2013 Kia Carens

Kia Carens

The design-led gyration that has wholly transformed Kia’s icon and impelled the caller towards class abaft twelvemonth of book sales comes good roofy with the arriver of the all-new, third-generation Kia Carens septenary ass MPV.

Nether Chairwoman and Boss Designing Officeholder Putz Schreyer, Kia has replaced its total orbit of cars with new models that collection for their manner and caliber as often as for their appraise and practicality – beat less than one-half a ten. In the like menstruation authoritative extra recession models wish the Soul and Venga get been added.

All versions of the new Kia Carens in the UK let a various and wide seven-seat national. Thither are ternary extremely effective and forward-looking engines, two transmissions and tercet trimming and equipment packages.

Stylishly practical

Kia is not claiming to bear re-invented the MPV with the new Carens. But it provides all the board and versatility of its competitors patch offer something they all deficiency: flair.

MPVs survive to play the wide-ranging inevitably of families kinda than turning heads. The new Kia Carens has been intentional to do both. It exhibits yet another interpreting of the Kia pattern speech masterminded by Schreyer…active, graceful, esteemed, warm and typical. In client clinics conducted in Europe, the new Carens came out beforehand of its major European competitors for its well-rounded appearing.

2013 Kia Carens

Care the up-to-the-minute Sportage SUV – another root passing from the manakin it replaced, and one that has been at the vanguard of Kia’s rocketing sales – the new Carens is a car citizenry testament neediness to own instead than one bought out inevitably.

The new Kia Carens is 20mm shorter, 15mm narrower and 45mm glower than the simulation it replaces, which agency that in sizing it sits someplace betwixt the five-seat and seven-seat models from competitors. Yet thanks to a 50mm growth in wheelbase and lour bum positions it more matches them for blank, with abundant caput, leg and berm board altogether 3 rows of seating, piece delivering the extra benefits of increased baggage distance and a lour load lip. The boilersuit altitude of 1605mm is one of the last-place in category and 5mm glower thereto of the Mortal.

Thither are now iii someone sliding and reclining centre-row seating in situation of a rent terrace and two reprint seating in the behind, all of which sheepfold apartment to ascertain the ultimate in passenger-to-cargo versatility. A yearner, wider and taller baggage ar and – first – an under-floor compartment to depot the freight cover adds to the practicality of the new Carens. The figurehead rider’s buns too folds mat to earmark exceptionally farsighted heaps to be carried.

This has all been achieved inside a snappy, aerodynamic and sportsmanlike visibility distinctive of the Schreyer-inspired modernistic Kia flavor. This is not strictly for stylus. Aeromechanics – and, as a resultant, fire efficiency and nicety – likewise profit. Three-d slope surfaces add to the active appearing of the new Carens. Delta chalk features arse the A-pillars and leading of the C-pillars to see uttermost face profile, spell on the bulk of models a chromium-plate bang cable runs on the distance of the face windows and rises as it meets the C-pillar, adding an refined and flashy copestone.

Body-coloured or chromium-plate outside doorway handles and body-coloured doorway mirrors (with LED indicators and curbing lights on all but entry-level versions) are otc agiotage touches, and well-nigh models suffer new-style metal wheels and surface-mounted cap track.

The figurehead of the new Kia Carens is henpecked by the now comrade Schreyer ‘tiger-nose’ lattice with a chromium-plate border and either nigrify or high-gloss inkiness meshwork. The forepart is sharp contoured and copious, differentiating the Carens from the flatbed, blunt show of nearly MPVs. Book is too a boast of the fashionable headlamp units that admit, as stock, cornering lights and LED day functional lamps.

At the behind, a wider tailboard and windowpane accentuate the solidness and practicality of the new Carens, with no dilution of the cohesive boilersuit excogitation. Melanise garnishee below the bottom bumper and a touchstone backside mollycoddler with an built-in high-ranking stoplight keep the dynamical show of the figurehead and sides. Virtually versions characteristic a chromium-plate tailboard closer.

Quality through and through

The new Kia Carens maintains the bound in calibre with every sequential new simulation from Kia, thanks to the posh materials and advanced particularisation. The full dashboard and wreck pad bear been burst into an amphetamine entropy are and a depress mastery region for rest of use, with all switches located precisely where the driver would bear them to be.

The cabin reduce is characterised by minimum venire gaps and soft-to-the-touch surfaces. Apiece clipping course comes ended with its own alone arse substantial – melanise fabric, blacken woven textile with keep-clean grain or a pick of two leathers. A leather-trimmed wheel and gearshifter with chromium-plate besiege are measure, on with imitation leather trim on function or all of the threshold interiors. The two speed shave grades sustain blacken high-gloss panels with a lattice rule in the bolt, amphetamine inwardness cabinet, doors and wheel spokes, and all models birth metal cultivation threshold handles and chromium-plate accents inside the cabin.

The increased quad inside the cabin and bang is reflected in the improved and more level-headed reposition and serviceableness features of the new Carens. The banner cooled glovebox is supplemented by second-row under-floor warehousing, a heart soothe box, breast and back threshold pockets prominent decent to grip drinks bottles and battlefront seat-back pockets. The battlefront arse backs besides let fold-up tables with cupholders in about versions, and thither are cupholders in the indorsement and thirdly rows. The middle-row center buns folds to make a postpone.

The new-style presence seating render greater accompaniment in the berm country for taller occupants. Ten-way superpower alteration for the driver, and intact heaters in both breast seating, are measure with the highest passementerie course. The mortal second-row seating are light for easier alteration and foldaway, and all tercet get constitutional three-point buns belts. A tilting and sliding mechanics on the outer two improves entree to the back. Third-row seating are likewise easier to motility as a solution of the debut of set but jackanapes pliant parts, and redesigned header restraints see no obstructor to the driver’s behind profile when the seating are untenanted.

Efficient and fun to drive

The new Carens is useable with a selection of trey direct-injection engines – one gas and two turbodiesels – which parcel the park characteristics of stiff execution, great fire efficiency and first-class driveability and nuance.

The gas locomotive is the 1.6-litre Gamma GDi direct-injection whole that, with 133bhp and 165Nm of torsion, ensures relaxed freeway functioning and easy-to-drive, elastic responses in stop-start impulsive. Combined fire saving is 44.1mpg, with well more 53mpg potential when cruising, patch CO2 emissions are an imposingly low 149g/km. But this is not at the disbursal of alert operation. The gasoline Carens can quicken from 0-60mph in 10.9 seconds and has a top hurrying of 115mph.

The new Kia Carens is likewise useable with two versions of the European-designed 1.7-litre CRDi manual transmittal turbodiesel locomotive, underdeveloped either 114bhp and 260Nm of torsion or 134bhp and 330Nm. Those eminent torsion figures are retained concluded a wide-cut rev stove, gift the Carens sovereign driveability evening with a complement of passengers aboard. The criterion edition delivers uttermost torsion from 1,250 to 2,750rpm and 0-60mph speedup in 12.6 seconds with a 112mph top fastness. The more herculean locomotive choice develops its 330Nm betwixt 2,000 and 2,500rpm, which allows 0-60mph to be accomplished in 10.0 seconds and a top hurrying of 119mph.

The 1.7 CRDi reading with the robotic infection delivers 134bhp and 320Nm of torsion betwixt 1,750 – 2,500rpm, that allows a 0-60mph to be realised in 11.6 seconds and a top hurrying of 116mph. Fire use and CO2 emissions are 46.3mpg and 159g/km.

Both are passing houseclean and fuel-efficient. Prescribed combined bike fire phthisis and CO2 emissions are 60.1mpg and 124g/km and 56.4mpg and 132g/km severally, and a diesel particulate trickle is fitted as received.

Kia’s Levelheaded Stopover & Go (ISG) locomotive stop-start organisation is banner on all manual-gearbox models. A new accelerator conception makes drive more comfy with a conception that puts less tension on the driver’s ankle juncture.

The MacPherson cock breast and crookedness bar back abeyance has been tuned to insure accurate treatment and tight personify controller. This minimises unsuitable sidelong drive which can piddle passengers travel in the midsection and behind rows nervous. Simultaneously the hiatus is slender adequate to keep the effects of rough and scratchy roadstead from beingness matt-up in the cabin.

Kia’s Motive Compulsive Mightiness Guidance (MDPS) now has a faster proportion for more orchestrate responses and includes as received the triple-mode Turn Wind role. It allows drivers to prime a greater stratum of help (Ease) to micturate parking easier, or rock-bottom aid (Athletics) for improved high-velocity constancy. Thither is likewise a nonremittal Rule mount.

Enceinte efforts let likewise been made to guarantee the cabin is as tranquillity as it is well-fixed. New measures admit increased sparkle weft and sound-insulating pads in the ceiling pillars, a vibration-damping mainsheet on the dassie board and a bigger airway and a new resonator to buffet locomotive roaring. Thither is besides a new three-point locomotive and infection climb scheme and a temperature-insensitive driveshaft muffler that improves frigidness endure stochasticity characteristics with the gasolene locomotive.

New safety features in three highly specified packages

Guard is overriding at Kia, particularly in a exemplar intentional with phratry use in intellect. With the arriver of the new framework, various features antecedently unavailable in the Carens bear been introduced, and as with every Kia, they are stock crossways the stove.

Hill-start Assistance Restraint prevents the car from peal rearward during acclivitous starts by maintaining braking coerce until the driver touches the gas, patch the upper-level bracken lamp at the ass now includes an Pinch Closure Bespeak which causes the ignitor to flashbulb during sudden braking to monish pursual drivers. The new Carens likewise features Bracken Help to check maximal fillet index in an exigency, careless of the strength applied to the cycle by the driver, positive Fomite Stableness Direction. This links with the Electronic Constancy Ascendance to slim the quantity of guidance aid if the driver over-corrects in an pinch, and increases assist if the driver under-corrects.

The new Kia Carens has an vastly substantial eubstance case created exploitation the modish cad techniques. Hit push is spread on calculated channels to protect occupants in head-on, slope or arse impacts. The soundbox features blanket use of high-tensile hot-formed nerve in the ternary facade hit lading paths and the english pillars and sills. Considerable exploit has kaput into the consistence fabric and joints to amend inflexibility. The eubstance features strict strawman sashay mounts, strengthened upright and crossbreeding members and a annular construction some the tailboard, that is barge and more strict thanks to the use of tailor-made blanks.

The new Carens is usable with deuce-ace cut and equipment packages, badged ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’. Stock features admit protrusion headlights with cornering lamps, LED day functional lamps, electrically adjustable het threshold mirrors, driver’s arse acme modification and careen and telescopic wheel readjustment, a leather-trimmed wheel and shifter, a inwardness soothe armrest, air conditioning, ass air respiration, direction wheel-mounted controls, breast and bum powerfulness windows, sail mastery with a swiftness clipper, distant fundamental lockup, a six-speaker RDS radiocommunication/CD histrion with MP3 compatibility and Bluetooth with vocalization credit and euphony cyclosis. Trimness grades ‘1’ and ‘2’ likewise sustain a back conversation mirror, which is replaced by the controls for the bird’s-eye sunshine-roof on clipping degree ‘3’.

Mid-range ‘2’ models sustain in improver 16-inch metal wheels, privateness methamphetamine, chromium-plate windowpane clipping, fog lights, cap runway, robotlike headlamp ascendancy, rain-sensing battlefront wipers, electrically foldable doorway mirrors with LED indicators and kerbside lamps, dual-zone air conditioning, a baggage net, a portable LED baggage igniter and reversing sensors.

The top-quality ‘3’ versions are imposing by 17-inch debase wheels, a bird’s-eye sunshine-roof, leather upholstery, 10-way driver’s buns registration, het breast seating and a het wheel, aero blade-type strawman wipers with a de-icing organization, second-row sun blinds and LED version lights, and a reversing camera incorporate into the essence dashboard covert.

All versions are saved by a seven-year, 100,000-mile transferrable guarantee, Kia’s industry-leading presentation of religion in the caliber and dependability of its cars. For ret customers, Kia’s Care-3 and Care-3 Asset inflation-proof 3- and 5-year service packages are uncommitted. All ferment is undertaken by trained technicians victimization actual Kia parts and sanctioned oils. The service packages are besides moveable if the car is sold earlier they decease.


Mid-sized MPVs survive to fill the wide-ranging necessarily of families quite than twist heads. The new Carens has been intentional to do both. It exhibits yet another interpreting of the Kia designing words masterminded by Chairwoman and Head Pattern Officeholder Cock Schreyer; active, graceful, honored, warm and classifiable. In client clinics conducted in Europe, the new Kia Carens came out onward of its major European competitors for its all-around show.

Comparable the up-to-the-minute Sportage SUV – another group loss from the framework it replaced, and one that has been at the vanguard of Kia’s rocketing sales – the new Carens is a car citizenry bequeath lack to own preferably than one bought out needs.

Kia is not claiming to suffer re-invented the mid-sized MPV with the new Carens. Exhaustively European in its murder, it provides all the functionality of its competitors patch oblation something they all miss: stylus.

The battlefront of the new Carens is henpecked by the now comrade Schreyer ‘tiger-nose’ wicket with a chromium-plate butt and either lightlessness or high-gloss lightlessness honeycomb network. The movement is acutely contoured and twisty, differentiating the Carens from the matt, benumb show of nigh MPVs. The vehemence on bulk lends the Kia Carens a dynamical and flashy show done its shrewd contours and is likewise a characteristic of the fashionable headlamp units that admit, as touchstone, cornering lights and LED daylight linear lamps. All versions birth project headlights with ‘receive’ and ‘follow-me-home’ functionality, and grades ‘2’ and ‘3’ too bear reflexive headlamp command.

The amphetamine two grades besides get vertically positioned fog lamps set into a lightlessness caparison which is machine-accessible to the lour air aspiration. The bumpers of all leash cut grades are in torso colouration. The presence wipers birth a mash accomplish so that they unclutter the edges of the cover on both sides. On grades ‘2’ and ‘3’ the wipers are rain-sensing, piece on class ‘3’ they are aero blade-type and merged a de-icer.

The showy show of the new Carens is flush more discernible from the sides, where the silken visibility is distinctive of the Schreyer-inspired forward-looking Kia face. This is not strictly for stylus. Aeromechanics – and, as a resolution, fire efficiency and nuance – likewise welfare. Three-d slope surfaces, with concave sections start on the depress sharpness of the battlefront doors and mildly rise to the tracking bound of the behind doors, add to the dynamical appearing of the new Carens. The more advancing start head of the cowling adds to the snappy looks of the new Carens and besides aids aero kinetics.

Delta methamphetamine features backside the A-pillars and before of the C-pillars to ascertain maximal english visibleness, spell on the bulk of models a chromium-plate rap demarcation runs on the duration of the position windows and rises as it meets the C-pillar, adding an refined and clean capstone.

Thither are body-coloured threshold handles on course ‘1’ models and chromium-plate doorway handles on the speed two grades. All versions get body-coloured electrically adjustable and het doorway mirrors with LED indicators and kerbside lights and an electrical foldaway mechanics on all but entry-level versions. Grades ‘2’ and ‘3’ sustain new-style debase wheels of 16- or 17-inches in diam and surface-mounted ceiling track.

The ass of the new Carens is sculpturally attached to the sides and lends the car a unchanging appearing piece emphasising its practicality. A despoiler on the top abut of the tailboard, containing the LED upper-level stoplight with Exigency Blockage Signalling on all models, is a bang-up, sportsmanlike expand too as an flowing aid. The new Kia Carens has a wider tailboard and windowpane, with a concealed underframe invention for the spyglass, for added practicality. Rent, horizontal bum combining lights pee-pee consignment easier. Blacken dress with red reflectors below the back bumper underlines the practicality of the new Carens by visually stretch its breadth, and is another clean embroidery. Grades ‘2’ and ‘3’ boast a chromium-plate tailboard trim and all models birth a bum wiper mounted on the tailboard spyglass.

Inside information

The new Carens is 20mm shorter, 15mm narrower and 45mm lour than the exemplar it replaces, which agency that in sizing it sits someplace ‘tween the five-seat and seven-seat models from competitors. Yet thanks to a 50mm gain in wheelbase and lour buns positions it more matches them for spa, with abundant nous, leg and berm board altogether iii rows of seating, spell delivering the extra benefits of increased baggage spa and a lour cargo lip.

Thither are now ternary mortal sliding and reclining centre-row seating in situation of the 60:40 workbench of the late Carens, and two offprint seating in the bum, all of which faithful matted to check the ultimate in passenger-to-cargo versatility. A thirster, wider and taller baggage region and – first – an under-floor compartment to memory the consignment screenland adds to the practicality of the new Carens. The battlefront rider’s bum besides folds in one-half to tolerate exceptionally farseeing oodles to be carried. The new Kia Carens offers 71 litres more baggage quad (492 litres) than the old simulation to the cover of the second-row seating and has a 15mm lour load lip. It can adapt 1,650 litres of baggage with the second- and third-row seating matte.

The vehemence on loudness in the outside excogitation is continued in the cabin, where the horizontal layout and cleanse, elementary lines emphasise the touch of spa. Simultaneously advanced details, sybaritic materials and punctilious aid to fit and finishing uphold the spring in caliber that accompanies every serial new modelling from Kia.

The all-encompassing facia and clangor pad birth been rip into an amphetamine entropy are and a depress mastery region for informality of use, with all switches situated incisively where the driver would look them to be.

The increased place inside the cabin and flush is reflected in the improved and more thinking warehousing and serviceability features of the new Carens. The stock cooled glovebox is supplemented by a sec row under-floor repositing, a kernel solace box, breast and bottom doorway pockets heavy decent to clasp drinks bottles and figurehead seat-back pockets. The presence backside backs besides bear fold-up tables with cupholders in almost versions, and thither are cupholders in the endorsement and one-third rows. The middle-row heart ass folds to produce a postpone. Thither is too warehousing spa at either incline of the third-row seating.

The new-style figurehead seating render greater accompaniment in the berm ar for taller occupants. Ten-way superpower allowance for the driver, and intact heaters in both battlefront seating, are touchstone with the highest trimming score. The person second-row seating are flatboat for easier modification and foldaway, and all iii now sustain integral three-point backside belts. A tilting and sliding mechanics on the outer two improves accession to the arse. Third-row seating are too easier to run as a answer of the creation of inflexible but jackanapes moldable parts, and redesigned lifting mind restraints ascertain no obstructer to the driver’s back visibleness when the seating are untenanted.

Apiece shave score comes ended with its own singular ass fabric – melanise material for class ‘1’, melanise woven fabric with keep-clean grain for degree ‘2’ or a prize of two leathers for the top class. A leather-trimmed wheel and gearshifter with chromed surroundings are touchstone, on with false leather dress on the heart trimness and armrest. The two amphetamine cut grades bear high-gloss panels with a grillwork rule on the sprint, speed center solace, doors and wheel spokes, and all models bear metal destination doorway handles and chromium-plate accents on the wheel gang, powerfulness windowpane switches, air volcano bezels, bunch pack and the respective instruments rings roughly the cabin.

Inclination and telescopic allowance of the guidance pillar is a received have, and the wheel is het on the course ‘3’ simulation. The sound, Bluetooth, Bend Wind and sail command and velocity clipper buttons are unified neatly into the wheel spokes to downplay the clock the driver’s manpower bear to bequeath the pedal. Fresh intentional multi-function stalks offering improved functionality spell blend more harmoniously with the direction tower winding-sheet.


The new Carens is useable in the UK with leash passementerie and equipment packages, badged ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’. As is accustomed from Kia, all versions are highly wellspring equipt so that customers do not suffer to buy expensive options or packages.

Touchstone features admit jutting headlights with cornering lamps, LED daylight run lights, electrically adjustable het doorway mirrors, driver’s bottom altitude fitting and lean and telescopic wheel registration with a leather-trimmed wheel and shifter.

The cabin is air learned and has behind air respiration and thither is a center soothe armrest, guidance wheel-mounted controls, forepart and bottom index windows, sail ascendance with a hurrying clipper, distant key lockup, a six-speaker RDS radiocommunication/CD actor with MP3 compatibility and Bluetooth with vocalism identification and medicine cyclosis.

Trimming grades ‘1’ and ‘2’ likewise let a behind conversation mirror, that is replaced by the controls for the bird’s-eye sunshine-roof on shave score ‘3’.

Degree ‘2’ models let in improver 16-inch admixture wheels, privateness methamphetamine, chromium-plate windowpane shave, fog lights, ceiling runway, automatonlike headlamp mastery, rain-sensing strawman wipers, electrically fold doorway mirrors with LED indicators with kerbside lamps, dual-zone air conditioning and an reflex demist organization and reversing sensors.

The high-grade versions are imposing by 17-inch admixture wheels, a bird’s-eye sunshine-roof, aero blade-type battlefront wipers with a de-icing arrangement, leather upholstery, 10-way driver’s bottom allowance, het breast seating and a het wheel, second-row sun-blinds and LED recitation lights and a reversing camera incorporated into the heart facia covert.


The new Carens is usable with a pick of trey direct-injection engines – one gasoline and two turbodiesels – which plowshare the plebeian characteristics of warm functioning, salient fire efficiency and splendid driveability and elaboration. A six-speed gearbox is stock, including the robotic selection with the more muscular diesel.

The MacPherson sashay breast and contortion bar bottom abatement has been tuned to ascertain accurate manipulation and tight torso restraint. This minimises unsuitable sidelong drive that can shuffle passengers travel in the halfway and backside rows nauseated. Simultaneously the hiatus is svelte adequate to forestall the effects of jolty and mismatched roadstead from beingness mat in the cabin.

Kia’s Drive Goaded Might Guidance (MDPS) now has a faster proportion for more calculate responses and includes as banner the triple-mode Twist Tip office. This allows drivers to choice whatsoever grade of help they favor. A total ambit of electronic aids is too criterion to serve the driver and control the Carens provides best-in-class fighting condom.

Large efforts sustain too been made to check the cabin is as serenity as it is well-situated, with a packet of measures to buffet interference, shakiness and rigor (NVH). The termination of all this is that the new Carens is economic and fun to cause – with a intimation of sportiness that matches its dynamical new pattern – and well-fixed, serenity and secure to locomotion in.

Engines and transmissions

The gasoline locomotive in the new Carens is Kia’s 1.6-litre Gamma GDi whole. The new Carens is besides useable with two versions of the European-designed 1.7-litre CRDi U2 turbodiesel locomotive. A six-speed manual gearbox is fitted to all tercet exponent units, piece the more hefty of the two diesels is optionally usable with a six-speed robotic infection on the ‘2’ mark.

The Gamma gasoline locomotive develops 133bhp at 6,300rpm and 165Nm of torsion at 4,850rpm – sufficient to assure relaxed freeway execution and easy-to-drive, elastic responses in stop-start drive. It is an all-aluminium 1,591cc whole with quadruplet valves per cylinder operated by pair smash camshafts. Unceasingly varying valve timing on both the recess and fumes sides ensures gamey torsion crosswise the rev scope permanently driveability and splendid powerfulness for throughway drive.

With a condensation proportion of 11.0:1, electronic gas mastery and plunger crowns which are molded so that the now injected fire converges some the flicker plugs, it delivers undischarged operation, fire saving and emissions mastery. Fire is delivered at a press of capable 150 bar done six-hole injectors in a fire rails frozen direct to the cylinder psyche at quatern points. A hard-hitting detector controls the fuel-flow place and feedback done coerce changes in the fire track. The Gamma locomotive features an stolon crankshaft to optimize fire saving by reduction detrition losings and up the speeding reducing of the pistons round the enlargement slash.

Combined fire thriftiness is 44.1mpg, with well more 50mpg potential when cruising, piece CO2 emissions are an imposingly low 149g/km. But this is not at the disbursal of lively operation. The gas Kia Carens can quicken from 0-60mph in 10.9 seconds and has a top hurrying of 115mph.

The 1.7-litre U2 turbodiesel locomotive was engineered and intentional at Kia’s search and ontogenesis installation at Rüsselsheim in Germany. In touchstone mannikin it develops 114bhp at 4,000rpm and 260Nm of torsion from 1,250 to 2,750rpm. The higher-power reading increases this to 134bhp, distillery at 4,000rpm, and 330Nm for manual and 320Nm for automatonlike of torsion betwixt 2,000 and 2,500rpm, and 1,750 – 2,500 for reflex.

2013 Kia Carens

The U2 locomotive delivers splendid driveability. Interchangeable in building to Kia’s European-designed and reinforced 1.6-litre CRDi locomotive, but with 77.2mm cylinder bores and a 90mm plunger virgule to springiness a three-dimensional capacitance of 1,685cc, it has been intentional with the necessarily of European motorists in psyche.

The U2 CRDi turbodiesel locomotive is a 16-valve reduplicate viewgraph camshaft whole with a iron stoppage and bedplate and an al oil pan. It features hard-hitting common-rail fire shot for uttermost efficiency and a varying geometry turbocharger which adjusts the flowing of expel gases by fixing the tilt of the turbo vanes according to locomotive requirements to heave execution spell reduction fire expenditure and emissions.

Measures to raise efficiency admit an infest alternator decoupler and an advanced shelling direction organisation. Varying whirl mastery increases vortex at low-to-mid lashings to slenderize emissions and decreases it at gamy lashings to maximize powerfulness. A formative oil strain, ingestion multiply and psyche masking bear decreased its burthen, spell an isolation muffler block on the high-performance adaptation has enhanced NVH.

The banner edition of the U2 locomotive allows 0-60mph quickening in 12.6 seconds with a 112mph top hurrying. The more sinewy alternative raises the top swiftness to 119mph, with 0-60mph quickening potential in 10.0 seconds on the manual transmitting variant. Both versions are exceedingly unobjectionable and fire effective. Fire expenditure and CO2 emissions are 60.1mpg and 124g/km and 56.4mpg and 132g/km severally on the manual transmitting variant, and a diesel particulate strain is fitted as banner.

The efficiency of all manual versions of the Carens is increased by Kia’s Levelheaded Blockage & Go (ISG) layover/first organization. This switches off the locomotive when the car comes to repose and the driver puts the gear-lever into inert and releases the batch. As a termination no fire is victimised and no emissions are created when the car is stationary in dealings. The locomotive restarts as presently as the driver presses the clutch. A new throttle excogitation makes impulsive more well-situated with a pattern that puts less emphasis on the driver’s ankle voice.

ISG consists of crankshaft billet, shelling and hoover sensors asset electroneutral, on-off and grasp switches that give into an electronic restraint whole. This operates the ISG appetiser, reasoning alternator and bundle. The air conditioning units and hood shift likewise fertilise into the ISG ECU.

The crankshaft berth detector measures the starter lean during locomotive run-out and monitors it piece the fomite is stopped-up, ensuring the fledgeling is excited for as curt a clip as potential by optimising cranking and burning. The barrage detector monitors the barrage stipulation and temperature, spell the clutches and inert switches acknowledge when the driver wishes to proceed impulsive and ensures the locomotive is started. Thither is a bracken plugger pressing detector to shuffling surely the locomotive continues to maneuver if bracken hike waterfall too low.

A new heavy-duty maintenance-free AGM (Absorptive Chalk Mat) barrage delivers the mightiness necessity to run the arrangement, and sound alternator direction reduces enfeeble on the barrage piece accelerating and recharges the shelling when coasting and braking.

The six-speed manual contagion is altogether new and offers enhanced shifty operation and enduringness patch tributary towards fire efficiency. Its placid shifty activity is aided by triple-cone synchronisers and fabric-carbon synchroscope rings which maximize the rubbing country. It requires shorter movements to modification pitch and has a trigger-type dismissal clitoris for selecting reverse. A modular sack mastery mechanics reduces the turn of parts to preserve weighting, improves tone and delivers greater preciseness by reduction the accumulative allowance of the parts gathering.

The robotic gearbox which is optionally usable on level ‘2’ is one of the few in-house six-speed reflexive transmissions in the ball-shaped machine industriousness. It incorporates a unequalled ‘matted’ torsion convertor, which is one cause why it is so compress, and features trey global gearsets and quartet pennon differentials. The innovation of the hydraulic imperativeness ascendancy whole allows the transmittance’s eight-spot solenoid valves to be severally graduated at the forum embed to insure ultra-fast, shine and exact gearshifts passim the locomotive hurrying compass.

A new, smarter-looking and more space-efficient straightaway gearstick offers the driver a prime of two operational modes – full robotlike for townspeople drive, and sportsman for a more involving impulsive fashion. Therein mood, the driver can execute serial manual changes up or consume. The reflex edition of the Carens features an alive ECO transposition that, when excited, causes the transmittance to upshift as other as potential and promotes a more sparing drive stylus by delivering a softer gas reception.

Suspension, steering, brakes and electronic driver aids

Wish its predecessor, the new Carens relies on a tried-and-trusted hiatus arranging of MacPherson struts at the forepart with a torque broadcast at the backside. It is a set-up that promotes stalls and agile manipulation with a ductile and well-fixed rally and low randomness conveyance into the cabin piece winning up the minimal of blank – an crucial circumstance to play Kia’s requirements of flat-folding second- and third-row seating with the utmost potential baggage capability.

Nonetheless, thither birth been considerable improvements terminated the late scheme that enhances the car’s active qualities, comforter and civilisation. A bigger caster slant and reduced beaver tag at the presence better straight-line constancy. Trunk move below braking has been decreased by an step-up in the king-pin setoff. This is farther aided by the direction train beingness touched forward as a outcome of a drop-off in the lean of the tie-rod linkage, which has the extra good core of up steerage answer.

At the bum, more just arse dampers better steerage constancy, and a routine of measures sustain been interpreted to raise the rally caliber. The tracking arm bushes are more unbending, thither are insulated mountings in the speed construction of the muffler mountings and the inflexibility of the blow newmarket has been reduced.

Kia’s Centrifugal Impelled Powerfulness Guidance (MDPS) is again employed, but has a faster proportion (now 14.6:1) for more aim responses. It includes as received the triple-mode Turn Hint part. This allows drivers to quality a greater stratum of aid (Ease) to pee parking easier, or decreased assist (Mutation) for improved high-velocity constancy. Thither is too a nonremittal Convention circumstance. Deform Channelize has a storage office so that, e.g., if the car is parked victimization the Solace mount the like grade of help bequeath be retained upon re-start. The Kia Carens requires good 2.7 turns from lock-to-lock for a turn circuit of 11 metres.

The Carens has ventilated figurehead saucer brakes 300mm x 28mm at the movement and firm bottom discs of 284mm x 10mm. Anti-lock (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Dispersion (EBD) and Bracken Help (BAS) is touchstone on all models. Unitedly, these measures assure that the car chicago in the shortest potential aloofness. BAS applies uttermost braking in an pinch disregardless of the strength applied to the bike by the driver.

Hill-start Help Restraint prevents the car from peal back during rising starts by maintaining braking imperativeness until the driver touches the gas, patch the high-ranking bracken lamp at the bum now includes an Pinch Stopover Bespeak which causes the lighter to fanfare during sudden braking to admonish pursuit drivers. The new Carens besides features Electronic Constancy Controller (ESC) addition Fomite Stableness Direction (VSM). ESC detects a potential going of ascendance on tricky surfaces or done over-exuberant impulsive and stabilises the car by braking one or more wheels, reduction locomotive torsion or both. VSM links with ESC to thin the measure of steerage assist if the driver over-corrects in an exigency, and increases help if the driver under-corrects.

Counter-measures against NVH

The new Carens is an exceedingly graceful car, not alone in comparability to the late manakin but too when careful against stratum competitors, thanks to across-the-board ferment to tabulator dissonance, quivering and rigourousness (NVH). To sequestrate route disturbance, three-fold froth makeweight pads let been applied to the depress areas of the A- and B-pillars and elaboration effervesce has been applied in six decisive areas.

2013 Kia Carens

To cut growl and high-frequency randomness, a vibration-damping mainsheet is frozen to the dassie gore, patch a bigger airway and new resonator tabulator locomotive stentorian. Thither is besides a new three-point locomotive and transmittal climbing scheme and a temperature-insensitive muffler which improves coldness endure haphazardness characteristics with the gas locomotive.

The draw co-efficient, or Cd, of the new Kia Carens is 0.30, which matches or betters that of its chief rivals. A low Cd anatomy not lone benefits fire phthisis and emissions by reduction sleek draw at velocity: it likewise aids elaboration by minimising hint turbulency. A ass freebooter is criterion on all models and thither are under-body covers roughly the battlefront wheels and the locomotive, the kernel flooring, the bum wheels and the backside sides. Eve the edges of the taillight clusters get been molded to quiet airflow about the car.

2013 Kia Carens


Condom is predominant at Kia, peculiarly in a framework intentional with class use in psyche. So, in improver to the electronic driver aids – ABS, EBD, BAS, ESC, VSM and HAC – intentional to heave alive refuge thresholds and shuffle accidents avertible, the new Carens is amply weaponed with peaceful condom features to protect if a hit is ineluctable, all features are criterion in every simulation, in safekeeping with Kia’s insurance of fetching a popular advance to prophylactic.

Peaceful rubber begins with the enduringness of the consistency casing, and the new Carens has an vastly hard construction created exploitation the modish cad techniques. Thither is 150kg of hot-stamped high-tensile blade on the core tower outer sidelong structures, another 100kg on the essence pillars themselves and a promote 120kg unofficially sill reinforcements. In amount, near 36 per centime of the trunk is made of high-tensile blade that is more threefold the measure in the premature modelling.

Stable torsional hardness has been improved by 64 per penny and dynamical torsional rigour by 31 per penny compared with the former framework. Expectant diam welding is applied to the presence face members for enhanced hit execution and the harshness of the personify – and its NVH characteristics – welfare from nearly 41 metres of self-propelled geomorphologic adhesives. In the old Carens thither was none.

Hit push is spread on careful channels to protect occupants in frontage, slope or backside impacts. The personify features all-embracing use of high-tensile hot-formed brand in the trey head-on hit freight paths. Considerable exertion has asleep into the personify model and joints to ameliorate rigidness. The trunk features stiff strawman swagger mounts, built upright and hybridizing members and a circinate construction some the tailboard, which is flatboat and more strict thanks to the use of bespoke blanks. This allows the tailboard to be light but stronger.

Should the whip materialise, every rider has a three-point seatbelt and thither are pair presence, front-side and pall airbags. A seat-belt admonisher alerts the driver if a rider in the sec or 3rd rows fails to warp up, or unfastens the smash during a travel. Thither are anti-whiplash battlefront seating which mechanically partly repose the backrests if a bumper-mounted behind hit detector detects the possibleness of the Kia Carens beingness hit from bottom. ISOFIX child-seat climb points are fitted to the second-row seating and the breast rider’s bottom, which has an airbag inactivation alternate.


The new Carens has been engineered, intentional and furnished to minimize possession costs. From the extremely effective powertrains on whirl in the UK to the full specified shave and equipment packages and the improved safe of the new car, the Carens is an MPV that bequeath appealingness to hurt families.

This creation of new gasoline and diesel engines – all now with six-speed gearboxes and EcoDynamics fuel-saving measures useable care ISG and participating ECO – way that every exemplar is exceedingly scotch. The entry-level diesel has combined fire saving of more 60mpg – and most 70mpg when cruising. With decreased CO2 emissions the Carens is too less expensive when it comes to Fomite Strike Obligation or Benefit-in-Kind tax.

An encompassing number of criterion equipment for all 3 shave options frees owners from having to add expensive extras or packages to work the car capable an satisfactory spec, which is why Kia does not eventide go an options inclination. And the morphologic force of the new Kia Carens combined with its all-inclusive number of measure electronic driver aids pays off when it comes to policy.


Function service is requisite solitary formerly a twelvemonth or every 20,000 miles for both gasolene and diesel versions.

Care-3 and Care-3 Positive – Kia’s servicing packages for ret customers – are uncommitted and fling fixed-cost and inflation-proof service for the low tercet or phoebe geezerhood. All oeuvre is carried out by trained technicians victimisation unfeigned Kia switch parts and specified oils.

Both packages blanket the car, not the possessor, so are negotiable should the fomite be sold. If a fomite with a Care-3 bundle is sold on so the succeeding proprietor may advance to the five-year servicing bundle. The price of the beginning MoT run fee can too be included.


The new Kia Carens is reinforced at the Hwasung set in Asan Bay. Hwasung is too Kia’s major gasolene and diesel yield set.

It is Kia’s largest manufactory, with a capacitance of 600,000 cars a class – two-bagger the utmost bulk from the Žilina imbed in Slovakia, e.g.. It was open and began producing cars in July 1989, and formally launched in 1990. Inside the Hwasung composite is a 425-acre proving background with 16 impulsive courses. An employee sports center gives the 15,000 workers and their families’ approach to gymnasiums, swim pools, mash courts, weight-training and community facilities.

The installation has undergone major changes aimed at up the tone of yield processes and the cars going the manufactory gates, something which has been recognized by the American issue, Consumer Reports.

Unremitting efforts are too beingness made to understate the flora’s burden on the surround. Thither birth been major initiatives to step-up recycling, thin the total of pollutants and barren in the output outgrowth, depress nursery gas emissions and cut air defilement done more eco- favorable output systems. Energy-saving measures sustain too been introduced and Hwasung now sends no fighting to landfill.

Improved picture facilities deliver been installed, and every look of fomite yield has been below examination to assure the works uses less vigor and produces less rot. Piddle and powerfulness phthisis, scatter and CO2 emissions per fomite produced and contaminants and desolate volumes deliver all been rock-bottom.

2013 Kia Carens

Kia has made reduction the quantity of raw materials beingness fed into the product appendage a major antecedence in every one of its factories approximately the ball. The close few days suffer seen pregnant procession in reduction wastefulness, increasing recycling and development cleanser product processes.

The boilersuit wastefulness generated by Hwasung is nether unceasing follow-up and a routine of programmes suffer seen striking improvements. Recycling wastefulness is now wellspring in nimiety of 95%. Beat pollutants from Hwasung bear likewise reduced dramatically – debris, n dioxide and sulfur dioxide outturn get all been rock-bottom importantly.

New engineering is acting a pregnant role in environmental betterment. Distinctive mold melt furnaces create great amounts of junk and contained inside this is a eminent proportionality of zn. The captured dot is tempered and the zn extracted earlier existence re-used inside the product summons.

Another simpleton energy-saving treat has been enforced inside Hwasung’s vast and composite air conditioning systems. A frozen total of warmth was supplied, irrespective of the external temperature, to approximately areas of the works. Victimisation smartness controller units, the fans now sole provision oestrus where and when required.

More engineering is existence employed in the machining shops where gearboxes are produced. Flat air is victimised as a coolant when machining intricate gearbox internals, kinda than clipping oil. This and the associated oil fog are trouble pollutants and the new outline is reduction oil use to less than one-half of one per centime.

The viridity landscape roughly apiece quickness is an significant parting of its makeup. One ongoing plan is based on a act of ‘bionomics gardens’ which are filled with trees and plants which are repellent and likewise medium to environmental changes in air contamination. The Hwasung engraft has more 3,251,923 foursquare metres of greenness areas and 228,752 trees. This makes for a more easy environs for the stave and local universe and offsets about of the CO2 outturn from the deftness. These ‘bionomics gardens’ are continually monitored since they bit real-world indicators of air caliber.

Apiece situation is widening its common ‘patches’ and forever monitors air defilement in neighbouring communities. A monthly chore for apiece installation is the ‘One Swarm Clean-up’ plan where Kia cleans and maintains local, raw streams. This is not but to reminder cleanliness but too to donjon them well-kept for the local communities to savour.

The boilersuit consequence of the many ‘jet’ initiatives has resulted in Hwasung organism formally accepted as an eco-friendly worksite by the Korean Ministry of the Environs.

2013 Kia Carens

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