2013 Lexus Gs 450H

Lexus GS 450h

With a fivesome fomite loanblend line-up, Lexus reinforces its committal to cross engineering with the all-new 2013 Lexus GS 450h. When it was introduced for the 2007 modelling yr, the GS 450h was the kickoff hybrid-powered sumptuousness variation saloon to embark the mart. Nowadays, the Lexus GS 450h is the reality’s low bounty functioning saloon to be equipt with a V6 Atkinson wheel gas locomotive and two-motor loanblend arrangement, in a strawman locomotive rear-wheel driving fomite.

The loanblend variant of the 2013 GS 350 incorporates improvements to its cross powertrain and is equipt with a endorsement multiplication Lexus Loan-blend Campaign organization. Lexus GS 450h engineers deliver aimed for reductions in fire usance and emissions, patch providing stimulating operation.

With a totality arrangement exponent outturn of 338 hp, the Lexus GS 450h leave quicken effortlessly from 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds. Conversely, fire phthisis is expected to be improved by more 30 percentage. The GS 450h is targeting corroboration as a Super-Ultra Low Emissions Fomite II (SULEV II). The new GS crossbreed besides features a Campaign Mood chooser. In add-on to the Rule modality, the driver can custom-make the impulsive receive victimisation Eco, Variation S, Variation S+ and EV modes.

“The all-new GS 450h volition offer our customers with an exciting portmanteau of operation and preciseness in a new loanblend packet,” aforesaid Score Templin, Lexus aggroup v.p. and oecumenical coach in the U.S. “With its active outside styling, spacious midland and forward-looking engineering features, the GS 450h foster demonstrates Lexus’ subordination of the luxuriousness loan-blend.”

2013 Lexus GS 450h


As with all Lexus intercrossed vehicles, the new Lexus GS 450h is a wide loanblend open of operational in gas-only or electric-only modes, likewise as a compounding of both. Its Lexus Intercrossed Cause organisation features an ultra-smooth run, Atkinson bicycle 3.5-liter V6 locomotive paired to a compress, high-output, water-cooled perm attraction galvanising drive. The two powerplants effort the arse wheels both severally and tandem, prn.

In summation to the gas locomotive and galvanising motive, the new GS 450h’s loan-blend crusade scheme a source; a high-performance nickel-metal hydride shelling; a might schism twist which, via planetal reducing gears, combines and re-allocates mightiness from the locomotive, galvanic drive and source according to usable requirements; and a constrict superpower ascendancy whole to rule the gamy amphetamine interaction of the scheme components.

Altered specifically for the loan-blend powertrain and a offset for bounty operation sedans, the 3.5-liter V6, DOHC locomotive benefits from various expert improvements including the acceptance of the Atkinson Oscillation locomotive figure to optimise the fuel-efficient benefits of Lexus Loan-blend Crusade.

Densification is delayed in an Atkinson Oscillation locomotive, because the inhalation valves closing belated. This creates a mellow elaboration proportion for less compaction, reduction consumption and fumes push losings and converting burning zip to locomotive powerfulness more efficaciously.

A eminent densification proportion of 13:1; a new, mid-port ingestion tum author; and the acceptance of the up-to-the-minute development of Lexus’ four-stroke, engineer shot engineering, D-4S, avail the Lexus GS 450h reach bettor fire use.

With one injector installed in the burning bedchamber and a indorsement mounted in the inspiration porthole, D-4S combines the strengths of both engineer and porthole injectant, realizing optimal locomotive efficiency end-to-end the mightiness ring and up torsion crossways the rev scope, patch minimizing fire uptake and emissions.

The D-4S organization features new slit-type injector nozzles with a limited larboard configuration, a higher fire force for more effective burning, and laze embrasure injectant for improved NHV characteristics.

Locomotive interference, quiver and detrition get been lowered done the acceptation of whippersnapper string engineering.

2013 Lexus Gs 450H

The chilling functioning of the crossbreed organisation’s Exponent Mastery Whole (PCU) helps cut fire intake and has been improved done the borrowing of double chilling paths and a single-piece, incorporated AC/DC convertor.

Organisation mastery has been enhanced. The PCU boosts motive campaign potential to a uttermost 650V in Mutation fashion and limits it to a utmost of 500V in Eco fashion nether pattern impulsive weather where utmost yield is not requisite. The drive is goaded at depress potential to allow a more environmentally-advanced drive execution to avail heighten fire efficiency.

The galvanising motive features barge mounts and rock-bottom rubbing. The scheme’s regenerative braking procedure reach has been expanded, conducive to farther improvements in fire efficiency. In gain, the shelling layout has been redesigned. A new buxom constellation maximising baggage infinite allows the 2013 GS 450h to bear more hold than the late coevals gas modeling.


All second-generation GS cross models birth a new program that is intentional to be more strict compared to the former models. Engineers conducted all-embracing program examination, finally increasing the act of berth welds and adding laser welds in identical particular locations. The raceway deeds in combining with a revised dangling figure to ascertain a more firm posture and master cornering functioning.

The new suspension is intentional to helper draw the 2013 GS done corners with preciseness. In the strawman, amphetamine and depress ascendence blazon are made from al and utilize bigger bushings. The backside subframe has been wholly redesigned to oblige an all-new multi-link bum hiatus, victimization improved dangling geometry that retains jade cornering effect and enhances bum controller. With the stiffer program and flatboat components, the shocks can use lighter-viscosity oil, so they movement well and reply to minor inputs more chop-chop.

The use of breast and bottom al ascendence weaponry helps cut unsprung weightiness and results in meaning improvements in nimbleness, paradiddle damping, rally comforter, torso ascendence and steerage preciseness. Boilersuit, the respite is ignitor and stronger, allowing it to respond to driver remark promptly, and rally softly without rigorousness. Ventilated disk brakes featuring four-piston al breast calipers includes the modish electronic enhancements to avail cater braking counterweight and ascendancy.

The stock 17-inch admixture wheels are opposite with 225/50R17 tires spell the optional 18-inch metal wheels are weaponed with 235/45R18 tires. The Lexus GS 450h’s Electronically Controlled Braking (ECB) arrangement characteristics let been limited to furnish greater reactivity from the get-go contact of the bike.

Safety/Security Features

Same the GS 350, the GS 450h leave be banner furnished with 10 airbags, including a genu airbag for both driver and presence rider. Bum behind occupants bear seat-mounted incline airbags, and all quatern outboard occupants are equipt with slope drapery airbags. Likewise received are new Whiplash Decrease (WIL) strawman seating that tighten the spa betwixt the resident’s mind and headrest, to helper restrain overweening caput campaign, and assistant reduction the rigor of whiplash-type injuries in sealed types of collisions. Criterion seatbelts with pretensioners with effect limiters victimized for presence and outboard arse seating boost attend occupier security.

Usable options to helper farther heighten safe admit a pre-collision scheme, which uses the dynamical radian sail ascendance arrangement to render betimes admonitory of approaching objects that mightiness outcome in a hit. The organization too uses a Lexus commencement infrared camera to supervise the driver’s eyes to bridle on driver position. In the result that the driver does not look to be look advancing when a hit appears impendent, the arrangement volition savant the admonitory at an before doorway. If the driver calm does not react and micturate the allow channelise, the organization bequeath tiro ignitor braking intercession capable two seconds anterior to encroachment, intentional to service to diminish the harshness of the hit.

Former uncommitted prophylactic systems admit a Night-sight Arrangement that enhances driver visibleness at dark; Heads Up Expose (HUD); a Subterfuge Smear Supervise that helps discover vehicles in bottom/incline unsighted floater; and Lane Living Serve (LKA) with Lane Going Admonitory (LDW). LKA provides a pocket-sized sum of participating direction torsion to assistance asseverate path, piece the LDW have alerts the driver if the scheme detects that the fomite is first to gallery out of the lane.

2013 Lexus Gs 450H

Exterior Design

The 2013 GS expresses a new coevals of Lexus’ innovation ism with its just sculptured outside and leave lede the relaxation of the card in an alone new focusing. When designers molded the GS they pictured the airflow approximately it and, same the LFA supercar, maximized streamlined efficiency.

Undivided to the cross modelling is a unequaled three-lamp invention that aligns the blinker and Lexus-first highschool and depression LED lamps in a i horizontal row. The improved light and air ambit provided by LED lamps offers improve profile level below blue drive weather. In plus, the back bumper of the Lexus GS 450h covers the discharge pipage apertures. The GS 450h can too be magisterial by Lexus’ touch disconsolate cross badging.

The GS fuses classifiable panache with technology functionality. Fins corporate into the slope of the quarter lamps and the figure of the body domain all service engineer air ended and by the car. The arse bumper underbelly arena was intentional for rock-bottom winding resistivity to avail donjon the car calm. Lastly, air inlets placed on the outer edges of the lour grillwork help as chilling ducts.

The touch mandrel lattice with its trapezoidal contours evolved from flow Lexus styling and full integrates into the fast-growing forepart bumper allowing for effective airflow. This typical Lexus conception sport combined with the sunken, hi-tech headlamps and L-shaped LED day operative lamps advance verbalise the fomite’s sure-footed and dynamical part.

From the incline, the GS projects the simulacrum of a roomy fun saloon with a road-hugging wider position. The tapering depress cradle board and the curt presence beetle springiness the fomite a signified of question. Width-enhancing strawman and ass rack arches adds an gymnastic posture enhancing the fomite’s active bearing.

2013 Lexus Gs 450H

The ass bumper features centered aero fins to assistance mastery underbelly airflow. Combined with the L-shaped LED empennage lamps, a Lexus invention cue, these bottom bumper features loan a high-performance appearing. Boilersuit, the new GS tack metallic represents a substantial prolongation of the Lexus L-finesse ism that is the inwardness of all Lexus merchandise pattern.

The GS line-up volition boast ternary colours that are new to the Lexus semblance pallet: Riviera Red, Meteoroid Blueing Isinglass and Liquified Pt. Vehicles in Riviera Red bequeath welfare from ice flakes integrated into the application that adds a highschool storey of glare to the pigment. Lexus engineers highly-developed a new sophisticated coat outgrowth for Liquidness Pt exteriors. The GS bequeath be the low Lexus to dramatise this new application engineering. Vehicles with the Fluid Pt outside leave look more beaming as an extra metal grain gives both solid blending and outlined, acute highlights. This metal consequence makes pernicious and outlined bodylines more obtrusive and the coat look fine milled.

Interior Design

The Lexus GS 450h testament portion the like epicurean and technical comforts as its gas vis-a-vis, including succeeding genesis Outside Hint; analogue time with LED indicators, carven from an ingot; and a new energy-saving machine clime ascendancy organization called S-Flow that focuses airflow sole to the battlefront domain where passengers are really sitting. A few illustrious differences admit a bamboo-finished wheel which reinforces the sustainability of the GS 450h, and the loanblend admonisher.

2013 Lexus Gs 450H

“Thither is no former mid-luxury crossbreed comparable the new GS 450h,” aforementioned Lexus’Templin. “The manipulation, quickening, and conception of this Lexus loan-blend are immaculate. We can’t hold for customers to driving one.”

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