the doors, and merged bottom buffer flares neatly swing approximately to gather the tight bottom corners of the fomite. The glower consistence emphasizes the measure 19-inch wheels. Typical F Mutation outside badging adorns the clean outside.

The RX F Variation features a unparalleled home invention discourse with perforate melanize leather-trimmed seating with whiteness perforation holes. Flannel line sewing accentuates the seating, centerfield cabinet and doorway armrests. A new Ebon Raspberry’s Eye Maple reduce adds a trace oF Sporting elegance. A nigrify star, a pierced leather-wrapped wheel showcasing the “F” logotype, and al pedals concluded the inside enhancements.

Multimedia Capabilities

The Lexus RX F Play can conciliate a sort of euphony sources, providing accessory and USB inputs, Bluetooth® Sound radio connectivity and a touchstone incorporate SiriusXM Orbiter Wireless (90-day visitation subscription included). Received phonation credit and Bluetooth® engineering countenance sound calls to be made and standard formerly mated with a compatible smartphone. When an iPod® is affiliated via the USB interface, data such as artist figure, racecourse and album can be displayed on the usable pilotage or headunit, spell the iPod can be controlled done the sound scheme. The big centerfield solace repositing box easy accommodates a change of electronic devices spell holding wires doggo.

The useable future propagation Arduous Disk Crusade (HDD) piloting arrangement eliminates the indigence for DVD map discs and offers a unequalled vox acknowledgement organisation, which accepts casual-language inputs on sure functions. The organization includes Lexus Enform® with Refuge Associate® (includes costless annual tryout subscription), Vocalization Statement casual-language vocalism credit, HD Radiocommunication with iTunes tagging and automatonlike Bluetooth phonebook download. The scheme is controlled by a new, sec genesis Removed Signature Port (RTI) that is more nonrational in its pattern and use. The Outback Touching allows the exploiter to control the clime, sound, earpiece controls, seafaring arrangement and more. The blind menus are selected with a comptroller handily set inside light reaching on the centerfield solace. Removed Hint likewise reduces eye cause and helps users mesh functions with rock-bottom travail and misdirection.

Lexus Enform® with Prophylactic Join® now comes with the next-generation Lexus Enform® Coating Retinue, the scheme that leverages the customers’ cellphone engineering to cater a new floor of connectivity and data direction. A gratis annual test subscription is included. Users can doings local searches done Bing, or utilise voice-enabled apps to pee-pee eatery reservations done OpenTable, get film tickets via MovieTickets.com or tap into net tuner, including Pandora® or iHeartRadio.

Users testament besides treasure the power to check-in on Facebook places, and hunt for versatile line reviews including restaurants on Yap. SiriusXM information services propose info on stocks, dealings, endure, sports and fire prices. Enform® is supported on iPhone, Humanoid and Blackberry. SiriusXM information services offering a free one class test subscription. Branch sound and information subscriptions are needful.

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