2013 Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender

Country Wanderer Withstander customers quest a higher degree of spec can now raise their fomite tied advance with iii extra options and a quality of two new consistency colors, Barolo Lightlessness and Havana.

Options of a new agio behind designing, upgraded in-car amusement and a quality of quadruplet new counterpoint cap colors are now useable to Commonwealth Scouter Protector customers.

Significant improvements were made to the spec death class, including entry of the EU5 2.2-litre diesel, ventilated discs, item improvements to the internal and new choice packs to the ‘S’ and ‘SE’ trimness levels. Iii speed-limiting options were besides added for fade users deficient to gain from effectual controller of fire costs.

“The ingathering of the Nation Roamer Withstander has been reinforced with the chance for customers to raise their drive solace and besides to individualize their fomite with a grasp of counterpoint cap colors. Underpinned by the sinewy 2.2-litre diesel and its go anyplace capableness, the iconic Guardian retains the tough collection that it’s invariably been famed for but now with tied greater client prize,” says Lavatory Edwards, Domain Wanderer Planetary Sword Manager.

Three New Options

In 2012, the Farming Wanderer Shielder gained a issue of new choice packs in gain to the ‘S’ and ‘SE’ cut levels. Customers can now foster heighten their Protector’s looks, comfortableness and versatility with a selection of ternary more options besides as the quality of two new personify colors, Barolo Blacken and Havana.

2013 Land Rover Defender

Choice of Contrast Roof

Impudent new, counterpoint cap colors can now be elect against the bulk of the Nation Roamer Protector key pallette. In improver to the received Fuji Whiten, customers can now opt for Santorini Nigrify, Indus Ag, Orkney Greyness or Firenze Red. The Firenze Red e.g., can be elect with the Santorini Lightlessness cap and the Baltic Disconsolate with Indus Flatware or just continue their personify gloss.

New Premium Seat Design

2013 Land Rover Defender

Bounty role leather seating which shape your personify are useable to the driver and movement backside rider, sportsmanlike the Commonwealth Scouter logotype on the back. The stylus of the backside course enhances drive reinforcement and comfortableness ended the toughest of terrain. An structured, inwardness sew occupation on the headrest is too seeable and adoptive to the stream stock bottom in the Domain Roamer Withstander.

Upgraded In-Car Entertainment System

The foundation sound scheme for the Farming Roamer Withstander has a single-slot CD participant, USB, Aux jackass and 4x50W elaboration with an optional sound raise usable for Bluetooth connectivity with distant mike. This can be enhanced foster with the optional, Alpine-branded Hi Pipeline 150W low visibility subwoofer organisation with 10cm coaxal speakers replacement the touchstone units.

The Demesne Scouter Withstander continues to whirl foursome choice packs which represent of the pursual:

  • Consolation Pack- Air conditioning, CD Instrumentalist with accessory stimulant and contraption camp.
  • Outside Pack- Brunel wicket and headlight surrounds, eubstance colorful ceiling, cycle arches and slope runners.
  • Leather Pack- Share leather seating and leather wheel uncommitted on all consistence styles.
  • Off-Road Pack- ABS, enceinte responsibility rim and MTR tire, tow egg and under-ride aegis bar.
  • A quetch melanise See hoodlum is besides useable as an alternative and a field ecru bonnet for the 110 Doubling Cab Learn. Both options are in increase to existent styles.

    All models bear tinted methamphetamine and thither’s the pick of role leather criterion seating in add-on to the new agiotage seating.

    2.2-litre diesel engine

    2013 Land Rover Defender

    The EU5 2.2-litre diesel replaced the EU4 2.4-litre diesel in 2012, twin it for powerfulness, torsion and fire uptake, whilst a wide acoustical locomotive blanket replaced the former spatter screening, reduction radiated locomotive dissonance and up drive civilization.

    The 2.2-litre diesel produces 122PS@3,500rpm and torsion of 360Nm@2,000rpm, handsome a 0-60mph metre of 14.7 seconds and a top amphetamine of 90mph. CO2 emissions on the combined cycles/second are 266g/km for the Commonwealth Wanderer Guardian 90 and 295g/km for the 110 and 130.

    The GFT MT 82 six-speed gearbox has an fantabulous proportion bedcover, heights top train for cruising and enhanced low-speed grovel capableness. The lour low offers low creep speeding qualification towing on-road and off-road practically easier. The miserable locomotive torsion besides helps in-gear speedup and the marvellous 6th pitch ensures splendid real-world cruising, nicety and fire saving. Background gears in both the gearbox and transport box service lend to the civilisation of the transmittance.

    Versatile Interior

    2013 Land Rover Defender

    The Demesne Roamer Withstander’s fascia continues to be based on a one, great modelling supported on a full-bodied blade rails to helper excrete squeaks and rattles. The instruments ply unclutter, concise data to the driver with LED miniature. Various stowing shelves are handily placed for both the driver and rider and two soothe options are usable: a hardheaded open-tray figure that keeps contents to script and a great, lidded innovation that provides an telling 14 litres of stowing.

    A hefty heat and ventilation is intentional to match the well-nigh utmost climates and features aluminum shell and fin hotness exchangers to have telling functioning.

    2013 Land Rover Defender

    Grandiloquent breast seating are intentional to better uttermost binding reinforcement and headrest bioengineering in the well-nigh demanding of drive weather and thither are rich, supportive irregular row seating too. The 110 Wagon, 110 Two-baser Cab Percolate and 130 Bunch Cab models, can well reconcile trey occupants on an asymmetrically-split arcsecond row bum. The Waggon derivatives get a spring-assisted plica mechanics which helps when fold the seating and when carrying heavy or ill-chosen dozens.

    Domain Roamer Withstander 90 Wagon endorsement row occupants gain from a duo of mortal, lifesize, forward-facing back seating. Providing first-class ease levels, these seating are too useable as a tierce row pick on the 110 Wagon. Accessed either done the bum doorway or by foldaway the endorsement row seating, they can be easy folded and stowed obliquely in the loadspace.

    2013 Land Rover Defender

    Ass trims admit long-lasting all-vinyl and material specifications also as the half-leather touchstone arse alternative and new Agiotage seating. Three-point condom belts are specified for all seats positions.

    Unique Vehicle Architecture

    Demesne Scouter Guardian’s unequalled fomite architecture clay unaltered. The build bod is usable in iii dissimilar wheelbases and in both stock and heavy-duty pretext (for level greater supporting capabilities). A sum of 14 break personify styles – from pick-ups and soft-tops to gang cabs and post wagons – are produced on the mainstream line. Bey this, Nation Roamer’s Engineered To Rescript squad fling a grasp of products from criterion drop-side or box-body conversions to tailored invention and anatomy adaptations.

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