2013 Holden Vf Commodore Calais V Concept

Holden VF Commodore Calais V Concept

Holden has previewed the figure focussing of its extremely awaited VF Commodore stove with a world expose of the 2013 Calais V sumptuosity sports construct.

To be launched mid-year, Holden’s fashionable and advanced new VF grasp is set to modification perceptions of Australian-made cars.

The new-look flagship Calais V-Series saloon headlines Holden’s VF figure scheme and introduces a agio ascent to the fomite inside and outside.

2013 Holden Vf Commodore Calais V Concept

Intentional to becharm the attending of Australian car buyers in an progressively private-enterprise market, the Calais V signals a major evolutionary commute to Commodore, with first internal excogitation, bounty fit and ending and the covering of forward-looking technologies.

Calais V presents a orbit of engineering firsts for a local fomite, including Automobile Parkland Attend, Head-up Showing and Verso Dealings Watchful. The new features shuffle VF Commodore the virtually forward-looking fomite to be intentional, engineered and reinforced in Australia.

In add-on, the Calais V-Series sumptuosity sports conception reveals impertinent outside invention treatments and a graven, sinewy mannikin that boosts flowing efficiency.

Spell a new, elaborate and gilded attack to the home invention has resulted in a bespoken, polished and proportionate flux of character materials, unified themes and heedful biotechnology.

Interior Design

Holden Conception Manager Andrew Metalworker aforesaid the designing squad’s imaginativeness was to produce a new home surround with a richer, more cohesive look.

2013 Holden VF Commodore Calais V Concept

“We commence to over-deliver. Accordingly, thither’s a story of civilisation you’d bear of a high-end European production,” he aforesaid.

“Thither’s a sentience of beingness invited in, of good executed and custom-tailored contingent wheresoever you looking.

“The VF testament insert vanguard driver technologies and we’ve ramped up every aspect of the national layout to compeer.

2013 Holden Vf Commodore Calais V Concept

“The big new documentary touch-screen is a flush representative. It’s a expectant pictorial port to functions that drivers leave discovery bare to lock, minimising beguilement and maximizing association to the ease of their lives.

‘We’ve re-designed everything from the board, tool clustering artwork, binnacle cowl, core lot and flow-on solace layouts to the wheel, seating, store and firing. Controls are in meliorate places, functions are clear outlined.

“The pattern squad selected bounty character materials in lightness ti and jet tonings to produce a superimposed, coarse-textured rise flavour that the Calais V-Series shows off to enceinte burden.

“Accents such as preciseness sewing and punctured inserts on the easygoing leather buns shave are reflected elsewhere in the cabin – thither’s a heedful attending to contingent plain everyplace you face”.

The VF Calais V’s proportionate, ergonomically modern inner pattern was impelled by high-ranking worldwide search into consumer expectations and preferences.

It delivers systems that are light to use and see and which downplay the stairs mandatory to execute a detail labor. Thither are fewer buttons to sail, many controls are resettled to more commodious positions and all switches bear chromium-plate identifiers.

Index windowpane and mirror controls are now set on the threshold armrests, threshold locks suffer affected to the movement threshold and boot freeing is on the driver’s doorway. Sail controller joins former fingertip functions on the wheel.

On the new gist lot, documentary organization and clime controls (now with lighted threefold temperature readouts), are completely dislocated and clear designated.

The reconfigured heart cabinet features a covered compartment, various new cup holders, more pocket-sized detail depot, sunken electrical common bracken mastery and an well approachable cell residue and exponent release set onward of the new automobile gearstick. In nighttime way, this ar and doorway puff recesses are lighted by ice-blue ambient firing.

The VF Calais V-Series likewise offers class-leading new arse structures with curving quilt profiles highly-developed by GM to control world-wide scoop drill consolidation, contingent murder and caliber standards. Driver and movement rider seating trust snuggery sports cover and pad reenforcement with superscript padding.

The appearance car is upholstered in a advanced combining of close-grained spark ti leather with process and perforate leather inserts, emphasize sewing and a fundamental green slip particular.

A electroneutral timber-grained coating follows the full-width curvilineal manakin of the board. Gamy chromium-plate finishes on the haptic new wheel and elsewhere are complemented by elusive galvano facile chromium-plate elements.

The boilersuit solvent is proportionate, fantabulous and tasteful in every scene.

Exterior Design

Richard Ferlazzo Holden Headman Architect – Originative Figure, aforementioned the VF’s better-looking new silhouette holds unfeigned to traditional concepts.

“Notwithstanding, this clip we’ve elevated the bar. We’ve interpreted a enceinte existent manakin and brought it capable another story,” he aforesaid.

“The surfacing is more aureate and contemporaneous, way more advanced. We’ve succeeded in putt in more execute and point.

“One of our chief goals was to amend sleek operation and as a outcome many

ocular elements are often bolder. Thither’s too more ornamentation in footing of chromium-plate highlights. Headlight and taillight treatments are superimposed, composite and elaborately elaborated.

“You’ll observance that the bonnet is more large, with a heart wrinkle that emphasises functioning likely and two raking spears wholesale in from the A-pillars. They pointedness focusing at the refined new Calais V breast dashboard with its reduce LED daytime functional lamps and touch trapezoidal grill.

“The new perpendicular wing vents spotlight the foresightful dash-to-axle symmetry that’s much contribution of the invention DNA.

“The flow face particularisation, the speed occupation that incorporates the decklid into the C-pillar, the upswept ducktail aero gist – they instance the graven advance we’ve interpreted to outside surfacing.

“Naturally the twenty-inch, two-bagger ten-spoke shew car alloys shuffling their own affirmation.

“The bum vivid is distinctively unlike, more flowing. With the brainy new merged ass lamps and the numberplate stirred to the glower facia, it’s a wider, cleanser flavor.

2013 Holden Vf Commodore Calais V Concept

“Aerodynamically, this fomite has been tuned to the nth level. Fifty-fifty the okay erect panache crinkle that runs done the backside lamps has a intent bey handsomeness”.

Colour and Trim

The luxury of the new intentional VF upcountry is reflected done Holden Pattern’s innovative and deluxe gloss and shave scheme.

The 2013 Calais V midland environs has been enhanced with a stiff center custom-tailored particular, with finishes wish punctured materials, suedes and chromium-plate cautiously selected to mull the sumptuousness fun figure base. Extra accents of woodwind and chromium-plate likewise dedicate the national an air of innovative edification.

Two internal images were created – a nighttime epitome with spark ti accents and more proficient medallion scheme – and a barge inner surroundings, which points to the ultimate in sumptuosity styling.

Both images position a potent stress on palm, with a cautiously considered layering of materials, more spangly medal and sewing particular. Materials are recurrent crossways dissimilar elements in the national such as the seating and panel, to augment the feel of sumptuosity.

Promising décor besides helps to underscore the opulence of the upcountry blank.

Boss Couturier – Colouring and Shave Designing Sharon Gauci aforesaid scheming VF gave the squad the chance to ornament more elements in the car, with the aim of achieving a smell of grandness done all of the materials.

“The new VF home surroundings is intentional to go supra and bey traditional client expectations,” she aforesaid.

“With VF, we aimed to produce the ultimate upcountry for the damage gunpoint with a proportionate and cohesive feeler to our coloration and clipping scheme.

“The VF Calais V shew car presents a real machine-accessible upcountry environs and we’re slaked we get met the abbreviated for a expert, modernistic and gilded home.”

Exterior feature highlights

The Calais V depress battlefront facia features blackness honeycomb network tuck point on a chrome-laced fundamental air ingestion. Outboard ports sportsman chromium-plate over-riders and an LED day run lamp/green lamp compounding, incorporate by a stand-out chromium-plate thread.

The recondite, trapezoidal grill has a burnished chromium-plate surroundings, coping and horizontal bars; outstanding Holden stigmatization against a color blackness coarse-textured network desktop.

2013 Holden Vf Commodore Calais V Concept

Runny, modeled halogen projector headlamps are strikingly molded and beady, with intricate intragroup layers, a sparkle guidebook ‘brow’, a hooded photoflash item that runs pile and o’er the projector and melanise bezel particularisation.

The dashboard is flanked by big movement fenders and flared, aero-modified rack arches.

The Calais V prove car’s deep-dished twenty-inch two-bagger ten rundle machine-faced metal wheels have stellate trilateral elements.

Slender perpendicular wing vents with a chromium-plate circumvent contain recidivist lamps.

2013 Holden Vf Commodore Calais V Concept

Doorway cover surrounds, rap cable and threshold skeleton mouldings are ruined in undimmed chromium-plate, patch the Prussian Blade Conception outside gloss echoes the sumptuosity styling of the vivid chromium-plate outside finishes.

Replicating the unstable headlight invention, the incorporate quarter lamps carry into the decklid. They merged composite jewelry particularisation and chromium-plate rings surroundings outright identifiable red-lit ‘hotspots’.

Advance features admit a V-Series decklid badge, new reflectors in the depress pelmet and two-fold handbill chromium-plate expel outlets.

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