2013 Italdesign Parcour Concept

Italdesign Parcour Concept

Italdesign Giugiaro celebrates 45 eld in occupation at the 2013 Hollands Drive Shew by presenting a man première of the Parcour, a character of GT car that did not be hitherto; based on the master construct of a Suv and, considering its staggering versatility, intentional for broad use on all types of terrain.

The conceptual acknowledgment for this case of car could be no otherwise an master dissipated correct, late yet already democratic and practiced crossways the earth. Parcour draws its intake from the correct “invented” by David Belle in France in the Eighties which became famed crossways the humanity in late geezerhood thanks to trends in media such as picture games, activeness movies (scarce esteem the scuttle succession of 007 Cassino Royale) and course the Cyberspace, all media secondhand by the jr. generations, the paragon address mark for the Parcour.

“Parkour was devised as a new way of life and experiencing a metropolitan itinerary creatively”, states Fabrizio Giugiaro, “Parkour enthusiasts, who are referred to as traceurs or plotters, accommodate their soundbox to the encompassing surroundings pursuing, done their movements, not upright spectacle but rather principally utmost efficiency. The role of parkour is to travel as expeditiously as potential. By expeditiously I entail: merely, promptly and safely, which are feature features of our car”.

With a virtual ascendancy gimmick fitted in the splashboard, the driver can in fact literally conform the car to its environment, choosing from quartet dissimilar settings, one intentional for well-fixed drive, one for off-road drive, one for wintertime weather and, last, one for high-velocity impulsive on a subspecies raceway. The electronic scheme is triggered to qualify the razz, the meridian supra the reason and the locomotive frame-up.

2013 Italdesign Parcour Concept

Parcour is a runabout car with 4wd, fitted with a 550 HP Lamborghini V10 5.2-litre mid bum locomotive subject of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in upright 3.6 seconds.

Parcour was intentional, engineered and produced in the Italdesign Giugiaro set at Moncalieri (TO).


“Every meter we approaching a externalize for a inquiry epitome, we ever starting with the like inquiry”, explains Fabrizio Giugiaro, “what is wanting from the mankind of cars nowadays? These years, we ask a car that is a easy and high-performance fomite, regardless of its use and of the typecast of terrain, which is how the SUV came roughly: it is a fomite that guarantees impulsive comforter evening on scratchy and ambitious terrains. We teamed this with the apparatus of the saint mid-engine sports car, organism able-bodied to bet, as ever, on Audi/Volkswagen radical engineering. In plus, we treasured to pay protection to the historical Lamborghini make, which this yr celebrates its 50th anniversary, victimisation their 10-cylinder locomotive.

The termination is the Parcour, a mid-engine sports car with minimal overhangs and all-encompassing rage angles that’s nonpareil for all-track impulsive”.

This new apparatus is too plain in the styling, with an outside innovation that metabolises the particular features of an SUV, of a Crosswalk, of a Nanna Turismo and those of a mid-engine sports car, combination them in an architecture that is simultaneously rich, slimline and light-weight contempt the liberally sized tyres, produced particularly by Vredestein. The latter, fitted on 22″ rims, set the flair of the car, elevation it substantially from the land (from 210 to 330 mm contingent the selected background) patch the surfaces were intentional to contemplate elegance, vigor and sports prayer, patch guardianship in measured retainer all the sleek requirements.


The stylus of the outside was achieved by start off with a painstaking psychoanalysis of the proficient and streamlined requirements likewise as on-board solace, course.

Thither are two distinguishing traits of this al and c character car, coated in the greco-roman Giugiaro Red: the A column is isolated from the windshield and likewise acts as a deflector. In add-on to having an architectural persona, it conveys the air onto the cap and sides of the car.

The bum tower on the former manus is intentional to mastermind the air complete the cowl and towards the ass retractable freebooter. This ensures both stableness during drive besides as chilling of the hefty 550 HP V10 locomotive.

This special frame-up makes for a selfsame slimline and light-weight car, in the ¾ battlefront survey. From the english, the subdued silhouette of the trunk and the octangular cross-sectional of the generous bicycle arches excel. The aspiration was worn again from the humanity of SUVs: this optic resolution, different a more classic-shaped cycle pixilated, makes it potential to attain the compensate dimension betwixt bike and torso at all multiplication, disregardless of the acme supra the land, with an electronically- adjustable stove of 120 mm.

2013 Italdesign Parcour Concept

The rider compartment is divine by urban panache and is highly enveloping, near projected to the occupants; the driver and rider are hence identical approximate and besides to the windows, so that a decreased expanse is exploited for windows, windshield and bum windowpane without conciliatory visibleness from the interior.

The exotism of the Parcour is delineate by the two doors, made alone of c fiber. They are dally doors, same those fitted on survival cars: the doors pivot afford up and in; thanks to this result, acquiring into the car is more commodious, since the doorway construction includes a part of the ceiling. The cameras replacement the doorway mirrors are fitted on the amphetamine chassis of the doors, where they crossing with the A tower. A tierce camera, which replaces the bottom scene mirror, is installed supra the cowl.

In the programme scene and the 3/4 panorama, the two farseeing c slits on the integral duration of the car surpass. This is an artistic conjuration which helps relieve the optic sensing of a two-metre full car, separating the sides from the consistence of the car, likewise via a gloss counterpoint ‘tween the red trunk and the blackness c.

The technological approaching to the dash of the Parcour too guided the excogitation of the strawman cowling and behind thrill.

2013 Italdesign Parcour Concept

The presence scene emphasises the ternary gravid air intakes which mannikin the grill. Apiece canal conveys the air compulsory to chill the deuce-ace enceinte radiators. The minimised beetle, which is strange for a mid- locomotive car, affords a real all-inclusive rage tip, which is nonsuch for the all-track nature of this fomite. A little charge was obtained underneath the cowling at the movement, enclosed betwixt the two upright c air intakes.

Likewise, the excogitation of the bum was set by aeromechanics: two lightness clusters hulk o’er a prominent air consumption. The locomotive, incased ‘tween two expectant pillars-spoilers, is fully horizon below the spyglass cowl, as are contribution of the mechanism. The meth cowl is inserted in a c construction featuring a flair pronounced by the iii enceinte horizontal slits and the two upright air intakes, which are diagrammatically extremely emphasized, and are necessity to dismission the hot from the locomotive compartment.


Functionality and bioengineering are the directing concepts bottom the designing of the interiors. All the controls let been sorted unitedly on the wheel and on the graceful fascia which separates the driver from the rider.

To feat all the upcountry place full and allow the furthest solace, the two seating are fitted as far binding as potential and are rigid; the driver can however conform both the wheel and bike whole, which are both electronically adjustable, to discovery the paragon impulsive post contingent his or her habitus and drive preferences, a result already victimised by Giugiaro in the Scighera (1996), Alessandro Volta (2004) and Quaranta (2008) prototypes.

Iii bags can burst the compartment obtained buns the two seating. “This incorporate” results from enquiry coupled to the phylogenesis of the conception of boot, hither becomes a set of operable, various and modular products, able-bodied to gratify the new requirements of travel.

All the entropy regarding the car and impulsive is provided on the multi-function LCD varan located ahead of the driver and deep-set below the rise of the splashboard. The proctor is burst into two sections: contingent the restraint selected by the driver, the top one-half displays the GPS seafaring scheme, the position of the fomite, the medicine amusement or the images from the back camera. The merchantman one-half displays all the bit track entropy such as fastness, milage covered, fire story and revs. The artwork and gloss of the varan vary according to the elect drive context: ovalbumin for “Ease”, red for “Athletics”, orangeness for “Off-Road” and dingy for “Ice”. On either position of the key supervise, at splasher story, thither are two screens attached to the face cameras.

The speed office of the refined Plexiglas key splasher houses the controls for the mood mastery and the procedure of the medicine amusement, via ghost controls that the rider can likewise use. The learned air is diffuse uniformly by the twat working crosswise the stallion splashboard.

2013 Italdesign Parcour Concept

The frown contribution, supra the key burrow, features the buttons to actuate and inactivate ESP and the electronic emergency and the iv levers (which are embossed erst the locomotive is operative) to prize the robotic transmittance in the quartet touchstone modes: Motorcar, Mutation, Blow and Indifferent; the Parking billet is enabled mechanically when the car is stationary.

The heart of the splashboard too houses the dial chooser for the iv impulsive modes: Ease, for a relaxed ride suitable to metropolis settings; Off-Road for off-road drive; Ice for wintertime weather with piteous route clutch and last Athletics, to get the well-nigh of the total 550 HP of the Lamborghini 10-cylinder locomotive. As mentioned supra, apiece of these drive modes has been allocated an identifying semblance which, in gain to the art of the driver’s reminder, besides changes the firing on the splashboard, thanks to two rows of LEDs positioned within the Plexiglas.


The intake for the hiatus geometry comes from the so called button rod pilot, which is victimised on street supercars, GT and Pattern racers. On such hanging a rod, machine-accessible to a whishbone, pushes the bound done a cradle. The corner of our construct is that the rod has been substituted by a coilover.

2013 Italdesign Parcour Concept

This abatement could be outlined as a “pushrod 2.0”! It has 8 coilovers installed onboard, 2 per nook.

When impulsive on rail or on street, but 4 coilovers are really functional so the car behaves as a criterion two-bagger whishbone GT fomite. By way of a composite hydraulic organisation the cod meridian can be changed and the cradle may be unsecured so that in offroad weather all of the 8 shocks startle workings unitedly, drastically reduction the respite rigorousness. This enables the Parcour to engross enceinte bumps and route crudeness.

2013 Italdesign Parcour Concept


“A car with a unquestionably sportsmanlike apparatus, as a mid-engine car, but intentional for all conditions weather, for all situations, could not die to suffer an open-top adaptation”, explains Fabrizio Giugiaro. The frame-up is real like thereto of a takeoveré but therein causa the dash has been redesigned start with the locomotive, to raise the sporting life fifty-fifty advance; in fact, therein adaptation thither is no break in the persistence ‘tween the rider compartment and the locomotive compartment, we could go sol as to say they are a unhurt”.

To reconcile for the absence of a cap, the movement and arse pillars deliver been reinforced with c character; they not sole gambling an flowing function but besides deed a roll-bar, to warranty the prophylactic of occupants if the car overturns.

The movement pillars exemplify the specialty: apiece one consists of two decided and branch elements: “this way”, continues Fabrizio Giugiaro, “we let a doubling property compared with a takeoveré, to insure the earmark sturdiness of the roll-bar but, thanks to the fact that they are made up of two branch elements, the driver can see done them and the dim stain is drastically rock-bottom, guaranteeing optimum visibleness”.

The gaudy nature of the open-top rendering is highlighted by its capability to handily exaltation two pairs of skis, thanks to the mountable ski excruciate. The impost Giugiaro Figure skis were made by Efflorescence.

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