2013 Infiniti Q30 Concept

Infiniti Q30 Concept

The Infiniti Q30 Construct debuted at the 2013 IAA Frankfurt Centrifugal Shew, signalling the adjacent deputise an strong-growing scheme to exsert the Infiniti stigma into new agiotage segments. The globose press agio section is calculate for important outgrowth with the debut of jr. tributary customers.

“The Q30 Construct represents a meaning following footprint for Infiniti,” aforesaid Johan de Nysschen, Chairman of Infiniti Centrifugal Fellowship, Ltd. “The constrict agiotage section is all-important for our emergence in markets comparable Chinaware and Europe and requirement to play the less ceremonious expectations of Gen X and Gen Y. Q30 Conception demonstrates how we specify to stimulate the condition quo with seductive production visions for a new propagation of agiotage customers globally.”

Bodystyle Mix: Best of Coupe, Crossover and Hatch

The contour of the Infiniti Q30 Conception intentionally challenges classification – not a coupe, not a hatching and not a crossing – to entreaty to jr. customers who are less belike to espouse custom and really want to interrupt normal to produce their own unequaled experiences.

The conception construct reflects that, by the end of this 10, Gen X and Gen Y volition stage 80 per centime of buyers in the bounty section, delivery new, more coeval expectations for premiumness.

Infiniti is convinced its conception’s merger of the active conception and sportiness of a coupe, the commodiousness of a hachure and the higher position of a crosswalk leave vibrate with these customers. Q30 Conception is forthwith differentiated from traditional mass-market agiotage vehicles.

2013 Infiniti Q30 Concept

Its uplifted cast resonates with jr. bounty customers, who lean to be more urban, by providing a higher optic view in great dealings and in parking maneuvers.

Infiniti Q30 Construct’s animal figure connects impromptu to invent a solid aroused adherence with a avant-garde of consumers less probably to follow traditional forge dictats and not uncoerced to be outlined by their fomite’s somatotype.

Sculptural, stretched, dynamic

2013 Infiniti Q30 Concept

From the graven liquidness of its contours and active, stretched silhouette to the art, ambitiousness and legitimacy of its inside, Q30 Construct represents a tenacious innovation sight.

The Infiniti Q30 Construct excogitation speech creates a unequalled situation for Infiniti, reflecting the steel’s absorbed to present salient production core in footing of figure, materials, fit and destination, craft and execution.

Bluff sections and decussate lines of its trunk position gambling with lighter and fantasm. Its powerful personify surfaces suggest lithesome and refined cats, such as the chetah’s movements of natation thanksgiving.

Infiniti designers, led by Administrator Figure Manager Alfonso Albaisa, took a disciplined esthetic access to sculpture the fomite as would metallic craftsmen in a definitive Italian carrozzerie. Yet the designers were divine by the use of jackanapes composites and c fiber to make an air of light and casual operation.

“The Q30 Construct doesn’t smell large. It’s more horizontal, vagabond and sculptured,” aforesaid Albaisa. “It has a stiff Italian invention smack with spontaneousness and fluidness, a free-sculpture belief good of Latin gaiety and n-th. Envisage combination Italian coachwork with Japanese brushstroke.”

Evolving Infiniti Design Language

2013 Infiniti Q30 Concept

Barely as jr. agiotage customers wishing exemption to interrupt convening, Infiniti designers are stretch bent dispute – evening to arouse – the figure conventions of the agio car section with new, more modern-day ideas.

Infiniti Q30 Construct represents the modish phylogeny of the Infiniti designing doctrine introduced with the Infiniti Q50. Yet Infiniti designers had the freedom to explore bolder, even more sensual sculpting, enhanced muscularity and playfulness, reflecting Infiniti’s approach as the seductive alternative to traditional premium automobile brands.

Infiniti Q30 Concept also incorporates dramatic design cues from visionary Infiniti concept vehicles – Essence, Etherea and Emerg-e – in a realistic vision of what a future production compact premium car in the Infiniti lineup could be.

Building on Infiniti’s reputation for precision, the Q30 Concept envisions a finely crafted body shape reflecting engineering quality in terms of body shut lines, consistently tight panel gaps and torsional rigidity.

Infiniti Performance Imagery

The enhanced muscularity and athleticism of the Infiniti Q30 Concept – with its sleek profile and wheels-at-the-corners stance – offers the visual promise of engaging performance and dynamics.

Infiniti’s forthcoming compact premium entry will be the first Infiniti model Sebastian Vettel, Infiniti’s Director of Performance, will influence from its inception.

The three-time Formula One world champion from Infiniti Red Bull Racing has engaged with Infiniti’s technical teams around the world as part of Infiniti’s commitment to infuse its brand with a performance pedigree.

Bespoke Interior Introduces Dissymmetry

The bespoke feel of the interior design envisions Infiniti’s ambition of interior design and quality leading the premium segment.

Q30 Concept signals Infiniti’s intent to achieve that goal by charting its own design path as a premium brand exemplified by its interior design, with its warm, inviting and emotionally engaging experience for the vehicle occupants, eschewing the more clinical approach found in other premium brands.

Designers achieved this through pursuing greater artistic freedom to create highly sculptural shapes, featuring a unique execution of Infiniti’s “dual wave” effect and pursuing the notion of dissymmetry.

2013 Infiniti Q30 Concept

Dissymmetry, an unconventional approach, orients design features – from air vents and armrests to the instrument clusters – for more sculpted visual appeal. The technique creates an interior design for Q30 Concept markedly in contrast to any found in premium car products from traditional market leaders.

Insight about younger and younger-minded premium customers inspired the Infiniti Q30 Concept design team.

These customers feel their lives are no longer aligned to one straight line in terms of career or lifestyle. Today is more about fluidity than rigidity, and that offers the freedom not to follow the norms important to a previous generation but rather to pursue the joy of dissymmetry in their lives.

Freeing themselves for premium car traditions, the Q30 Concept design team discovered that applying dissymmetry to the interior design created far more harmony and emotional warmth.

2013 Infiniti Q30 Concept

The overall effect is enhanced by the harmonious contrast of materials in the cabin. The initial impression is a black-and-white theme, but closer examination reveals a richer feel characterised by creme leathers and a slight bronze effect adding warmth to blacks, creating sumptuous warmth.

As younger premium customers have embraced furniture design, fashion and clothing, Q30 Concept’s interior conveys an understated expression of personality for its target customer. The careful choices of colors, materials, contrasts and accents express thoughtful coordination.

Authentic Materials

Reflecting Infiniti’s philosophy that premium character begins with genuine materials, the Infiniti Q30 Concept makes creative use of ceramic, leather and metallurgical artistry in the vehicle interior:

  • Sculpted ceramic, integrated in the upper front seatbacks, is used to house speakers for the audio system not only due to its design appeal but its special audiophile properties.
  • Metalwork throughout the interior features genuine metal crafted with a high degree of finishing art. Metal surfaces, in the centre console, door panels, seats, vent bezels and controls, feature contrasting matte and gloss finishes.
  • Leather features bespoke-tailoring with the selective use of Infiniti-signature violet stitching, particularly the instrument panel and seats.
  • The Q30 Concept exterior incorporates genuine carbon fibre – inspired by the Infiniti Red Bull Racing RB9 Formula One Car – in the grille and the lower sill on the body sides. Subtle use of Infiniti violet highlighting on selected surfaces of these carbon fibre elements adds another Infiniti design cue, communicates lightweight performance character and contributes an edgy attitude.
  • The inner spokes of Infiniti Q30 Concept’s 20-inch wheels also feature violet accents graduated in intensity from inner to outer. This graduated approach can be found elsewhere in the vehicle, particularly the precise melding of contrasting materials in the seats.

    2013 Infiniti Q30 Concept

    Design for the Future

    Infiniti Q30 Concept is the design precursor for Infiniti’s future compact premium entry. Infiniti has previously announced plans to produce a compact model in Sunderland, United Kingdom, starting in 2015.

    As envisioned by the Q30 Concept, Infiniti has a clear strategy to grow in key global markets, particularly China and Europe, and expand its offering in established markets such as the United States.

    The Infiniti Q30 Concept’s design appeal and compact footprint represent Infiniti’s philosophy of how to extend its brand to a more urban customer base, such as that found in many Asian markets, as well as Europe.

    Infiniti expects compact premium products to become a significant facet of its offering in the years ahead. Infiniti’s portfolio is expected to broaden, from covering about 60 per cent of the premium sector today to beyond 85 per cent in the future.

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