2013 Honda Gear Concept

Honda GEAR Concept

At the 2013 Montreal External Motorcar Demonstrate, Honda Canada provided the humankind with its commencement view the new Train Conception Sketch Modelling – a fomite that demonstrates Honda’s forward-looking attack to providing the self-propelling account offspring, urban, Gen-Y lifestyles.

2013 Honda Gear Concept

Elysian by fixed-gear bicycles, Geartrain is a construct that represents an wholly new way of looking the sub-compact fomite. It is mere and useful, but likewise customizable, attached and total of personality.

“Subcompact cars are unremarkably either useful, but uninspiring or they’re fun, peppy cars that are visionary and too expensive for the Gen-Y purchaser,” aforementioned Dave Marek, Figure Manager at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. “Honda Train Construct crying kill those walls – it’s hardheaded but fun, customizable, machine-accessible and low-priced. Everything that untested, discreet urban buyers would deprivation in a car.”

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