2013 Ford Super Duty

Ford Super Duty

Crossing F-Series Swallow Responsibility customers ask a motortruck with ruggedness and capacity, yet they stillness apprise the conveniences that piddle their impulsive get more pleasurable. The 2013 F-Series First-rate Responsibility offers both, with a first-ever Pt serial exemplar and the plus of Synchronise® with MyFord Contact®.

“The F-Series Ace Tariff Pt is the up-to-the-minute reflection of Reinforced Crossing Ruffian motortruck lavishness,” aforesaid Brian Rathsburg, F-Series First-rate Tariff Selling coach. “It has a trenchant show and a foresighted name of features to return a higher-up see. On with that, it has all of the capacity F-Series trucks are notable for.”

Edifice on the succeeder of the F-150 Pt light-duty serial that debuted in 2009, the F-Series Crack Obligation Pt offers customers the ultimate in motortruck opulence.

Crossing pioneered the high-end luxuriousness motortruck section in 1999 when it introduced the special-edition 2000 Harley-Davidson F-150. In 2003 the offset Tycoon Spread Superintendent Obligation arrived, followed by the 2004 Harley-Davidson Sup Obligation. Nowadays, Fording sells a ample mix of high-end Riata and Rex Spread Ace Obligation models; the new Pt bequeath advance fulfill the development luxuriousness necessarily of customers and dealers.

Useable just in the Superintendent Tariff crowd cab, it can be arranged as an F-250, F-350 or F-450 cartridge and with the Ford-designed and Ford-built 6.7-liter Exponent Slash® diesel or the 6.2-liter V8 gas locomotive.

2013 Ford Super Duty

The Pt serial makes a boldface instruction with a lattice that features a satin chromium-plate environs highlighted by pierced meshing interior. The updated grillwork is enhanced by a monochromic bumper and chromium-plate tow maulers.

2013 Ford Super Duty

The outside of the Crack Tariff Pt is lavished in chromium-plate, including the doorway handles, mirror caps, track boards and beat tip. The boxside on both sides of the motortruck sports the “Pt” gens in chromium-plate letters and the tailboard is cut with a satin chromium-plate appliqué, alike to the one put-upon on the F-150 Pt. Twenty-inch polished-aluminum wheels with motley blackness inserts round the arresting outside pattern of the Sup Tariff Pt.

2013 Ford Super Duty

The inner showcases opulence in the manikin of unequaled woodiness appliqués. The wheel is het and leather-wrapped, with echt woo accents. The board, core lot and doorway trims are clothed in agio woodgrain. A new hold on top of the sprint includes two USB ports, audio-video connections, SD menu slot and a 12-volt charging porthole for cadre phones and early digital devices.

The driver’s buns has 10-way power-adjustable seats and both skipper’s chairs are upholstered with softer, bounty leather, which is too victimised on the armrests and soothe. Early certify of o.k. workmanship includes the seating and storey mats, which have the embroidered “Pt” logotype.

2013 Ford Super Duty

Early stock features admit:

  • Synchronize with MyFord Hint
  • Pilotage Arrangement
  • Power-adjustable pedals
  • Back panorama camera
  • Outback Commencement Scheme
  • Oecumenical needlefish threshold undoer
  • Power-telescoping mirrors
  • Ace Obligation Pt is usable in Cerise Red, Kodiak Brownness, Tux Melanize, Ingot Flatware and Albumen Pt. National semblance offerings admit Pecan and Midnight Nigrify. Another new outside gloss, Jean Metal, leave be uncommitted for Swallow Obligation models differently Pt.

    Working harder and smarter

    Different the by when a motortruck was oft picayune more a ascetic ferment fomite, now’s motortruck customers won’t compromise, and they anticipate capacity, efficiency and civilisation. The 2013 F-Series Superintendent Responsibility eliminates any cerebration of compromise.

    Measure Fording SYNCbrings award-winning voice-controlled connectivity into the cab of the about subject heavy-duty trucks useable. With Synchronise, Ace Tariff drivers can associate compatible fluid phones and media players via Bluetooth® or USB to shuffling calls and replay euphony exploitation vocalisation mastery. In increase, drivers bequeath get entree to Fomite Wellness Theme and 9-11 Attend®, both no-charge life features, and Synchronise Services including dealings alerts, patronage seek and more – all piece safekeeping their custody on the roll and eyes on the route.

    The 2013 F-Series Swallow Obligation builds on the introduction of Synchronise with MyFord Ghost, which is usable first. A new 8-inch, high-resolution touchscreen exhibit gives drivers light accession to ring, clime command, amusement and sailing features on with a dramatically expanded phonation ascendancy lexicon.

    2013 Ford Super Duty

    The 8-inch show covert likewise provides a great, crystalize panorama bottom the motortruck when in verso to aid drivers tactic in cockeyed spaces or find schematic trailers with the motortruck’s hinderance.

    Unparalleled to Fording F-Series, designers sustain optimized the forcible port for MyFord Contact to conciliate motortruck users who may be eroding workplace gloves by providing light admittance to clime controls and sound presets on the core lot. For television of MyFord Hint in Ace Responsibility, pawl hither.

    2013 Ford Super Duty

    The up-to-the-minute exercise of F-Series leading in motortruck designing, institution and engineering can be launch in the 2013 A-one Obligation Pt, useable subsequently in 2012.

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