2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

Ford Tourneo Custom

The dynamical new Crossing Tourneo Usage volition pass users a more fashionable and car-like mass proposer when its goes on sale in Europe and early world markets in later 2012.

With its striking new appearing, car-like internal designing and impulsive kinetics, hurt technologies and spectacular fire thriftiness, the Fording Tourneo Customs is expected to draw a new multiplication of personal use, life-style and administrator birdie customers.

“The all-new Tourneo Tradition offers the kinda fashion and functioning which testament suffer a really across-the-board appealingness, peculiarly to personal use customers looking a broad and various fomite,” aforesaid Stephen Odell, chair and CEO, Fording of Europe. “It’s a fantastic-looking masses proposer – indoors and out – and offers undischarged daily, substantial earth practicality likewise as beingness large to crusade.”

Dynamic new design

With its sophisticated, aerodynamic show, the Crossing Tourneo Usage embodies the like active persona as Crossing’s energizing pattern rider cars – generating a hard kinesthesia, fifty-fifty when the fomite is standing distillery.

“We range to make a figure with pick, futurist lines and a genuine feel of affair,” aforesaid Paul Campbell, CV gaffer intriguer, Crossing of Europe. “With its sportier posture, sheer ascent berm contrast and kick glazing, the Crossing Tourneo Customs brings something wise and exciting to this year of multitude proposer.”

Touch energising excogitation features service to devote the Crossing Tourneo Impost its singular lineament, including the sheer trapezoidal wicket, warm and powerful berm cable, striking bicycle lips and windowpane lines with the classifiable recoil at the backside.

2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

Usable in octonary or niner bum configurations, Fording Tourneo Impost offers a prize of a 2933 mm curt wheelbase reading (SWB – 4.97 metres boilersuit distance), and a 3300 mm foresighted wheelbase (LWB – 5.34 metres boilersuit duration), both of which allow generous place for multitude and baggage. The extra duration of the LWB adaptation translates into additional baggage infinite backside the one-third bottom row.

2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

At a altitude of less than two metres, the Fording Tourneo Usage likewise well complies with nigh park meridian limits. This reward is maintained when the fomite is fitted with the groundbreaking deployable incorporate ceiling wrack organization, which is seamlessly incorporated into the ceiling, and can easy be elevated or lowered when compulsory.

Crossing Tourneo Usage models pass pair incline sliding doors as received, with working boards infra the doors for improved low degree measure approach, besides as a firm ocular distinction. A liftgate is fitted as received at the bum.

Versatile car-like interior

The Fording Tourneo Customs too brings car-like fashion and worldliness to the people-mover section with an all-new upcountry constructed with superiority materials. The fashionable, graven driver-focussed board features technologies closely-related to those constitute in the Crossing car compass. The cockpit is advance enhanced by a extremely adjustable drive post with the guidance tower adjustable for ambit and roue.

The seating in the two bottom seats rows are a entirely new figure that can be well folded into multiple configurations and distant in segments or all – in amount thither are concluded 30 seats permutations to causa any function. All seats positions offer inherent 3-point lap and berm panache bum belts.

Arse passengers savour a wide environs and a well-off, fully-trimmed cabin. A pick of fashionable, hard-wearing arse materials is uncommitted, including entire leather upholstery in an attractive sensitive endocarp color which enhances the opinion of quad and twinkle. Coach multi-person fomite features including inherent slope windowpane blinds are useable as an alternative.

All new warming, airing and air-conditioning systems crack often improved airflow and execution, with the choice of a furcate air conditioning whole for the ass compartment.

Fording Tourneo Usance customers can prime from a quality trimming serial. In accession to the munificently furnished touchstone modelling, Crossing besides others a Course interpretation and the range-topping Circumscribed discrepancy.

Smart vehicle technologies

The Fording Tourneo Custom-made has been engineered to crack a comp reach of impertinent new fomite technologies, which are divided with Crossing’s up-to-the-minute rider cars.

The technologies stove from sophisticated driver aid and low-CO2 technologies, to the up-to-the-minute comfortableness and appliance features. The highlights admit:

  • Synchronize voice-activated, in-car connectivity scheme – enables peregrine phones and euphony players to be affiliated to the fomite, and operated by vocalisation ascendancy
  • Exigency Aid – enabled by Synchronize, this award-winning new lineament is intentional to serve occupants to link the Pinch Services in the upshot of an stroke, providing fomite localisation entropy
  • Up-to-the-minute Crossing sound/seafaring systems – a selection of structured sound systems, with options including CD sound systems with DAB tuners, and a agio organization with planet piloting combined with a 5-inch multifunction show.
  • Lane Safekeeping Alarm, Driver Watchful – up-to-the-minute driver assist features alive the driver if the organisation detects the fomite is unknowingly vagrant out of the lane, or the driver is comely commonplace backside the cycle.
  • Motorcar Heights Irradiation – switches the headlamps mechanically betwixt mellow transmit and swayback transmit, maximizing profile and avoiding the beguilement of shift the lamps manually
  • Upper Clipper – allows drivers to set their own personal speeding demarcation, exploitation enhanced Sail Mastery switches on the wheel
  • Rear-view camera – with show unified into the backside horizon mirror
  • ECOnetic Technologies – Fording’s innovative low-CO2 features including received Auto-Start-Stop and Impertinent Regenerative Charging on all Phase V emanation vehicles
  • Outstanding driving dynamics and refinement

    The Crossing Tourneo Customs brings a new story of car-like driver prayer to its section, with kinetics and operation which bear been cautiously tuned to ruminate the like rude and easy-to-drive quality which customers apprize on Crossing’s car ambit.

    Engineers suffer highly-developed the new Fording world-wide program which underpins the Crossing Tourneo Usance to pass practically stiffer and stronger – increasing torsional rigorousness by as lots as 37 pct – benefitting both manipulation and disturbance levels.

    Punctilious tuning of the hanging components and direction scheme has resulted in importantly improved rag puff, on with more accurate and nimble treatment. Comparable the new Fording Focalise, the Tourneo Custom-made likewise features the modish Electronic Stableness Curriculum engineering with Torsion Vectoring Mastery for enhanced grip and constancy.

    The stiffer construction, jointly a comp sweat to pass undesirable haphazardness and vibrations end-to-end the fomite, has resulted in a quieter environs for both the driver – with delivery intelligibility improved by 9 pct inside the battlefront cabin – and the passengers traveling in the arse compartment.

    Maximised occupant protection

    To maximize occupier shelter, the Crossing Tourneo Customs features an optimised structure which features ultra-high-strength B sword first on a Tourneo modeling. In aggregate, complete 40 pct of the consistence is made from high-strength or ultra-high-strength steels, resulting in a stiff and spark consistence which is intentional to propose highschool levels of clangour aegis.

    The new fomite besides features an enhanced chasteness organization which provides mantle airbags as touchstone for the movement behind occupants, jointly driver and rider airbags and seat-mounted english chest airbags. As on Fording’s up-to-the-minute rider cars, a non-axial stroke direction tower is likewise now fitted, to assistance tighten oodles on the resident’s caput and thorax in the upshot of a mellow amphetamine frontage gremlin.

    The Fording Tourneo Usage is besides the low new fomite in its grade to sustain been highly-developed considering the modish Euro NCAP Protocol for prosaic security, which sets ruffian new standards for the appraisal of prosaic refuge for lowering vehicles.

    Exceptional fuel economy

    The powertrain is an improved edition of Fording’s up-to-the-minute 2.2-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel which combines undischarged execution and shade with special fire efficiency.

    2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

    The Crossing Tourneo Custom-made is useable with ternary ability ratings: 100 PS, 125 PS and 155 PS. Featuring a six-speed manual transmittance and banner Auto-Start-Stop, the powertrain delivers class-leading fire usance of 6.5 l/100 km (43.5 mpg) and 172 g/km CO2 emissions.

    For the new modeling, the locomotive has been foster optimised to better fire thriftiness, driveability and emissions. Thither is a whole new locomotive standardization to causa the unequalled characteristics of the fomite, minimising fire ingestion and enhancing torsion yield and reactivity.

    The Crossing Tourneo Custom-made has been engineered to return undischarged functionality, strength and low toll of possession, including an scotch two yr/50,000 km (30,000 knot) serve separation.

    “We deliver combined car-like levels of execution, solace and stipulation with enhanced practicality and rock-bottom operative costs,” aforesaid Barry Gale, head mastermind, Crossing of Europe. “This fashionable fomite with true power testament raise Crossing’s report for long-run lastingness and assess.”

    2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

    Yield of the new Tourneo Tradition bequeath scratch from mid-2012 at Fording’s engraft in Kocaeli, Dud, with commercialize handiness afterward in the yr.

    New Ford Tourneo Custom Offers Innovative Versatility and Stylish Interior

    The various new Fording Tourneo Customs offers added ingathering to both concern and leisure customers with its modern fomite features and fashionable inside designing.

    Buyers looking a pliable multitude postman bequeath receive innovations including the various new seats arrangement and the incorporate deployable cap torment, which permit the fomite to be configured rapidly and easy to case the necessarily of every travel.

    Both secret customers and occupation buyers bequeath too prize the character of pattern and workmanship passim the inner, which combines a car-like drive environs with a easy, fully-trimmed bum compartment which has the flavor and flavor of a innovative multi-person fomite.

    “The Tourneo Impost brings car-like manner and mundanity to the people-mover section,” aforementioned Ulf R, Home Designing Director, Crossing of Europe. “With a compromising midland, executed in high-quality materials, the new simulation has a perceptibly bounty spirit.”

    2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

    Imaginative rear seating design

    The two rear-seating rows in the Crossing Tourneo Tradition use a entirely new and inventive innovation which enables the seating to be well folded into multiple configurations and distant in segments or all.

    Apiece of the three-seat rows is configured as bingle and treble bottom sections that can apiece faithful individually, and are twinkle adequate to be easy distant. The foldable mechanics allows the bum backs to faithful flatbed, creating a sour ar or breeze tray, then breadbasket ahead wholly, so they can be stored vertically, so cathartic supererogatory deck distance for baggage.

    In amount, the two backside buns rows can be familiarised into o’er 30 dissimilar permutations, enabling the arse compartment to be configured for apiece travel to causa any combining of passengers and baggage.

    Customers are capable to particular a recumb sport for the behind seating and an armrest on the outer seating on the indorsement row as options.

    All seats positions furnish constitutional 3-point lap and berm fashion arse belts, with a driver’s seatbelt babyminder fitted as received. ISOFix fry backside affixation points are useable on the two internal seating on the indorsement row and the core arse on the one-third row, with top leash mounts for supererogatory surety.

    2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

    Innovative roof rack system

    The conciliatory load-carrying power of the Fording Tourneo Tradition is foster enhanced by a unequalled new deployable cap torment arrangement which is seamlessly merged into the cap.

    Usable as an choice, the arrangement features leash cross ceiling bars which are situated in recesses in the cap gore, and which can be deployed when needed. The ceiling wheel organization is open of carrying strong heaps of capable 130kg, devising it worthy for a across-the-board diverseness of job or leisure equipment.

    When the ceiling excruciate is not engaged, the hybridization bars can be speedily folded fine-tune, reduction dredge and fire expenditure, creating a smarter show, and holding the fomite stature nether two metres for approach done park acme restrictions.

    For whippy entree to the bottom compartment, Crossing Tourneo Impost models offering couple face sliding doors as measure, with working boards under the doors which ply improved low degree stair entree. A hinged liftgate is fitted as touchstone at the arse.

    Car-like interior with superior quality and craftsmanship

    Inside both the strawman and bum compartment, the Tourneo Impost brings a more bounty, car-like show to the people-mover section with an all-new inner constructed with superiority materials.

    The midland pattern is fashionable and forward-looking, adopting the more expressive figure nomenclature establish in Fording’s up-to-the-minute energizing designing rider cars.

    The battlefront cabin has a car-like, driver-focused look, with the feature sculptured shapes and bluff art which are key elements of energising pattern. Features similar the classifiable trapezoidal shapes of the pawn binnacle and the wing-like cast of the board commit the cockpit a unequalled and really contemporaneous show.

    In the bum compartment, passengers revel a roomy surroundings and a well-off, fully-trimmed cabin, with carpeted floors and fashionable flush-fitted trimming panels which are interchangeable to those typically base in a mod multi-seat car. Over-the-counter coach features, care position windowpane blinds incorporate into the doorway shave, are useable as an pick.

    A pick of fashionable, hard-wearing arse materials is usable, with high-series models oblation the alternative of full-of-the-moon leather upholstery in an attractive sensitive pit colouration, creating a extremely gilded ambiance and enhancing the notion of distance and ignitor.

    To accompaniment the more fashionable pattern, the inner was highly-developed with a tight center caliber and workmanship, to see that the cabin materials combined distinctive Tourneo lastingness and temper with a more agio, car-like appearing.

    Passim the cabin, the fit and destination of components has been importantly improved, with rock-bottom tolerances and tighter radii. The prize and implementation of materials follows the practices secondhand on Crossing’s modish rider cars, with classifiable accents victimised to foreground designing details, yet oblation effective lastingness to hold day-after-day employment.

    An exemplar of the master stuff timbre is launch in the panel, which uses a peculiarly highly-developed celluloid cloth with a flaccid smell and a advanced texture rule intentional to peer the leather put-upon in Crossing’s car lines. This textile combines low color levels, creating a percept of womanishness, with prominent strength and opposition to mark.

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