2013 Kia Cub Concept

Kia CUB Concept

Kia Motors sprang a major storm on visitors to the 2013 Seoul Outside Drive Appearance in Korea with the earth premier of its all-new Kia CUB Construct.

Intentional at the Kia hq studio in Seoul, below the focussing of Chair and Head Innovation Officeholder, Shaft Schreyer, the CUB is less than quadruplet meters longsighted, has rearward-opening bottom doors and an ‘access-all-areas’ national construct without traditional B-pillars, providing splendid admission to the richly cut cabin.

“The new Kia CUB is a squeeze, four-door coupe created with a crystalize center impulsive execution and practicality,” comments Thomas Oh, Elderly Administrator V.p. and COO, Kia Motors Corp. “Styled to prayer to trendsetting urban dwellers, the CUB features a prosperous four-seater cabin which generates an excited, feel-good reaction and delivers quotidian, real-world benefits.”

2013 Kia Cub Concept

The outside styling of the Kia CUB Construct highlights that it is both silken and pocket-size, with a pollyannaish boldness and a hardihood fibre. Conception features created by Prick Schreyer for the 2007 Kia Kee 2+2 concept are revisited in a new mannikin. The CUB’s intrude has a all-encompassing wrap-around ‘speak’ and thither is a ‘dip’ in the top of the windscreen – a motive that is featured on Optima, Sportage and Cadenza models. The modish rendering of wicket is a shallower figure incorporating the turbocharger’s air inlet, highlighted in trunk coloration.

2013 Kia CUB Concept

The headlamps boast two-point LED lights – exchangeable to those which commencement appeared on the Kia Quoris great flagship saloon in 2012. Big 19-inch metal wheels satisfy the wheelarches and the movement doors suffer streamlined ‘turning-vanes’ at sill story to streamline and add definition the CUB’s flanks.

2013 Kia Cub Concept

At the behind, LED ass lights ended the agio flavour of the outside and the wind discourse derived from Kia’s Kee conception car is replicated at the quarter to punctuate the breadth of the fomite.

The super-smooth outside, with its gush glazing, minimum-drag annexe mirrors and robotlike touch-type threshold handles, promises ultra-low sleek draw. A two-color blusher conclusion with clean stripes hints at the CUB’s high-performance potentiality, patch the car’s large-minded running gives it an stately posture.

2013 Kia Cub Concept

Four-seater luxury cabin

With quartet person seating, the CUB’s inside presents a singular ambiance. The cabin creates the adept of a voluptuous coupe and is cut in inkiness leather with chickenhearted coloration accents roughly the seating, threshold armrests and wheel.

2013 Kia Cub Concept

The instrumentate constellate innovation is divine by the eyes of a wilderness beast. The center-stack pattern is minimalist with an air release controlled by trace detector. For supernumerary prophylactic, the wheel rim is able of monitoring the driver`s biorhythms.

Besides as a steering-wheel, thither is a DIS (Drive Info Arrangement) restrainer machine-accessible to a gesticulate camera which provides easier functioning spell impulsive. With clear motions, drivers can rig apiece card on the centre showing. Hinting at the high-performance nature of the Kia CUB Construct, thither is a tuffet provided in the forepart rider footwell.

2013 Kia Cub Concept

Turbocharged 204 ps engine

The Kia CUB Conception powertrain features a new edition of the troupe’s 1.6-liter GDI (gasolene organize injectant) locomotive – latterly confirmed as the powerunit for the new Kia pro_cee’d GT and cee’d GT sold in Europe.

Fitted with a twin-scroll turbocharger and reinforced intimate components, the new locomotive generates 51% more mightiness (204 ps) and 60% more torsion (265 Nm) than the habitue 1.6 whole. This locomotive enables both of Kia’s European GT models, with a six-speed manual transmitting, to speed to 100 kph in 7.7 seconds and reaching a top fastness of 230 kph.

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