2013 Jaguar C X17 5 Seater Concept

Jaguar C-X17 5-Seater Concept

New ultra-luxurious, five-seater variant of Panther C-X17 debuts at 2013 Car Guangzhou, foster highlight the versatility of Panther’s sports crosswalk construct for the urban surround

The revised C-X17, highly-developed for Chinaware, has a deluxe, broad and advanced cabin featuring bespoken, high-quality, traditionally British-inspired internal finishes and materials, aboard advance technologies such as:

  • Synergistic Aerofoil Solace multi-screen documentary meshing which connects all passengers to the away humankind and to apiece early via on-board guarantee Wi-Fi and societal media channels.
  • Backside Going Spotting to guard against forthcoming blind-spot objects, such as cyclists, piece possibility the fomite doors.
  • It is based on the C-X17 concept offset revealed at the 2013 Frankfurt Centrifugal Appearance, which blends the slick conception and sportsmanlike functioning that are hallmarks of Panther with the crossing benefits of an assured drive situation and high-pitched levels of tractableness.

    The excogitation bailiwick showcases next-generation jackanapes technologies in the shape of Panther’s all-new innovative aluminum monocoque architecture, which testament manikin the groundwork for a new reach of succeeding Jaguars, start with a mid-size agiotage C/D section saloon on sale in 2015.

    A compass of engines, including new high-output, fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel engines to be reinforced at Panther Farming Scouter’s forthcoming UK locomotive manufacture quickness, leave enable Panther to go new vehicles with both class-leading operation and emissions.

    2013 Jaguar C-X17 5-Seater Concept

    The Panther C-X17 showcases British agio sound strong Elevation’s imaginativeness of the hereafter of in-car 3D environs fathom, with a gem-set 28-speaker arrangement that blends the advanced technologies of the DSP8000 and M6 domicile loudspeakers with tailored conception matched to the fomite’s national esthetics.

    Breaking new ground

    As a sports crossing, the Panther C-X17 stretches the invention possibilities of the section by combination the fibre and impulsive know of a sports car with increased front, manner and tractableness. The sports crossing construct represents the possible elaboration of Panther’s portfolio of torso styles, with the associated sweetening of the steel’s relevancy and appealingness to a wider globose hearing.

    2013 Jaguar C X17 5 Seater Concept

    Soul of a Jaguar

    The C-X17 conception illustrates the variety of vehicles that can be produced victimization Panther’s innovative new architecture. A five-seater sports crosswalk construct reinforced on the aluminium-intensive architecture, the C-X17 blends satiny lines, betting functioning and voluptuary edification with enhanced practicality and an assured impulsive situation. In its exciting proportions, sinlessness of mannequin and its beautiful lines – overseen by Conductor of Innovation Ian Callum – the C-X17 is every in a Panther.

    2013 Jaguar C X17 5 Seater Concept

    Five-seat interior

    Panther Nation Wanderer designers highly-developed the revised upcountry particularly for Chinaware. The C-X17 seating fivesome passengers in plushy, roomy quilt, with the secondment row of seating that accommodates iii masses. The seating are whippersnapper units with a sculptured free-standing appearing, visually enhancing the buoyancy of the cabin, with headrests that are decorated with pierced C-X17 inscription.

    Panoramic sculpted roof

    The sentiency of receptivity indoors the cabin is heightened by the C-X17’s unequaled bird’s-eye cap. The designers of the C-X17 birth constructed the home of the ceiling from a serial of graven vanes functional from figurehead to bum, close staged in duplicate and incorporate into the head and patois runway. They are contoured on the lour position to mother supererogatory headway, and wrought to produce a ringing of quad that enables a whole-roof survey of the sky supra, freehanded the occupants a feel of nakedness. The topside of the vanes follows the still visibility of the meth cap, maintaining the satiny outside lines of the C-X17.

    Premium two-tone leather trim

    The inner of the C-X17 is a apposition of agio traditional materials and bodoni finish techniques. Designers drew aspiration from a change of sources, from extruded aluminum lampshades and lattice-framed stools to bounty leather place, jackets and handbags.

    Consequently, the seating, panel and flooring are ruined in an imbrication compounding of Jet and Tan leather panels. Famous British leather specialists Nosepiece of Weir and Connolly, the benchmark names in agiotage self-propelling cabin craft, created the tailor-made leather panels particularly for the C-X17. The 3mm-thick Connolly saddleback leather has a unequaled perforation designing divine by traditional Clodhopper patterns and a hand-painted adjoin, bighearted the midland of the car a posh yet contemporaneous tone, and features bands of sewing to growth the rider’s tactual see of these surfaces.

    The Panther C-X17’s internal threshold goal is a waxed Stiff Walnut woods facing. For the inside metallic finishes, ru is put-upon rather of brightwork, creating a darker, more tonic impression that suits the insidious, agiotage feeling of the cabin, and the top rise panels of the Interactional Rise Solace are laser-etched with a Brogue-inspired formula.

    Multi-passenger interactivity

    The C-X17 takes interactivity and in-car documentary to a new stratum with the unparalleled Interactional Aerofoil Solace that runs the duration of the car’s inwardness burrow, from the fascia done to the backside cabin arena, scarce ass the breast seating. Made up of a serial of interconnecting ghost screens incased in guileless acrylic methamphetamine, the Synergistic Coat Solace connects those in the bottom cabin with the driver and movement buns passengers via a guarantee in-car Wi-Fi net. The Synergistic Open Cabinet allows the fomite occupants to upload pictures, tv and audio files from their wandering devices and plowshare them with their bloke passengers, too as on Weibo and former mixer media channels. Victimisation the touchscreens and an visceral interface, data can be ‘flicked’ forrader and rearward betwixt the breast and the backside passengers. By enabling communion – both in damage of engineering and entropy – betwixt the occupants of the C-X17, the Interactional Open Solace immerses all fin passengers in a incorporate multisensory feel.

    Ultra-premium Meridian audio system

    The C-X17’s 3D environment vocalize organization, from British sound experts Acme, features an all-new architectural utterer localization based on the accompany’s intact vocalise/excogitation principles of uncompromised execution delivered done a polished, unquestionable and coherent voice. The 28-loudspeaker organisation presents forward-looking utterer locations such as the integrating of speakers into the A and B pillars to render a sincerely unquestionable voice epitome. The Elevation subwoofer ‘binding to backbone’ engineering is gem-set ‘tween the ends of the battlefront of the backside seating to offer reproducible and precise lf replication for every rider. Stature speakers bear been set in the top of the drumhead restraints to have the right percept of ikon tallness, enabling apiece rider to bask a personal and eve more reliable melodious live. The all-new transonic architecture allows Height’s proprietorship Trifield 3D engineering to reveal its wide capabilities of delivering resonant and credible strait for everyone.

    Rear Exit Detection sensors

    For Chinaware, the modish C-X17 has been intentional with an eve greater stress on levelheaded guard. The new example features Backside Issue Sleuthing, an advanced arrangement which uses sensors to admonish exiting passengers of quickly-approaching hazards, such as cyclists and mopeds, which are in the way of the fomite’s orifice doors. The organization is excited when the rider places their give on the national threshold hold, informative a hidden-until-lit image in the column trimness that identifies if thither is a possible endangerment as the resolution of an upcoming chance.

    The C-X17’s panel has a twin-dial configurable TFT solace with planning for a Head Presentation – a scheme which projects critical entropy onto the windshield for the driver to procedure cursorily, consanguineal to the systems victimized in mod fighter. The shifter has a orbitual dial, ruined in ru, which rises on activating and serves as the port to toggle betwixt impulsive modes such as Route, Mutation or All-Road. Polished aluminum vents on the solace, seating and doors mirror the figure of the wicket engagement.

    Beauty of proportion

    With a crosswalk beingness a new travel for Panther, Conductor of Excogitation Ian Callum and his squad were unclutter that the C-X17 would not compromise on the time-honored values of Panther car invention: sinlessness of configuration, knockout of occupation and counterweight of balance. Flush as it subscribed to the practicalities expected of the crosswalk class, the C-X17 had to be fashionable, flashy and exciting. It had to directly surpass from the bunch, yet continue the sentiency of dateless edification that is typically Panther.

    The Panther C-X17 has active yet dead balanced proportions, with the low visibility and gravid wheels handsome it a herculean, implanted posture. In footing of configuration, it is aerodynamic and immobile, relying on virgin lines kinda than magnification or showmanship. The foresightful cowl’s duplicate ‘exponent bulges’ and spectacular wicket convey a brawny expression. The headlamps clue at the C-X17’s saloon siblings spell the lattice is divine by the XJ, resulting in a typical sept feel that is reassuringly fellow yet unambiguously sympathetic. The wicket features a hexangular practice, with minor aluminum panels inside its construction that can around heighten the fomite’s streamlined properties.

    The C-X17’s match ‘heartlines’ are clear seeable when viewed in visibility. Two houseclean and simpleton designing lines, with a pernicious line in the alloy to grab the sparkle, visually tie unitedly the C-X17’s berm and haunch. The accentuated distance of the windows adds to the fomite’s boilersuit sentience of silkiness.

    The bottom of the fomite has a typical touching of sports car most it, with the haunch, taillights and particularization all delivery to brain the seductive Jaguar F-Type. The C-X17’s roofline swoops quickly rearwards, culminating in a distinctive cantilevered spoiler over a steeply raked rear window that enhances the crossover’s sporting, ‘fast-even-at-standstill’ appearance.

    The exterior of the latest C-X17 is painted with a lustrous Liquid Gold liquid-metal finish. The window surround is finished in gloss black, with the only brightwork on the vehicle being the badging at each end, lending the car a darker, sportier look. The large 23-inch wheels, which enhance the C-X17’s solid stance, are a one-off, five-split-spoke design, finished in dark ruthenium (a member of the platinum family).

    All-new architecture: underpinning the future

    The first Jaguar to be delivered from the new architecture will be a new mid-size (C/D) segment premium sedan, which will be rolled-out globally from 2015. The first aluminium monocoque product in its segment, the new sedan will be produced at an all-new, ultra high-tech production facility in Solihull, creating new jobs and substantial opportunities for the supplier base.

    The aluminium-intensive architecture will be modular and scalable, providing a high degree of flexibility and making it possible to produce a wider bandwidth of models and derivatives than ever before. It is lightweight, extremely stiff and incorporates innovative technologies that emphasise Jaguar’s commitment to sustainability, such as a new high-strength alloy made from almost 100% recycled raw material. The architecture is being carefully developed to fully incorporate all the vehicle attributes established by Jaguar engineers. All products will perform like true Jaguars, the flexibility and scope of the architecture guaranteeing the individual character of each one.

    Jaguar design and engineering teams collaborated closely on the architecture’s development from the outset to ensure versatility of design combined with fully competitive interior packaging.The flexibility that this architecture will provide means that Jaguar designers and engineers can apply the philosophy “anything we can imagine, we can create,” to deliver a new portfolio of products less restricted by technical or manufacturing constraints. The new architecture will allow Jaguar to move into higher volume production without compromising the unique character, breath-taking design, outstanding vehicle dynamics, performance and luxury that Jaguar is famous for. The flexibility of the new architecture will enable the manufacture of different products on the same production line at the same time. The highly efficient, state-of-the-art production process will allow rapid response to variations in market demand for individual models by balancing production volume accordingly.


    Future Jaguars will be powered by engines with a wide range of capacities and output, all delivering inspirational performance and offering the latest innovations in fuel-efficient technologies, without sacrificing drivability or feel. The new sedan will be the first vehicle to be equipped with all-new four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines, allowing Jaguar to break the 100g CO2/km barrier for the first time.

    These advanced, high-output engines will be built at Jaguar Land Rover’s new UK engine production facility, currently under construction as part of a £500 million investment, which will be operational from 2015. These vehicles are also designed to be powered by the potent V6 petrol engine seen in the Jaguar F-Type sports car, which, combined with the lightweight architecture, will bestow them with best-in-class specific power output as in the F-Type. Together, the family of engines will offer the best of both worlds and deliver all-encompassing capabilities: sporting performance and class-leading fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

    Fine-tuned agility

    As a sports crossover, the C-X17 concept has an on-road bias, and its low height, optimised centre of gravity and lightweight all-aluminium body endow it with superior, car-like driving dynamics, both in urban environments and out on the open road. The C-X17 features cutting-edge dynamic technologies such as Torque Vectoring by Braking, a system which constantly monitors the vehicle’s cornering dynamics and, when required, rapidly and intelligently uses the brake system to finely rebalance the distribution of engine torque to individual wheels, in order to reduce understeer, maximise grip and enhance vehicle stability.

    2013 Jaguar C X17 5 Seater Concept

    Reassuring capability

    With its 213mm of ground clearance and intelligent All-Wheel Drive, the Jaguar C-X17 would also offer reassuring capability and enhanced grip on poor roads and in varying weather conditions. Jaguar’s intelligent All-Wheel Drive system continuously monitors grip levels and driver inputs and uses feed-forward torque distribution to both pre-empt and react to wheel-slip, providing greater driver confidence and vehicle stability in low-grip conditions. In normal grip conditions, the system predominantly delivers drive to the rear wheels, providing the dynamic driving experience all Jaguars are renowned for.

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