2013 Jaguar Xj Ultimate

Jaguar XJ Ultimate

The flagship Jaguar XJ ushered in a new reading of the accompany’s constituted report for striking innovation and – with its jackanapes al architecture – creditworthy execution. Now, the XJ Ultimate focuses on two promote Panther hallmarks: initiation and sumptuosity, extending the manakin’s affective appealingness.

Based only on the long-wheelbase XJ, the internal changes applied to the Ultimate center the bum adjustment, extending the car’s limo postpone to offer a fully-appointed opulence patronage form have for the virtually discreet of planetary customers. The Panther XJ Ultimate offers the appointments of a individual jet in a bundle to case a across-the-board compass of requirements.

A uncut, leather-trimmed kernel cabinet separates the two separately bespoken arse seating which lineament mightiness readjustment, airing, knead and lumbar functions. A tabularize, machined from self-colored aluminum with piano-black and chromium-plate particularization, rises up from the core comfort at the touching of a release to cater a workings ar, its part supplemented by the purvey of two third-generation iPads® with radio keyboards that are housed in bespoken leather-trimmed docks in the arse of the figurehead seating.

Switch the nidus from occupation to pleasance is the bespoken bubbly hair-raiser mounted betwixt the two bottom seating. This cools the bottleful to what experts concur is the double-dyed temperature ahead ‘presenting’ it forrad when the hair-raiser is open. Two peculiarly licenced bubbly flutes rest in a function made console below the essence tabularise.

2013 Jaguar XJ Ultimate

A wax arse behind software with couple headrest screens and radio headphones completes the live in combining with a new 20-speaker besiege fathom in-car amusement scheme highly-developed by British sound expertsMeridian.

2013 Jaguar Xj Ultimate

To emphasize its role in ensuring that passengers stay cosseted at all multiplication, the Panther XJ Ultimate features revisions to the hanging to optimize arse rally ease, with no compromise to the car’s largeness of dynamical power.

The outside particularisation of the Panther XJ Ultimate offers discerning clues to the modelling’s front condition with sculptured frown air intakes chromed to peer the grill, urbane stainless elliptic tucker tube finishers, unparalleled dual-surfaced metal wheels and pernicious ‘Ultimate’ badging.

The XJ Ultimate is useable with Panther’s existent 5.0-litre V8 charged gas locomotive, its knock-down and effective 3.0-litre V6 turbocharged diesel, and a new 3.0-litre V6 charged gasoline whole, all drive the ass wheels via an eight-speed transmitting.


The Panther XJ introduced a mouldbreaking takeoveré pattern ethos to its stratum, winning Panther’s accomplished rationale of longsighted, unplowed lineament lines and applying them to a emphatically Twenty-first c cast. Dramatically unlike from its competitors, the all-aluminium XJ captures the requisite Panther designing elements of elegance, energy, silkiness and effectiveness.

The contingent changes applied to the Panther XJ Ultimate process to subtly raise the inbuilt nicety of the car’s excogitation, qualification it crystallise that this is the deluxe flagship of the orbit.

The lour breast air intakes are reshaped and chromium-plate ruined, twinned the herculean Panther lattice, patch LED daytime-running lights underscore the assertively molded headlamps.

The 20-inch Maroa bad admixture wheels are unparalleled to this manakin and boast a dual-tone semblance dodging. A night gray-headed, expert finishing is applied to the internal surfaces of the spokes which contrasts with the brilliant, svelte surfacing on the outer edges, combine to produce an appearing that is both glamourous and purposeful.

Anyone pursual an Panther XJ Ultimate volition be in no incertitude that the exemplar is a cut supra, as it is grand by new elliptical tailpipe finishers in dressed stainless that resound the battlefront air intakes and a discerning alloy ‘Ultimate’ badge underneath the ‘XJ’ nameplate. The ‘Ultimate’ badging is perennial in the mightiness vents set into the figurehead fenders.

The low 20 Ultimate models made testament be multicolor in Supernal Nigrify, but customers can likewise club their car in Polaris Flannel – and any colourize betwixt. In plus to an undivided elongated pallet of blusher colors, including a new ‘chromaflare’ grasp, XJ Ultimate customers can ordering their car colour-matched to any specter of their choosing on purvey of a desirable try for a unfeigned tailored receive.


Panther has constantly prided itself on creating unequaled cabin environments and the inner architecture of the XJ is comparable no former, combine refined and unexpected forms with timber materials that payoff the senses with their tactility, optic grandness and luxuriousness.

2013 Jaguar Xj Ultimate

Unique finish and personalisation

Now, the Ultimate’s billet as the XJ grasp’s sumptuosity flagship is patent from the second the doorway is open. A singular woods veneering, crafted exploitation straightaway ebon, has been formed into a Herringbone with reflexion amphetamine and frown halves detached by a slip of soft inkiness facing. The Herringbone forms fillets in the doors and at the strawman of the car runs round the fundament of the windshield to produce a striking lineament that mimics the configuration of definitive wooden-hulled might boats. The time mounted in the splasher is besides unparalleled to the framework with a fleecy aluminum nerve, raised tab item and ‘spun’ burnished goal.

The Panther XJ Ultimate is offered in trey internal colourways for the princely leather that covers nigh every aerofoil and is likewise victimized for the headlining; Jet on Jet, or Pearl seating and frown surfaces with either Mineral orBordeauxuppers.

Encourage personalisation is offered done customers organism able-bodied to destine the headrests embroidered with a practice of their selection. The ‘Ultimate’ diaglyph which sits in the kernel of the swing of Herringbone veneering below the windshield can likewise be changed to translate whatsoever the proprietor wishes.

The Panther XJ Ultimate brings a item focusing to the ass bum passengers to produce an ambiance that cautiously balances the requirements of the modernistic, on-the-move bourgeois with sure surprise-and-delight features that underscore the XJ’s ‘oeuvre grueling, gambol gruelling’ personality and reinforce the apprehensive proprietor who appreciates the signified of fun with which Panther imbues all its products.

Tailored rear seating

2013 Jaguar Xj Ultimate

In the Ultimate the XJ’s touchstone back ben has been replaced by two alone and case-by-case seating intentional specifically for this manakin. Graceful, cosseting and ergonomically optimised, the bespoken seating are covered in semi-aniline leather which offers a more luxuriant and haptic conclusion and allows the pelt to continue its requisite qualities of looking and spirit, complemented by the hand-finished sewing.

The seating boast winged headrests, powered repose and four-way lumbar alteration functions to earmark passengers to accomplish the seats place complete for them. The comforter levels offered by the seating are enhanced done the comprehension of on-demand knead, warming and chilling functions.

The occupier positioned arse the strawman rider bum is besides provided with a stow-away push that mechanically powers the void professorship forrad to growth quieten advance the XJ’s generous legroom. The figurehead seating adopt the like unequaled excogitation as the rears and offering monovular functions with an extra stove of galvanic campaign allowing 20 by 20 registration.

The seating are dual-lane by a kernel soothe track on the distance of the car. Full cut in soft-grain leather, pianoforte melanise facing and chromium-plate, the comfort houses a figure of features undivided to the XJ Ultimate. At the contact of a release a postpone machined from a solidness small-arm of aluminum with a semblance blacken and chromium-plate coating rises capable so be pivoted into place ahead of whichever rider requires its use.

Chilled to Perfection

Elevation the tabularize reveals the commencement of the Panther XJ Ultimate’s surprisal and pleasure features, a couplet of bubbly flutes in a tailored deferral flock-lined in either Mauveine or Jet and lit by phosphor disconsolate ambient kindling. Inside the kernel soothe are ‘fluteholders’, intentional specifically for these specs and machined from whole aluminum.

The flutes are, naturally, thither for a grounds: discreetly incorporate betwixt the backside bottom backs, covered in soft-grain leather and pronounced by a chromium-plate Panther bounder is a obscure bubbly hair-raiser. Seamed in the like fold as the flute inlet to springiness the opinion of a bespoken wooing liner, it holds one banner sized bubbly bottleful which, when the console doorway is open, is effortlessly presented forrard to the passengers. The bubbly is unbroken dead chilled at the optimal temperature compass of 7°C-10°C.


Rear-seat passengers are too provided with a compass of amusement options to revel piece sipping their bubbly. The Panther XJ Ultimate is fitted as touchstone with Panther’s Bottom Ass Amusement box which comprises two eight-inch high-resolution screens mounted on the rear of the movement backside headrests.

These can showing inputs from a figure of sources; the DVD instrumentalist, digital TV radio or an extraneous media instrumentalist that can be synced done the Behind Media Port, which provides USB and RCA connections. Audio can be provided done the tuner headphones, allowing apiece rider to ticker furcate amusement sources.

The bum behind surroundings, including the amusement, is managed by a tuner comptroller housed in the kernel soothe and which likewise allows passengers to vary their mortal mood zones and arse heat and chilling functions.

Meridian Surround Sound

2013 Jaguar Xj Ultimate

The Panther XJ Ultimate is too fitted as banner with the modish propagation of in-car sound systems. Specifically highly-developed for the XJ by British ultra-premium sound expertsMeridian, mark a new partnership for Panther, the Peak Surroundings Voice Organization fitted to the XJ Ultimate uses the modish technical developments to have medicine procreation that is endorsement to none.

Different early manufacturers,Meridiandesigns and manufactures sound systems that commingle advanced engineering with the well-nigh raw of approaches: comparison their melodious procreation to the voice of the pilot melodic operation.

The 15-channel amplifier, 20-loudspeaker organisation featuresMeridian’s unequalled digital phone processing engineering that allows every soul traveling in the Panther XJ Ultimate to love a melodious know that places them in the inwardness of the vocalize bailiwick.Meridianachieves this done its Trifield engineering which creates an all-enveloping phone discipline that makes apiece attender flavor that the euphony is solely focussed on him or her.

Acme engineering achieves a story of born contingent, realness and functioning normally associated with speakers eight-spot multiplication the strong-arm bulk. Peak Cabin Rectification and Dynamical Mass Mastery exactly and effortlessly minimize resonances and reminder immaterial dissonance levels to let the sound to be unobtrusively retained at a unceasing loudness in decree for it to be absolutely heard any the luck.

iPad Integration

In plus to the amusement on crack, the XJ Ultimate likewise provides a brace of third-generation iPads® with tuner keyboards. The iPads® are housed inside peculiarly intentional leather-trimmed docks in the bottom of the strawman seating and secret bum crimper doors, besides ruined in bespoken leather. The iPads® are mechanically unbroken supercharged whenever the firing is on and likewise included in the cabinets are radio keyboards to tolerate the tablets to be ill-used without existence remote from their docks if needed.


To emphasise its design in ensuring that passengers continue cosseted at all multiplication, the Panther XJ Ultimate features revisions to the air-sprung back respite for optimised drive conformation. Spell this provides a genuinely reposeful know for arse arse passengers, the XJ Ultimate loses none of the modelling’s kernel active abilities then is as rewarding to effort as it is to be compulsive in. The XJ’s whippersnapper al building agency a angle economy concluded its rivals of as lots as 150kg. This naturally offers expectant advantages in damage of nimbleness, quickening, braking and driver feedback and affaire.

2013 Jaguar Xj Ultimate

The al architecture besides provides benefits in footing of emissions and fire expenditure, allowing the XJ to cater an amazing equaliser of functioning and frugalness from its scope of extremely effective, elegant and sinewy engines.

The XJ Ultimate volition be offered with Panther’s existent and acclaimed 5.0-litre V8 gasolene locomotive in charged mannequin, and the evenly extremely regarded 3.0-litre V6 turbocharged diesel. With 510PS and 625Nm of torsion, the charged V8 provides surprisingly pictorial execution, the diesel V6 offer uncannily polish and powerful procession piece reverting fire use figures of 40.1mpg (EU) on the combined bicycle.

The Panther XJ Ultimate volition likewise be offered with a new 3.0-litre V6 charged gas locomotive organism introduced to the reach for the 2013 simulation twelvemonth. This locomotive, which in the Panther XJ Ultimate testament acquire 340PS and 450Nm, draws on the award-winning engineering built-in to Panther’s V8 and offers standardized execution to the naturally-aspirated variation of that locomotive (which is not useable in the XJ Ultimate), but with the emissions and fire thriftiness advantages of a V6.

The 3.0-litre V6 S/C volition be offered tandem with Panther’s Thinking Stop-Start organization and, in vernacular with all powertrain options, leave driving the ass wheels done an eight-speed robotlike transmittal.

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