2013 Kia K9

Kia K9

Kia’s all-new lavishness flagship taphouse, the Kia K9, has foregone on sale in Korea, introducing Kia to an completely new section of the worldwide self-propelling mart. The impinging new rear-wheel cause volition be launched in a figure of key oversea markets start in the 4th quartern of 2012.

2013 Kia K9

With a 5,090 mm boilersuit duration and 3,045 mm wheelbase, Kia K9 offers generous forepart and back occupier distance. Boilersuit breadth and peak are 1,900 mm and 1,490 mm, severally, which creates a broad cabin surroundings.

Initially, Kia K9 leave be usable in roughly abroad markets powered by an upgraded 290 ps Lambda V6 3.8-litre MPI locomotive, with a 334 ps 3.8-litre GDI locomotive connection the worldwide locomotive line-up in 2013.

The all-new pothouse testament premier a stove of ripe opulence features and technologies, including amply adaptative all-LED headlamps, Lane Expiration Cautionary Arrangement (LDWS), radar-based Blind-Spot Sensing (BSD), a 17-speaker Dictionary (by Harman) vocalise organization, Impertinent Sail Controller (SCC) and an Around-View Admonisher (AVM) with iv cameras.

Every K9 comes with Kia’s all-new eight-speed machinelike transmitting. The all-embracing scatter of geartrain ratios guarantees spanking quickening and high-velocity nicety, spell shift-by-wire (SBW) engineering with a stick ascendancy delivers loyal, smoothen gearing changes.

2013 Kia K9

K9 is Kia’s get-go rear-wheel effort saloon. It boasts Kia’s “better of the outflank” figure, impulsive execution and heights engineering capabilities and is regarded as one of 2012’s well-nigh thirstily awaited all-new models in both Korean and oversea markets.

2013 Kia K9

This modeling’s Korean mart epithet, K9, volition concluded Kia’s domesticated commercialise “K” serial compass of rider cars, whose members besides admit the front-wheel thrust K5 (Optima in abroad markets) and K7 (Cadenza in oversea markets) sedans.

2013 Kia K9

The missive “K” represents not lone Kia and the fellowship’s plate nation of Korea, but likewise refers to the Greek intelligence “Kratos” (significant muscular, mastery and predominate) and the English parole “Energising” (import alive, dynamical).

The “K” serial triple of sedans is a stiff instruction of Kia’s conclusion to offering consumers the broadest merchandise line-up and found itself as a major bearing in the world self-propelling industriousness done incessant instauration and technical developments.

The Kia K9’s outside gives unanimous configuration to the latterly released sketches of the new modelling, and presents its innovation conception, “hi-tech sumptuosity saloon” epitome, with futurist, advanced and typical charisma.

Kia K9 is the up-to-the-minute lengthiness of Kia’s evolving figure DNA, carrying its family-look grille, bluff “hi-tech sumptuosity car” flair LED headlamps, with graeco-roman innovation echoes in its twisty cap. Viewed from the movement, Kia K9 presents an magisterial and characterful epitome.

2013 Kia K9

Moreover, the advanced and sheer visibility with its unproblematic but stiff fiber cable and the innovational and unchanging behind aspect with its hi-tech LED compounding lamps, gilded chromium-plate garnishee and bumper-integrated damper, completes the parameters for unharmed new story of lavishness car figure.

“K9 is all roughly refined easiness, balanced proportions and unproblematic surfaces,” says Kia’s Chieftain Innovation Officeholder, Prick Schreyer. “The class-leading yearn wheelbase, the prestigiousness space, great wheels, crisply just shortstop overhangs and a hanker wholesale berm pipeline all employment unitedly in a concord to commit K9 a showy, acrobatic proportionality and a positive position quintessential to a agiotage heavy rear-wheel cause fomite.”

2013 Kia K9

“K9 is a open signalise of our design and decision to vie tete-a-tete with the European opulence brands. And for Kia, our customers, and for me – this car is alike a ambition get on-key,” concludes Schreyer.

Soon-Nam Lee, Conductor of the Abroad Selling Grouping, aforementioned, “K9 is our beginning rear-wheel effort great saloon, created without compromise in its innovation, impulsive functioning and new technologies. K9 sets a unit new story of standards and values in the heavy saloon section, and its designing bequeath be another Kia presentation of our blade’s index to storm the man.”

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